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Did you ever have a surprise party planned for you that you found out about ahead of time? Do you remember how your friends and family begged you to act surprised? It’s happened to many of us at one time or another….

But how often does it happen with countries? The United States has made it virtually impossible for residents of the Palestinian Occupied Territories to obtain visas to visit the United States for many years now. For a year there has been a siege and blockade on the Gaza Strip converting that territory into nothing less than a concentration camp.
Now Fulbright Scholarships are being canceled because of this…. brilliant minds literally put on hold because of apartheid and racism…..
And the U.S. State Department is acting surprised?????
They are the one’s behind this in the first place!

They definitely deserve an Oscar for this performance!

US grants canceled for 7 Gaza students

Fulbright scholarship recipients to stay home, cannot leave Strip due to Gaza siege; Rice says she’s surprised by decision

Associated Press

Hadeel Abu Kawik was supposed to spend next year in the United States on the prestigious Fulbright scholarship program, but now it appears she will remain trapped in the Gaza Strip by an Israeli blockade. Word that the US State Department was canceling her scholarship came after Abu Kawik, 23, a computer engineering student, went through a lengthy process for the scholarship that included interviews, exams and an English test.

“I was building my hope on this scholarship,” she said Friday.

In all, seven Gaza students lost their grants. The decision was made because they would not be able to get exit visas from Israel, according to State Department Spokesman Tom Casey.

The scholarships meant for the Gazans will be offered instead to Palestinian students from the West Bank, Casey said, “rather than lose them for this year.” The eight Gazans will be eligible next year, he said.

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said she was surprised to learn that the State Department had yanked the scholarships. Rice said she is going to look into it since she believes it’s important to help young Palestinians. She said that engaging young people is key to the future of a Palestinian state.

Later, the State Department said it was pressing the Israeli government to allow the Palestinian students to travel to the United States.

“We are trying to revisit this issue with the Israeli government,” State Department spokesman Tom Casey told reporters

‘I don’t know what to do’

An Israeli military spokesman said the US made the decision about the scholarships on its own, but confirmed that only urgent humanitarian cases are allowed through Gaza’s crossings and that does not include students.

“We are extremely sorry that we are unable to finalize your scholarship at this time, and hope you will reapply next year and be able to complete your studies in the US,” read the letter received Thursday by another one of the eight students from the US consulate in Jerusalem.

Abu Kawik’s said her family, living in the United Arab Emirates, has repeatedly asked her to leave Gaza. But she insisted on staying because of her hopes for the Fulbright grant.

“Now I don’t know what to do — to wait by myself in Gaza for another year with no guarantee what the answer will be?” Abu Kawik said. “Actually I just don’t know. I was astonished at how the United States government cannot get a few students out of Gaza.”


  1. JohnnygettingMad said,

    May 31, 2008 at 21:24

    Leave people alone… Do it now. Just because you got a big business or a great group of well to do friends doesn’t mean you can walk in and screw with every aspect of other peoples lives. GET A DIFFERENT HOBBY. I hear painting is nice. Maybe we could paint cities something other than grey and brown…
    Maybe you can let the people of ANY country go to ANY country they want since all countries are on the SAME PLANET. What obscene arrogance to restrict an individuals travel. Obscene. This planet needs a mom and dad that don’t mind spanking the current leadership and sending it to its room so the other kids can play and have fun without some moron with an army of guns acting all the fool….

  2. Kim said,

    June 1, 2008 at 05:28

    Don`t you just love that international terrorism-I`m sorry!-I meant “american democracy”.

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