The United States helped to create the chaos in Gaza and the West Bank and now has the ‘chutzpah’ to advise its citizens not to visit there. I question the motives behind this travel warning…. is it for the safety of its citizens, as they claim, or is it to prevent Americans from seeing the real truth of what 40 years of American supported Israeli Occupation looks like.

Americans are not used to seeing walls built to separate families from each other. Americans are not used to seeing children shot dead for flying kites or playing on the beach. Americans never saw a pregnant woman being prevented from getting to a hospital to give birth. These are just a few examples of what Americans never saw.

I say, come…. see your tax dollars at work…. see how your government is helping to commit genocide against another. I say, ignore the following warning! You can read about the warning below… in a Reuters report

U.S. issues warning to citizens against traveling to Gaza Strip
By Reuters

The United States issued a fresh travel warning for Israel and the Palestinian territories on Friday to include American journalists and aid workers after a spate of violence and political instability.

In a notice that superseded a warning issued on Jan. 17, the State Department urged U.S. citizens to be mindful of security when considering travel to Israel, to defer trips to the West Bank and avoid all travel to the Gaza Strip.

“American citizens in the Gaza Strip should depart immediately, a recommendation that the State Department has maintained and renewed since the deadly roadside bombing of a U.S. Embassy convoy in Gaza on Oct. 15, 2003,” it said.

“This recommendation applies to all Americans, including journalists and aid workers.”

The statement noted “considerable violence” in the Gaza Strip in recent months between Palestinian factions and between Israeli security forces and Palestinian militants.

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas rejigged his government on Friday upon the expiration of a state of emergency he had declared when the Islamist movement Hamas violently seized control of Gaza a month ago.

Hamas, which has militant and political wings, won an election victory 18 months ago that led to an international aid embargo of the Palestinian Authority.

The United States, a key ally to Israel, lists Hamas as a terrorist organization.

The travel warning said militant groups in Gaza continue to launch rockets against nearby Israeli towns and urged U.S. citizens to “exercise a high degree of caution” when going to restaurants, malls, places of worship and other public places.

“Israeli authorities are concerned about the continuing threat of suicide bombings,” it said. “The U.S. government has received information indicating that American interests could be the focus of terrorist attacks.”


  1. I love Munich said,

    July 14, 2007 at 18:41

    Steve, with ALL respect and affection – I DISAGREE IN THE STRONGEST POSSIBLE WAY!!

    Not only does whoever even ATTEMPTS to enter Gaza at present, regardless from what direction – break Israeli AS WELL AS American law which will have as consequence that they will be persecuted by BOTH countries and most certainly unable to EVER enter Israel again in order to provide humanitarian help to Palestinians!!

    The whole thing starts much earlier though … HOW, ON WHICH WAY do you propose those who are ready to go against the law, to ENTER Gaza? There IS NO WAY Steve … not by land, not by sea and certainly not by air! THOUSANDS of people are waiting for WEEKS already in Rafah to go home to Gaza … and you still ENCOURGE people?

    I do NOT support Hamas whatsoever as long as it has violence in ANY form on it’s agenda! I understand the need for resistence .. but THEIR way to resist is WRONG! When I(!) talk about resisting the occupation I am refering to NON-VIOLENT RESISTENCE EXCLUSIVELY!!!

    I understand their frustration as well as the frustration and suffering of the people who support them but TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE ONE RIGHT!!

    Don’t encourage your readers to break a law Steve … the TRUTH out of Gaza we see as well through great folks like Mohammad Omer.

    The quagmire Hamas is in, they caused for themselves by continuously firing Qassams to Sderot or to the north and by maintaining violence as means to beat the occupation! EVERY SANE HUMAN BEING KNOWS that whenever you keep on stepping on the toes of a military gigant, he might ignore you a few times but one day he will blast you away with all his might … and that is just what’s happening in Gaza! By persuing violence, they don’t do their people ANY favour … they ride them deeper and deeper into disaster!

    The Palestinian cause, a JUST cause without doubt, needs world support, no question whatsoever, but with continuous violence on the agenda this won’t, CAN’T happen!

    Sorry Steve .. it looks as if we TOTALLY disagree on this one!

  2. Desert Peace said,

    July 14, 2007 at 18:47

    We don’t disagree at all Karin… I do not mean to encourage people to break the law, but I want to stress that the American government is hiding the truth from its people… THAT is my main point.

  3. Anonymous said,

    July 14, 2007 at 19:27

    I have to say the ONLY way to begin to end the situation in Gaza is to have as many Americans visit as possible.

    The more the better, bring cameras, cell phones, video, webcams, laptops, postcards, carrier pigeons, and a corked bottle.

    YouTube the crap out of it.

    and please, attacking the toes of a military giant is acceptable, if that foot is on your throat.

  4. friendthegirl said,

    December 21, 2007 at 11:04

    I agree with I love Munich. It’s hard enough for someone that doesn’t speak Hebrew to get through Israeli security, try explaining that excursion to Gaza. In the chance that something does go wrong, you may need your consulate’s help in some way and I don’t know if an American in Gaza is likely to get that.

    I would recommend visitors to Palestine to spend some time in somewhere like Hebron instead. They can legally be there, it’s safer, and they still get an idea of what’s happening in Palestine. I spent time in Hebron alone and then time with an aid worker that gave me a tour, I learned so much from the aid worker. The tour was free. I recommend anyone who visits try and do a political tour as well if you can.

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