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‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ is one of the most famous children’s stories of our time. It has taken on a new meaning these days with the likes of the Foxmans and others connected to various AIPAC affiliated organisations… they don’t cry ‘wolf’, they cry anti Semitism.

Just as the wolf wasn’t there until the end of the story, neither are the anti Semites. Those that criticise or condemn the genocidal policies of the State of Israel are not anti Semites. Those that speak out against apartheid and the building of a wall to separate Arab from Jew in Israel are not anti Semites. Neither are those that demand an end to the siege of Gaza. All of these people are humanists, good people speaking out against something evil. Where is the anti Semitism?

The term has been used and abused by the zionists for over 60 years to the point of ridiculous. Proof of this is the fact that hundreds of thousands of Jews speak out against these atrocities, as well as millions of Arabs, who also just happen to be Semites.

Rather than get Israel to abandon the aforementioned practices, they defend them with the label of anti Semite, a sign of the bankruptness of those polices. There is no way to justify murder, there is no way to justify the occupation of one nation by another, and surely there is no way to justify zionism today. As was the case in the ‘wolf story’, he did appear for real at the end and no one believed the little boy, the same might happen to the zionists one day and no one will be there to protect them.

Khalid Amayreh just wrote the following brilliant essay on this subject… it’s a must read.

Distorting anti-Semitism

By Khalid Amayreh in Occupied East Jerusalem

25 February, 2008

Zionist apologists and hasbara doctors have been trying of late to convince the European public opinion that opposition to Israel’s brutal treatment of the Palestinian people amounts, more or less, to a new form of anti-Semitism.


This week, the Israeli foreign ministry, in cooperation with Zionist circles in North America, announced the creation of the so-called “International Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism.”


“We’re witnessing a new, global, virulent and even lethal anti-Semitism without parallel or precedent since World War II,” said Canadian MP Irwin Colter, one of the organizer. “It is not only essential to sound the alarm, but it’s time to act.”


However, from reading in between the lines, it becomes amply clear that the real target these Zionist supremacists have in mind is not the morbid hatred of Jews for being Jews, otherwise known as anti-Semitism. It is rather the growing global awareness of and opposition to Israeli apartheid, criminality and genocidal policies being pursued in the occupied Palestinian territories.


In fact, it is not anti-Jewish racism that these liars are really seeking to fight; it is rather anti-Palestinian Israeli racism that they are trying to defend and protect. Racists, after all, are qualified to combat racism as much as pyromaniacs are qualified to fight fires.


Today, Israel, more than any other country on earth, is the number-1 generator, inducer and encourager of anti-Semitism.


Israel calls itself “the Jewish state” and claims to represent the Jews of the world. And as such, Israel’s Nazi-like actions and behaviors are bound to boomerang in one way or the other.


In the years following its misbegotten creation, Israel sought largely successfully to induce hatred for Jews in their respective places of residence in order to get them to fulfill Zionism and emigrate to a land made unholy by decades of lies, oppression and murder.


Now, Zionism is trying intimidate Europeans, especially European states, into endorsing Israeli Nazism, or at least playing deaf and dumb and looking the other way while generations of helpless Palestinians are murdered on a daily basis as the entire future of the Palestinian people is being decapitated in full view of the entire humanity.


In so doing, Israel and its hasbara mouthpieces is actually seriously cheapening anti-Semitism and helping, knowingly or unknowingly, the true haters of Jews.


True anti-Semites used to be those who hated Jews for being Jews. Today, the rabid dogs of Zionism would want us to believe that anti-Semites are also those who speak up in defense of human rights in Palestine, people, like Christian peace activists in Hebron, who escort terrified Palestinian kids to their schools, lest they be attacked by a ghoulish breed of Zionist Jews called “hilltop settlers.”


Well, who do these depraved Zionists think they are any way? Do they think they have a license from the Almighty to murder, lie, and steal, and when people speak up against these evils, all they have to do to stop them is to shout anti-Semitism! Anti-Semitism!


It is therefore imperative that all men and women of conscience, including thousands of honest Jews whose devotion to justice and morality always comes first, make clear to Israel and her tribal supporters that anti-Semitism will no longer be allowed to be used to justify genocide and ethnic cleansing in Palestine.


In the final analysis, we should be living in a moral universe, and if rejecting Israeli crimes in Palestine is anti-Semitism, which of course isn’t , then this proverbial “anti-Semitism should itself become a moral obligation of the highest order upon all conscientious men and women around the world.


It may well be true that there are those who utilize legitimate criticisms of Israel to promote real anti-Semitism. But who is to blame for this outcome? The Palestinians, the victims of Zionist racism, or the child-killers in Gaza and the West Bank who want the world to atone for one holocaust by allowing and enabling Israel to obliterate an entire people, the Palestinians, just as the Nazis had wanted to obliterate another entire people, the Jews, more than six decades ago.


But, likewise, is it not also true that “anti-Semitism” is often utilized to the fullest by many Zionist Jews to silence legitimate criticisms of this evil state that murders, lies and steals and then claims to be the only true democracy in the Middle East and a light upon the nations.


Some Zionist propagandists, who lie as often as they breathe, are also trying to make analogies between classical European anti-Semitism and the so-called Islamic anti-Semitism.


This is a cardinal lie as many honest Jews would readily admit. Muslims don’t hate Jews for being Jews. And Judaism enjoys a clear historical and religious legitimacy in Islam.


In fact, the Quran, Islam’s holy book, challenges Jews to live up to the sublime teachings of justice and morality that the Israelite prophets preached.


In recent history however, Zionism nearly succeeded in alienating hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world who share with Jews many fundamental beliefs, including the belief in the oneness of God and the centrality of justice and morality to human behavior.


Moreover, many Zionists Jews these days, especially in North America, are making strange bed-fellow with Pseudo-Christian lunatics who claim that Muslims have no souls and ought to be wiped off from the face of earth.


So, how does Zionism expect Muslims to react to this venomous enmity? Can Muslims, or indeed the rest of decent human beings, give Israel the benefit of the doubt under these circumstances?


To be sure, real anti-Semitism, along with Islamophobia and other forms of racism, should be rejected and fought relentlessly.


However, Israel and Zionism can’t create and consolidate the “cause” and then complain vociferously about the “effect.”


Besides, the time when Zionism could easily manipulate and blackmail the collective conscience of humanity is over for good.


  1. j.c. said,

    February 25, 2008 at 01:40




    They Say THEY are the MASTER Race !!!


  2. Musa said,

    February 25, 2008 at 03:29

    Excelant article

  3. steve said,

    February 25, 2008 at 03:36

    “The Arab world is the last bastion of unbridled, unashamed, unhidden and unbelievable anti-semitism. Hitlerian myths get published in the popular press as incontrovertible truths. The Holocaust either gets minimized or denied… How the arab world will ever come to terms with Israel when Israelis are portrayed as devil incarnate is hard to figure out.” – Columnist Richard Cohen
    Washington Post 10/30/2001

  4. Cheryl Benson said,

    February 25, 2008 at 15:09

    typical statement from the Washington Post. They are not myths, get out of mainstream media and yor own propoganda and see that zionsit Irsael and has no right to the loand in the first place is practicing excately what the Nazi’s did. The Zionists have been at this in the 1800’s and have their own agenda to wipe palistinians from palistine, it is time the arab world took a stand for Paslstine and BREAK THEIR TREATIES WITH ISREAL WHICH THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE YEARS AGO.. Cheryl Benson

  5. Cheryl Benson said,

    February 25, 2008 at 15:34

    By Iqbal Tamimi

    A serious crime and new political slap in the face for democracy is committed by the Zionist system against representatives of the Palestinian people by the abduction of the Palestinian ministers and MPs.

    The latest of which was the arrest of MP Ahmed al-Haj from the city of Nablus on 16/12/2007. Al-Haj is over Seventy-years old.

    Earlier on the 10th MP Dr. Maryiam Saleh Minister for Women in the Palestinian government has been abducted too. Dr Mariyam is a member in the Legislative Council from Ramallah governorate.

    The Minister of Palestinian Prisoner is in prison since many years… for the fifth time.

    There are more than 11.000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons, 117 of them are mothers. Some give birth while chained, and their children are forced to live in the cells where they do not live their childhood or play or go out.

    I don’t have to tell you about lack of healthy conditions, or medical negligence. Some prisoners are denied warm clothes sent to them by their families.
    They are held in 30 different prisons, and detention centers.
    1189 prisoner are schools, collages, and universities students of both genders, 330 of the detained are children. Not only the students were detained, but their teachers too, there are 107 Palestinian teachers in Israeli prisons. 1150 Palestinian prisoner suffer acute illnesses.

    A large number of the detained are denied visits by family members.

    Thousands of Palestinian detainees in the Negev desert prison and other detention camps such as Ofer prison near the town of Ramallah, Hawara, Qadumim, Megiddo, Nafha, Beer Sheva, Ashkelon and other prisons are shivering from the cold under waves of rain and snowfall coming from northern regions of the world especially that some are detained inside tents made of cloth surrounded by walls open to the cruel cold of the desert, living in wet tents caused by snow falls and rain, sleeping on boards made of wood which gets soaked wet.
    Soon in April 17th is the International day of prisoners. I hope you can join in denouncing what the Israeli government is doing to those prisoners, and demand their release to join their families.

    Do not rely on journalism to get the news, journalist were the first to be attacked and harassed so that you do not know what was going on.

    The records documented 1147 aggressive attacks on journalists by the Israelis. Only between 28th of September 2000, and 31st of March 2007.

    Please sign the petition and buy those prisoners some happiness

  6. DJ said,

    February 25, 2008 at 17:16

    One of the myths that has been perpetrated on the world is that only Jews are semites. This is totally inaccurate. Unfortunately, the ADL (the Anti-Defamation League) has made a fortune in donations and has conned most media networks and most people in the world into believing this untruth. Go to http://www.etresoi.ch/Denis/semitic.html and learn who actually is a Semite

  7. February 25, 2008 at 17:40

    […] by Sopan Greene on February 25, 2008 Source: Desert Peace Image ‘Copyleft’ by Carlos Latuff ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ is one of the most famous […]

  8. DanD said,

    February 25, 2008 at 18:47

    What’s happening today is not about “anti-Semitism,” or even about racism. Instead, it’s all about producing massive human die-off.

    Check out the basic science of it all. From ALL anaerobic life on Earth, approximately four billion tons of free oxygen is injected into the atmosphere every year. More than twice that volume of carbon fuels — from petroleum products to coal to the forested source of fire-place hearths — is, as greater humanity’s primary survival energy source, burned.

    For every carbon atom consumed, two free oygen atoms within the greater atmosphere are also suffocatingly locked away from aerobic life as an oxide compound.

    Ever since AT LEAST the 1840s, much more “free oxygen” has been robbed from the atmosphere than nature has been able to even marginally free back up.

    Furthermore, a significant percentage — at least one fifth — of the oxygen being transformed into gasses that are useless to aerobic life have, by the global technology of jet aircraft travel, been removed from the Earth’s lower stratosphere, where the Ozone layer effectively begins. As encompassingly exacerbated by the wholesale destruction of atmosphere-replentishing rain-forest and poisoning of tens-of-thousands of square kilometers of free-oxygen processing ocean surfaces, Ozone-bound free-oxygen is being removed from the stratosphere faster than a sufficient volume can rise up from the Troposphere. Without Ozone up there, UV radiation increasingly dissolves the very genes that make up our planet’s surface life.

    THIS ENTIRE circumstance of energy technology has specifically been economically developed in such a fashion that humanity simply cannot continue to sustain itself at its current population levels WITHOUT severely and perhaps even terminally damaging its own surrounding environment of both aerobic AND anaerobic life.

    The borderless genocide that’s currently happening in Palestine, and Darfur, and Iraq, and Afghanistan, and the Balkans … and of which specifically began in the United States more than a century ago with its wholesale agenda of genocide against the natives of North America ~ proceedingly continues to expand.

    Soon, with the magnifying tools of genetically engineered diseases, the unrestricted goal of die-off will species-specifically encompass ALL of human civilization … everywhere. This has been deemed necessary — even as it was economically engineered so — by the nameless powers-that-be in order that the greater realm of nature would not be wholly consumed by a vastly overpopulated, consumptively dying, poisonously pathological, intellectual species.

    Afterward, the already-chosen “endtime” survivors (no more than 500 million individuals) will have an entire globe of already harvested human resources from which to scavage their own survival needs for at least several thousand years needed while the planet heals itself from the bio-chemical damages recently produced by its grossly overpopulated human infection.

    And ultimately? The Zionists believe that they buy their own end-time survival from the real, “illuminated” money-masters by showing their other, momentarily useful compatriots how to best produce the genocidal deed needed to accomplish this New World Order of human population reduction.

    Boy, are they gonna’ be terribly disappointed in the end when they read the final “survivors” list.


  9. Blondie said,

    February 25, 2008 at 20:10

    “Jew” is just an imaginary social construct. People who call themselves Jews think they are different from other people, and that other people should always “do more” for the Jews. That is the whole problem, selfishness.

  10. February 25, 2008 at 20:40

    […] MISUSE AND ABUSE OF ANTI-SEMITISM Desertpeace MY WORLD IS DARK AND SILENT Desertpeace RACISM STILL ALIVE AND WELL IN ISRAEL ~~ ADMITTED TO BY ISRAELI SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE Desertpeace Gaza Diary: Sewage on our doorstep :: http://www.uruknet.info :: informazione dall’Iraq occupato :: news from occupied Iraq :: – it I think its a tragedy what is going on there right now… ALL of the middle east problems are centred around this one area i.e Palestine and Israel. I get angry when I read and watch recent events unfold.. how the Israeli goverment (even defying it’s own Israeli people’s concerns) goes about executing collective punishment to an entire race of people. Equally you have corrupt Palestinians who have no desire for peace, simply fueling their own ignorance and vengful desire to retaliate to the recent inhuman act by the IDF (like shooting a 12 year old through the head). It’s a perpetual state of voilence that seems to have no end.. neither side is willing to give into some humanity and bring about an end to the bloodshed while the world simply looks on. It’s interesting to mention the holocaust.. it happened and people suffered yet here we have the Israeli goverment performing like an oppressive regime hell bent on ethnic cleansing. It’s a shame, with all the wealth being poured into the next planned wars, if some of that effort was put into actually trying to stop the voilence between Israel and Palestine I am sure the whole Middle East region would be a far better place than it is now. __________________ Revolutions are exciting… but they leave many dead bodies […]

  11. Ted said,

    February 25, 2008 at 22:35

    What the Israelis are doing in Gaza and the West Bank is nothing less than what was done to them by the Nazis in the Warsaw ghettos. And they kill 6-8 Palestinians for every Jew killed. Every time. Their desire to demolish a 700 year old mosque because it ‘doesn’t have a building permit’ is a VERY dangerous and provacative statement. They are acting like the Taliban in destroying history. That in itself is a crime against humanity as a whole just like when ‘Christians’ looted and burned the library at Alexandria in 391AD. The zionists don’t have a clue about the worldwide backlash coming their way for their actions.Free Kosovo? Free Palestine!!!!!!! The precedent has been made, time to force the issue as Israels lap dog Bush and congress will fight tooth and nail for their zionist overlords. Get those feces bombs rolling at the IDF!

  12. sheikh said,

    February 26, 2008 at 01:51

    speaking of the boy who cried wolf…the girl who lived with wolves has gotta be an awful headache for Abe and company


  13. Doug said,

    February 26, 2008 at 17:35

    The term “anti-semitism” is itself a racist term used by racists.

    The english language already has a word for discrimination on the basis of race – Racism.

    Why is the word Racism not sufficient to describe discrimination against Jews? Are Jews so special that we need a special word to describe racism against them? Is racism against Jews somehow worse than racism against anyone else?

    Jews have chosen to separate themselves from the rest of us. We are considered Gentiles or Goyim, words meaning “everyone except Jews”. As far as I’m concerned, if they don’t want to be part of the human race, they don’t have to be, but my only concern is for humanity and any alien humanoid that considers itself not part of humanity is an enemy to be exterminated. Alien humanoids can return to whatever world they think they came from and leave the planet earth and its human inhabitants alone and we’ll leave them alone.

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