Stewart said he thought that the harsh criticism of those who disagree with Israeli policy stems from the abuse that Jews have experienced historically. “The danger of oppression is not just being oppressed, it’s becoming an oppressor. Because that will deteriorate a society as quickly as being oppressed,” said Stewart.

Image by Pete Pasho

Image by Pete Pasho


Jon Stewart lashes out at critics who call him a self-hating Jew


In interview, Stewart responds to criticism on opinions about Israel and Judaism: ‘I have people that I lost in the Holocaust and I just … go f-ck yourself. How dare you?’


Daily Show host John Stewart hit back at critics who called him a self-hating Jew after he made critical remarks about Israel, saying they were “fascistic.”

After being heavily criticized for his opinions on Israel, Stewart, who host of the satirical The Daily Show, sat down for an interview with at the Toronto Film Festival where his new film “Rosewater” was released and discussed his views on Israel and Judaism.

Jon Stewart on the set of Rosewater, his new film that centers around an imprisonment of an Iranian journalist. (Photo: Associated Press)

Jon Stewart on the set of Rosewater, his new film that centers around an imprisonment of an Iranian journalist. (Photo: Associated Press)

“It’s so interesting to me that people want to define who is a Jew and who is not. And normally that was done by people who weren’t Jewish but apparently now it’s done by people who are, and I find that very interesting. It’s more than nationalism,” said Stewart.

Stewart criticized right-wing Jews as being “fascistic” for saying that they are the only ones who can decide what it means to be Jewish and who is a Jew. “How dare they? That they only know the word of God and are the ones who are able to disseminate it. It’s not right. And its something that they’re going to have to reckon with,” Stewart said.

In response to people who compared him to Jews who turned their backs on each other during the Holocaust he said, “I have people that I lost in the Holocaust and I just … go f-ck yourself. How dare you?”

He also hit back at those who criticized his position on Israel, saying “I always want to say to people when they come at me like that: ‘I would like Israel to be a safe and secure state. What’s your goal?’ So basically we disagree on how to accomplish that.”

Stewart said he thought that the harsh criticism of those who disagree with Israeli policy stems from the abuse that Jews have experienced historically. “The danger of oppression is not just being oppressed, it’s becoming an oppressor. Because that will deteriorate a society as quickly as being oppressed,” said Stewart.

Stewart reacted to announcements of continued settlement building by Israel and said, “A thousand more acres in the West Bank? Why?”

Stewart’s new film “Rosewater” was filmed in a Jordanian prison and was based on a memoir entitled “Came for Me” that was written by Canadian Iranian journalist and filmmaker Maziar Bahari.

Bahari was imprisoned while covering the Iranian elections in 2009 for Newsweek.

The release of the film prompted accusations from Iran that Stewart was a CIA and Mossad agent. In the interview, Stewart said the allegations were humorous to him “in the same way that a lot of what happens in the movie is humorous to me.”


Pardon the language, but it is fitting for the report that follows ….

It hasn’t quite come to this yet …. 

Instead of encouraging Jewish groups to distance themselves and condemn the genocidal policies of Israel, it’s easier to whine about the consequences …




Keep in mind that most of the instances referred to in the report were the work of Jewish students themselves to garner attention to their ‘plight’. The latest such incident was reported HERE. It didn’t occur on a campus, but it’s in line with the games they play.

Amid Rising Anti-Semitism, Jewish Students Get ‘Security Manual’

Jewish student org’s are distributing manuals on how to identify and protect security threats. Anti-Semitism on rise in college campuses.
From my ziocrap file
students on campus

students on campus Israel news photo: Flash 90

Hillel International, the largest Jewish student organization in the world, distributed manuals last week to college students on how to identify and prevent security threats.

Hillel sent copies of the student safety manual to various college and university campuses around the country. Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi), a prominent national Jewish fraternity will also be distributing the manuals.

The manual is 10-pages long and contains such common safety tips as walking in pairs after dark and approaching a door with key in hand. It also includes advice on how to report suspicious activity and/or packages to campus police.

More relevant for Jewish students, it offers hate-crime specific advice, including instructions to leave offensive anti-Semitic graffiti in place until authorities have to the chance to examine it, as well as steps to be alert when tensions blaze in the Middle East, particularly between Israelis and Palestinians.

In the past year, anti-Israel campus group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), which has a history of “harassing and intimidating Jewish students,” has been particularly aggressive.

A pro-Israel student was physically and verbally assaulted by the group at Temple University. Additionally, SJP slipped mock eviction notices under the doors of students’ dorm rooms in universities such as the University of Michigan, the University of North Carolina, and New York University, just to name a few.

The manual was produced by a joint task force on campus security assembled by Hillel, the Jewish Federations of North America, and Secure Community Network (SCN), the security arm of national Jewish bodies. Members of the task force include officials from SCN, Hillel, and former and current officials of the Department of Homeland Security.

The manual comes a little over a month after fourteen diverse organizations banded together to deliver a letter to more than 2,500 US colleges and universities urging such institutions to protect Jewish students on campus.

Paul Goldenberg, SCN director, made a comment about increased vandalism of Jewish campus buildings in recent months, arguing that such buildings should be providing a safe environment.

Indeed, just a month ago, on the morning after Yom Kippur, Emory University’s AEPi house was defaced by swastikas and other offensive graffiti spray-painted on the walls. A second set of swastikas was found on a fraternity house across the street.

“Hillels should not become flashpoints for political events unfolding thousands of miles away,” Goldenberg said.


The video above was posted here over a year ago with the FOLLOWING

Their 'game' is getting old but continues to this day.

Their ‘game’ is getting old but continues to this day.


Image ‘Copyleft’ by Carlos Latuff

The zionist Thought Police have mastered the art of "linguistic warfare" and have buried many with their Orwellian weaponry.

The zionist Thought Police
have mastered the art of
“linguistic warfare” and have
buried many with their
Orwellian weaponry.


The event reported in yesterday’s post seems to have rocked the foundations of zion. The last thing Israel wants is to be publicly criticized, especially by American Jews. Even worse is when those very same Jews endorse the BDS Movement.

As always, Israel’s only defense is to lie about the situation and to use their latest tactic of artificial anti Semitism as is reported below …


The following made headline news in the Israeli press ….


Pro-Palestinian protesters chanted anti-Semitic statements in the arena when there was a call for donations to the IDF before the game. Other protesters also tried to disrupt the game by unfurling Palestinian flags on the court – they were removed by security.


NY Jew assaulted outside Maccabi TA game in Brooklyn

Local community leader beaten by pro-Palestinian protesters after Israeli basketball champions lose to Brooklyn Nets.

Leonard Petlakh, a local Jewish leader in New York City, was assaulted by pro-Palestinian protesters at the Barclays Center on Wednesday.

Petlakh, a 42-year-old who runs one of the largest sports centers in the community, was rushed to the hospital with a broken nose and required eight stitches.

He was beaten by the demonstrators in front of his children, 10 and 14, who were accompanying him to cheer on Maccabi Tel Aviv in their loss to the Brooklyn Nets.

Pro-Palestinian protesters in Brooklyn (Photo: AP)

Pro-Palestinian protesters in Brooklyn (Photo: AP)

According to the Jewish Daily Forward, Petlakh was upset that his sons witnessed the violence, but said that he hoped “it sends a strong message to them to stand up for their values as proud Americans and as those who will eventually volunteer to serve in the Israel Defense Forces.”

Pro-Palestinian protesters chanted anti-Semitic statements in the arena when there was a call for donations to the IDF before the game. Other protesters also tried to disrupt the game by unfurling Palestinian flags on the court – they were removed by security.

The incidents continued after the game, when Petlakh was assaulted. The Jewish leader filed a complaint with the police, which has launched a hate-crime investigation, and called for increased police presence at sporting events connected to Israel.

According to American media outlets, the incident was captured on closed-circuit cameras and the police is reviewing the footage.


The American zionist Jewish Daily Forward had a slightly different report …. a wee bit more believable


Pro-Palestinian Group Condemns Beating of Jewish Leader at Brooklyn Nets Game Protest

Jewish Voice for Peace Says ‘Horrified’ by Attack



By Gabe Friedman


A pro-Palestinian organization expressed ‘horror’ at the attack on Jewish leader Leonard Petlakh during a demonstration after a Nets basketball game at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn Tuesday night — and called for an investigation into the incident.

Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), which supports Palestinian causes and often criticizes Israel, was one of the primary organizers of the protest, which slammed the Nets for holding a fundraiser with a group that supports the Israeli miltary.

It said the protest ended after the start of the exhibition game between the Brooklyn Nets and Maccabi Tel Aviv. Petlakh, director of the KIngs Bay Y, a Jewish community group, was punched in the face after the game while leaving the arena and suffered a cut that required eight stitches.


Leonard Petlakh

Leonard Petlakh

“If something happened after the game, which would have been several hours after the protest ended, it had nothing to do with us or the demonstration,” said JVP New York member Pam Sporn.

“(We) express our horror at the injuries that Mr. Petlakh suffered,” the group added in a press release. “We hope to know soon the full details of what happened.”

About 100 protestors, JVP and several other organizations, such as Adalah New York and Direct Action Front for Palestine, demonstrated outside the Barclays Center because the Nets were holding a fundraiser for Friends of the IDF.

As the JVP press release explains, these organizations expressed the view that “honoring the IDF only a few weeks after Israel’s attack on Gaza has ended contradicts our values as Jewish New Yorkers.”

Petlakh, 42, says he was attacked by demonstrators holding Palestinian flags as he walked out of the arena with his sons, ages 14 and 10, and a group of friends.

Police are investigating the attack. A police spokesman said Thursday that no arrests have been made.





In recent weeks there has been an increase of anti Semitic events throughout Europe, possibly in retaliation for the genocide taking place in Gaza. All that is accomplished by these random acts is the alienation of many Jews of conscious that do not support zionism or the crimes committed in the region. Internationally, more Jews are joining the struggle for a Just and Lasting Peace between Israel and Palestine, as well as adding their names to the growing BDS Movement.

zionism has nothing to do with Judaism and not all Jews are zionists! The attacks are just plain wrong and are aimed at the wrong people. Rather than brutality, much more would be accomplished if these angry people joined the ranks of the daily demonstrations against the Israeli government that are taking place internationally.

Studies suggest antisemitism may indeed be mounting. A 2012 survey by the EU’s by the Fundamental Rights agency of some 6,000 Jews in eight European countries – between them, home to 90% of Europe’s Jewish population – found 66% of respondents felt antisemitism in Europe was on the rise; 76% said antisemitism had increased in their country over the past five years. In the 12 months after the survey, nearly half said they worried about being verbally insulted or attacked in public because they were Jewish. (FROM)

The most recent incident took place in Sweden just a few days ago. It received page one coverage throughout the zionist media, not as a news item but rather as a confirmation to their readers that this was in connection to supporting Israel. Both those media outlets and the attackers themselves are JUST PLAIN WRONG! The only ones benefiting by such actions are the zionists themselves, surely not the Pro Palestinian Movements. The burning of Jewish owned shops or synagogues in Paris will not rebuild the shops and mosques destroyed in Gaza, nor will those actions garner sympathy from people who have not yet sided with us. Once again, it’s only the zionists that benefit from this. In fact, I will go even further by saying that the vast majority of these ‘anti Semitic’ incidents are actually propaganda hoaxes by Israel’s supporters.

The latest incident is reported HERE, from the ziopress itself …. (click on link to see report)

Swedish Jewish Woman Savagely Beaten for Wearing Star of David

Jewish mother of four brutally attacked by Muslim gang who noticed her Star of David necklace.
This short video shows the difference between Jews and zionists.
Just remember who benefits by random anti Semitic attacks.




As the Ceasefire stands at the moment …


Israel, Hamas agree to extend ceasefire by 120 hours

Egypt says that both Israel and Gaza factions have agreed to extend the current ceasefire by another five days. The threat of renewed war in Gaza loomed on Wednesday as the clock ticked towards the end of a three-day ceasefire at midnight.


Fear of Peace and the possible loss of the BILLION$ it receives is causing panic attacks throughout the zionist world, so, Israel is preparing itself with the continued cries of Anti Semitism aimed at the International Community …. just in case Peace eventually breaks out in the region.

Gideon Levy details this in his HaAretz Report …


Whoever is afraid for the Jews’ fate, whoever is shocked by the anti-Semitic incidents, should have thought about it before taking Israel to another runaway war. The world isn’t always against Israel. Suffice it to remember Israel’s status during the Oslo period, when the entire world cheered it, including parts of the Arab world. This world will be happy to embrace Israel again, if this country only changes its bullying, domineering behavior.

Gevalt, anti-Semitism? Maybe. But Israel is supplying the fuse.

Gevalt, anti-Semitism!

Since its establishment, more Jews were hurt in wars and terror attacks in Israel than anywhere else. The war in Gaza endangered world Jews as well, as no other war has before it.


Pro-Palestinian protester holds a placard reading 'Humanists Not Anti-semites'

Pro-Palestinian protester holds a placard reading ‘Humanists Not Anti-semites’ at Place de La Republique, during a banned demonstration in support of Gaza, in Paris, France, Saturday, July 26, 2014. Photo by AP

Israel is today the most dangerous place in the world for Jews. Since its establishment, more Jews were hurt in wars and terror attacks that took place in Israel than anywhere else. The war in Gaza took this one step backward – it endangered world Jews as well, as no other war has before it. The Jewish home, the national refuge, not only doesn’t provide refuge, but even threatens Jews everywhere else. When you tote up the results of the war, include that too in the loss column.

A wave of animosity is washing over world public opinion. In contrast to the complacent, blind, smug Israeli public opinion, people abroad saw the pictures in Gaza and were aghast. No conscientious person could have remained unaffected. The shock was translated into hatred toward the state that did all that, and in extreme cases the hatred also awakened anti-Semitism from its lair. Yes, there is anti-Semitism in the world, even in the 21st century, and Israel has fueled it. Israel provided it with abundant excuses for hatred.

But not every anti-Israeli sentiment is anti-Semitism. The opposite is true – most of the criticism of Israel is still substantive and moral. Anti-Semitism, racist as any national hatred, popped up on the sidelines of this criticism – and Israel is indirectly responsible for its appearance.

But Israel and the Diaspora Jewish establishment automatically tag any criticism as anti-Semitic. It’s an old trick – the burden of guilt is shifted from those who perpetrated the Gaza horrors to those who are tainted with so-called anti-Semitism. It’s not us, it’s you, anti-Semitic world. No matter what Israel does, the whole world is against it.

This is nonsense, of course. Just as not every policeman who gives a Jewish driver a traffic ticket is an anti-Semite, as the Jewish organizations try to put it, and not every robbery of a rabbi is a hate crime, so not every criticism of Israel is motivated by hatred of Jews.

These organizations have become the lightning rods of the criticism of Israel and they have brought it on themselves. This is the price of their blind support of Israel, their noisy propaganda campaigns in Israel’s name, their turning of every Jewish community center into a PR agency for Israel, and their unanimous support for everything Israel does. We’re all one people, they say. In that case, if every Jew who dares to censure Israel, even when it’s involved in brutal conduct, is a self-hating Jew – then everyone bears responsibility.

Quite a few Jews abroad sent me frightened messages during the war, pleading me to stop writing my articles, cease my criticism, because the anti-Semites use them. I replied to all of them that all my articles together haven’t affected Israel’s status as much as one news report from Gaza. I also know many who still harbor sympathy for Israel precisely because of the remnants here of a free society, one that allows criticism.

In any case, the address for the Jews’ fear should be the State of Israel. Many Jews now feel afraid. Part of the fear may be exaggerated, part of it is justified. It seems to me that being a Muslim in Europe is still harder than being a Jew. But in Paris, Jews don’t dare wear a kippa, in Belgium a woman wasn’t allowed into a store because she was Jewish and a French journalist who visited Algiers last week told me that the hatred for Israel and the Jews in France has reached an all-time high.

The address for all the complaints is Israel, because Israel is the one to blame for Gaza.

Whoever is afraid for the Jews’ fate, whoever is shocked by the anti-Semitic incidents, should have thought about it before taking Israel to another runaway war. The world isn’t always against Israel. Suffice it to remember Israel’s status during the Oslo period, when the entire world cheered it, including parts of the Arab world. This world will be happy to embrace Israel again, if this country only changes its bullying, domineering behavior.

Gevalt, anti-Semitism? Maybe. But Israel is supplying the fuse.


Needless to say, the ADL was one of the first echo chambers to join in …


ADL: Dramatic surge in global anti-Semitism during Gaza op

Jewish group reports serious incidents, directly linked to anti-Israel protests, of attacks against Jews and Jewish property in Europe, South America, Canada, Australia and North and South Africa.


HERE you can see the ADL Report …..

Heaven help them if the funds are cut off :(

They might actually have to go to work.






‘Price tag’ is Israel’s anti-Semitism

Op-ed: There are relatively more hate incidents against Arabs in Israel than hate incidents against Jews in France.


Please read the following sentence slowly: Relatively, there are more hate incidents against Arabs in Israel than hate incidents against Jews in France.

One has to read this sentence twice in order to understand its shocking meaning. And even then, the natural tendency is to question the data, to repress, to ignore. The dissonance is too heavy. Especially for us, the sons and daughters of a nation which was the victim of the most horrible phenomenon of hatred in human history.

The meaning of the comparative figures is hard to digest, but denial is more dangerous.

A total of 554 anti-Semitic incidents were recorded around the world in 2013, according to a comprehensive reportprepared by the Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry at Tel Aviv University. The figures point to a certain drop compared to the previous year, but anti-Semitism has not only failed to step down from the stage of history, but in some places it is even a key player. Maybe not a lead actor, but definitely a character actor. Ever present, existing, above and below the surface.

But can we condemn anti-Semitism firmly, clearly, unequivocally – as it deserves – without turning our heads towards what is taking place in our own backyard?

Nineteen incidents of hatred against Arabs were recorded in Israel in 2013. The first took place in Jerusalem in January, when the Nabi Daud Mosque was desecrated with malicious graffiti, and the last one took place on the final day of the year in the village of Dura al-Qara. Three vehicles were torched, and the malicious graffiti left no room for doubt: Price tag.

When one examines these numbers courageously, the earth starts moving. Nearly eight million residents live in Israel. On average, we are talking about one anti-Semitic incident per 400,000 people.

Russia, for example, which has 142 million residents, recorded 15 anti-Semitic incidents that year, one incident per 9.5 million residents. Germany, which has 81 million people, recorded 36 incidents, one per two million people. Even France, which had the highest number of anti-Semitic incidents in 2013, recorded 116 incidents. With its 66 million residents, we are talking about once incident per 600,000 people.

Where do we take this disgrace? That’s a good question. We must not get dragged into the overly familiar political dispute. It’s not a matter of left and right, nor is it a matter of routine political haggling. Something important has happened in Israel.

The Jewish tradition has many faces. Those trying to find support for racist perceptions in it will probably be able to do that, but those seeking to derive a moral-humanistic purpose from it will almost always have the upper hand.

When Hillel the Elder was asked to define the one rule the entire Torah is based on, he said: “That which you wouldn’t want done to you, don’t do to your friend.” Hillel gave us a comprehensive, cross-generation rule of thumb for every ethical and legal, private and public indecision.

Ant-Semitism is anti-Semitism is anti-Semitism. It is similar in its motives and pathology in every language. The natural expectation from every person is to feel internal, literally physical, rebellion when he encounters it – all the more so if he is Jewish.

Yes, Jews have an extra duty when it comes to racism. The claws of racism have engraved this duty into our arms. We must all feel great shame in light of these hate crimes taking place almost every day recently by veiled and heartless thugs, who wish to celebrate the superiority of the Jewish people in its fatherland by degrading and humiliating the other

Only if we spew this abomination from within us we will be able to hold up a mirror to the world with integrity.

Attorney Yizhar Hess is the CEO of the Masorti Movement in Israel, which is a member of the Tag Meir (“Spreading the Light”) forum.








As much as we loved the characters he created and the cartoon industry he is credited for, few of us actually loved the man himself.


It was more than rumor that Walt Disney was an anti Semite. Below is a snippet from the FOLLOWING


 The “anti-Semitic industry lobbying group” with which Disney was associated was the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals. The group’s statement of principles said nothing about Jews; its declared purpose was to prevent “Communist, Fascist, and other totalitarian-minded groups” from gaining a foothold in Hollywood. Among its members were politically conservative actors such as John Wayne, Clark Gable, and Ginger Rogers. But some of its other members were accused of being privately anti-Semitic, and in general it had a reputation as being reactionary.


So, why all the fuss today when an Egyptian Donald Duck tweets anti Israel sentiments??



Donald Duck Arab Voice Fired for ‘Death to Israel’ Tweet

Egyptian Host ‘Proud’ of Disney Ouster


An Egyptian radio host who calls himself the official voice of Donald Duck on Disney Middle East was fired after sending anti-Israel tweets.

Wael Mansour tweeted the news of his firing on February 6, six months after his tweet against Israel.

“Disney decided I am no longer the official voice of DonaldDuck in it’s middle-east dubbed cartoons because of an anti Zionism tweet. Proud!” he tweeted on February 6.

He then retweeted the tweet that got him into trouble in the first place:

“I truly wish #Israel is demolished, I hate Zionism, I have so much hate inside me with every single child they murder or land they seize!” Mansour tweeted on August 4. As of Wednesday it had been retweeted more than 1,700 times.

Mansour responded to some critics at the time by tweeting: “I don’t know why insulting #Israel & #Zionism is “Anti-Semitic”?! They are just a bunch of Polish/ Ethiopian immigrants roughly 70 years old”

Mansour reportedly was not employed directly by Disney, but came to the work through a dubbing company.


User Actions


Wael Mansour‏@Wa2elMansour

Here is the tweet that lead Disney to end my role as Donald Ducks official voice in Arabic dubbed cartoons in the ME

Embedded image permalink
  • Only Juan ShinjiAhmed AbdelfattahTamer El-MasryIbrahim Aliothmane عثمانSansMedina WesleyAHMED HUSSEINJoud Al Essa
10:07 AM – 6 Feb 2014



If not, do you have enough imagination to create one?



America’s foremost expert on both of the above is finally stepping down from his position as Director of the ADL. After 50 years, Abe Foxman has had enough. The rest of America had enough of him at least 49 years ago ….


Except for ….

President Obama who said that  Abe is irreplaceable

Jewish Daily Forward said  ” Replacing Foxman: Impossible


The applicant for the above position must be capable of compiling lists. They must be checked twice to see who’s naughty or nice ;)


The salary is a good one plus frequent flights to the Holy Land to confer with fellow hatemongers.

Apply soon, before there are no anti-Semites left ;)



It looks like the zionists have their work cut out for themselves. They act threatened by what they call anti-Semitism …. but on the other hand, what would they do without it? Their fabrications are what literally keep them in business.


Oy Vey …. a world without anti-Semitism …. perish the thought ;)


BUT … one of their loudest mouthpieces assured the Klan that anti-Semitism is here to stay … a guarantee that the dollars will continue to pour in. Elie Wiesel spoke to Ynet 


Elie Wiesel: People are no longer ashamed to be anti-Semites

Nobel Peace Prize laureate tells Ynet about never-ending struggle against anti-Semitism and recognition that it will likely never be defeated


BOSTON – Prof. Elie Wiesel was supposed to be the keynote speaker at the inauguration ceremony of the new display at theJewish pavilion in Auschwitz, the place where he was enslaved and lost his loved ones.

For personal reasons he was unable to attend the important event, but in honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the author and Nobel Peace Prize laureate told Ynet about the never-ending struggle against anti-Semitism and the recognition that it would likely never be defeated.

The world is still silent

Prof. Wiesel, who coined the eternal expression “Not all victims were Jews, but all Jews were victims,” examines every significant occurrence with an overall view of world peace. To the same extent, he meticulously examines whether the memory of the Holocaust has been engraved in people’s minds, and whether there is a danger that the events of 1939-1945 will repeat themselves, and the world – as it was during those years – will be indifferent and silent.

Prof. Elie Wiesel with Dr. Yoel Rappel. 'I thought the memory of the Holocaust would shame those boasting anti-Semitic opinions. I was wrong' (Photo: Dorit Rappel)
Prof. Elie Wiesel with Dr. Yoel Rappel. ‘I thought the memory of the Holocaust would shame those boasting anti-Semitic opinions. I was wrong’ (Photo: Dorit Rappel)


“The Holocaust is a unique event, but it has a universal significance which must be memorized incessantly,” he says, voicing concerns over the temptation of Iran’s nuclear ability and the civil war in Syria, which has already claimed a price of 150,000 deaths. And the world is silent.

The unstoppable conversation between us has been going on for several years now, but the murky wave of anti-Semitism sweeping over the Western world, as well as Eastern Europe (with therecent incidents in Hungary and Ukraine), are fresh and extract statements with despair running through them.

“Unfortunately, anti-Semitism still exists,” Wiesel says. “It has been alive for more than 2,000 years, and will likely continue living. I thought that the memory of the Holocaust would shame those boasting anti-Semitic opinions. I was wrong. It still exists in different countries, and it seems people are no longer ashamed to be anti-Semitic.”

Concerned mainly about Israel

Wiesel believes that the memory of the Holocaust is the only chance of saving the world from another disaster. He defines the modern anti-Semite, first and foremost, as anti-Israel. “It’s very difficult to separate between the two,” he says.

“There are anti-Semites who are only anti-Israel,” he explains. “Once I thought that anti-Semitism had ended; today it is clear to be that it will probably never end. It might weaken sometimes, but it will continue existing, because in different countries there is no shame in being an anti-Semite. We must remember that anti-Semitism led to Auschwitz. Without anti-Semitism there would have been no Auschwitz.”

Elie Wiesel. Circumcision and ritual slaughter bans 'stem first of all from ignorance and disregard of the Jewish faith' (Photo: Reuters)
Elie Wiesel. Circumcision and ritual slaughter bans ‘stem first of all from ignorance and disregard of the Jewish faith’ (Photo: Reuters)

Known as one of the State of Israel’s greatest advocates, Wiesel argues that the fundamental problem is the attitude towards Israel and not anti-Semitism.

“It’s clear to me that one can’t be Jewish without Israel. Religious or non-religious, Zionist or non-Zionist, Ashkenazi or Sephardic – all these will not exist without Israel. The State’s existence is the oxygen of the image and ideas of the new anti-Semitism.”

Does the public dispute over the circumcision and ritual slaughter bans also stem from anti-Semitism?

“In my opinion, it stems first of all from ignorance and disregard of the Jewish faith. Those who raise such ideas and others will soon come up with the idea to cancel Shabbat, so that Jews will rest on Sunday. It’s more of case of ignorance, and it leads to harassment against the foundations of Judaism.”

Can the different phenomena experienced recently by theJewish community in the United States be defined as anti-Semitism?

“There are expressions of anti-Semitism, yet we can’t talk about an anti-Semitic movement but about groups of anti-Semites which operate in different places, and we don’t know how many members they have. This reality must also concern us, because it could expand.”

For Prof. Elie Wiesel, the battle for instilling the memory of the Holocaust is a daily and unstoppable one. In the United States, International Holocaust Remembrance Day is only marked with an event held at the United Nations building. The American nation commemorates the memory of the victims of the Holocaust on the same day as the State of Israel.

The proposal made by Wiesel, who served as chairman of the President’s Commission on the Holocaust, was accepted at the time by the American Congress and has become a fixed tradition.



Anelka urges English FA to drop race charge 

West Brom striker insists English Football Association wrongly interpreted meaning of ‘quenelle’ gesture. ‘I repeat, I am not anti-Semitic or racist,’ he says



West Bromwich Albion striker Nicolas Anelka called on the English Football Association on Wednesday to drop his racism charge after the leader of French Jewry insisted a goal-celebration gesture was not anti-Semitic.


Full report HERE


Image by Bendib
Our need to cleanse ourselves of any guilt under the argument of anti-Semitism is dishonest and wrong both in terms of values and image. It is first of all ruining our case. Sometimes it’s just better to be silent.
Our excessive howls of anti-Semitism

Op-ed: Uproar over coverage of NY Hasid’s murder shows trauma of anti-Semitism has taken over our minds in an irreversible manner

Esti Shoshan

There is something about the word “anti-Semitism” which shuts the mouths of accusers in a pretty efficient way. Many times, the collective Jewish trauma justifies the feeling of permanent persecution accompanying our lives, out of a paranoia of survival we have developed as a defense mechanism. 

True, we have suffered, and anti-Semitism is not dead. Thousands of years of hatred of Jews, the source of which is unclear, have left their mark on us, without finding the reason, or the diagnosis – or the ways to treat it. But still, one cannot shake off the feeling that we are too trigger-happy when it comes to anti-Semitism. We use this weapon in a disproportional manner, which at the end of the day harms us more than anyone else.

The unfortunate murder of the Jewish Orthodox businessman from New York last week, and the uproar which followed, prove more than anything that the anti-Semitism trauma has taken over our minds in an irreversible manner. Its symptoms are reflected in the cries of despair echoing through the public discourse even when there is no room for them, and the result is a world which looks at us awkwardly, and an erosion of the concept which has, as I said, significant justification.

Are you sure this is an expression of anti-Semitism? (Photo: New York Post cover)
Are you sure this is an expression of anti-Semitism? (Photo: New York Post cover)*

The details of the brutal murder of Menachem “Max” Stark are still unknown. Rumors are flying, leaking to the media in the United States, and continuing to produce headlines. And so it happened that the New York Post published an unflattering headline following an inquiry it conducted about the victim, which raised a dubious account of his businesses.

Among other things, the newspaper provided details on his alleged involvement in scams, on huge loans he failed to pay back, and on dubious ways of collecting money – and said that there were quite a few people who were not fond of the deceased, to say the least, and might have wanted him dead. This is not a claim that could not have been linked to any other criminal investigation, regardless of nationality, religion or race.

Time to be silent

The US Jewry – followed by the Land of Israel Jewry – was shaken, expressing rage, dismay and shock. The anti-Semitic demon was let out of the bottle to destroy us. For a moment it seemed as if the newspaper headline had taken us back to Kristallnacht, to the horrors of the Inquisition and to the 1648 riots against the Jews.

It seems like we don’t really need a modern Dreyfus to strengthen our beneficent sense of victimization, which helps us shake off responsibility and connects us to pogroms, to Polish landowners and to the good old stories.

It’s very simplistic, and ridiculous, to wrap every criticism against us with “anti-Semitism,” and to define every spit by a hooligan on the street or any journalistic insensitivity as “anti-Jewish.” The Western media does not distinguish between a celebrity who has sinned and a disgraced politician, regardless of whether or not he has a shtreimel on his head, a tattoo or just a stocking hat.

And on the other hand, the Western world has learned a thing or two about racism, and the attempt to clear the phenomenon is underway at any given moment. But our excessive use of anti-Semitism weakens the real battle, and encouraged Holocaust deniers and those ignoring the phenomenon. There are enough incidents of hate crimes and of pure anti-Semitism which justify cries of despair.

Our need to cleanse ourselves of any guilt under the argument of anti-Semitism is dishonest and wrong both in terms of values and image. It is first of all ruining our case. Sometimes it’s just better to be silent. 


Finger Pointing is much easier than THINKING ….
For a number of years I lived in a small city in Northern Ontario. It was a haven for many former war criminals from the Ukraine and Latvia. It was not uncommon to hear comments in the street blaming the Jews for anything that was wrong with society. One time I was at the meatcounter of a supermarket with my son Peter. We noticed that there was a marked increase on the price of pork products …. minutes later one of the Latvians referred to above started mumbling something about the ‘god damned Jews’ raising prices …
The price of pork was controlled by Jews? This confused my son who was about ten at the time. He asked the man what Jews had to do with the price of pork …. the man took off like a bat out of hell. The last thing these criminals wanted was uncovering their unsavory past.
The war criminals of today haven’t had ‘their day in court’ yet so they are a bit bolder and don’t run off that quickly (but their day will come). It’s not the Jews they blame for the evils in the world today as most of them are Jews themselves, zionists to be specific. To them, it’s the Muslims ‘that did it’ ….
Here is the latest incident of this ongoing Islamophobia …
Australia, then and now

 Anti-Semitic incidents in land down under may stem from import of hundreds of thousands of Muslims since 1980s


The incidents include shattering synagogue windows, physical assaults on Jewish students, derogatory exclamations against Jews on the streets and hurling different objects on synagogue goers. The leaders of the Jewish communities in Australia are not particularly enthusiastic about publishing the figures and putting them on the public agenda for their own reasons, as if one can combat this troubling phenomenon and make it disappear by keeping quiet 


In 1938, Thomas White didn’t want to “import” Jews, allegedly so as not to give rise to anti-Semitism in his country. Many things seem to have changed since then in the land of kangaroos and koalas, and it’s quite possible that these changes stem, among other things, from the import of hundreds of thousands of Muslims since the 1980s, including thousands of Palestinians.


The full report can be read HERE


How times have changed …



As Abe Foxman approaches the age of retirement, indications are that the ADL itself might finally be put to rest. Despite their efforts to find or create anti Semitism under every nook and cranny, the reality is as follows;
  • Here are the positive findings;

      • Jews were found to be held in high regard on many key measurements. Even Americans who hold the most anti-Semitic views agreed with many positive statements about Jews, including:
      • Jews have a strong faith in God (75%);
      • Jews have contributed much to the cultural life of America (65%);
      • Jews place a strong emphasis on the importance of family life (78%). 


Poll: Anti-Semitic attitudes in US down 3%

ADL survey of American people finds 12% still harbor deeply entrenched anti-Jewish attitudes. First poll, issued in 1964, found 29% of Americans were infected at the time with anti-Semitic attitudes

On the occasion of its centennial, the latest Anti-Defamation League (ADL) survey of the American people found that 12% of Americans harbor deeply entrenched anti-Semitic attitudes. This marks a 3% decline since the League’s previous poll on anti-Semitic attitudes in 2011.

The 2013 Survey of American Attitudes Toward Jews in America, a national telephone survey of 1,200 adults, was conducted October 12-22 by Marttila Strategies of Washington, DC and Boston. The margin of error is +/- 2.8%.

The ADL poll measured anti-Semitic propensities using an 11-question index developed by ADL nearly 50 years ago. The first poll, issued in 1964, found that 29% of Americans were infected at the time with anti-Jewish attitudes.

“It is heartening that attitudes toward Jews have improved over the last few years and, historically, have declined significantly in America,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL national director. “On the occasion of our centennial it causes us to take a broader perspective, to appreciate how far we have come in 100 years.

“In 1913 there were no surveys like this, but anti-Semitism was rife in public and private expressions, in universities, jobs and neighborhoods. In 1964, when we did our first survey, we found that 29% of Americans held anti-Semitic views. So we – and America – have made real progress, and yet disturbing indicators remain.”

Key findings

In the new survey, a significant number of Americans agreed with sharply worded criticisms of Jews, with many of the findings virtually unchanged since the previous survey in 2011:

  • Fourteen percent agreed with the statement that “Jews have too much power in the US today” (unchanged from 2011).
  • Thirty percent of Americans continue to say that American Jews are “more loyal to Israel” than to their own country, America (unchanged from 2011 and 1964).
  • Nineteen percent of Americans believe Jews have too much power in the business world, nearly unchanged from the 20% who agreed with this statement in 2011.
  • Seventeen percent say that Jews have too much control on Wall Street, a slight decline from 19% answering “true” to that statement in 2011.
  • Fifteen percent agreed that Jews are “more willing to use shady practices,” unchanged from 2011.
  • A surprisingly large number of Americans continue to believe that “Jews were responsible for the death of Christ.” Twenty-six percent of Americans agreed with that statement, down from 31% in 2011.
  • Eighteen percent say that Jews have too much influence over the American news media, and 24% agreed that the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews.
  • Nearly one-quarter of respondents agreed that “Jews still talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust.”

“The poll shows that while we have made great progress in promoting understanding in American society, the most enduring anti-Semitic canards continue to hold sway among some segments of the American public,” said Foxman. “Disturbingly large numbers of Americans continue to hold fast to the classic anti-Semitic canards.

“It is particularly frustrating that since 1964, 30% of Americans have consistently believed that Jews are more loyal to Israel than to their home country of America. This dual-loyalty charge has tenaciously persisted despite the sweeping demographic changes that have taken place over the past 50 years.
Foxman added, “After making gains in earlier years, the past several years have seen almost no movement of the needle on the percentages for belief in Jewish control of Hollywood, Wall Street and business. The high percentages of Americans believing in classic anti-Semitic stereotypes dramatically make the case of the need for further anti-bias education and for confronting the most pervasive anti-Semitic canards in society.”

As in previous surveys, the most educated Americans are largely free of prejudicial views. Less educated Americans are more likely to hold anti-Semitic views. Age is also a strong predictor of anti-Semitic propensities. Younger Americans – those under age 39 – are remarkably free of prejudicial views.

Minority groups and anti-Semitism

The poll also looked at anti-Semitic views among significantly large minority groups:

  • Hispanics: Once again, Hispanic Americans born outside of the US are significantly more likely than Hispanics born in the US to hold anti-Semitic views. According to the survey, 36% of foreign-born Hispanics hold anti-Semitic views, as compared to 14% of US-born Hispanics. Those findings represent a welcome decline from 2011, when 42% of foreign-born Hispanics, and 20% of US born Hispanics held anti-Semitic views.
  • African-Americans: For many years, anti-Semitic views among the African-American have remained consistently higher than the general population. In 2013, 20% of African-Americans expressed strongly anti-Semitic views, an encouraging decrease of nine percentage points from the previous survey in 2011.

“We are heartened by the significant drop in the levels within both the Hispanic community and the African-American community,” said Foxman. “While the changes are significant, it is still troubling to see such a high number for foreign-born Hispanics. It shows that immigrants to the United States bring with them deeply ingrained anti-Semitic attitudes, and that we must remain vigilant in working to counter these attitudes among the foreign born.”

Positive findings

Jews were found to be held in high regard on many key measurements. Even Americans who hold the most anti-Semitic views agreed with many positive statements about Jews, including:

  • Jews have a strong faith in God (75%);
  • Jews have contributed much to the cultural life of America (65%);
  • Jews place a strong emphasis on the importance of family life (78%).


The survey was conducted with a base sample of 1,200, plus an over sample of 281 African-Americans and 199 Hispanics, bringing the over sample for both communities to 400 each. For those questions answered by all 1,200 respondents, the survey results have a margin of error of plus or minus 2.8%.

For many questions, the survey used the technique of “split sampling,” a process in which the 1,200-person sample was split into two demographically representative national samples of 600 respondents each or three demographically representative national samples of 400 respondents.

For those questions that were answered by 600 respondents, the survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 4%. For those questions that were answered by 400 respondents, the survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9%.




P.S. From The Jewish Voice For Peace …..


Last week, the Anti-Defamation League put JVP on its list of top ten “anti-Israel” organizations.

But their attack seriously backfired.

More than 250 JVP supporters raised over $12,000 to help us fund our new Campus Liaison – one of the projects the ADL fears most.

We promised we’d send ADL President Abe Foxman a thank you note, and wanted to give you one last chance to add your name to it.

If you are proud of our organizing to hold Israel accountable to international law, or the way our Rabbinical Council reclaims justice traditions within Jewish community and ritual, click here to make sure the ADL knows it.

Their complicity with Israeli human rights abuses puts the ADL on the wrong side of history. 

Click here to give $18 or even $36 now and add your name to our thank you card.

They did get one thing right. They described JVP as an organization with national impact that recruits grassroots supporters and influences the mainstream public debate about Israel.

And that’s all because of our amazing supporters like you.

Ari Wohlfeiler
Grassroots Fundraising Coordinator




There’s an old saying that ‘politics makes for strange bedfellows’ …..
Could this be the case of a strange connection between Woody Allen and Vladamir Putin?
One is on the list of nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize … where he obviously wants to stay, while the other is a long standing member of the infamous S H I T List which he seems not too happy about.
Putin wants to stay on the list he’s on …. but he must gain support from zion to win the Prize …. at the same time possibly even try to get support from Russia’s LGBT Community for his archaic positions against them.
Here’s what’s happening in Russia;
The flag, designed in 1996 for the Birobidzhan region, boasts colorful stripes on a white background. It was under review for its possible violation of Russia’s ban on LGBT propaganda.

Russian Jewish Region’s ‘Gay’ Flag Is Kosher!

By Anne Cohen


The Kremlin’s self-styled flag experts have declared that the flag of Russia’s Jewish Autonomous Region —which bears an uncanny resemblance to the rainbow gay pride symbol — is in fact 100% kosher, Buzzfeed World reported.

The flag, designed in 1996 for the Birobidzhan region, boasts colorful stripes on a white background. It was under review for its possible violation of Russia’s ban on LGBT propaganda.

“Regarding the similarity of this flag with the symbol of the gay movement, we explain that not every rainbow image is linked to sexual orientation,” Georgy Vilinbakhov, a Kremlin advisor, wrote in a letter published by local website

“Obviously, the above described flag, the flag of the Jewish Autonomous Region, whose foundation is a white cloth, has nothing to do with that,” he wrote. “This flag does not contradict the current law of the Russian Federation and so there is no basis to cancel or change it.”

The Jewish Autonomous Oblast, or region, was designated by Stalinist Soviet authorities in 1934 as a “Jewish socialist republic.”

Interviewed by the same local outlet, the flag’s creator, Alexander Valyaev defended his design. “On its flag the gay movement uses seven stripes, not six,” he pointed out. “The rainbow is a divine symbol, taken from the Bible. God threw the rainbow from the sky into the wilderness of the desert as a symbol of hope.”


As for Allen ….

Woody Allen on Israel Criticism, Anti-Semitism

The filmmaker drops some knowledge in an interview with Channel 2 Israel

By Adam Chandler

While promoting his latest film Blue Jasmine in France, Woody Allen was interviewed by Israel’s Channel Two. As the Times of Israel reported, when the conversation turned to life in America and anti-Semitism, Allen had some noteworthy remarks. Specifically, he was asked whether it’s difficult to be a Jew in America today, an especially curious query coming from an Israeli media outlet on assignment in France, two places dealing heavily with the issue.

“No, I don’t think so. By the low standards of tolerance for Jews all over the world, America’s been a very tolerant country.”

He added:

“I do feel there are many people that disguise their negative feelings toward Jews, disguise it as anti-Israel criticism, political criticism, when in fact what they really mean is that they don’t like Jews.”

We’ve come a long way from Alvy Singer in Annie Hall.


NOTE … My initial comments at the top are pure sarcasm and not to be taken seriously.


OMG!!! How could the ADL have missed out on this one??
Perhaps it just isn’t so!
“They put the Jewish interest above America’s interest, and it’s about goddamn time that the Jew in America realizes he’s an American first and a Jew second.”
Sounds pretty much close to the truth to me :(

President Nixon Makes Anti-Semitic Remarks on Last Set of Tapes Released

Accused Jews of Putting Jewish Interests Before America


By Reuters


President Richard Nixon is heard in the last set of his White House tapes making anti-Semitic statements in discussions with visitors to the Oval Office and by telephone.

The 340 hours of tapes, which cover from April 9, 1973 to July 12, 1973, were released Wednesday by the Nixon Presidential Library. They are the last set of tapes that will be released by the library.

In a phone discussion in mid-April with Henry Kissinger, a Jew who at the time was the national security adviser, Nixon expresses concerns that Jews would torpedo an upcoming U.S.-Soviet summit. If that happened, Nixon said, “Let me say, Henry, it’s gonna be the worst thing that happened to Jews in American history.” He added, “If they torpedo this summit — and it might go down for other reasons — I’m gonna put the blame on them, and I’m going to do it publicly at 9 o’clock at night before 80 million people.”

He continued: “They put the Jewish interest above America’s interest, and it’s about goddamn time that the Jew in America realizes he’s an American first and a Jew second.”

In a tape from May 1 that is labeled by the library as “Garment’s Jewish background,” referring to Nixon aide and lawyer Leonard Garment, Nixon is heard shouting “Goddamn his Jewish soul” after saying he wants to fire Garment for an inappropriate comment.

When asked about appointees, Nixon tells presidential counselor Anne Armstrong there should be “No Jews. We are adamant when I say no Jews. … But Mexicans are important. Italians, Eastern Europeans. That sort of thing.” Nixon accused the Jews of holding American foreign policy “hostage to Jewish emigration from the Soviet Union,” and added that “the American people are not going to let them destroy our foreign policy — never!” Future presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush are heard in conversations recorded on the tapes offering Nixon support during the Watergate affair.

Nixon on previous tapes was heard making anti-Semitic remarks about Jewish politicians and others.



If not … create some!
Image ‘Copyleft’ by Carlos Latuff
israels point of view (1)

“Alice Walker has sunk to new lows with essays that remove the gloss of her anti-Israel activism to reveal someone who is unabashedly infected with anti-Semitism,” said ADL National Director Abraham H. Foxman.*

Alice Walker book deemed ‘anti-Jewish’

Anti-Defamation League accuses Pulitzer Prize-winning American author of comparing Israelis to Nazis in her new book. ‘Walker is revealed as someone who is unabashedly infected with anti-Semitism,’ Jewish group says

Daniel Koren*

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) says Alice Walker, author of the acclaimed Pulitzer Prize winning “The Color Purple,” expresses several “fervently anti-Jewish ideas” in her latest novel, “The Cushion in the Road.”

The ADL, an American Jewish organization whose mission is to “stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment for all citizens alike,” says the novel dedicates over 80 pages to essays on the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, which they say is “peppered with explicit comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany.”

According to the ADL, the pages, which comprise a dozen essays in a section called “On Palestine,” are brimming with attempts to justify terrorism against Israeli citizens. She also ostracizes the 2009 Toronto Film Festival, comparing it to movie festivals Hitler had established in the days leading up to World War II.

“It amazes me, in these churches, that there is no discussion of the fact that the other behavior we learned about in the Bible stories: The rapes, the murders, the pillaging, the enslavement of the conquered, the confiscation of land, the brutal domination and colonization of all ‘others’ is still front and center in Israel’s behavior today,” Walker writes in The Cushion in the Road.

“It is because I recognize the brutality with which my own multi-branched ancestors have been treated that I can identify the despicable, lawless, cruel, and sadistic behavior that has characterized Israel’s attempts to erase a people, the Palestinians, from their own land.”

‘Sunk to new lows’

Walker is no stranger to anti-Israeli rhetoric: Only last month she wrote an open letter to American R&B singer Alicia Keys, urging her to boycott Israeli “apartheid.”

“It would grieve me to know you are putting yourself in danger (soul danger) by performing in an apartheid country that is being boycotted by many global conscious artists,” she wrote in the letter. Keys, however, has yet to succumb to growing pressure to cancel her show, and is set to perform in Tel Aviv on July 4.

Walker also made headlines last year when she refused for her highly acclaimed “The Color Purple” to be translated into Hebrew, telling Israeli publishing house Yedidot Books that the State must change its polices before she would allow it to be published there.

According to the ADL, in her new novel Walker suggests that Israel should no longer exist as a Jewish state.

“Alice Walker has sunk to new lows with essays that remove the gloss of her anti-Israel activism to reveal someone who is unabashedly infected with anti-Semitism,” said ADL National Director Abraham H. Foxman.

“She has taken her extreme and hostile views to a shocking new level, revealing the depth of her hatred of Jews and Israel to a degree that we have not witnessed before. Her descriptions of the conflict are so grossly inaccurate and biased that it seems Walker wants the uninformed reader to come away sharing her hate-filled conclusions that Israel is committing the greatest atrocity in the history of the world.”



In recent weeks we have seen the hatred spewed out on the pages of FaceBook by IDF soldiers. Photos and stories as to how to torture Palestinian Children, etc.
Now it seems Twitter, as well, is allowing similar hate on their site as well. Is this the reason Social Media exists, or in actuality is it really anti social media?
In the case of Twitter, it’s not Islamophobia, it’s anti-Semitism. Both are unacceptable in a civilised world!
Last year, thousands of Tweets in French bearing the hashtag #unbonjuif (“a good Jew,” as in, “A good Jew is a dead Jew”) streamed through the social media site’s enormous network. The Tweets were usually violent comments about Jewish influence or blood curdlingly anti-Semitic jokes — one Tweet simply linked to a picture of an ashtray.

Anti-Semitism and Anonymity on Twitter

Is the Social Media Giant Allowing Hate Speech To Thrive?


Tweeting: What happens when hate hides behind a social media platform?
Tweeting: What happens when hate hides behind a social media platform?


By Gal Beckerman

“Anonymous” is a pretty apt name for the motley crew of anarchist hackers who like to disable and deface the websites of groups or people “they” don’t like. We can’t interrogate their motives. Only their work offers clues, sometimes quite unambiguous ones.

When Anonymous recently tried to take down the website for Yad Vashem — on Holocaust Remembrance Day, no less — this was anti-Semitism. Despite many newspapers, including The New York Times, describing the group that day as “pro-Palestinian,” it’s hard to understand how vandalizing the website of Israel’s Holocaust museum furthers the Palestinian cause.

But at least Anonymous wears its anonymity on its sleeve. The bigger problem with anonymity online is the way it serves as a mask on social media platforms that provide a bullhorn of unprecedented volume to anyone who wants it. I’m thinking of Twitter, and a recent case that poses interesting — some would say serious — questions about how social media abets hatred in new and dangerous ways.

Last year, thousands of Tweets in French bearing the hashtag #unbonjuif (“a good Jew,” as in, “A good Jew is a dead Jew”) streamed through the social media site’s enormous network. The Tweets were usually violent comments about Jewish influence or blood curdlingly anti-Semitic jokes — one Tweet simply linked to a picture of an ashtray.

The Union of French Jewish Students sued Twitter last fall in the French equivalent of the Supreme Court, demanding the company provide the names of those Tweeting out the vile stuff (it would have been a long list since at one point the hashtag was trending among the three most popular topics in France). The students won, but Twitter has refused to comply, and in late March they sued again, this time to fine the company over $50 million for not obeying the ruling.

On the face of it, this seems like a straightforward matter of free speech. That’s what Twitter is arguing.

Since its servers are based in the United States, it respects First Amendment law, which offers a very broad umbrella of protection. Basically, if there is no threat of immediate violence, it’s fair game. Since Twitter sees as its mission (not to mention its business) to provide an open forum, it makes sense for them to be dogmatic on this point. The American in me instinctually gets this.

Twitter is simply a tool. It can be used by anyone — to project interesting ideas and witty asides, or racism and stupidity. And we should leave it to the free marketplace of Tweets to sort it all out. I wouldn’t want Twitter to become the arbiter of what counts as authentic hate speech and what doesn’t.

But I’m also a Jew. And the Jew in me has a hard time ignoring the particular context of French Jewry and the sense of embattlement it is currently experiencing. Between the shooting spree at a Jewish school in Toulouse last year that killed four people and the earlier torture and murder of a young Parisian Jew, Ilan Halimi, there is a deep sense of dread that has led to an increasing emigration by Jews out of France. For those French students suing Twitter, the endless vile Tweets must have felt like the walls closing in on them.

Complicating this already complicated issue is anonymity. What the French students wanted was not to ban the use of #unbonjuif (Twitter eventually deleted the most offensive Tweets). They wanted the names of those who Tweeted.

France has more stringent hate speech laws and those making threatening anti-Semitic statements could possibly be prosecuted if their identities were known. Those laws exist because of France’s history and because its citizens feel more acutely than Americans do that potentially dangerous speech has to be quickly suppressed.

At some level Twitter, as global as it is, understands the need for sovereignty. The company’s policy states that users must comply with their local laws. But this is meaningless when you consider that anyone can create a fake handle and start tweeting with impunity.

There is, of course, a defense of online anonymity to be made. Think of all the revolutions throughout history and the new ideas, dangerous at first, that would never have existed if their authors had to declare themselves publicly. Many of the Tweets emanating from the Arab Spring or the 2009 Iranian protests were anonymous. And some of the funniest material on Twitter comes from joke handles (remember @InvisibleObama, which appeared after Clint Eastwood’s conversation with an empty chair last summer?). Much of the vibrancy of a platform like Twitter could be compromised if users were forced to register with their real names.

Against this ideal of total freedom, though, stand the particulars of history and society. Sitting here in front of my computer in America, I think anonymity is important, even if it provides cover for hate and can become a tool for cowards. It would be a mistake to use the law to override it except under extreme circumstances. But can I say the same for Europe?

The hate that lies under anonymous cover in France or Germany clearly feels even scarier and more nefarious to its citizens. That’s why their laws are harsher for prosecuting that hate. At a moment when we are so enthralled by transnational, earth-flattening forums like Twitter, couldn’t we also make room for these concerns, balancing our enthusiasm with a respect for the way national history shapes our sense of what should or should not be spoken?



In years gone by, an anti-Semite was a person that hated Jews. Today it has taken on a new meaning, an anti-Semite is a person that is hated by zionists. Their list is long and is documented on their hateful Websites and grows daily as more people awaken to the fact that zionism is evil. Their publications give us front page coverage.
Their hate is communicated at every major university campus throughout the Western world as well as in the legislative bodies of those countries. Their tactics are no different than those used by the extreme right during the McCarthy period; the finger pointing, the harassment, the firings, the blacklistings, etc… It has truly become The New McCarthyism. They have become experts at scandalising our names.
What they don’t seem to realise or care is that truth is on our side, truth is the biggest obstacle facing zionism today. They spend millions of dollars in ad campaigns, on speaking tours, on publications and on organising youth tours to their zionist paradise. They build walls in that very entity to hide the truth which would expose the injustice. They bar journalists, they deport anyone that dares to question their ways. But then, in an act of total desperation, they rely on their label, ‘anti-Semite’. This, according to their sick logic, is the ultimate ‘weapon’ that is used in an attempt to silence any opposition.
anti-semitism 7
In their desperation they scan the Web via their own Websites. CIF Watch concentrates mainly on the Guardian for their ‘information’ while others spend countless hours scanning the entire Web. One of their newer sites seems to take pleasure by adding one of our Associates to their list of ‘enemies’.  Fran Korotzer who was interviewed by Philip Weiss appeared on their site. The original video appeared on Weiss’ site Mondoweiss.
Anti Apartheid = Anti Semitism? SICK!
Another Associate, Carlos Latuff had many of his works cited by the ADL and The Simon Weisenthal Centre. He also had the entire ziomafia in a recent uproar with one particular cartoon he created. With every citing of his great works, another badge of honour is pinned to our lapel.
Anti zionism = Anti Semitism?? SICK!!
Still another favourite term used by the zionist is ‘self hating Jew’, after all how can a Jew be an anti Semite? THIS is by far  the best article I have seen on the subject.
And let’s not forget the ultimate label used when all else fails; ‘holocaust denier’. Latuff wrote about that in THIS report. Interesting to note that the zionists are in the process of denying the Palestinians the right  to even live, yet they press for legislation throughout the world outlawing holocaust denial. Can we call this anti-Semitism (after all, Palestinians are true Semites)?
Their goal is to discredit us, but in the final analysis they actually honour us with their labels. Without same it would be more difficult to get our message of truth out to the masses. We wear their labels as badges of courage as we are not afraid to speak the truth.


… Yet, there was not a peep from the Israeli government or the ADL or the Wiesenthal Center labeling  Swedish photojournalist Paul Hansen an anti Semite for his winning photo in the World Press Photo Contest. Only the ultra nationalist Arutz Sheva ran THIS dribble about it. Their report starts with Israel is losing the war of images against liars who have set up an industry of blood libels ‘through the lens’ …. pretty pathetic argument in my opinion.
Let’s have a look at the ‘blood libel’ referred to in this photo; just whose blood is staining the shrouds of the dead children in the image?
Every zionist and his mother jumped on the bandwagon a few weeks ago condemning the cartoonist Gerald Scarfe for penning the following;
times-cartoon (1)
Our own Carlos Latuff ‘won’ third place for the following on the Wiesenthal Hate List of 2012′
simon-wiesenthal-center-report-december-2012 (2)
So we can gather from the above that images penned by artists or cartoonists are a no-no, but photographs are OK. Perhaps because the photo in question shows the anguish of the mourners and the dead children themselves. Makes one think that these crimes against humanity are truly the pride and joy of zionism. It’s not blood libel at all, it’s a true picture of the evils of zionism. Perhaps zionism itself is a blood libel against all of humanity …. food for thought.


False cries of anti Semitism have reached a new high this week making them sound as ridiculous as they really are…. Even Foxman thinks so in this case. How dare anyone else do the crying ;)

Fashion designer John Galliano’s outfit: anti-Semitic or just eccentric?

Galliano lands on front page of NYPost under the headline ‘Shmuck!’ with a photo of him wearing a hat and ringlets described as resembling those of a Hasidic Jew; ADL head Abe Foxman leaps to his defense, saying “he has long hair, they’re not peyos.’

By The Associated Press
John Galliano

John Galliano wearing Hasidic-like grab in Manhattan Photo by DailyMail screenshot, courtesy of Splash News
“I think this is a malicious distortion, either to continue to destroy this man or to sell newspapers. Take your choice,” Foxman said.
Read the report HERE …. you might get  kick out of it ;)

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