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Remember the name Baruch Goldstein? Fourteen years ago he charged into one of Palestine’s most sacred mosques, situated in the building that houses the Tomb of Abraham our Father, and gunned down 30 Muslims at prayer. He was killed before he could continue with his shooting spree…

His funeral was massive, he was, and still is revered in his sick community of Judeonazis as a saint. A memorial was built in his honour by his fellow countrymen (mostly from Brooklyn), which stands today as a shrine to hatred and intolerance. It is believed by many that the actions of this beast triggered the wave of suicide bombings in Israel as can be seen in THIS video.

There was no world outrage that the attack took place in a House of Prayer, that the victims were at prayer. There was no world outrage that the number of victims was 30…. they were Muslims, it just didn’t matter to them.

Now we come to another name, Alaa Abu Dheim. Ever hear of him? A name already erased by the Israeli press. Articles such as THIS one do not even mention his name. He too was a terrorist acting out his foul deed in a Jerusalem seminary late last week. He too was gunned down himself before he could massacre more than the eight students that he killed. The removal of his name from all reports seems to indicate Israel’s desire to blame every Palestinian for this crime… not just the one who pulled the trigger.

Unlike the fond farewell that Goldstein received from his fellow travelers, Israel is preventing Abu Dheim’s family from even burying their dead son….

Police are holding the body of the terrorist who attacked the Merkaz Harav yeshiva last week, pending agreement with his family that the funeral would not turn into a show of support for his actions.

Police had initially agreed to release the body of the gunman, a resident of East Jerusalem, for burial on Monday. However, shortly before the planned release of the body, the police learned that a large number of people and media had assembled at the cemetery.

The rest can be read in the following article….

Police holding body of yeshiva terrorist in row over funeral

Unlike the shootings in Hebron 14 years ago, the outrage and condemnations from the Western world has been unending. In this case it was eight Jews that were slaughtered in a a Jewish House of Prayer, key word being Jews… NOT MUSLIMS. THIS recent post of mine gives a background of the entire incident.

How does Israel and the West expect the wounds to heal in this corner of the world if they continue to rub salt in them? Let us all seek a path that will lead to tolerance and understanding rather than the one we are on now. Let us seek path where terrorism is not an option, but rather where peace is the norm.


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    Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4437

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    Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4444

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