I have been accused recently of hosting a hate site. Those that believe that have gone as far as to say that my views are not at all peaceful ones, but quite to the contrary.

I have also been accused of censoring opinions contrary to my own… basically by people that say they never visit my site or read what I have to say…. yet they copy and paste everything I say and post it on their own sites.

It’s true…. I do censor on this site, so to speak. I do moderate comments, something I cannot deny to anyone that has ever left a comment here. But what are the reasons for this?

My Blog has a purpose. My Blog has a message. Also, my Blog is an extension of me, myself. If you want to disagree with me on any specific point, that’s OK. If you want to express your viewpoint which might be different than mine, that’s also OK…

BUT, if you come here and expect me to post comments that are pro zionist or anti Semitic or sexist or racist in any form, be assured that those comments will not see the light of day on this Blog. If you post spam-porn, it will also not be published. As far as calling this censorship, that’s a load of hogwash!

There are more than enough sites where those views are and can be expressed. The press generally censors any views contrary to their own, various so called ‘democratic’ sites do the same. By not presenting certain viewpoints on my Blog, I am not in any way not allowing them to appear elsewhere. Anyone wanting to read their rants are more than welcome to visit the multitude of true hate sites on the Web. The zionist viewpoint gets more than enough exposure on the Web (too much as far as I am concerned)… this site is not an extension of that ‘soap box’. It never will be either.

As far as this site being a ‘hate site’, one can say there is a bit of truth to that. This site hates hate! This site will not tolerate or give platform to anyone that in any way endorses the doctrine of hate. So yes, this IS a hate site if you look at it from that hateful point of view.

Other sites have also been singled out as being the same as mine, basically from the same people. Among some that come to mind are Sabbah’s Blog, PeacePalestine and My Son The CrazyComposer. All for the same reasons…. for NOT allowing hatred in the comments section.

On another note, there are a number of sites that seem to have a problem differentiating anti zionism with anti Semitism. I have seen, or have been told about, some of my threads appearing on various White Supremest and other sites that openly promote hate. This is ALWAYS done without my permission and definitely without my endorsement. There is no way I can control that from happening. Be assured that if the particular sites in question are not in my links, they are not sites that I frequent or support in any way. If you are not satisfied with what I post, if you feel offended by my viewpoints, you are invited to visit those sites that endorse hatred and please feel free not to visit this particular site, you are obviously not comfortable here.

But, getting to the concepts and definitions of moderation and censorship, the following two examples pretty much cover them…

The roles of moderators can vary from forum to forum, just as the purposes of the forua themselves can vary. However, on boards intended to be public, moderators are generally accorded additional powers. This allows them to enforce forum rules and conduct administrative tasks that the forum owner does not trust ordinary users to perform.

Among a moderator’s enforcement duties is often the duty to stop flaming and keep the board a friendly place, free of personal insults (but different boards have different standards, and what is acceptable on one will invariably be prohibited on another). Most boards also ban illegal material (such as warez) and outright pornography, and many also restrict the use of profanity and any violent or sexual images, however in other boards this is considered perfectly acceptable, or even the norm. Some sites will disallow pornographic subjects on the main forum but will set up a sub-forum solely for that.

On some boards, moderators are expected to stay out of all contentious debates, or at least to use alternate accounts to engage in them unbeknownst to common members. On most boards, however, moderators may participate just as any normal member, provided they remain civil and generally obey the site rules. Some boards require moderators not to moderate any discussion or topic they’re involved in, and many moderators on other boards take this upon themselves to avoid conflict of interest and bias.

As always, there are many exceptions. On smaller boards or forums that are operated at the whim of the site operator and perhaps some of his or her friends, a moderator might be able to do whatever he feels like (provided they avoid crossing their colleagues and superiors). On any professional forum it is important to have clear rules posted, and that the moderators are consistently following these. Lack of order and respect for the rules will cause the board to lose maybe valuable and contributing softspoken members in favor of those who don’t mind breaking rules to win arguments or silence members with opposing views. This risks turning any board into a one-man show of the loudest.

Depending on the forum’s ambition, it is important for a moderator to be available at all times to stem any crises or stop the forum’s rules to be broken. Basically it is the moderators’ job to keep the forum clean and used properly.


Censor: One who supervises conduct and morals: as a) an official who examines materials (as publications or films) for objectionable matter; b) an official (as in time of war) who reads communications (as letters) and deletes material considered harmful to the interests of his organization. Censorship: The institution, system or practice of censoring; the actions or practices of censors; esp : censorial control exercised repressively.
–Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary

My Son The CrazyComposer recently posted THIS brilliant thread on ‘Cyber Censorship’, it is definitely a worthwhile read.


  1. Masher1 said,

    December 2, 2007 at 16:22

    You do a GREAT job at moderation! Don’t take any of that crap from the Shill Swine! Our World is under siege from the Government’s force of CIA types trying to cover our messages with there filth. Again Desert Peace is doing a GREAT job keeping this a HUMAN venue. (:

    WE see,We Know,We react.


  2. Desert Peace said,

    December 2, 2007 at 16:24

    Thanks for the ‘vote of confidence’ Masher1

  3. Don Robertson, The American Philosopher said,

    December 2, 2007 at 16:52

    I think it’s fine for you to deal with your hate as if it is something abhorrent. It makes you stand out in a vicious and hate-filled crowd, like a live oak among pines. And, it proves you have a soul.

    However, when these maladjusted asocial feelings you have landslide during a soaking thunderstorm recklessly into a wholesale denial of your hatred, any hatred whatsoever, this phenomenon is best understood as expressing humanity-self-hatred.

    You simply hate our commmonly hateful humanity.

    Everyone has to hate something.

    So ease off, turn slowly and, whatever you do, do not make eye contact with yourself at his time. This would be very dangerous.

    It is only those who hate everything, or deny that they hate anything who have lost a grip on reality, a grip that none of us ever really had anyway. So, chill out, or warm up to it, if it makes you happy!

    And, welcome to the crowd, ya bugger.

    I’ve always considered that whatever makes anyone different from the rest of us is what is commonly referred to as the “soul”. It is our difference we cherish most. It is what we want to live on after we’re gone, live on to worry and confront all those other idiots who didn’t agree with us, or those who suspiciously agreed with us all too often… @%!&*!

    It’s odd and rare for anyone but all those seemingly ubiquitous religious kooks these days and throughout a history filled with the same, to talk about the soul.

    But I venture there anyway stating as if looking for a fight in a barroom full of sailors, if the soul is not what makes us different, the soul surely cannot be what makes us the same. That would make our souls, lifeless cookie-cut automatons.

    We know that cannot be true.

    So, if I’m not occasionally censored for my different take and sometimes vapid willingness to express it, I more closely inspect myself and all my parts for the existence of my soul.


    There it is. The rotten little F-er.

    Don Robertson, The American Philosopher

  4. thecutter said,

    December 2, 2007 at 19:33

    DP, you know I love ya, ya big hater! I think you run one of the best damn love filled blogs in the entire universe!

    I don’t moderate as much as you do, actually. I let the real haters such as Tsedek show their ugliness, which they alone seem unable to see, but it escapes few others, thank god for that. One of the reasons I allow some hateful comments in (but no porn or people faking others’ id’s) is that I find generally that at a later date, it is useful! Quite often it turns out to be.

    But, if I’m considered in your company, I’m a happy camper! Viva Hate, as Morrissey said once!

  5. Desert Peace said,

    December 2, 2007 at 20:15

    Thanks Mary…. loveya too…. and mighty proud to ‘have you on board’.

  6. Anonymous said,

    December 2, 2007 at 20:49

    i have never seen you be hateful, they can fuck off.

  7. Anonymous said,

    December 3, 2007 at 09:03

    Facts are not always nice.

    I’m sick and tired of political correctness and must positive thinking.

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