Image by David Baldinger
Years ago there was a weekly television programme hosted by David Frost called ‘The Week That Was’… it was quite enjoyable and Frost had the knack of getting a chuckle out of his North American audience with his dry British humour.. the world was less complex back then so it was easier to laugh at it.
Today we find Frost in a much more sophisticated position on screen as the main Anchor for AlJaZeera’s English Network…. I wish him luck in that role.
This morning I was sent a hilarious review of the past year written by Alexander Cockburn. It originally appeared in CounterPunch… Read it HERE and enjoy…
The paragraph in italics is written by my dear friend Deb Reich… thanks Deb for sending this my way..
It’s an Alexander Cockburn tour de force (heh heh, pun intended), including: “civil liberty infringement engines,” “crackpot realism,” knocking on Galbraith’s farmhouse door and getting Sidney Hook instead (ooops!!), “Old Glory underwear,” an explanation of why old Communists live longer than old Trotskyists, and an optimistic ending. Truly a pleasure, the macabre reality notwithstanding.

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