Israeli campaign against Hamas-affiliated institutions in Nablus continues

Nablus – Ma’an – The Israeli authorities on Wednesday continued with their campaign against alleged Hamas-affiliated institutions in Nablus for the third consecutive day.

Sources in the Palestinian Ministry of Endowment told Ma’an’s reporter that Israeli forces raided six mosques in the city, including the Nimir Nabulsi Mosque, the Hamza Mosque, the ‘Aeshiyya Mosque and the Nimir Salah Addin Mosque. These mosques are all under control of the Palestinian ministry of endowment and have nothing to do with political rivalry.

Ma’an’s reporter said that Israeli forces stormed Nablus municipal council at midnight and blowing up the main entrance to the accounting department before confiscating four computers, a number of maps and a CCTV camera. They also ransacked the offices of the mayor and deputy mayor.

Deputy mayor, Hafidh Shaheen told Ma’an, “These measures are a message to Nablus institutions telling them that Israeli assaults will go on.”

He called on all local institutions to initiate a joint response to the Israeli assaults adding that on Tuesday all Nablus’ institutions went on general strike in protest against the closure of Nablus Mall.

Separately, Israeli forces confiscated five school buses in several neighborhoods in Nablus. Sources in the Islamic school in Nablus said three of the school’s mini buses were taken. Another bus was taken from the Qur’an Academy and one belonging to the Riyad As-Saliheen School. All the buses were loaded onto military trucks and taken away.

More than 30 Israeli military vehicles raided the nearby town of Qabalan town, closing a sewing workshop and a Qur’an school, local Palestinian sources told Ma’an’s reporter. Israeli forces also stormed the offices of the municipal council in the town, confiscating computers and documents. The buildings sustained considerable damage during the raid.

Furthermore, Israeli forces raided the Zakat (alms giving) clinic in the village of Aqraba near Nablus and confiscated computers and documents.

Ma’an’s reporter added that Israeli forces also raided offices of the municipality of the village of Tell, south west of Nablus.

On Monday Israeli forces closed four Hamas-affiliated charities in Nablus, confiscating computers and cash. Six Hamas-affilated associations in the city were shut on Tuesday as part of an Israeli crackdown on Islamic charities in the West Bank

Israeli authorities claimed the charities were part of Hamas’ infrastructure in Nablus, and that was the reason they were shut down.

Israel’s legal authorities have recently approved such raids on Hamas-affiliated Islamic charities in the West Bank, in a bid to curb Hamas’ rising popularity. Israeli Forces have been carrying out similar raids in the Hebron, Qalqilyah and Ramallah areas since the beginning of the year, but the legal sanction means the campaign will now be expanded to other parts of the West Bank.

According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) more than 50 charities have been closed down by Israeli forces over the past two years.

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