Please read the following and add your name to end this outrage.

Photo of Khalid Amayreh

SIGN THE PETITION To Lift Travel Restrictions on Palestinian Journalist To: Israeli and Palestinian Authorities -Palestinian journalist Khalid Amayreh, who lives in the West Bank, has been invited to attend a media conference in Germany. As required, he set about to request all of the necessary travel documents, including a visa that needs to be granted from the German representative office in Ramallah. Mr Amayreh was granted an entry visa to Germany. However, the Israeli military authorities have refused to give him a permit to leave the West Bank. No Palestinian can travel abroad without receiving such a permit beforehand. There is indeed no justification for the violation of this man’s civil and human rights, and along with him, the rights of all others who are denied freedom of movement with no justification whatsoever. We ask for the immediate revision of the decision regarding Mr Amayreh, so that he is granted the documents necessary for him to exercise his freedom of movement allowing him to continue to provide for himself and his family in the work that he is employed in. k1h2a3l4/petition.html


  1. Jack Alexander said,

    May 29, 2008 at 14:34

    Lift all travel restrictions. Walls and borders are wrong. Free discourse is correct thinking. We live in an information age, not the dark ages…

  2. lennybruce said,

    May 29, 2008 at 19:53

    It’s clear why he can’t leave. Well, I mean besides the usual reasons that the Israeli authorities, supported by their democratic constituency the Israeli people, seem to have developed this insatiable urge to treat the Palestinians as sub-human. It seems that this journalist was recently involved with the interesting Rabbi Frohman in discussing a religious based cease fire with Hamas, one which would build on shared religious values of peace, innocent life and some other of that apparently ‘nutty’ stuff for the Israeli government that our two great religions share. (see Anyone who would talk to Hamas about a cease fire which could perhaps have a good chance of succeeding is obviously a danger to Israel’s control of the lets-make-believe-we-want-to-talk-peace process.

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