Four years ago Rachel Corrie was murdered. No one has been brought to trial, no one has been charged and no one has claimed responsibility.
Who was she, what was she doing in the Occupied Territories… and why? Last question first…. she was there to fight injustice. She was there with fellow members of the International Solidarity Movement.
She was a non vilolent person killed by violence while trying to stop the illegal demolition of a home belonging to Palestinians…. IN PALESTINE.
She was a twenty three year old American with her whole life ahead of her. She was a person that cared…. cared in such a way that she was moved to participate in the activities of the Movement…. cared enough to risk her life. Her faith in her fellow man did not allow her to believe that her life was actually in danger, which raises the question of was her murderer actually a fellow man or was he transformed into a beast?
Whatever the answer is, Rachel Corrie is dead…. murdered in cold blood in Palestine by Israelis. She was not the first, nor the last, but she will always be remembered for her bravery and devotion.
Her loving parents continue to support the struggle their daughter died for, their involvement has been a constant source of strength to the people of Palestine.
We thank you Rachel, we remember you, miss you and love you.
You can visit her memorial site HERE.

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