A man of peace determined to bring his message to the land of war… the ultimate challenge. He is scorned for his efforts yet he continues….. truly a man to be admired.

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Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter fields questions from Haaretz Editor-in-Chief David Landau during an international Internet conference hosted by TheMarker.

Carter, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, brokered a peace treaty in 1979 between Israel and Egypt – the first such deal between Israel and an Arab neighbor. Carter is currently on a visit to the region that will also take him to the West Bank, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.


  1. Masher1 said,

    April 15, 2008 at 18:23

    Now Don’t get me wrong on the sound of it BUT Just what did this man have to do with the FORT KNOX inventory EO??? Why Jimmy?? Are we STUPID?? Do we not recall serious events of the past?? EVENTS Mr Carter is ALL too aware of. So save us all some time and GET WITH THE PROGRAM Mr Carter.

    What is going on with the GOLD of this world? I know You are VERY privy to all the sorted details of this scam of GIANT proportions SO cough EM UP or get bent.


    To the point.

    What of it Mr Carter Are you going to continue to remain quiet about the info you are holding that all of us need…. I mean come on You were the MAN. Right now TONS of heads are all yammering on and on and still the Disaster Machine of the USURY experts is rolling over ever increasing piles of DEAD and starving folks and the WHOLE while an ORDER YOU SIGNED is making it all possible to enact.

    I don’t care a hill of beans for all your talk at this point of wanting to do good if your not going to kneecap YOUR evil system with the weapons you possess YOU are just another PROBLEM to be overcome Mr Carter. God has a TON of FIX for the USURY person in ALL of there forms… Even the real sneaky ones.

    I say Carter has a Huge job to do to restore Palestine. Will he do it?

    I hope he does…. But if not he is just going to feed at the pain trough JUST LIKE HIS BRETHREN.

    Don’t like my tone here??? Tough! Carter has to fix plenty. And he is not alone either.

    This is a no screwing around sort of time for USA and the horror of it’s injection of israel into the land of Palestine.

    Man COULD be so much more. And Carter is just going to have to choose the way he will tread.. Half measures are NOT enough…

    Not by a long shot Mr President.

  2. lovenut jewish said,

    April 15, 2008 at 19:51

    President Jimmy Carter, is a larger than life human, he is an american hero, I hold him up and hi as one of the greatest american and world leader of our time.
    his message and hard work to bring about peace in the middle east, have been long and hard, the zionist have always been trying to fade him out of the american and world stage, but MR. Carter have never given up his work for world peace.

  3. Sam Bolivar said,

    April 16, 2008 at 17:42

    Masher1 –
    Your condescending tone concerning a relatively decent man is truly unfortunate. Please be nice to those trying to make a difference. And what are YOU doing to help?

    Jimmy Carter is far more humane, more courageous and more worthy as a human being than the other living U.S. presidents – of course, compared to the ilk of war criminals Bush and Clinton, that’s not much of a compliment! 😉 In any event, Carter is at least trying to make the world a better place, and we all owe him thanks.

    The U.S., a rogue state in its own right, needs to stop kowtowing to another rogue state (Israel) as it’s big, brutal bodyguard, and say:

    1) NO MORE will we be drawn into wars against your enemies.
    2) NO MORE will our nation be intimidated by your arrogant, brutal, mean, puny ‘country’ (Israel has no fixed borders, and no constitution – what exactly makes it qualify to be called a “country”, anyway!?).
    3) NO MORE will we be squandering our blood and treasure to guarantee you get oil. You want oil? Then you start making amends to, and more friends with, your oil-endowed neighbors, and buy it yourselves! You’ve got *plenty* of money, after all…

    To my fellow Americans – Israel is *not* a friend of the U.S., and never has been. It’s a sucker on our country’s budget, a leaching parasite. Israel has helped bankrupt the United States – yes, BANKRUPT. Our nation is already nearly in default, as we owe the equivalent of over $140,000 per living American, much of that to foreigners. Can you pay your share? I don’t have that amount of money lying around, so can’t (and won’t bother trying to) pay mine…

    Oh, and what has the USA gotten in thanks for our long-term largesse to the state of Israel? Well, Israel attacked the USS LIBERTY, intentionally, and then only paid paltry reparations when it was forced to – YEARS later. Israel takes our foreign aid, every year, at the front of the line – while other, poorer nations have to wait.

    Here is a warning to all Israelis – The internationally-illegal invasion, raping and pillaging of Iraq which your government helped bring about will eventually cause Uranium dust (thanks to the “Depleted” Uranium (DU) weapons used in Iraq by the immoral, brutally destructive, awesomely irresponsible Pentagon) to blow into Israel. IF YOU DO NOT FORCE YOUR LEADERS TO PRESSURE THE U.S. TO END THE IRAQ OCCUPATION, AND START CLEANING UP THE RADIOACTIVE DUST ASAP, MANY OF YOUR CHILDREN WILL PROBABLY GET CANCER/LEUKEMIA/ ETC. So, for the sake of your children, and humanity, please…

    From the website of the Uranium Medical Research Centre (UMRC), one link – http://www.umrc.net/facts_and_fictions.aspx) :

    There are a number of fictions about DU. UMRC would like to respond to a few.
    Fiction: Uranium is ubiquitous in nature and therefore is no cause for concern.
    Fiction: DU is not harmful; it is depleted in U235.
    Fiction: Alpha particles can’t penetrate clothes and skin.
    Fiction: Governments and the World Health Organization (WHO) have tested for DU.
    Fiction: Uranium usage levels is too low to be a concern or merit investigation.
    Fiction: There are no serious effects from low-level exposure to Uranium.
    Fiction: DU weapons dust soon dissipates and does not travel far from the explosion site.

    Let’s stop warring on our neighbors, and strive for peace!

    My best to all good people, and my thanks for all you do.

    Sam Bolivar – New York, USA
    StrivingForJustice at yahoo dot com

  4. Masher1 said,

    April 17, 2008 at 01:13

    What ever. I stand at my point of view. Many stand with me.

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