Dearest Brother….
One month and two days have passed since the tragic death of your beautiful daughter Abir. It is said that time heals all wounds, but I know that this cannot apply to one of such magnitude.
We are practically neighbours Bassam, your home is not more than ten minutes from mine, but a giant wall of apartheid and hate separates us from each other. It is people like yourself that will eventually give cause for that wall to crumble to the ground, as did most other walls of oppression throughout the world.
Your determination to continue in the struggle for peace is an inspiration to all who struugle with you. You have every reason to feel hatred and resort to violence, but your convictions have not allowed that to happen. This alone is a trait that only a true man of peace can have. It is people like you that will be responsible for the Israelis to see the wrongdoings of their government. Your continued efforts for peace are much more powerful than the artificial luncheon meetings held by government officials under the guise of ‘peace talks’.
Peace will come about because of people like yourself, a real peace and a just one. The Blessed Memory of Abir will always be with all that struggle with you . Her murder will be avenged not with blood, but with a continued desire for peace.
The outpour of support for you and your family continues to arrive via THIS petition. Always know that you do not stand alone in your pain and sorrow.
Be Blessed dear Brother, may you and your family never again know the personal pain and sorrow that you are feeling now. May your surviving children grow up to see a Free Palestine, a Palestine not separated by walls and hatred. Abir would be proud of you Bassam, we all are.
Warmest Brotherly Greetings,
Steve Amsel (DesertPeace)


  1. CrazyComposer (aka Peter Amsel) said,

    February 20, 2007 at 14:46

    A beautiful and fitting tribute, one that I hope others will take to heart before they decide to respond with violence when that only serves to perpetuate this vicious cycle.

    The only way to end the cycle of violence is by responding with peace: peace foils the attempts of the madmen in their attempts to wage sensless wars.

    It is very difficult to wage a war when nobody shows up.

    Well done, DP.


  2. DesertPeace said,

    February 20, 2007 at 15:14

    Thanks son.

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