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In the early 60’s I shared an apartment in Lower Washington Heights/Upper Spanish Harlem with my best friend Tommy. It was mainly a Hispanic community at the time, quite lively and musical 24/7.


On the street level of our building was a row of stores, one being a ‘Bodega’, a Spanish style grocery store. If I ever ran out of essentials that’s where I shopped…. and was always carefully scrutinized by the owners. Two brothers owned the store, two Polish Jews who had been to hell and back in nazi occupied Poland.
Both of these guys were very distrustful of their clients and carefully watched them through mirrors strategically posted on the upper walls. Both assumed that I was a Puerto Rican, therefore I was a potential shoplifter in their eyes.
In November of 1965, New York City went dark, as did most of the Northeastern States. After a few minutes, it became obvious that it wasn’t just a blown fuse in the building and phone calls indicated that we might remain in darkness for quite a while…
Rather than panic, I ran downstairs to the Bodega and asked if they had ‘Yahrtzeit’ candles…. Yahrtzeit candle was the Yiddish term used for memorial candles that came in a glass and burned for 24 hours. The shopkeeper was shocked that I (a Puerto Rican) knew the Yiddish name for those candles and asked how I knew that word. I told him in perfect Yiddish that it was the language spoken in my home by my parents. His response being ” So you are not a Puerto Rican?” I asked if that would make a difference as far as him watching every move I made while shopping in his store. “Of course it will”, he responded….
At that point I felt obligated to remind him of the discrimination he and his brother experienced in Poland, asking him why he was doing the same to others. We had a long conversation about it and they agreed that the distrust they felt was not justified in any way and they would try to change their attitudes, which they did….In Poland it was distrust and fear that led to hatred, it was hatred that led to genocide…. opening one’s heart and mind can prevent that….
All because a memorial candle lit the way for them.


  1. January 11, 2008 at 16:49

    The sad thing about that story is that their change didn’t seem to spread to the other New York Zionists who – slowly but surely – became more and more entrenched in their own brand of racial purification ideologies; borrowed from the Beast, transformed by Herzl’s ideals, and still obscene to the core.

    As the song lyrics go:
    “Oh when will they ever learn,
    oh when will they ever learn?”

  2. al said,

    January 11, 2008 at 20:08

    The koreans do the same suspicious watching, towards their customers. THere is rampamt thievery there, I suppose, and so they imagine, everybody here, is out to steal from them.

    But you didn’t have to mention “Yahrtzeit” for a candle. Why couldn’t you have asked just for “a candle? ” Latinos have candles of all kinds, also.

    Why is it that the Jew always talks about how the world has abused them! It’s as if the Jew has cornered the Market. They’re not the only sufferers – everybody, all races, and Nations have suffered – and continue to suffer.

    Yes! There was an American Indian Holocaust! There still is.
    Yes, there was an Armenian Holocaust!
    Yes, there was an Assyrian Holocaust – done by the Turks, also, at the same time.
    There was the Boer War. British established Concentration camps in South Africa.
    There was “Nanking Massacre” and other massacres committed by the Japanese.
    There was the Slaughter of the Tibetans by the Chinese
    There was the “Killing Fields” in Cambodia.
    The MauMaus in Kenya, terrible, terrible killings.
    And the “Rwanda Genocide” – same thing.
    There have been terrible Holocausts in the past. And still ongoing in China.
    The ongoing massacres in the Sudan, and Darfu, committed by the islamics.
    And now, again, the Genocide in Kenya.

    Please, don’t speak as if the Jews are the only sufferers!

    Amazona Latina

  3. Martin said,

    January 11, 2008 at 20:16


    “In Poland it was distrust and fear that led to hatred, it was hatred that led to genocide…. opening one’s heart and mind can prevent that….”

    It is the same the world over regardless of the label the person carries.

    Shalom and a happy nuclear free New year in a just and peaceful world

    Martin Cahill

  4. Blondie said,

    January 11, 2008 at 22:10

    I’m glad to see other people find this as obnoxious as I do. I’m sick of hearing the Jews always talk about themselves like they are special and different. And yet, two Jews could not recognize another Jew when they saw him. I don’t think the Jews are very different, and they don’t rate all the attention they demand.

    Millions of Christians died in WWII and these two Polish brothers survived. Seems they were the lucky ones!

  5. Bo 0 said,

    January 11, 2008 at 22:55

    I have to agree with #2 and #4…

    I just dont get why the neocons got so much power in USA?

  6. DanD said,

    January 12, 2008 at 00:23

    Are you all kidding? “Jews” are just as murderous against themselves as they are against anyone not consider “chosen.”

    And then you have Zionists. It was European Zionism and its tentacled arms in America that intentionally blocked the acceptance of Jewish refugees virtually everywhere in the world EXCEPT Palestine that severely exacerbated Europe’s Jewish deathtoll.

    Check it out, Google “Cactus48”.


  7. Mr. DOUBLE-SPEAK himself said,

    January 12, 2008 at 08:14

    Yep, the Holocaust against the American Indians was one of the WORST …

  8. Deborah said,

    January 12, 2008 at 15:53

    Amazing history I have; my family line throughmy grandfather was Basque; we were the first Jews when my ancestors traveled and settled in Babylon, from there they settled in Spain until Hitler where my grandfather left for Mexico, Monterey, traveling through north was where he met my Hopi grandmother at the age of 12 he was 22. He died in her arms; a lifetime of love, 7 children later and many loving grandchildren, peacefully and beautifully 57 years later. I was of course raised Roman Catholic; (my grandmother was the Queen, period) I am greatly gifted and am now a practicing pagan. I believe that we (my family line) has come full circle.

    I cannot handle the Jewish suffering (self imposed) the natives as well were skinned then used as decorations. They were hearded up like animals “Trail of Tears” (Hitler used the same premise to remove the Jews) and REMOVED them from their ancestorial homes. As they were being removed from their homes a newly arrived european (Dutch, German, etc) walked in through the front door to claim the first peoples beautiful homes as their own. MILLIONS died from the walk; no blankets to contamined blankets (small pox infested) for the men, women and children. They walked through every kind of weather (from all over) that this nation from the east coast to Oklahoma can dish out. Not a drop of compassion was given to the first people. Imagine every kind of evil that one can do to a group of people and KNOW that they suffered it. The natives gave all that they could to the new people. TODAY, with the wall of hate going on at the borders this Bush administration is trying to take land away from the Apache. Today, “people” are shooting the native people (on their own reservations) like they were animals for sport. (sounds like Palestine anyone?) Have you ever heard about it in the news? When will there be a NATIVE AMERICAN MONTH? When was the last time you saw a native american family having breakfast at Denny’s? Honor, diginity and respect is LOST on many american homes. Void not a glimmer of honor. How pathetic and sad.

    If you look at the islands that scatter the gulf of the US; they were inhabited long before the europeans showed up. Millions of natives on these islands were destroyed. Millions. Not a heart beat of acknowledgement in this country that this genocide ever happened. Read the history of Hawaii when the new americans decided to gather in all the islands; gads! The royal family of Puerto Rico were taken as slaves and the people destroyed; like animals. All of them. Thats just 2 of the islands; read about it. It will break your heart to know that maybe your ancestors had a hand in that; it was just the Jews turn. As #2 plainly showed; it keeps on happening .

    This is one of the reasons that I am Pagan. My church that I believed in as a child was dripping in blood. I use to run 5 miles a day; this was the beginning of my epiphany. Blood flowing, brain actived and alive, thinking, questions galore. I REFUSE to back anyone that will turn their back on the genocide of native peoples; Africa is being genocide for the white people. We need a president that is NOT taking AIPAC dollars; that would be Kuchinich and Edwards. We NEED a liberal leader; Obama and Hillary are not Liberals and they are accepting the AIPAC dollars.

    I hope, that is all that I can do. Hope. I beg that you do too.

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