Racism is alive and well here in the Holy Land. It is not only directed at Arabs by Jews, it is directed at Jews by Jews. A very ugly situation has existed here for many years and nothing is being done about it by our government.

We brought over scores of Ethiopian Jews in two secret airlifts a few years ago. They were settled in caravans where many still remain today. They are a wonderful group of immigrants, friendly and generous, ready to share everything they have with all. They are a very community oriented group of people.
When they were brought over to Israel, many of them were separated from other members of their family. Mothers were left behind, fathers, in many cases, children. They have continually appealed to and lobbied the government here, but to no avail. The governments response, as well as that of the Chief Rabbinate, is that those that were left behind had their Judaism in question. How could this be? How could a son of a mother, or the parents of a child have different origins?
How? Because they are Black and our government is no different than any other racist regime.Very simple.

This is not the case for the immigrants that were brought here from the Former Soviet Union. There were many mixed marriages, Jew to Christian. In many cases the wife was Christian, therefore the children are not Jewish according to Jewish law. But these people were brought here as families, leaving no one behind. They were all given full rights as new immigrants and carry Israeli identity cards. They received assistance in getting their own apartments. They were not left in caravans for years, unassisted by any government agency. Why? Because they are White!

Need I say more to prove that our government is racist and keeps double standards for its citizens?
There is nothing more to be said, but there is alot that needs to be done.

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  1. S. A. said,

    November 26, 2007 at 11:53

    I knew this, yet not really knew this. Wow, I’m actually learning something from reading your blog!

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