NOTE… I had intended to publish this a few days ago but decided not to… The situation with the person in question is getting worse by the day so I felt obligated to change my mind. She is constantly naming names in her blog, making it seem as the people named are associated with her. THEY ARE NOT. She carries a laptop with her that will go through Israeli security when she leaves, putting in danger the freedoms of every person she met and spoke to…. read the following to see what and who I am talking about.

In the weekend edition of HaAretz, Meron Rapoport wrote an update on the Vanunu case. In part. he said …

Mordechai Vanunu doesn’t speak to Israeli reporters. He hasn’t forgotten that they were silent during the 12 years he spent in solitary confinement. Vanunu does, however, speak to foreign reporters. They don’t call him “the atomic spy,” preferring terms like “whistle-blower.” But if Vanunu, who was convicted in 1988 of giving details about Israel’s nuclear program to the British press, speaks with foreign reporters – and it doesn’t really matter what he says to them – he gets punished. Two weeks ago, the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court sentenced him to six months in prison for doing just that. Therefore, Vanunu essentially must remain silent.

Vanunu does not want to live in Israel, and not only for ideological reasons. Gideon Spiro, coordinator of the Israeli Committee for a Middle East Free from Atomic, Biological & Chemical Weapons, and one of Vanunu’s only Israeli friends, says it is unlikely that anyone in Israel would rent Vanunu an apartment. He is also liable to be attacked in the street. Vanunu therefore does not dare set foot in West Jerusalem, remaining in East Jerusalem. There, too, he lives in a kind of isolation.

The Palestinians sympathize with him, says someone who knows Vanunu well, but are afraid to get close to him because the Mossad, the Shin Bet security service and the Defence Ministry all see him as one of the greatest threats to the State of Israel. “They planted around him, outside, the bars of the prison where he sat for 18 years,” said Michael Sfard, the attorney who, together with Avigdor Feldman, represents Vanunu. The entire article can be read HERE.

Vanunu has stated on numerous occasions that he was imprisoned because of his conversion to Christianity. Nothing is further from the truth. Vanunu was imprisoned because he committed a crime in Israel. He gave over classified information about Israel’s nuclear programme to a British journalist, at a time when he was in the employ of the nuclear facility in Dimona.
In plain simple English, ‘he committed a crime, he did his time.’
His conversion to another faith does not enter the picture at all, in fact it is not recognized by mainstream Judaism. When a Jewish male enters into the Covenant of Abraham Our Father on his eighth day, that contract cannot be broken. So in reality, Mordechai Vanunu who was born a Jew, will die one.

The Israeli prison system was successful in breaking the spirit of this poor man. I have seen him on numerous occasions walking the streets of East Jerusalem looking like a lost soul. He hid himself away in one of the rooms of a Christian monastery until very recently. In the evenings he hangs out in the bar or restaurant of the American Colony Hotel, home to most foreign journalists visiting Israel. It was there that he had many an opportunity to violate the primary condition of his parole by granting interviews to these people.
There is nothing new for him to speak of to these reporters, nothing has remained the same at the Dimona facility, he has no idea what is going on within that compound. The parole condition was strictly a way of further harassing this already tortured soul.

Before I continue, I must state that it is not my style to publicly attack or criticize anyone that is part of the movement to free Palestine. I never get involved in the petty, personal in-fights between some of our European ‘anti-zionist’ bloggers.
Having said that, I must also say that I have remained silent on the following matter for too long. That matter being the statements made by and present visit to Israel of a self righteous and self proclaimed journalist that goes by the name of Eileen Flemming. She publishes a blog called We Are Wide Awake (WAWA)
In her blog of Saturday morning she makes reference to the article above from HaAretz.
Eileen is here on an independent ‘fact finding mission’. She is here uninvited and unwanted, more so by Vanunu himself. On her last visit to Israel she produced a video of an interview with him. Knowing that his trial was coming up shortly, he asked her to remove the video from her site. SHE REFUSED TO. She told him that she is an American and it is important for the American people to be aware of his case, a right guaranteed them under the Amendment for Freedom of Speech. The FACT that this might help cost the man his Freedom completely did not matter to her.
What does matter to her is this was a perfect opportunity to promote her own name, her own causes and the books she wrote.

Since his request of her to remove the video, she has not missed an opportunity to promote it. This alone is a trait of a mega opportunist, not an activist in the slightest sense,

Eileen fancies herself as a Brenda Starr wannabe. One thing she fails to realize is that Brenda Starr is a cartoon character. Brenda did not mix where she was not meant to, and never put people’s lives or freedoms at risk. In her blog entry of yesterday she goes into HER history with the man, plugging (again) HER interviews with the man, emphasizing HER concern for the man. She does not impress me one bit with her self promotion, nor with her recent habit of declaring one to be a Saint or a Prophet, a term not usually appreciated by those who might be believers.

As if her damaging blog of Saturday was not enough, she had to add insult to injury by commenting on other sites as well… again for the same purpose of self promotion.
She starts her comment with…“I write to you from Jerusalem, and the truth is that Hamas has said they recognize the reality of Israel, but Israel has yet to recognize the rights of Palestinians and the Jewish convert to Christianity and whistle blower of Israel’s WMD program, Mordecahi Vanunu.

Yesterday’s Haaretz published an article about Vanunu quoting his lawyer and long time supporters. The bottom line regarding the state’s continued vindictiveness against Vanunu was summed up in a quote from his attorney, “The attitude of Israel towards Vanunu can be described only in psychiatric terms: It has a Vanunu Mania.”

Does anyone else NOT SEE a connection between Israel’s non recognition of Hamas and Palestine with the Vanunu case? Does anyone else NOT SEE the way she operates? She hears or sees the name Vanunu and she’s ‘right there’ plugging her own claim to fame.

Flemming much to often reverts to her Brenda Starr fantasy and negates reality completely. The reality being that Flemming is NOT a journalist. Journalists carry with them press cards or verification from an organization that they are representatives of same. Flemming has neither.

She claims to be an activist for the Palestinian cause. If this were the case would the residents of a refugee camp near Bethlehem assign a SIXTEEN year old boy to be her tour guide? (read about this in a blog entry of a few days ago) I get the distinct impression that I am not the only one that does not take her serious.
Her social outings and visits to ‘friends’ is often interpreted as activism by herself.

All I can say to this woman is,paraphrasing her own words, DO SOMETHING…and GO HOME! You are not wanted here and you are not doing anyone any good by being here.
Go into your Brenda Starr mode and hang out at Disney World. It’s much closer to your home and much less dangerous to the real people you are hurting here.


  1. Anonymous said,

    July 24, 2007 at 23:42

    Oh Eileen, Eileen, Eileen,
    You see, upon close inspection of Vanunu’s site, her videos ARE there, within the link “my case”.

    On a post on the People’s Voice, “Crossing Paths for the FIFTH time” Eileen claims the following when asked why she didn’t remove the tapes:

    Vanunu most definitely had a problem with me cointinuing to stream his video interviews because it did not move people to donate to his defense fund.

    He also does not appreciate that I have many other issues and he is but one.”

    So let’s see, on one hand, she is claiming he is not happy that she hasn’t generated enough money for him AND that she hasen’t paid enough attention to him with all your “many other” issues. And she is also saying that she is “telling the story of free speech being denied in the Middle East”

    You see, this whole thing just doesn’t make sense on the surface of things. She makes these claims, and elsewhere claims it is about HER freedom of speech to keep those tapes up.

    So, I keep asking myself this question: Since Vanunu DOES have her tapes on his site but does NOT go around advertising them, in fact she is the ONLY one doing that and EVERYWHERE she posts a comment, WHY would he ask her to “leave him to his privacy”? WHY would he ask her to remove the tapes when she does such a GOOD job of promoting them every where?

    You see,I think the answer is simple, SHE thinks it is about HER, the Vanunu tapes are HER claim to fame. “I’m the ONLY one with streaming videos of Vanunu” Come, come, look at all the good things I do. I’m a Christian of the Beatitudes who also LOVES Bob Dylan and writes elsewhere:

    1966: Bob Dylan and my first orgasm (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by: mattes
    It was the spring of 1966, Island Trees Elementary School, Levittown, Long Island.

    Usually, Mr. Friedman, my 6th grade Music teacher made us sing stuff like B-I-N-G-O,

    But on that life changing day, Mr. F, opened up his little red and white LP player

    And introduced me to Bob Dylan.

    I had heard other bands do Dylan, but my first experience of Bob’s lyrics, with his voice and that harmonica;

    Connected my soul and spirit, inflammed my every cell, the hair on my neck stood up and electrified chills and thrills ran throughout my entire body.

    It wasn’t until a few years later though, that I even knew Bob brought me to my first orgasm.


    by eileen fleming on Sat Jun 02, 2007 at 09:38:02 AM PDT

    Who the HECK writing about Palestinian issues as a supposed advocate talks like this ANYWHERE?

    I’m a Christian of the Beatitudes who also writes about Vanunu:

    “But, that chance meeting led to my opportunity to spend a few hours with Vanunu over the next few days. I was curious as to what kind of a kid he had been and why he became a Christian. In all honesty, Vanunu got the wrong idea about my curiosity, and I admit I had not given it a thought, that since he had been locked up for 18 years, anything female would WOULD AROUSE HIS INTEREST. His English is also very limited and he did not comprehend my repeated declarative statement: “I am married! I am very married!”

    Funny thing is, she DID get a comment on that thread, it read:

    “Added: June 23, 2007 12:26 AM
    Say Wha?
    Are you saying that Mordechai Vanunu sexually harrassed you?

    How did she answer?

    “I did not say what you implied…..blah blah blah”

    No, she is right, she didn’t say that, she said Vanunu was ATTRACTED TO HER. All about HER Eileen, as usual.

    And as for his English being limited, how the heck did he do those videos in GOOD English Eileen?

    Who the HELL would write such things about someone they are supposed to be supporting? Who the HELL would use a man in the way she has used Vanunu? Who the HELL would say no when this man who SHE keeps writing about has been so persecuted?

    No , Mordechai Vanunu did NOT ask her to remove those tapes because they can cause him harm or because she doesn’t pay enough attention to him. Why would he do that when he has them on his OWN site and WANTS to talk to people? He asked her to leave him to his privacy because of WHAT SHE HAS DONE. A man she elsewhere calls a “saint” and a “prophet” she has NO problem demeaning.

    He asked her to remove those tapes because of her and how she has used him. How dispicably and how undignified she has behaved. She is NOT a professional journalist, she is NOT an editor in chief of anything but a BLOG/Website. And as such has acted in a MOST unethical manner. Remember the Golden Rule Eileen, Do unto others as you would have done unto you!

    NO ONE is safe talking to this woman. Because she VERY well may NOT respect you if you ask her to do something.

    NO! to hypocracy!

  2. Daniel said,

    July 25, 2007 at 08:49

    Sometimes people who are possessed by the thought of saving others (for whatever reason) can actually do them a grave disservice – or something worse.

    Take the Middle East for example. As everyone knows, it is a cauldron of intrigue and plotting and death is ever present. The stakes are high and, too often, people’s lives hang in the balance.

    The Palestinians are under occupation by one of the most brutal regimes the world has ever seen. Israeli prisons are full of those who have incurred Israel’s wrath and this includes women and children. They sit there, ten thousand strong, some of them without charge, without trial. They’re the lucky ones. At least they’re alive!

    Israel is looking for any excuse to imprison or kill those working for peace or those striving to be freed from the Zionist yoke. Having some American amateur reporter filled with misplaced missionary zeal blundering into the delicately balanced situation can prove to be catastrophic for those who have no freedom but, for forty years, have striven to be free.

    Eileen, you probably mean well, but you’re out of your depth! Without meaning to, you could get people killed, Palestinian people, the very ones you’re claiming to be saving!

    Don’t become an unwitting pawn of the Israelis – go back to America and put your missionary efforts into something you know something about.

  3. Diego said,

    July 25, 2007 at 20:17

    This was quite an eye opener. Thanks for posting it. I have been following her posts over at People’s Voice, she is quite in love with herself it seems.
    To dare criticize her gets her to accuse you of being other people, she obviously thinks the world agrees with her.
    I agree with your conclusions that the woman is dangerous to anyone she might have contact with in Israel or the Occupied Territories. She does not seem to understand that you guys living over there do not have the same constitutional rights that she may have as an American citizen.
    Yes, it’s best for all concerned if she goes back to the States soon.

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