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Normally I would not get involved in the internal discussions of who should run a foreign government, but in the case of George W. Bush I have no choice. My own life is at stake because of his foreign policies. My own country is being led down a path of destruction because of him and his administration. Miss Liberty cannot continue ‘looking away’ from the situation, something must be done about it NOW!

Bush was not satisfied with ‘stealing’ the election to become Supreme Commander of the United States, he had the whole world targeted for his evil plans of destruction. He has meddled in the internal politics of other nations leading them to a road of oblivion. The trail of deaths and destruction left by him throughout the world gives every resident of this planet the right to demand the man be impeached immediately.

The Middle East has never been closer to self destructing since he assumed the presidency. Nations have literally disappeared off the face of the earth since that day. This must not be allowed to continue…. the world must DEMAND THAT BUSH BE IMPEACHED NOW!

The previous post gives enough concrete reasons for the American people to act on this immediately, not tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous said,

    November 25, 2007 at 17:06

    My own country is being led down a path of destruction because of him and his administration.

    That is the FUNNIEST statement I have heard in a very long time. Your country is the INSTIGATOR of the whole entire mess. Your country does nothing but COMPLAIN and whine when anyone says bad things about Israel.

    Israel obviously does not allow free speech, therefore Israel is NOT a democracy. Israel is URGING USA to atteck Iran. Israel is demanding that USA attack Israel’s enemys so Israel can get free oil.

    Lets see if you post this – for free speech. If you dont, then you are as bad as your so-called country

  2. Rob K said,

    November 26, 2007 at 00:55

    The gutless Democrats started off on the wrong foot by saying “impeachment was off the table.”

    Impeachment should be at the head of the table after BushCo’s disastrous reign.

    The man and his cronies are war criminals, plain and simple, and they must be removed from office.

    As far as the Dimwit-ocrats, it’s high time they all grew a pair…even Pelosi.

  3. fjb said,

    November 26, 2007 at 01:04

    To the anonymous poster above:

    You obviously haven’t read Steve’s blog before, have you? No one here attempts to claim that Israel is guilt free, far from it.

    The self-imposed world policemen, the U.S., has the most influence politically and financially on what Israel does or doesn’t do, therefore making it accountable. I could continue on about Iraq, Iran, the debacle in Afghanistan (which my own country gullibly blundered into) et al, but hopefully you get my point by now.

  4. Clyde said,

    November 26, 2007 at 09:38

    “Anonymous” is dead-on right about Israeli planning and instigation of the mess all of us deplore.

    I would add, respectfully though, that impeaching a stooge would not change a thing in a political and cultural system so pervasively Israeli-controlled as the American one is. Besides, impeachment doesn’t entail destitution, even for administrations who defer to constitutional principle more than this one does.

    But I have to say I cringe at your suggesting Israels’ demise will be the result of an administration of what I and many of my countrymen, as Americans, see as Israeli controlled minions working for the benefit of Israel to the detriment of the US and yes, the entire world.

    Sure, American culture and politics is f**ked in more ways than I could count. Nor do I ignore its’ role in the current situation we now see unraveling.

    I am capable of recognizing and admitting what’s wrong with my own country. Maybe Israelis should do the same.

    It is your country that has taken ours over. It is your country using ours to undertake – and to take the historical blame for – its’ own designs.

  5. Ness said,

    November 26, 2007 at 14:49

    steve is partly right
    but don’t forget the ones behind the curtains have no loyalty to any country whatsoever

    for them, its a game, and israel and usa are pawns in that game – big ones – they steer both governments

    to them, the wellbeing of the population in usa and israel is of no consequence at all – people are disposable…

    they will not hesitate to use their supply of *cannonfodder* in every way possible: by propaganda, by deceit, by sending them to war, by brainwashing from birth, by putting them in mortal danger, as is the case in israel

    let there be no gap between good people – if these criminals do not care about nationality, why should we?

    thx for your blog steve
    you keep my faith in people alive

  6. dingo said,

    November 26, 2007 at 17:49

    Desert Peace — I greatly appreciate your forum and commentary.

    Impeachment of the Bush/Cheney junta is certainly a just and rational demand. Many of us support it here in the U.S. but we have no political representation from either party. Polls suggest a majority of Americans now believe that Bush is imminently impeachable.

    Kucinich is doing his best but the Democratic Party leadership, a cabal of cynical and corrupt cowards, is opposed. They have the votes to impeach Bush in the House of Representatives although they would probably lose to convict him in the Senate since it requires a 2/3 majority.

    This is the scenario Clinton faced for his great crime of fibbing about his sexcapades. Of course, the nonstop discussion and uproar over his “high crimes and misdemeanors” reached a critical mass. The entire process paralyzed his Presidency.

    That is precisely what we need now. Impeachment of Bush and Cheney could throw a monkey wrench into their plans for war and further imperial despoliation. We desperately need the House of Representatives to vote for impeachment.

    However, I’m sure you appreciate the irony of an Israeli citizen complaining about Bush being a threat to your survival. You do understand the power and influence that Likudist and Israel-first ideology has over U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. You do understand that many of the most ardent architects of the war on Iraq are dedicated Zionists? You understand that this same group of fanatic Zionists are campaigning and politicking for more wars against Iran and Syria?

    You understand that we now have our own massive movement of religious delusionals called Christian-Zionists that push for more wars and expansion from Israel because they think it will trigger the Second Coming? The Israeli Zionist leadership, powerful men such as Netanyahu, give talks to the these Christian fanatics and encourage them to force U.S. politicians to befriend Israel with more weapons, more wars, more money, more support, etc.

    I’m sure you feel isolated and frustrated as a man of peace living in Jerusalem. (I assume this is West Jerusalem?) How do you think we feel here in the U.S. when we see both our major political parties clearly beholden to the most extreme and violent of the Zionists? I certainly don’t want to downplay the role of America’s own military-industrial elites in the carnage nor the ignorance or laziness of most of our population, which is easily manipulated by nationalistic and religious propaganda.

    Many of the most prominent anti-war voices are American Jews such as Amy Goodman, Chomsky, Finkelstein, Howard Zinn, et. Al. (And I know about the work of intellectuals such as Ilan Pappe in Israel, too.) These are marginalized voices on the left with little influence on policy. There are even more mainstream voices such as Frank Rich, Paul Krugman, et al. There are several anti-war Jewish American politicians such as Feingold and Barney Frank. (The best American politician, Paul Wellstone, died under “curious” circumstances in a plane crash in 2002.)

    Unfortunately, the war enthusiasts such as Diane Feinstein and Lieberman wield far more power and influence.

    Where are the Israeli leaders? You are standing up, of course, but where is the rest of the Israeli peace movement?

    Bush and Cheney appear to be giving your country everything they demand and there is little evidence that Clinton or Ghouliani will do anything differently.

    Clearly we agree on many issues so I am not criticizing you personally. Best wishes to you.

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