Is it human nature to always assume the worst? Are our minds that programmed to think negatively rather than positively in many given situations?

OK… what brought this on you might be wondering….
Last night I went to the local shopping centre to get some take out food for some visitors…. when I got there I noticed that there was a was a large crowd in front of one of the shops… rather loud in their discussions…. rather angry at one person in particular…

I also noticed that the crowd was made up of young Palestinians…. so I assumed it had something to do with the events (or non events) at Annapolis… Everyone around me assumed that it was an angry ‘mob’…What possessed them to assume the worst?

Curious person that I am, I had to go right up to them to see what was going on…. it was SHOCKING!
Ofir, the local Pizza Shop owner had just installed a large screen TV in his store and this ‘mob’ was watching a basketball game between a local Israeli team and an Italian team…

The anger???… aimed at one young man that was cheering for the ‘wrong’ team….

But, getting back to the subject at hand… why did they all assume the worst? Ignorance! There is no other answer, no other reason…
When I informed the others in the centre what was going on they laughed….

If it were a group of young Israelis at the scene no one would have given it a second glance or thought….BUT… it was a ‘mob’ of young Palestinians…. so they had to be up to no good.

This type of ignorance is the type that eventually turns to ugly hatred…. over what???…. a basketball game???

I start every day with a cup of coffee… drank from a mug that has the following quote on it (by William James)…..
“The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude”.

Let’s all try that… starting in the local shopping centre…. let’s start assuming the best…. it’s much more pleasant and leads to better relationships!

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  1. thecutter said,

    November 30, 2007 at 17:30

    I was hollering at the television myself!!! I don’t think it is right for Tel Aviv to play in a European Basketball league, nor Football league nor anything like it. They are not in Europe. I have yet to see a Lebanese or Syrian or other Asian team in a European league. Only Israel.

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