The following story is UNBELIEVABLE. Even animals are kinder to each other than zionists are to fellow human beings…

Yet Abbas will meet with them next week in Jericho… also UNFORGIVABLE!
Read the following to see the latest in ziofascism at work… from a Ynet report

Palestinian’s legs severed after his request to enter Israel denied

Fatah member loses both legs after his request to receive medical treatment in Israel rejected due to security concerns. ‘I fail to understand how a man who is missing one or two legs can jeopardize the country’s security,’ Physicians for Human Rights member says

Meital Yasur Beit-Or

A 25-year-old Fatah member who was injured during the recent clashes with Hamas in Gaza was denied entry to Israel for medical treatment and lost both of his legs as a result.

According to the Sin Bet and the IDF District Coordination Office’s (DCO) position on the matter, which was submitted to the High Court of Justice, the Palestinian was deemed a security threat.

Ma’ala Uda was prohibited from entering the country despite the opinion of Prof Professor Raphael Walden, Deputy Director of the General Hospital at the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer. At the time Walden wrote that Uda required immediate medical attention “or else his legs may have to be amputated”.

The DCO rejected the request and one of the Palestinian’s legs was in fact severed. During a hearing on the matter it was made know that his other leg was also in danger, but the High Court adopted the Shin Bet’s standpoint that Uda was a security threat to Israel. Two days later the Palestinian’s other leg was amputated in Gaza.

“With all due respect to the Shin Bet’s work and concern for Israel’s security, I fail to understand how a man who is missing one or two legs can jeopardize the country’s security; it’s simply ridiculous,” Ran Yaron of the Physicians for Human Rights organization said.

“We told the court we would be willing to contract a security firm to escort patients from Gaza to the Allenby crossing so that they may receive treatment in Jordan, but the Shin Bet rejected this suggestion as well.”

‘Injured Gazans linked to terror groups’

Another Palestinian, who was at risk of losing his eyesight, was also denied entry to Israel on similar grounds.

The Physicians for Human Rights group claimed Wednesday that in recent weeks the High Court has been discriminating between Palestinians whose lives were in danger and those who had sustained less severe injuries.

The group said there were numerous cases in which Palestinians were denied entry to Israel due to security concerns.

In one such case, a 19-year-old Palestinian suffering from a brain tumor died after the approval of his request for an entry permit was delayed.

The Shin Bet said in response that the Palestinian petitioners were linked to terror groups.

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