As the day approaches for the swearing in of Herr Lieberman, Palestinian legislators and activists in Israel had the following thoughts…

This is an excerp from the Ynet site.

Arabs launch protest against Lieberman joining coalition

Roee Nahmias Published: 10.28.06, 18:56

The Arab sector in Israel is concerned about Lieberman joining the cabinet. Members of the Higher Arab Monitoring Committee of Israel agreed in a meeting in Nazareth Saturday to fight Israel Our Home’s addition to the coalition.

Those attending the meeting agreed to hold a demonstration across from the Knesset on Monday In addition, it was agreed that the Arab parties will hold activities in the coming weeks warning against “the danger of adding Lieberman to the cabinet.”

Higher Arab Monitoring Committee Chairman Shawki Khatib has spoken out against Lieberman’s addition to the coalition in the past few days.

“The inclusion of Avigdor Lieberman to the coalition has a black flag waiving above it. There is no better time ‘to celebrate’ this foolish act than the 50th anniversary of the massacre in Kfar Kassem. Lieberman’s inclusion is a message of ostracization to more than one million citizens of the State.

“The touch of racism and the expulsion of Arabs must be nipped in the bud. The day that Lieberman will be sworn in as a cabinet minister will be a black day for the State of Israel, and it will legitimize racism, fascism, and the expulsion of Arabs, which will be put at the center of Israeli policy.

“This puts all of our futures and democracy in danger. We call all the Members of Knesset to reject this step. We call to all proponents of peace, democracy, and equality, to all those to whom the future of the peoples is important, to stand up and protest in order to prevent this dangerous move,” wrote Khatib in an announcement published this weekend.

This is one of the most serious crisis Israel has ever found itself in. It is not reversable and must be if democracy is ever to exist in this country. All progressive minded Israelis must protest the entry of these fascists to the government. All progressive minded people throughout the world must do the same. LETS HAVE A REAL LOBBY FOR ISRAEL.. A LOBBY THAT GUARANTEES THE RIGHTS OF THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE!

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