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Another attempt to discredit a vocal anti zionist group is underway as I write this. The Kosher Nostra apparently hacked into the system of a magazine known as Tikkun and has been sending out nasty messages in their name offering sexual enhancements, among other things.

This is nothing more than another example of Internet harassment, one of the zios’s latest tactics in attempting to stop the truth from reaching the people.

Instead of selling sexual enhancements, the zios should be selling mental enhancements… TO THEIR OWN FOLLOWERS.

Rabbi Michael Lerner, the editor of Tikkun sent out the following in response to the attack on his Website.
As he so bravely states… don’t let the spammers win.’

Some kind of virus has managed to infiltrate

our Mac-based system and has been sending

out messages in our name offering sexual

enhancements, financial deals, and other

stuff that is obviously not connected to our

goals or mission.

The obvious impact of this kind of spamming

is to discourage you from opening anything

from Tikkun or from Rabbi Lerner or from

the Network of Spiritual Progressives. It’s

a perfect way to destroy our capacity to

bring you our unique perspective and analyses.

Please don’t fall for it. Please keep opening

our emails–but not ones that suggest sexual

deals or involvements or opportunities,

financial involvements or opportunities,

or sales of other items not related to a

spiritual politics. They are not from us,

but it appears to be impossible to stop

them. Don’t let this keep you from opening

our messages, please.

Among the things you may have missed: that

Rabbi Lerner has once again been selected

by Newsweek as one of the 50 most influential

rabbis in America and that we are open for nominations

for Tikkun awards for people who have contributed to

the healing and transformation of our planet; that we

have a training for anyone who is interested in becoming

an activist for the Global Marshall Plan or for the New

Bottom Line philosphy of the Network of Spiritual

Progressives (in Washington DC, May 23-26); that our

new Tikkun issue deals with the 60th anniversary of the

State of Israel (written by a wide variety of respondents,

including Arabs, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims as well

as many Jews) and that if Tikkun isn’t sold in a book store

near you, insist that they carry it!; that Jimmy Carter took

a very courageous move in meeting with Hamas and getting

them to make clear that they would accept Israel if the

Palestinian people vote for any land deal that included

Israel returning to its pre-67 borders, for which Carter has

been attacked widely in the media and deserves your

support by you writing letters to your Congresspeople

and your local and national media demanding that they

give more attention to what he discovered in his meetings

in Syria; that if you are interested in Jewish Renewal,

you might want to attend Beyt Tikkun’s annual retreat

(more info at;

and that House Res. 1078 (our Global Marshall Plan)

can best be supported by you urging your Congressperson

and Senators to co-sponsor it, collecting signatures in

endorsement of it, and signing on as an endorser yourself

of the plan which you can do (and donate) at .

Please open our emails–don’t let the spammers win.

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