Ramadan is usually a quiet, peaceful month …. this year is different. My own neighbourhood in Northern Jerusalem resonated with the sounds of war all day yesterday. Helicopters circled the area all through the day and night, ambulance and police sirens shrieked without end. All was a reminder of the 2nd Intifada …

The Palestinian village (and Refugee Camp) of Shuafat is located at the bottom of the hill from where I live. It was there that a 16 year old youth was kidnapped and brutally murdered.



Muhammad Hussein Abu Khdeir, 16


The incitement to this horror started immediately after the bodies of the three Israeli teenagers were found. *

In this video, the latest of several, a group of Israelis can be seen marching through Tel Aviv on Tuesday evening singing a sing including the lyrics “Give the IDF [Israeli army] a chance to win, fuck the Arabs” and “I hate all Arabs.” 


After days of relentless incitement for “revenge” by Israeli leaders and Israeli lynch mobs shouting “Death to the Arabs,” it is feared that the worst has happened.

While on his way to early morning prayers today in eastern occupied Jerusalem, Muhammad Abu Khudair, 16, was kidnapped, his family reported. His badly burned body was later found by police in a wooded area and positively identified.

Israeli police suspect that the crime may have been committed in revenge for the killings of three Israeli teens whose bodies were found in the occupied West Bank on Monday.

When we see a headline like this Suspected revenge killing of Palestinian teen comes after intense incitement … we realise that the above is more than a ‘revenge killing’, this is outright Price Tag Warfare!


Ma’an News Agency ran the following two reports about the above incident and what followed …


Palestinian teen abducted, killed in suspected revenge attack
170 Palestinians injured in East Jerusalem clashes

The madness continued outside of Jerusalem as well, in the city of Hebron. The city where our common Father Abraham is buried with his family. Surely this would make them all roll over in Their graves as they watch man’s inhumanity towards man … in this case all members of the same family.


This post from the archives shows what should and could be. Although Elul is still two months away this year, we should not wait that long for the Peace to come ….

As a dear Comrade from Canada used to say; “Enough is enough and too much is plenty!”


Rambling down Memory Lane…….

July 1st has always been a special day for me. Forty seven years ago today I left the United States and applied for Landed Immigrant Status in Canada. My wife and I picked this date as it was a National Holiday and we figured there would be less security at the Toronto Airport…. and less questions. It was a special day in Canada, it was the 100th anniversary of Confederation.
My suspicions proved correct…. there was only a handful of security personnel on duty and I was asked only two questions…
“How long do you plan on staying in Canada?”…. to which I responded “Forever!”*
The second question was “Are you a subversive?”…. to which I responded quite naively “What does that mean?”
“Do you consider yourself a threat to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second or any one of her heirs?” (pronounced ‘hairs’ when I verbalise this story)…. to which I responded “Definitely not!”
“Welcome to Canada! Here is your Landed Immigrant Status Card!” (Let it be known that in no way did I consider the Royal Family ‘Divine’ in any way, but I did not feel I was a threat to their existence.)

Little did that Immigration Officer know, but in the United States I WAS considered a subversive…. in fact, I carried with me a ten page document of allegations against me from Army ‘Intelligence’ which ended with the words “Your entrance into any branch of the Armed Forces at any time would be detrimental to the security of our nation.” How much more of a ‘subversive’ can one hope to be?
It would be ‘safe’ to say that I owe my life to the FBI. The document I mentioned above was full of information provided by them. Their ‘planted’ informants knew the exact date and time that I joined the Communist Party of the United States. They knew every move I made during all my years of activity.
On my 18th birthday I registered with the Draft Board. We had to do that by law in those days. A few years later I received my order to report for my physical examination. I will never forget the short, burly man in charge that day…. Sgt. Randazzo. His face and voice haunts me to this day. The day I had to report was like a mini High School Reunion. Almost every male in my graduation class was present that day. We were lined up and were asked if we were interested in volunteering for the Marines. As this was a sure way to be sent to Viet Nam, there wasn’t a single volunteer. Randazzo then proceeded to pick every third person in line to serve in the Marines. But…… immediately before that an announcement was made…. “Anyone that was ever arrested, please go to Room 101.” Off I went….. which meant that poor Michael, who was standing next to me, was picked to be a Marine…. it should have been me, but I was being interrogated instead. Needless to say, Michael does not speak to me to this day.
If you move the ‘timer’ to 9:10 on the following video, you will get a pretty good idea what that interrogation was like….

A few months later I received my 4F. At first I was given ten days to deny the allegations in the document I received…. non compliance earned me my 4F. The rest is history…..
Moving on…. here we were in a new country, a country with totally different values and definitions than the one we had just left. But, I felt that we were still not ‘home free’…. our new government might discover our past and deport us, so we prepared for this by purchasing a framed photograph of Her Majesty and hanging it in the hallway of our new apartment. If the Royal Mounted Police ever came to ‘visit’ it would be the first thing they saw. We had two new statuses that we did not want to lose…. Landed Immigrant and NON Subversive!
My political activities continued throughout my years in Canada, including running in elections for both the Federal Parliament and the Province of Ontario…. on the ticket of the Communist Party of Canada. This Party was/is legal, so my status of Non Subversive did not change.
The Mounties never came and we were never deported. Canada was a totally different world than the one we had just came from… that was in 1967. Things are a bit different today, unfortunately. Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party hacks have ‘bridged the gap’ between the two countries. Canada today is as close to a 51st State of the United States as Israel is…. this makes me very sad. Hopefully things will change and Canada can once again pride itself for being the country represented as ‘”The true North, proud and free!” As long as the Tories remain in power that will not be the case.
Also see




… Therefore, the three missing Israeli teenagers should be considered to be Prisoners of War …. as should the hundreds of innocent Palestinians languishing in Israeli Military Prisons.

As such, they have certain rights

Rights (From)

Under the Third Geneva Convention, prisoners of war (POW) must be:

  • Treated humanely with respect for their persons and their honor
  • Able to inform their next of kin and the International Committee of the Red Cross of their capture
  • Allowed to communicate regularly with relatives and receive packages
  • Given adequate food, clothing, housing, and medical attention
  • Paid for work done and not forced to do work that is dangerous, unhealthy, or degrading
  • Released quickly after conflicts end
  • Not compelled to give any information except for name, age, rank, and service number

In addition, if wounded or sick on the battlefield, the prisoner will receive help from the International Committee of the Red Cross.


The collective punishment inflicted on the Palestine people before and after the abduction of the three youth has been tantamount to a declaration of war against Palestine. As stated above, they must be Released quickly after conflicts end.


In other words, the ball is in Israel’s court, so to speak. If Israel wants to see a just end to the abduction, it must make moves to end the conflict and the occupation.

An eye for an eye will only leave many people on both sides blind.





Just who is doing the telling?



Frightening as it may seem, we do not have the free will to think. Our thoughts are controlled by the mass media in ways that are not even realised by us.

This was the case during the Cold War, especially in regard to the Rosenberg Case which I wrote about yesterday.

Today I want us to take a look at how the media controlled our minds  then, and how it continues to this very day …



Is the Rosenberg Case closed?





The view from zion …



In its quest to find three Israeli teenagers Israel has literally turned Palestine upside down. The timing could not have been more perfect as the main goal was to put a halt to the conciliatory moves of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

Abbas has given his full cooperation to the Israeli government, once again proving where his loyalties lie.For this he was highly praised by his fellow zionist leaders.


President Shimon Peres and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (photo credit: Kobi Gideon/Flash 90)


There was no comment from Abbas regarding THIS and other recent actions by the Israelis. For his role in helping to enforce the continuing division of Palestine and his continued cooperation with zion he was duly condemned by the leadership of Hamas. Netanyahu expects this to be the end of whatever unity government the Palestinians had hoped for. As far as he is concerned, the whole operation should now be called Operation Mission Accomplished rather than Operation Brother’s Keeper.


Now is the time to initiate a true Operation Brother’s Keeper and finally recognise that we ARE ALL brothers, Israelis and Palestinians. If this doesn’t happen there will be no end in sight to the madness on both side of the wall.












Perhaps if I start my own Hashtag, some attention might be brought to the newest round of collective punishment and atrocities carried out by the Israeli government, all in response to the disappearance of three Israeli teens presumably kidnapped.

Israel has been appealing to every nation in the world to justify their actions …. actions that will surely guarantee that these boys will never see their families ever again.

Hate begats hate! That is exactly what we are witnessing. Innocents on both sides of the wall will suffer. No family should go through the anguish of not knowing where their child is. No family should go through the anguish of burying their child. There is anguish on both sides of that infamous wall.

Individual Israelis have launched their own counter campaigns to bring the teens home. Their FaceBook and Twitter pages and videos are going viral on the Net …



Here are just a few links of the most recent actions by Israel …


 West Bank operation delivers a strategic blow to Hamas


IDF Re-Arrests 50 Terrorists Freed in Shalit Deal


Israel detains 40 Palestinians as search for teens continues


Those are the reports that the International Community views … BUT WHAT ABOUT THIS ??

Does anyone get to see this??



Help us get that video viral as well …. let the world see what is really going on. Join forces with my Hashtag to #STOP ISRAELI TERRORISM!



#BringBackOurBoys twitter page


The first time I noticed a ‘hashtag’ I had no idea what I was looking at …. it was for #OccupyWallStreet. The # seemed to have been appearing on more and more sites but I never gave it much notice until today.

Let’s start with the question; What is a hashtag? According to WikipediaA hashtag is a word or an unspaced phrase prefixed with the number sign (“#“). It is a form of metadata tag. Words in messages on microblogging and social networking services such as TwitterFacebookGoogle+ or Instagram may be tagged by putting “#” before them, either as they appear in a sentence, (e.g., “New artists announced for #SXSW2014MusicFestival”) or appended to it.

Hashtags make it possible to group such messages, since one can search for the hashtag and get the set of messages that contain it. A hashtag is only connected to a specific medium and can therefore not be linked and connected to pictures or messages from different platforms.

Because of its widespread use, was added in dictionary Oxford in June 2014, defined as: hashtag n. (on social media web sites and applications) a word or phrase preceded by a hash and used to identify messages relating to a specific topic; (also) the hash symbol itself, when used in this way.

Lately, it seems a new hashtag appears almost daily on the Net … the latest one from Israel is #BringOurBoysHome. A quick glance at the site gives one the impression that it is nothing more than just another zionist hate site. A closer look confirms that.

HaAretz had an interesting piece about that particular hashtag in today’s edition …


When I ask friends who are hashtagging why they do it, they say that it eases the frustration of knowing that there is nothing they can really do, and this gives them the feeling they are doing something besides pray. They find comfort in that – and in the symbolism, like wearing an armband or a T-shirt or a bracelet. They know it trivializes and simplifies. But it helps them. One friend active in hashtaggery said, “those of us using it feel a sense of solidarity with others using it.”


#BringOurBoysHome: Is a hashtag really the best response to a kidnapping?

If hashtags don’t help the victims, who are we using them for?

By Allison Kaplan Sommer
A young man attends a mass prayer service at the Western Wall.

A young man attends a mass prayer service at the Western Wall for the release of three kidnapped Israeli teens, June 15, 2014. Photo by Olivier Fitoussi

Jewish Agency head Natan Sharansky embraces the #BringBackOurBoys hashtag campaign.Photo by Twitter

Twitter campaign #BringBackOurBoys has a growing Facebook presence. Photo by Facebook

There’s nothing like a good hashtag when big news breaks. The social media tool is indispensable when it comes to aggregating coverage and commentary on any particular topic from around the globe into one convenient spot. Hashtags allow you to closely keep track of everything that is being said and published in real time – moment by moment – and truly watch a story unfold.

But there are hashtags, and then there are hashtag campaigns. The big international campaigns that really made a splash were #StopKony in 2012 and this year’s #BringBackOurGirls campaign, which thrust the issue of the kidnapped Nigerian girls from the back pages of the newspapers into the spotlight.

Both campaigns made Americans aware of struggles in Africa that hadn’t been covered by the media. They were also part of a phenomenon that has sparked something of a backlash against hashtag “slacktivism” in the United States, with charges that they simplify and sentimentalize complex situations. But that appears to be why they work. An article detailing an academic paper on the phenomenon showed that the more simplistic these campaigns are, the more they succeed in going viral and producing moral outrage.

After reading these pieces, I remembered how the Israeli-Palestinian conflict didn’t really lend itself to hashtags. It is just too terribly complicated to reduce to three or four words, though there have been attempts - such as before and during Operation Pillar of Defense in Gaza, when hashtags like #StoptheRockets were used to call attention to the plight of southern Israel.

Hashtags now seem to be a new part of the crisis routine. Seconds after military censorship on the news of the kidnapping of three yeshiva students in the West Bank public on the fateful Friday June 13, hashtag campaigns were launched. There were a few versions at first, but finally, one, #BringBackOurBoys, became the dominant hashtag. It was, clearly, a twist on #BringBackOurGirls.

Ido Daniel, one of the activists who launched it, said, “We based it on the campaign calling to bring the Nigerian girls back home. We thought this was a similar story, a terror organization kidnapping kids, and wanted to clear any misunderstanding regarding who is the attacker and who is the defender. Those boys were on their way home from school and someone abducted them.”

Predictably, some in the Israel-advocacy community quickly gravitated to the hashtag and began sending in pictures and links carrying the hashtag, in the style of previous hashtag campaigns. Across Israel and the US, folks began snapping selfies holding up pieces of paper reading #BringBackOurBoys, or going one step further and scrawling the hashtags over various body parts. Many organizations adopted it, most notably the Israel Defense Forces, who began using it on Facebook and Twitter. The campaign probably could have done without that bear hug. The moment the hashtag was pushed by the IDF, the campaign no longer appeared to the world like a grassroots cry of pain and concern from the Israeli public, but like government propaganda, and blurred the message that these were civilian teenagers, not soldiers, since the military was calling them “our boys.”

In addition, the IDF’s adoption of the hashtag was like waving a red flag in front of pro-Palestinian activists, who rapidly “hijacked” the hashtag, loading it up with pictures of dead and injured children from their side, and laying out their plight. The Palestinians, for their part, launched their own social media campaigns, changing their Facebook profiles, posting pictures of themselves holding up three fingers to represent the three kidnapped Israelis. Very quickly, things descended into the regularly scheduled one-upsmanship that anyone who follows the conflict online is familiar with.

The whole exercise left me feeling rather sick to my stomach, and wondering why the idea of a hashtag has made me so uncomfortable in this particular situation – and whether hashtags are really the right way for those who are worried about the three Israeli young men to take action.

It is true that they call attention to a news story that is getting buried in the mainstream international media. Israel-advocacy activists say this is because Israelis are the victims, not the victimizers – just wait until Israel strikes back in some way, they grimly predict. But there are less nefarious reasons. The kidnapping is heavily overshadowed by unfolding events in Iraq and Ukraine. The major geopolitical shifts in these two big stories have the potential to affect the average European and American’s lives to a far greater extent than the boys in distress in Israel.

So yes, a hashtag campaign may marginally increase awareness of the story. But is “calling attention” and “raising awareness” really the same as doing something? By papering the Internet with these hashtags, are Israelis and their supporters doing something to change the situation?

Television writer Shonda Rhimes got to the heart of the matter in her recent speech at Dartmouth College’s commencement. “A hashtag is not helping. #yesallwomen #takebackthenight #notallmen #bringbackourgirls #StopPretendingHashtagsAreTheSameAsDoingSomething. Hashtags are very pretty on Twitter. I love them. I will hashtag myself into next week. But a hashtag is not a movement. A hashtag does not make you Dr. King. A hashtag does not change anything. It’s a hashtag. It’s you, sitting on your butt, typing on your computer and then going back to binge-watching your favorite show.”

Even if you take the effort really seriously, the #BringBackOurBoys hashtag is far too vague to be truly meaningful. Because really, WHO are we telling to bring them back? Hamas? I have a feeling they don’t have too many pro-Israel Facebook friends. U.S. President Barack Obama and other world leaders? The Israeli government? And, at what price – at the price of negotiating with terrorists, releasing prisoners with blood on their hands?

Hashtags are the expression of a lovely pie-in-the-sky wish that they will somehow be magically ‘brought’ back – dodging all the messy complicated questions. That’s why – as the research shows – we like them.

For me, the justifications for the hashtags that makes the most sense are those that are honest about the fact that using them helps the person tapping on the computer it more than the cause it advocates.

When I ask friends who are hashtagging why they do it, they say that it eases the frustration of knowing that there is nothing they can really do, and this gives them the feeling they are doing something besides pray. They find comfort in that – and in the symbolism, like wearing an armband or a T-shirt or a bracelet. They know it trivializes and simplifies. But it helps them. One friend active in hashtaggery said, “those of us using it feel a sense of solidarity with others using it.”

Perhaps there is value in the solidarity and in helping people feeling less alone. But let’s not fool ourselves. As media critic Howard Kurtz has said, the Internet “is much better at enlightenment than enforcement.”

Much as we would like, nothing we do online is actually going to get the boys home any faster – just as it hasn’t solved any of the fundamental problems in the conflict that has brought us to this unfortunate point.


A related report can be read HERE

Hashtags are the 21st-century digital yellow ribbons



From a FaceBook campaign …



As Israelis gather in prayer for the safe return of the three young students who apparently were kidnapped the world garners sympathy for the suffering of those involved. This site issued AN APPEAL FOR REASON AND SANITY which points to the dangers and suffering which will involve more innocent people as a result of this tragic incident. If you read the post you will see exactly what those dangers are. 



Strength in Numbers: Thousands of Jews gather for a mass prayer for the release of three Jewish teenagers believed to be kidnapped in the West Bank.

The Obama administration on Sunday joined Israel in implicating the militant group Hamas in connection with the kidnapping of three Israeli teens and called the move a “despicable terrorist act.”

The teens, including one who holds US citizenship, disappeared late Thursday apparently while hitchhiking in the country’s West Bank region. FROM



 June 15, 2014. Israeli soldiers patrol during a military operation to search for three missing teenagers outside the West Bank city of Hebron.AP

It is too often forgotten or overlooked what is going on at the other side of the wall ….

Here’s a look at one Palestinian family whose son was murdered in cold blood by Israel. The events were reported globally, including video footage of the incident, but there was no outcry, neither in Israel nor on the other side of the pond ….


Before my child was killed I was so happy to watch him grow up into a strong young boy. He helped me with everything, he was such a loving son, and he was so sweet to his mother and sister. He never walked into the house without giving us all hugs and kisses. He filled the house with laughter and happiness all the time. I based so much hope on him. Beautiful, innocent, amazing and well-behaved.


“My dearly loved Nadim was murdered in cold blood by Israeli soldiers”

Daniel Nuwara holds a portrait of his slain brother, Nadim.

One month ago, 17-year-old Nadim Nuwara was fatally shot in cold blood by Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank town of Beitunia.

“My dream of seeing my little son a grown man by my side will never come true. His death came too soon,” Nadim’s father Siam Nuwara says.

But with no justice system available for Palestinians living under Israeli occupation, Nuwara has launched a public campaign and petition called “No Visas for Killers” to urge the US and Europe not to allow Nadim’s killers to travel into their territory.

There are already more than 20,000 signatures on the petition.

This brutal end to a young life was caught on security cameras and by CNN, along with the fatal shooting of Muhammad Abu al-Thahir, 16, and the serious wounding of 15-year-old Muhammad al-Azzeh.

Siam Nuwara took the agonizing decision for his son’s body be exhumed for an autopsy that proved beyond doubt that the teen was killed with live ammunition.

Human Rights Watch has called the shootings an “apparent war crime.”

Siam Nuwara mourns over his son Nadim, shot in the chest by an Israeli sniper on 15 May. (Yotam RonenActiveStills)


Siam Nuwara’s explanation of his campaign is moving and tough to read, and worth reading in full. Like the voices of so many other parents of children murdered by Israeli forces, his must be heard:

My dearly loved Nadim was murdered in cold blood by Israeli soldiers. He was only 17. My dream of seeing my little son a grown man by my side will never come true. His death came too soon.

But his killing was caught on security cameras for the whole world to see. Watching how my son was killed is so painful – you see Israeli soldiers joking and laughing as if they were making a hunting bet while firing at prey, and then they shoot. The film is extremely painful to watch, but could bring justice.

Before my child was killed I was so happy to watch him grow up into a strong young boy. He helped me with everything, he was such a loving son, and he was so sweet to his mother and sister. He never walked into the house without giving us all hugs and kisses. He filled the house with laughter and happiness all the time. I based so much hope on him. Beautiful, innocent, amazing and well-behaved.

But suddenly, in minutes, time stood still in the hospital fridge at 2:30 AM as I dressed him for the last time. I looked at him with such sorrow. I couldn’t believe my little angel was dead. The next day I had to lay him in his grave and the pain was unbearable. My heart ached for my wife, daughter and little baby boy, Nadim’s youngest brother, who was crying “I want Nadim!”

I was lost and couldn’t believe that my son, the love of life, my little boy with the most beautiful smile in the world, the athlete, the sweet animal lover won’t be by my side ever again. I never expected that I would ever walk into the house, his room, and not find him there.

It has been a month since my boy was killed. Now I am suffering more than ever because we have to take his little body out of the grave for an autopsy to show the truth of what happened to him because Israel denies that he was killed by a live bullet, even though I found the bullet in his blood-drenched school backpack that he was wearing when he was shot.

I want justice, I believe in justice, and I will pursue justice for my son with all that I have left. I write today in the hope that all the people in the world who believe in the goodness of humanity and who believe in justice will help me achieve it. But I also know that the Israeli system is not just. Israeli soldiers have killed thousands of Palestinian civilians, but in the last 14 years only six soldiers have been charged with wrongdoing, and the toughest sentence imposed on any of them was seven and a half months in jail.

The soldier and commanders who murdered my son may never be imprisoned for their crime. But my friends have told me that countries around the world ban those responsible for violence from entering their countries. I don’t want my son to be another number, and I want to make sure no family suffers like ours is suffering now. If you help me we could make sure those who killed my son are banned from Europe and the US until we can push for real justice.

I plead for your help in this. I want to make sure the criminals who killed the joy of my life know that they cannot go on murdering children. And I need you on my side to ensure that humanity prevails.

With hope and determination,

Siam Nowarah [also spelled Nuwara]



See updates of Israeli actions at bottom of this post


BIGLeft to right: Eyal Yifrah, Naftali Frenkel and Gil-Ad Shayer

*Three Israeli teenagers seem to have been kidnapped Thursday evening. The government was very quick to declare this the work of a ‘terrorist organisation’. They further stated that it was a direct result of the recent cooperation between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. It was obviously motivated by forces opposed to the reconciliation efforts …. as far as the Israeli government is concerned, it is working right into their own plans of disrupting whatever possible unity can come out of said reconciliation. 

Thousands of armed Israeli troops are at the moment roaming through Palestinian towns and villages in the occupied West Bank. There is a danger that scores of innocent Palestinians will be killed by these soldiers.

We appeal to whoever is responsible for this madness to release the boys so they can return safely to their families. The concept of ‘an eye for an eye’ will only lead to the blindness of many an innocent victim.



This just in from Ynet …

IDF preparing for siege of Hebron


From the Jerusalem Post … 
IDF arrests 80 Hamas members in West Bank in response to kidnapping

Hamas Responds … 

Hamas denies accusations that it kidnapped settler youths 


From IsraelNationalNews … 

Large-scale crackdown on terrorists continues as IDF sweeps Judea and Samaria looking for three missing yeshiva students.


From HaAretz … 

IAF strikes eight Gaza targets overnight; extensive Israeli operations indicate investigation into three teens’ kidnapping is focusing on Hamas.


From YnetNews …

IDF continues combing the West Bank in search for the missing teens; among those arrested is senior Hamas activist Hassan Yousef, other members of the Palestinian Parliament.




The zionists are having a heyday over this …

From the zionist Blogesphere …


From Richard Silverstein …

Palestinians Militants Kidnap Three Israeli Teenagers


From the Elder of zion … 

The kidnapping is a casus belli


The LIES from Harry’s Place … 

Electronic Intifada contributor gloats over kidnappings in Israel

Response from EI Editor on Twitter 


From Israel Cool … 

Reaction Of Palestinians And Supporters To Kidnapping Of Three Israeli Boys 



According to the sick ‘logic’ of our resident “Psycho Gal‘ the man portrayed in the photo below should never have been elected the 16th President of the United States …



Here is her latest …

Mahmoud Abbas must be great at cards.

The PLO chief has no real assets to speak of.

He’s physically unattractive. He has zero charisma. He’s old.

And no matter how hard he tries, Abbas can’t do much of anything to dampen public support for Hamas or raise public support for himself. By many accounts, if elections are ever held, Hamas would win them in a walk.

As for money, beyond the PLO’s slush fund, all Abbas has is what outsiders give him. He is completely dependent on the Americans, the Israelis, the Europeans and the Gulf states. Without them, he would have nothing to buy people’s loyalty with.

If the money ever stops coming in, he’ll go broke and lose power immediately.

Militarily, if Israel ever stops lending military support to Abbas’s forces, it will be a matter of weeks, or perhaps days, before Abbas will be forced to surrender to Hamas.

And yet today Abbas is sitting pretty on the top of the volcano that is Arab politics, dictating terms for people with real power while playing mind-boggling radical politics.

And he’s winning big.

Her entire piece of dribble can be seen HERE


The above coming from someone that must be great at something as well to land the job of Deputy Managing Editor of the once prestigious Jerusalem Post. Surely it wasn’t for her journalistic abilities. ;)

She too has zero charisma, is not attractive at all, and is fat …

Her own fellow travelers shun her publicly …


And let’s not forget her trips abroad to raise funds for her own extremist activities …


If the money ever stops coming in, Israel and its extremist supporters will go broke and lose power immediately.


She could have been honest to her aging Anglo readership by telling the truth about our dear Abu Mazen …

The truth which will reveal why Hamas and most other Palestinians despise the man …

First, the fact that he opposes the Right of Return by Palestinian refugees …

Second, his outright support of the illegal Jewish settlers …

And let us not forget his planned trip to the Vatican tomorrow morning wth Israel’s ‘other’ old man Shimon Peres, making him the perfect replacement for Israel’s 10th President, an esteemed honour for any old, lifelong zionist.




ten commandments


Tonight at sundown the  Festival of Shavuot will begin. This being the last in the yearly cycle of Holy Days on the Hebrew calendar.

Shavuot traditionally commemorates the giving of the Torah to the Hebrew nation at Mt. Sinai.

Included in this were The Ten Commandment, the basic Code of Law to live by …


  The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:2-17 NKJV)
1 “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before Me.
2 “You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My Commandments.
3 “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.
4 “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God. In it you shall do no work: you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your male servant, nor your female servant, nor your cattle, nor your stranger who is within your gates. For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it.
5 “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you.
6 “You shall not murder.
7 “You shall not commit adultery.
8 “You shall not steal.
9 “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
10 “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s.”


Whatever happened to Number 6,8 and 10???


Where is it written that it is OK to murder?

Where is it written that it is OK to steal (the lands not owned by you)??

And Commandment Number 10 ???


The Torah has been usurped by a handful of extremists and rewritten to comply with their sick agenda * …. (Don’t miss the report at the end of this post)


Max Blumenthal wrote the following …


How To Kill Goyim And Influence People: Leading Israeli Rabbis Defend Manual for For Killing Non-Jews



When I went into the Jewish religious book emporium, Pomeranz, in central Jerusalem to inquire about the availability of a book called Torat Ha’Melech, or the King’s Torah, a commotion immediately ensued. “Are you sure you want it?” the owner, M. Pomeranz, asked me half-jokingly. “The Shabak [Israel's internal security service] is going to want a word with you if you do.” As customers stopped browsing and began to stare in my direction, Pomeranz pointed to a security camera affixed to a wall. “See that?” he told me. “It goes straight to the Shabak!”

As soon as it was published late last year,Torat Ha’Melech sparked a national uproar. The controversy began when an Israeli tabloid panned the book’s contents as “230 pages on the laws concerning the killing of non-Jews, a kind of guidebook for anyone who ponders the question of if and when it is permissible to take the life of a non-Jew.” According to the book’s author, Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira, “Non-Jews are “uncompassionate by nature” and should be killed in order to “curb their evil inclinations.” “If we kill a gentile who has has violated one of the seven commandments… there is nothing wrong with the murder,” Shapira insisted. Citing Jewish law as his source (or at least a very selective interpretation of it) he declared: “There is justification for killing babies if it is clear that they will grow up to harm us, and in such a situation they may be harmed deliberately, and not only during combat with adults.”

In January, Shapira was briefly detained by the Israeli police, while two leading rabbis who endorsed the book, Dov Lior and Yaakov Yosef, were summoned to interrogations by the Shabak. However, the rabbis refused to appear at the interrogations, essentially thumbing their noses at the state and its laws. And the government did nothing. The episode raised grave questions about the willingness of the Israeli government to confront the ferociously racist swathe of the country’s rabbinate. “Something like this has never happened before, even though it seems as if everything possible has already happened,” Israeli commentator Yossi Sarid remarked with astonishment. “Two rabbis [were] summoned to a police investigation, and announc[ed] that they will not go. Even settlers are kind enough to turn up.”

In response to the rabbis’ public rebuke of the state’s legal system, the Israeli Attorney General and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu kept silent. Indeed, since the publication of Torat Ha’Melech, Netanyahu has strenuously avoided criticizing its contents or the author’s leading supporters. Like so many prime ministers before him, he has been cowed into submission by Israel’s religious nationalist community. But Netanyahu appears to be particularly impotent. His weakness stems from the fact that the religious nationalist right figures prominently in his governing coalition and comprises a substantial portion of his political base. For Netanyahu, a confrontation with the rabid rabbis could amount to political suicide, or could force him into an alliance with centrist forces who do not share his commitment to the settlement enterprise in the West Bank.

On August 18, a pantheon of Israel’s top fundamentalist rabbis flaunted their political power during an ad hoc congress they convened at Jerusalem’s Ramada Renaissance hotel. Before an audience of 250 supporters including the far-right Israeli Knesset member Michael Ben-Ari, the rabbis declared in the name of the Holy Torah that would not submit to any attempt by the government to regulate their political activities — even and especially if those activities included inciting terrorist attacks against non-Jews. As one wizened rabbi after another rose up to inveigh against the government’s investigation of Torat Ha’Melech until his voice grew hoarse, the gathering degenerated into calls for murdering not just non-Jews, but secular Jews as well.

“The obligation to sacrifice your life is above all others when fighting those who wish to destroy the authority of the Torah,” bellowed Rabbi Yehoshua Shapira, head of the yeshiva in the Tel Aviv suburb of Ramat Gan. “It is not only true against non-Jews who are trying to destroy it but against Jewish people from any side.”

The government-funded terror academy

The disturbing philosophy expressed in Torat Ha’Melech emerged from the fevered atmosphere of a settlement called Yitzhar located in the northern West Bank near the Palestinian city of Nablus. Shapira leads the settlement’s Od Yosef Chai yeshiva, holding sway over a small army of fanatics who are eager to lash out at the Palestinians tending to their crops and livestock in the valleys below them. One of Shapira’s followers, anAmerican immigrant named Jack Teitel, has confessed to murdering two innocent Palestinians and attempting to the kill the liberal Israeli historian Ze’ev Sternhell with a mail bomb. Teitel is suspected of many more murders, including an attack on a Tel Aviv gay community center.

Despite its apparent role as a terror training institute, Od Yosef Chai has raked in nearly fifty thousand dollars from the Israeli Ministry of Social Affairs since 2007, while the Ministry of Education has pumped over 250 thousand dollars into the yeshiva’s coffers between 2006 and 2007. The yeshiva has also benefited handsomely from donations from a tax-exempt American non-profit called the Central Fund of Israel. Located inside the Marcus Brothers Textiles store in midtown Manhattan, the Central Fund transferred at least thirty thousand to Od Yosef Chai between 2007 and 2008.

Though he does not name “the enemy” in the pages of his book, Shapira’s longstanding connection to terrorist attacks against Palestinian civilians exposes the true identity of his targets. In 2006, Shapira was briefly held by Israeli police for urging his supporters to murder all Palestinians over the age of 13. Two years later, according to the Israeli daily Haaretz, he signed a rabbinical letter in support of Israeli Jews who had brutally assaulted two Arab youths on the country’s Holocaust Remembrance Day. That same year, Shapira was arrested under suspicion that he helped orchestrate a rocket attack against a Palestinian village near Nablus. Though he was released, Shapira’s name arose in connection with another act of terror, when in January, the Israeli police raided his settlement seeking the vandals who set fire to a nearby mosque. After arresting ten settlers, the Shabak held five of Shapira’s confederates under suspicion of arson.

Friends in high places

Despite his longstanding involvement in terrorism, or perhaps because of it, Shapira counts Israel’s leading fundamentalist rabbis among his supporters. His most well-known backer is Dov Lior the leader of the Shavei-Hevron yeshiva at Kiryat Arba, a radical Jewish settlement near the occupied Palestinian city of Hebron and a hotbed of Jewish terrorism. Lior has vigorously endorsed Torat Ha’Melech, calling it “very relevant, especially in this time.”

Lior’s enthusiasm for Shapira’s tract stems from his own eliminationist attitude toward non-Jews. For example, while Lior served as the IDF’s top rabbi, he instructed soldiers: “There is no such thing as civilians in wartime… A thousand non-Jewish lives are not worth a Jew’s fingernail!” Indeed, there are only a few non-Jews whose lives Lior would demand to be spared. They are captured Palestinian militants who, as he once suggested, could be used as subjects for live human medical experiments.

Otherwise, Lior appears content to watch Palestinians perish as they did at the muzzle of Dr. Baruch Goldstein’s machine gun in 1994. Goldstein, who massacred 29 Palestinians and wounded 150 in a shooting spree while they prayed in Hebron’s Cave of the Patriarchs mosque, was a compatriot and neighbor of Lior in the settlement of Kiryat Arba. At Goldstein’s funeral, Lior celebrated the massacre as an act carried out “to sanctify the holy name of God.” He then extolled Goldstein as “a righteous man.” Thanks to Lior’s efforts, a shrine to Goldstein was constructed in center of Kiryat Arba so that locals could celebrate the killer’s deeds and pass his legacy down to future generations.

Though Lior’s inflammatory statements resulted in his being barred from running for election to the Supreme Rabbinical Council, according to journalist Daniel Estrin, the rabbi remains “a respected figure among many mainstream ZIonists.” By extension, he maintains considerable influence among religious elements in the IDF. In 2008, when the IDF’s chief rabbi, Brigadier General Avichai Ronski, brought a group of military intelligence officers to Hebron for a special tour, he concluded the day with a private meeting with Lior, who was allowed to revel the officers with his views on modern warfare — “no such thing as civilians in wartime.”

Besides Lior, Torat Ha’Melech has earned support from another nationally prominent fundamentalist rabbi: Yaakov Yosef. Yosef is the leader of the Hazon Yaakov Yeshiva in Jerusalem and a former member of Knesset. Perhaps more significantly, he is the son of Ovadiah Yosef, the former chief rabbi of Israel and spiritual leader of the Shas Party that forms a key segment of Netanyahu’s governing coalition.

Yaakov Yosef has brought his influence to bear in defense of Torat Ha’Melech, insisting at the August 18 convention in Jerusalem that the book was no different than the Hagadah that all Jews read from on the holiday of Passover. The Hagadah contains passages about killing non-Jews and so does the Bible, Yosef reminded his audience. “Does anyone want to change the Bible?” he asked.

Bibi buckles

Only days before direct negotiations in Washington between Israel and the Palestinian Authority planned for early September, Yaakov Yosef’s 89-year-old father, Ovadiah delivered his weekly sermon. With characteristic vitriol, he  declared: “All these evil people should perish from this world… God should strike them with a plague, them and these Palestinians.”

The remarks have sparked an international furor and earned a stern rebuke from Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat. “While the PLO is ready to resume negotiations in seriousness and good faith,” Erekat remarked, “a member of the Israeli government is calling for our destruction.”

Palestinian Israeli member of Knesset Jamal Zehalka subsequently demanded that the Israeli Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein put Yosef on trial for incitement. “If, heaven forbid, a Muslim spiritual leader were to make anti-Jewish comments of this sort,” Zehalka said, “he would be arrested immediately.”

Here was a perfect opportunity for Netanyahu to demonstrate sincerity about negotiations by  shedding an extremist ally in the name of securing peace. All he had to do was forcefully reject Yosef’s genocidal comments — a feat made all the easier by the White House’s condemnation of the rabbi. But the Israeli Prime Minister ducked for political cover instead, issuing a canned statement through his office. “Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef’s remarks do not reflect Netanyahu’s views,” the statement read, “nor do they reflect the position of the Israeli government.”

Thus on the eve of peace negotiations, Bibi chose political expediency over condemning the murderous oath of a coalition partner.


To my many readers of good faith who celebrate the Torah as it was meant to be,
A very Happy Shavuot!*

*From HaAretz


A boy emerges from a known opening in the separation barrier in order to pick herbs, and is shot to death. Little girls return from school walking through a settlers’ orchard, and are detained for hours by Judea and Samaria District police after the owner of the estate complained that a few cherries were picked. A security guard at a border crossing kills a judge as a result of an angry exchange, and suddenly it turns out that the cameras weren’t working. When the cameras work from the Palestinian side, we questions quality of the film instead of asking how two boys were killed at a demonstration.


Not neo-Nazis, Judeo-Nazis

Amos Oz got it wrong again. Bloodcurdling bureaucracy and the banality of evil, here in the land of milk and honey.

By Uri Misgav
Anti-Christian graffiti on Jerusalem church

‘Price tag, King David is for the Jews, Jesus is garbage’ graffiti on Jerusalem church, May 9, 2014.Photo by AFP

Amos Oz got it wrong again. It’s not neo-Nazis. It’s Judeo-Nazis. Scions of a unique group which Yeshayahu Leibowitz Prophesized so well immediately after the great victory of 1967. Racism, murderousness and profound hatred originating in a religious-messianic worldview that is fueled by the occupation and settlement enterprise.

Of course at this stage, they’re on the margins. But history has proven that the question is how the center responds to the margins. In the wake of the most recent outbreaks of Kristallnacht-inspired rioting, the settler right hastened to label the rioters disdainfully as “graffiti-scribbling youth.” In the buses, more and more stickers are cropping up in Hebrew and Arabic with the warning: “Don’t even dare think about a Jewish woman!” Posters and articles warn not only against “assimilation” but also against Arab employment and housing. Behind this perception there are people, arbiters of halakha or Jewish religious law, organizations, and political movements. Is anyone bothering to investigate, to arrest, to judge? Israel will never be the Germany of 1942, but there is a moral obligation to prevent it from becoming like the Germany of 1932.

Nazism began as a marginal and disturbed ideology that at a certain stage suited the interests of Prussian militarism, the political right and wealthy businessmen, who were horrified at the blossoming of socialism. At first they snickered in secret at the Nazis, afterwards they aspired to exploit them for their own purposes, in the end it was too late.

In the state of the Jewish people it’s already too late. There is no place where we can take the shame and the terror. The center is apathetic. The left is defeated and afraid, in despair, emigrating, fighting among itself, just as in Germany of the early 1930s. Meanwhile generations of Israelis, incited and consumed with hatred, are flooding the public space, and there is nobody to confront them.

Salvation won’t come from the Tzavta theater. They don’t give a damn about Amos Oz. They’re on YouTube with David the Nahal soldier and on Facebook, where one Israeli, a retired Israel Defense Forces employee, suggested collecting Oz’s books and using them as fuel for the Lag Ba’omer bonfire.

The big story is the atmosphere. Thirty years ago the entire country was in an uproar when Shin Bet security service agents killed two terrorists who were captured during a bus hijacking. Today anything goes. When there’s no border there are no limits. That is the price of the occupation and the rite of victimization.

A boy emerges from a known opening in the separation barrier in order to pick herbs, and is shot to death. Little girls return from school walking through a settlers’ orchard, and are detained for hours by Judea and Samaria District police after the owner of the estate complained that a few cherries were picked. A security guard at a border crossing kills a judge as a result of an angry exchange, and suddenly it turns out that the cameras weren’t working. When the cameras work from the Palestinian side, we questions quality of the film instead of asking how two boys were killed at a demonstration.

Only the accursed poetics works overtime. For example, when it turns out that a soldier from the well-oiled IDF “communications division” decided to join the firing at demonstrators for the fun of it. Or when an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor, one of the “living witnesses” that the government is so eager to have accompany trips to the extermination camps, slips and is seriously injured at the end of a visit to the Majdanek camp. The Education Ministry rejects all responsibility, responding to a lawsuit by saying she “freely chose to join the trip to Poland… and if the supposed accident really did take place, it happened due to the negligence of the plaintiff, who didn’t pay attention to where she was going.” Here you have it, bloodcurdling bureaucracy and the banality of evil, here in the land of milk and honey.




Unlike Pope Francis, Justin Timberlake took time out to visit just one of the many walls in the Holy Land.

What seems to be a mini competition with the Pope, he posted This photo on his Instagram Page ….



JUSTINTIMBERLAKE VIA INSTAGRAM ‘The Holy Land… What an experience. I will never forget this day. #Israel’ Justin Timberlake posts on his Instagram page.


This angered many Palestinians and pro Palestinian activists. 

Timberlake’s visit to the Western Wall comes at an especially heated time as Wednesday is Jerusalem Day, the 47th anniversary of the Israel’s unification of the city that’s considered a holy site for Jews, Muslims and Christians.

Pope Francis also prayed at The Western Wall, the most sacred site in Judaism, a day earlier.

Timberlake is in the country on his “20/20 Experience” World Tour, but unlike most of his other destination, his Tel Aviv stop comes with plenty of baggage.

Palestinian activists – including Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters – have demanded that musicians boycott the Middle Eastern nation over its policies towards Palestinians. (FROM)


Waters explained his calls for a cultural boycott of Israel as a reasonable method of fighting for Palestinian independence. “[T]he occupation, the ethnic cleansing and the systematic racist apartheid Israeli regime is unacceptable… I would not have played for the Vichy government in occupied France in WWII, would not have played in Berlin either during this time. Many people did, back in the day. There were many people that pretended that the oppression of the Jews was not going on. From 1933 until 1946. So this is not a new scenario. Except that this time it’s the Palestinians being murdered.”

When asked why many anti-war musicians “do not touch the issue of Palestine,” Waters responded by describing the effects of Israel’s ”propaganda machine” on the American public opinion. “Netanyahu’s bluster is poured all over the United States, not just Fox but also CNN and in fact in all the mainstream media. It’s like a huge bucket of crap that they are pouring into the mouth of a gullible public in my view, when they say “we are afraid of Iran, it is going to get nuclear weapons…” It’s a diversionary tactic.” (FROM)




Bottom line is …. we must add Justin Timberlake to our list of artists to boycott. If he chose not to boycott Israel, then we have no choice but to boycott him.




‘What’s that you said? …. I seem to have a problem seeing or hearing about evil’.



Traffic and lives will be disrupted in Jerusalem on Sunday and Monday due to the visit of Pope Francis.

How can anyone even think that he will speak out for Palestinian rights when he remained silent and complacent about the rights of his own people in Argentina during the fascist coup? That was not his only silence

During the coup, over twenty two thousand people were either murdered or ‘simply’ disappeared, including dissident priests allegedly turned over to the authorities by then Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio.


Francis (1)


The marred criminal history of Pope Francis makes him the perfect candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize [sic], NOT POPE!

Shame on the Vatican for putting such a man in charge of the flock.

Best he stay home and pray for forgiveness, surely he won’t find that here.


Mazin Qumsiyeh PhD adds …



Pope, Israeli lies

The Pope is coming to Palestine, a country under a regime of apartheid and colonialism. The Zionists are greeting him by insisting that they will continue to occupy the site of the last supper and insisting that he visit “Yad Vashem” (a museum exploiting one tragedy to create more holocausts), and “Mount Herzle” named after the guy who is a key architect of ethnic cleansing and colonialism here that cost hundreds of thousands of Arab lives. Christians here (and all other people) have become more and more active in boycotts, divestment, and sanctions against the Zionist regime. Meanwhile Palestinian leadership in Ramallah still seems mired in its old ways of sanctifying pope Abu Mazen. Text of signs here in Bethlehem initially welcomed the Pope as a guest of Abu Mazen not the guest of Palestine; this text was changed after some uproar though Abu Mazen’s pictures remained.  The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and many others complained about the unilateral moves and decisions by Abu Mazen without consulting the Palestinian people (and not just his key financially connected yes-men from Fatah). PFLP was promptly denied its financial share from the PLO umbrella (small as it maybe since the PLO was subsumed to the Palestinian Authority and its corrupt officials).These issues and problems portray a liberation movement gone awry after Oslo treacherous agreements. Yet, this does not take away from the justice of the Palestinian cause or the fact that it is inevitable that truth and freedom will prevail. Meanwhile we continue here struggling and sacrificing. Below are glimpses of reality and in particular please note the plight of youth assassinated and prisoners in “administrative detention”. Maybe the Pope will say something about this continuing suffering and the lies and mythology that make it all possible. Israeli military commit crimes and are caught lying (again). This is not the first time the Israeli army assassinates Children and lie about it. In this case two young people are shot with live ammunition and Israeli military said they posed direct threats and that they only used rubber bullets.





Reading THIS report which I posted earlier prompted me to Google my own name …. I was surprised to find over 145,000 entries. One that caught my eye in their image section was a doctored picture of myself which was taken from the ‘About DesertPeace‘ link.

They took my pleasant smile and turned it into a mean looking frown (if you look at the image for a few seconds).

But, I guess the positive aspect of this is that they obviously have lots of time on their hands …. which could only mean that Palestinians are not being harassed by them as long as they are busy attacking Jews. Sites like THIS ONE are no longer online, hopefully due to financial difficulties, but the people involved are still out there spreading their hate.






Yesterday, Israel came to a standstill for two minutes in remembrance of its fallen soldiers and victims of terrorist attacks …

It is truly sad for any nation or people to commemorate the memory of those who died before their time by the horrors of war or terrorism.



Today, Israel celebrates 66 years of independence as Palestinians remember their own victims of terror … and the Nakba


Just a few of our precious fallen angels ….








There were more …. many more ….


A report FROM


‘Israel killed 1,335 Palestinian kids’


A recent UN report confirms that at least 1,300 Palestinian children have been killed by Israeli forces since the outset of the al-Aqsa uprising in 2000.

The United Nations office for the High Commissioner for Human Rights said in a report that 1,335 Palestinian children were shot dead as a result of Israeli air and ground attacks or indiscriminate gun fire by Israeli soldiers, a Press TV correspondent reported on Saturday.

“The international community should offer protection for Palestinian children so that they can have a better social and educational environment,” said Amjad Shawa, Coordinator of Palestinian NGO Network.

According to the Palestinian ministry of health, 15 children have been killed in Gaza alone since the beginning of 2011 — three of them while playing in front of their house.

“The children were just playing out in the street like the way they always did and then all of a sudden rockets were fired towards them. They were killed just because they were playing,” the victims’ uncle Yaser Alhelou said.

In 2006, Israeli artillery fire hit the Athamna family house in northern Gaza, killing 16 family members, including seven children.

Human rights groups have also condemned Israeli policies towards Palestinian children.

According to UNICEF, Israeli policies have put the lives of more than 1.9 million Palestinian children in danger.

They also face the constant threat of death, injury, displacement, detention, psychological distress and low educational attainment.

On Tuesday, three children were injured by a piece of unexploded Israeli ordnance that went off in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Gaza is currently riddled with unexploded ordnance, left over from Israel’s war on the blockaded coastal enclave at the turn of 2009.


And, what about a moment of silence for those who were forced to flee their villages, many of which were completely erased from the map …. UNTIL NOW;


Palestinians can NOW find their village … thanks to Zochrot

Since 2002 Zochrot has been promoting Israeli Jewish society’s acknowledgement of, and accountability for, the ongoing injustices of the Nakba and the reconceptualization of Return as the imperative redress of the Nakba, and a chance for a better life for the entire country’s inhabitants. Zochrot challenges the Israeli Jewish public’s preconceptions, and promotes awareness, political, and cultural change within it to create the conditions for the Return of Palestinian Refugees and a shared life in this country.

iNakba is a trilingual mobile app (Arabic, Hebrew and English) based on GPS Navigation technology. This app allows users to locate and learn about Palestinian localities destroyed during, and as a result of, the Nakba since 1948.

The application provides coordinates and maps of Palestinian localities that were completely ruined, destroyed, obliterated after their capture, partially demolished, or remained standing but were depopulated and their residents expelled. The app also provides historical information and includes video clips and photographs of these localities. The app is interactive; it allows users to add pictures of the destroyed localities, as well as share their comments and follow updates about selected localities.

We Need Your Help!

Not all the destroyed or depopulated localities are represented by video clips or photographs. Some of the coordinates provided may be inaccurate or incomplete. Zochrot is constantly augmenting the information about all the demolished localities, and we invite users to help us by adding photographs, video clips, updates, and/or corrections. Please send comments and audio-visual corrections and additions to:, or via the app’s “Contact Us” link.

Further Development

The iNakba app is currently only available for iPhones, but we are developing versions for additional devices while updating and expanding the information with the help of iNakba users.

Zochrot is grateful to Netaj company in Nazareth for their professionalism in developing iNakba.



Palestine WILL rise from the ashes one day soon, but let us stand today to remember the horrors inflicted upon them.





Methinks Israel is in for a big surprise on it’s 66th birthday….. no one is in ‘celebration mode’… or mood. The failed ‘Peace Talks’, the economic situation, the recent scandals among high government officials could be part of the reason. The ongoing crisis between Israel and Palestine is probably the main factor, people on both sides of the wall are sick and tired of the needless killing.
In years gone by blue and white flags were visible everywhere…. on private cars, on windows and terraces….everywhere. I always thought of it as an ‘in your face’ demonstration against the people of Palestine that did NOT have a national day (or nation) to fly their flag. This year, hardly a flag is flying. Yesterday, while strolling through my neighbourhood, I counted three cars that had flags attached to their windows. In the past everyone that purchased an Israeli newspaper on Friday received a large Israeli flag as a gift, compliments of one of the major banks here….. this year this was not to be.
THIS article from the New York Times articulates a bit on the mood in Israel and the possible reasons for it. It is dated, but still valid. The attitude of many Jews living outside of Israel is “We will celebrate when Arab and Jew live as equals in a peaceful Middle East.” That quote is taken from a letter that appeared in The Guardian a few years ago.
Hopefully, very soon, the flags will once again fly, two of them side by side, as our two nations celebrate their independence TOGETHER.



On Friday evening I was approached by a local resident in the French Hill area who with anger in his voice he said that “a ‘creature’ threw stones at one of our buses …. we must do something about the situation”. My response was that “I never saw a ‘creature’ throw stones, was it a cat or a dog”? “NO! It was one of YOUR Arabs from Issawyia”! “What can we do about that”??

I answered with,”first we can end the occupation and second people like yourself can start referring to the Arabs as human beings and treat them as such”!

The resident in question is a recent immigrant from the United States. Not too long ago, after ‘coming down’ from a bad ‘trip’ on pot at a beach in Miami, he found God (the opiate of the people) , packed his bags and moved to Israel. Before his (and others of his ilk’s) arrival to the French Hill area we lived in peace with our neighbours in what was truly a  showcase of coexistence …


On the other hand, this short video gives a glimpse of what life is like on the other side of the wall in the neighbouring village of Issawyia …


Surely this situation will lead to animosity, even hatred, towards the Jewish residents in the area …. but there are ways to deal with the situation. Stone throwing at innocent civilians is definitely NOT the solution and will only lead to a continuation of the growth of hatred on the Israeli side of the wall. Let us come together and prove to the White Man that peace IS possible. Then the wall will come down and hopefully the White Man will return to his true home on the beach in Miami. We definitely do not need or want his ilk destroying the peace process before it even starts.



Jewish mothers used to go into a cleaning frenzie a week or so before the Festival of Passover. All traces of leaven (chametz) had to be removed from the home before the onset of the holiday. Modern folk have determined that dust is not chametz, so there is less madness involved in the cleaning process, but Israel has added a new dimension to the situation; Arabs must be removed as well as the leaven.
Image ‘Copyleft’ by Carlos Latuff
Following this report dealing with the latest round of racism you will find a post from the archives that I reblog every Passover eve…
Just  one of many attempts to cleanse the land of Arabs ….

Thousands of East Jerusalem Arabs without water

Security barrier leaves Shuafat refugee camp in legal no-man’s land; population growth, ‘pirated’ pipes overwhelm water infrastructure.


Full report HERE

My maternal grandmother was a simple Shtetel Jew. She came from a place not much different than the small town portrayed inFiddler on The Roof.
Traditionally the womenfolk from those areas were uneducated in matters of anything other than home making and child raising, while the menfolk studied their Holy Books for hours on end. Life was simple for them, and they themselves were basically a very simple folk.
I remember my grandmother going through the frenzie of cleaning the house this time of year…. the traditional Passover cleaning. All traces of leaven had to be removed from the home before the start of the Holiday. To her, that process included the removal of any trace of dust or smears on the window panes. The house sparkled when she was finished. Most of our non Jewish neighbours were going through the same process, but simply called it ’spring cleaning’, ridding the house of all unwanted matter, including broken furniture and junk.
I remember asking my grandmother why she was going through such a frenzie…. her answer was simple and to the point…. “If a Jew eats bread during Passover he will die!” That was what she was taught, that’s what she taught us….
In Israel today, things are not much different than life in the Shtetel when it comes to Passover preparations. But today there is a growing number of non observant Jews as well as a growing number of non Jews. This is a threat to the lifestyle of the self imposed Shtetel Jew living here today.
Christian Pilgrims from abroad, as well as local Christians are denied access to their Holy Sites. Where is the uproar against this?
Where is the uproar against the Neanderthal rabbis that have recently called for the expulsion or the genocide of the Palestinians? WHERE??? As in previous years, the Palestinians living on the ‘other side’ of the great wall of apartheid will be sealed in for the duration of the Holiday (8 days), literally making the State of Israel Arabrein for that period of time. Where is the uproar against this? WHERE???
Israel does need a cleansing… a good one; not only of bread during the Holiday season but also of hatred. Both are violations of the Holy Teachings.



This is NOT the beginning of a joke


There is an English language publication called Torah Tidbits which is circulated in synagogues throughout the world. In it is a weekly column by ‘Rabbi’ Nachman Kahana, brother of the evil Kahana. I never was one that believed that ‘blood is thicker than water’, but I guess it’s true.


Here, in part, is what he wrote this week…

An Arab entered a bank, just as the automatic mechanism closed the safe. To his threatening demand to receive cash, the teller told him that the safe could not be opened until the following morning. When the Arab became very nasty, the manager physically threw him out into the street. 

While the Arab was nursing his wounds, the teller approached him saying: “Didn’t I tell you that the safe is closed until tomorrow morning?” The Arab turned to the teller and said: “Yes. You told me, but he explained it.

“It is senseless to tell our enemies of the folly of their ways. They will understand only when it is explained to them, in the spirit of “Fear of the Jews was upon them.”


WHY is it assumed that this particular Arab is our enemy? What does this brand of hatred have to do with the weekly portion of the Torah?


When will the Rabbinical Community wake up and realise that this is NOT Judaism?


And HE DID mean it!


Much praise has been bestowed on Abe Foxman since he announced his retirement as head honcho of the ADL. Much praise that indeed he is not worthy of. Not unexpected were the praises of Obama and others in high positions …
When publications such as The Forward refer to him as ‘ a man of his time’ or the ‘Jewish Pope’, that’s going way too far. In reality, Foxman was a spokesman for American zionism and the State of Israel. He did not speak for the American Jew or any other Jew for that matter. In fact, every time he opened his mouth it caused great embarrasment to the Jewish community at large. Much like his cohorts at the Wiesenthal Centre, Foxman did not always hunt down anti Semites, but rather he created them to assure his position and justify his hugh salary.
From the Forward’s Editorial: Foxman’s singularity was rooted in his upbringing. His experience as a child of Holocaust survivors seared into him a primal knowledge of political evil; his rescue by a “righteous Gentile” left him with the eternal gratitude of one who owes his life to the kindness and courage of others. This dichotomy shaped Foxman in a way unique to his times: He was deeply suspicious of those he thought would do serious harm to the Jews, but he was also willing to believe in redemption, or at least the power of apology. That upbringing should have made him a loving and trusting man, not the hatefilled liar that he became. Yes, as stated, ‘he was deeply suspicious of those he thought would do serious harm to the Jews’, But unfortunately this seemed to include all non Jews and many Jews as well. His cries of anti Semitism were tantamount to the cries of the little boy who cried wolf.
His position put him in the perfect situation to demonstrate to the world that the Jewish people are a caring people, that the cry of ‘Never Again’ applied to all of humanity. He could have marched for the Civil Rights of Black America, against the unjust wars that the US was involved in, but instead closed his eyes to all of the injustices surrounding him and created an imaginary world full of demons that were out to get him. He himself was that demon, far from the Saint that is spoken of in articles such as the one presented below. He could have become a man that world Jewry could look up to rather than despise. He made his bed, so to speak, he seems comfortable in it, but can he sleep nights knowing that the devil lurks under that very bed?
From The Forward

A Man of His Time


Time’s Up: By the time he retires, at age 75, Foxman will have been employed by the ADL for 50 years, as national director since 1987.
Time’s Up: By the time he retires, at age 75, Foxman will have been employed by the ADL for 50 years, as national director since 1987.

Abraham Foxman is a man of his time. The man of his time. Foxman is so intertwined with our personification of American Jewish leadership that when he announced February 10 that he would retire as leader of the Anti-Defamation League — not until 2015, of course — the reaction seemed universal. Abe was the ADL. Abe is the “Jewish Pope.” No one can speak for the Jewish community like Abe.

Even President Obama weighed in, heaping praise upon the man he must have tussled with in private because Foxman sure wasn’t shy about disagreeing with this, or any, president in public.

Foxman’s singularity was rooted in his upbringing. His experience as a child of Holocaust survivors seared into him a primal knowledge of political evil; his rescue by a “righteous Gentile” left him with the eternal gratitude of one who owes his life to the kindness and courage of others. This dichotomy shaped Foxman in a way unique to his times: He was deeply suspicious of those he thought would do serious harm to the Jews, but he was also willing to believe in redemption, or at least the power of apology.

He came of age when a Jewish refugee to America could parlay smarts and determination into educational degrees and then professional success. By the time he retires, at age 75, Foxman will have been employed by the ADL for 50 years, as national director since 1987.

Foxman has exploited his long tenure to make himself indispensable not just in the United States, but on the world stage, amassing a list of contacts that would make any diplomat envious. He intuitively grasps what worries American Jews, and also what makes them proud, and so he takes a tough approach to Israel’s perceived enemies while positioning the ADL to uphold an expansive view of liberal tolerance at home.

And he has made himself the arbiter of anti-Semitism the world over. Those of us in the media can count on Foxman to issue a press release scolding some obscure European politician for an ill-chosen phrase within moments of its utterance. He was asked about this role in a meeting in April 2013 with Forward staffers, and shrugged: “Do I seek it? No. Does it happen? Yes.”

History can decide whether Foxman sought the spotlight or it sought him. (We lean toward the former.) Certainly his accessibility and volubility contributed to his ubiquity, but there’s something else. Over the years — the decades, really — Foxman has amassed the confidence and the chutzpah to speak for millions of Jews on ADL’s core issues of discrimination and anti-Semitism, and much, much more.

Sometimes, Foxman led but didn’t listen. He violated the ADL’s own values by opposing the proposed Islamic cultural center in lower Manhattan, and displayed a surprisingly tin ear in his dismissal of the Pew Research Center’s findings. But those missteps match his view of leadership: forceful, perhaps imperious, never in doubt, built on the assumption that there is a prevailing and correct view shared by most American Jews.

That kind of leadership may not be relevant anymore. The community is far more diverse than it was a half-century ago, less prone to accept one leader’s pronouncement or point of view, more secure and therefore more skeptical. It’s probably a good time for Foxman to gracefully leave his position and cede it to another style and generation of leadership.

The Jewish community owes an incalculable debt to Abe Foxman. “I’ve been very, very lucky about what I do,” he told the Forward. We all are.

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