Thanks to Sabbah for bringing this to my attention via his blog. Today is the 53rd anniversary of one of Israels bloodiest pogroms against the Palestinian people. An event that is all but completely erased by the zionist beasts that orchestrated this horror. The ‘almost late’ Ariel Sharon was the leader of the mob that was responsible. The following is taken from a CounterPunch article that Sabbah dug out of the archives. The complete article is found HERE.

Israeli historian Avi Shlaim describes the massacre thus: “Sharon’s order was to penetrate Qibya, blow up houses and inflict heavy casualties on its inhabitants. His success in carrying out the order surpassed all expectations. The full and macabre story of what happened at Qibya was
revealed only during the morning after the attack. The village had been reduced to rubble: forty-five houses had been blown up, and sixty-nine civilians, two thirds of them women and children, had been killed. Sharon and his men claimed that they believed that all the inhabitants had run away and that they had no idea that anyone was hiding inside the houses.”

As Sharon lies near death… let us again ponder the ‘rewards’ that await that beast.


  1. I love Munich said,

    October 14, 2006 at 23:18

    That’s one of the countless horrors …
    The “reward” will be coming for sure! God IS justice … I would NOT want to be in Sharon’s shoes!
    Thanks for highlighting!

  2. DesertPeace said,

    October 14, 2006 at 23:23

    Good to see you Karin…
    I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes either, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near him in fact.

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