By Khalid Amayreh

As British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was having an audience with Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem, the Israeli occupation army was raping anew the Palestinian town of Nablus, rounding up and humiliating innocent people, violating homes and vandalizing businesses.

On Sunday and early Monday, the so-called Israeli Defense Forces raided the northern city, for the fourth time in less than three weeks, as thousands of CIA-trained Palestinian security personnel were watching from their comfortable headquarters nearby.

The invading forces arrested dozens of innocent people, including a lawmaker named Muna Mansur, the wife of an Islamic political leader who was murdered by a Jewish death squad while sitting in his office in downtown Nablus several years ago.

The detainees, who are likely to be dumped in an Israeli concentration camp for lengthy periods of time, have committed no felony or even misdemeanor. Their only “guilt” seems to be their conscientious opposition to the Nazi-like Israeli occupation of their country.

Two weeks ago, the same Jewish forces, acting like the German Gestapo, ransacked the main commercial center of Nablus, raiding commercial malls, beauty salons, a major medical center and numerous other institutions, crushing furniture, smashing equipments and vandalizing public and private property.

These acts of rape passed quietly as the governments of Europe and North America, thoroughly absorbed in their pornographic hypocrisy toward the Palestinian plight, kept silent. After all, the victims are Palestinian, they are Arabs, they are Muslims.

These are the same governments that have been demanding rather shamelessly the prompt and unconditional release of an Israeli combat soldier who was taken prisoner by Palestinian fighters near the Gaza Strip more than two years ago, while utterly ignoring the fate of more than 10,000 Palestinian detainees languishing in Israeli dungeons and detention camps.

This pattern of moral whoredom on the part of European and North American leaders is echoed ad nauseam every time a European or American or Canadian official sets foot on the soil of occupied Palestine, a holy land made unholy by the overwhelming obscenity of Israel’s oppression of a people whose only guilt is its enduring determination to survive and be free.

There, these officials and statesmen utter a few empty words about the “glory of Israeli democracy” before returning home, hoping to have succeeded in impressing the international Zionist cartel which effectively controls the policies, politics and governments of most western countries.

Gordon is no exception. He is just another carbon copy of the typical hypocritical, double-faced, and morally bankrupt western leader who tries to blur his dishonest discourse with diplomatic niceties and nice-sounding statements.

In fact, not only did Gordon keep his mouth shut regarding Israeli oppression of the Palestinians, apparently fearing upsetting his arrogant Zionist hosts, but he also reiterated the same mantra western leaders like to utter whenever they visit Europe’s ugly brat in the Middle East.

Brown, whose country gave birth to ugly Zionist entity, vowed that Britain would “back Israel’s right to exist,” a euphemism for backing Israel’s settlement expansion and territorial aggrandizement at the expense of the Palestinian people.

Indeed, this is how Israel understands such statements from western leaders because if a given western country doesn’t fully support Israel’s genocidal campaign against the Palestinians, then the government of that country must be advocating the destruction of Israel and the extermination of the Jewish people!!

In short, from the Israeli perspective, Europe and America have two choices vis-à-vis Israel, either they support the liquidation of Palestine and its native people, the Palestinians, or get themselves ready for vociferous Jewish accusations of being Nazis, anti-Semites and “Hamas lovers”!!!

I don’t know why western leaders, such as Gordon, keep talking about Israel’s right to exist while rarely alluding to the Palestinian people’s right to exist. Do they think that Palestinians are unimportant? Do they consider the rights of the “Chosenites” to be superior to and override the rights and lives of the non-Chosenites?

Besides, one might really wonder how a country that possesses more than 300 nuclear warheads and is also in tight control of the American government and Congress has its “right to exist” threatened by a people who spend half of their time stranded at Israeli roadblocks and checkpoints and the other half struggling to make ends meet?

What is the problem with these European and American leaders who keep parroting these illogical formulas about Israel and its miraculous achievements? Are they drunk? Are they ignorant? Are they irremediably dishonest?

In addition to his shooting from the hip about Israel, Brown had the audacity to claim that Palestinian economic prosperity was the key to foster and consolidate peace. He went as far as saying that he planned to implement an “economic roadmap” in occupied Palestine in an effort to develop and stabilize the region.

But, undoubtedly, these are manifestly stupid remarks since no economic prosperity can be achieved in a jungle of roadblocks and checkpoints and hundreds of other physical barriers that reduce the West Bank to an archipelago of miserable Bantustans and townships, cut off from each other and virtually isolated from the rest of the world.

Shouldn’t Brown have consulted with his predecessor, Tony Blair, and asked him about the feasibility of effecting economic prosperity in the West Bank under a Nazi-like military occupation regime that is hell-bent on making the Palestinians’ daily life an unbearable hell so that they would eventually leave their homeland.

Blair, who had harbored wild hopes about reviving the Palestinian economy, mainly in order to induce Palestinians to be flexible on such paramount issues as the “right of return” and “Jerusalem” has lately come to recognize the impossibility of any serious economic revival in the West Bank due to the ubiquitous presence of the Israeli occupation.

Nonetheless, the often criminal western collusion with Israel against the Palestinians and against justice wouldn’t have had a conspicuously sinister impact had it not been for the presence of a perfidious “Palestinian” authority that is very much at America’s, and therefore Israel’s beck and call.

Well, what is the point of having a “Palestinian Authority” in whose presence and under whose rubric the Israeli occupation army rapes our population centers every day and every hour and every minute?

What is the point of having flamboyant PA leaders having photo ops and “friendly and constructive and positive” meetings with western leaders when all these encounters can’t even save a Palestinian home from the claws of one Israeli bulldozer?

Surely, no one is demanding that the PA militarily confronts brutal Israeli barbarianism.

However, playing the role of a Palestinian Judenrat vis-à-vis Israel represents the ultimate act of national treason. That is the message that Palestinians everywhere ought to communicate to the American-backed junta in Ramallah.


  1. Brown is Blair's puppet said,

    July 21, 2008 at 21:45

    Brown is a puppet of Blair, and is worth no consideration whatsoever. Brown was only chosen because he is the most brain-dead racist in the New Labour organisation, and that serves a current utility, but he is a worthless and disposable asset. Brown’s support amongst the public is literally zero.

    The palestinians would be of no concern to Blair, if not for the fact that their fate interferes with the plan to destroy Iran. Thus the issue is handled as one of pure propaganda, revolving around a measure of public awareness and unhappiness about the daily crimes against humanity carried out by the violent jewish extremists of Israel. The mainstream media is entirely under control of Blair, and his allies, so the message is constantly massaged.

    Each day, the intelligence gathered by directly tapping internet and mobile phone communication (text messages) is used to assess the state of the public’s mind. Our emails, text messages, instant messages, forum entries etc allow a precision of judgement infinitely greater than at any time in the past. If Brown’s action, and its coverage in the zionist controlled mainstream media of the UK, causes ripples amongst a significant part of the UK populace, propaganda counter-measures will be used for adjustment, including an apparent move by the UK government toward the palestinian position.

    A trip into Gaza by any senior New Labour thug would fit the bill, for instance. Blair knows that the israelis will be given the green-light to wipe out the entire palestinian population, once the invasion of Iran finally goes ahead, sometime after the election of a democrat for president of the USA toward the end of this year.

    The depraved palestinian stooges that support Blair and Israel are promised the same golden parachute as that given to the early jewish collaborators of the nazi regime in Germany. These people care only about the power their families will inherit in the future, as a reward for their acts of genocidal betrayal. They can be correctly labelled as psychopaths (or sociopaths- same thing).

    Just before WW2 began, acts of ‘little politics’ and ‘little diplomacy’ was all the public heard. All this was a meaningless distraction, since the roads leading to war had long since been established. The same is true today. Cry about the words of this, or that, scumbag politician, and you miss the point. Global war is now unstoppable, and the first battleground (and victim) will be the middle-east.

    No-one will even notice the extermination of the palestinians, when most of Iran is wiped out. No-one will continue to think about Iran, when the jewish and christian zionists turn their sights on Pakistan, and the first major goal, Saudi Arabia. Stage one will be the removal of muslim influence from the territories considered part of the European block, and this will, of course, include the wholesale stealing of their oil assets.

    Beware, however. This war, sold to greedy, selfish, scared people (of Europe and the USA) as a means of ‘saving the planet’, ‘solving economic problems’, ‘removing that ‘bad’ religion’, ‘bringing freedom and human rights’ and so on, has a very different real agenda.

    Well, I lied, there are two agendas, another phoney one, and the final true one. The second phoney agenda is that laid out by the visible political extremists in the US- namely preparation for the big war with China. Here, the USA can no longer afford to respect ‘niceties’ like ‘human rights’, or any other moral code held dear by Humans. Instead, ‘might is right’, and what can be done to maximise ‘might’ will be done. Assets that can be grabbed at acceptable cost will be grabbed. Think Hitler, and you’ll have the idea.

    The real, real agenda is far worse (sorry). This agenda invokes a complete re-organisation of human existence via the consequences of total geocidal warfare, reducing the planet’s population to a fragment of its current size. Massive new underground facilities are being built by all governments that can afford to do so (experience any strange earthquakes recently in places that never have them?- such underground building requires deployment of explosives beyond your comprehension). So called ‘doomsday’ resources are being safely stored in those areas of the planet least likely to suffer direct strikes.

    The real agenda seeks to create such chaos and unhappiness, that our politicians get the chance to deploy the most powerful weapons in their arsenal. Worse again is that some amongst this group are actually looking to wipe all life from the Earth, and return our planet to the same status as the others in the solar system. If life can fight to survive, do not doubt the existence of an anti-life force that seeks to keep life out of the universe.

    Sorry to sound so esoteric, but I honestly think that few people understand the significance of the greater part of all Human effort being deployed to invent and manufacture weapons of the greatest and most complete destructive power possible. Is this how you act at home- spending most of your waking hours planning and building weapons to store in your house- I think not! If it makes less than zero sense to do this at the family level, how does it make sense to do this at the nation level?

    There is a clear distinction between planning for self defense, and planning for genocide. Blair plans for genocide, and has never sought to hide this fact.

  2. Involute Mirage said,

    July 21, 2008 at 21:52

    When a group of people have the means (mainly blackmail) to infiltrate and as some guy made it clear when he used the phrase (“Rule by Proxy”) and buy and sell-off politicians like candy, what can you do about it? Talking about the corruption is a hell of alot easier then doing something. It’s not going to be easy to clean the Mossad out from the security systems or governments, and you know why? That would mean the entire way of doing business would have to be changed. No more lobby, no more lies or shallow promises by politicans. No more big business. No more peace T-shirts that are advertised and worn by people smoking dope that the government probably laced with brain cell mutation genes. No more of everything.

    The only way the New World Order is going to be stopped is when God decides man will not be able to no longer know the difference between good and evil and goes with the evil.
    I myself keep praying to God to give me enough time to finish building my boat.

  3. Les Visible said,

    July 21, 2008 at 21:59

    Well said… thank you. It’s right there, happening every day and everybody acts like it isn’t happening or that these people who were thrown off their land armed with rudimentary weapons are somehow a threat to those with an enormous military presence who continue to assault them without reason and it is still their fault. Of course the Israelis are kind and beautiful people, of course the Palestinians are ravening terrorists… but… but… that’s not it at all. The Walrus and the Carpenter are walking by the seashore and it is not oysters that they are eating.

  4. jan fourie said,

    July 22, 2008 at 05:34

    the reason brown is there now is the same reason that sarkozy was there and merkel. ratification of the EU treaty. israel relies on extortion and handouts and germany has nothing left to give. the american public are waking up to the amount of money being sent to israel against their wishes so the EU is next to be milked dry.
    of course, the financiers in london will have made this very clear to dear gordon!

  5. gmathol said,

    July 22, 2008 at 06:46

    There is UN Security Council not sanctioned genocide like this poor guy Kradciz did and there is sanctioned genocide.

    So, US or JEWSA (USA/Israhell) are allowed to butcher, murder or run concentration camps.

  6. Mark said,

    July 22, 2008 at 07:45

    How can anyone say that Western politicians are not in the pay, or control, of these right wing lunatics who claim to be God’s chosen people.

    The Israelies are not the the Jews of the Old Testament but pretenders of East European Ashkenazi stock who’s descendants were not even from the Middle East. They became “Jewish” in the 1200s. To say these people have a right to Palestine is a complete and utter absurdity.

    Orthodox Jews know the score from the Torah – The current Israel is a blasphemy, God has not called these people to a land they never inhabited, no Sir, the country was stolen by East European terrorists and organized criminals.. That is the truth. That is what the West is supporting.

  7. Involute Mirage said,

    July 22, 2008 at 14:40

    The Earthly false prophet, that some say will be the head of the one-world government, is preparing the way for the “Beast”. Which may rise up from the abyss of the devils sea.

    Psalms 109 : 6 (2009?) Set thou a wicked man over him: and let satan stand at his right hand.

    The false prophet is like a many headed beast of a single body, and is right at this very moment rolling out the red carpet for the one who will in fact be running the show of the New World order. The order which the Bush’s want so much. The Bush’s infact got Hitler started. And still America’s child-like Christian peoples treat the Bush clan as benevolent care givers.

    The ones who are last to go in accepting the Beast and finish deception plan are the religious people accepting the will of the false jews.
    When you see all these counterfeit jews ,Richard “prince of darkness” Pearle, is but one example of the satanic fallen spirits that now reside in the bodies of America’s dragon heads, and how they escape and are hidden by the elite, it doesn’t take a high IQ to realize we are in the final moments. The bible does tell us they can and will be defeated. But will it be before Armaggedon or long after? It is up to those who haven’t been fooled by the silver snake tongues of the jewish lawyers that we see all over the American and Canadian media.

    It should be obvious now just as to why the world is on the brink of WWII.

  8. Involute Mirage said,

    July 22, 2008 at 14:41

    WWIII, The trident, Poseidon.

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