By Khalid Amayreh in occupied East Jerusalem

Barack Obama has finally made his long-awaited pilgrimage to Israel, a rite of passage that no aspiring American politician, let alone a presidential candidate,  can afford to miss or  ignore.

There (or rather here),  Obama uttered  all the politically-correct words that Israeli leaders and especially Israel-firsters back home  would want to hear.

He called the creation of Israel in Palestine in 1948 a “miracle,” utterly  ignoring the near obliteration of Palestine  and   expulsion to the four corners of the world of the vast bulk  of its indigenous Christian and Muslim inhabitants.

The presidential hopeful told Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that “I have come to communicate to you my fervent support for Israel.”

In Sderot, in southern Israel, Obama was quoted as saying the following: “If somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I would do everything in my power to stop that, and would expect Israelis to do the same thing.”

Of course,  he mentioned absolutely nothing about the Israeli campaign of murder and terror against  Gaza,  particularly the year-long harsh blockade of the coastal enclave’s  estimated 1.5 million inhabitants, which has killed and maimed thousands of innocent men, women and children whose only “crime” is that they had dared elect a government the Bush administration and Israel didn’t  like.

Predictably, Obama lashed out at Iran, saying that “a situation in which Iran was capable of making nuclear weapons would be “game-changing” and would have repercussions across the world.

Again, he utterly and totally ignored Israel’s estimated 300 nuclear warheads, as if  even alluding to this well-known fact was an earth-shaking taboo.

Obama is not ignorant of the facts in the Middle East. He is well-aware of the evil nature of the  Israeli occupation of Palestine and the equally criminal treatment meted out to the Palestinian people.

He also knows well that true and just peace with the Palestinians is the last item on Israel’s agenda as evidenced from the unmitigated Jewish settlement expansion in the West Bank, especially in occupied Arab East Jerusalem.

Non the less, Obama is also meticulously conscious  of the whoring theatre of American politics where political correctness  always exceeds and overrides moral rightness.

He knows that the nearly complete Jewish domination of the “media discourse” in America leaves him with only two choices: Either he be conscientious, in which case he would  most probably lose; or play the political prostitution game quite skillfully, and have a fair chance of winning. Obama has obviously opted to adopt the later choice.

It is of course true that the sole reason behind Obama’s visit to Israel, a country that got the US involved in two wars in the Middle East and is now  hell-bent trying to get  the Bush Administration to wage a third  war, this time  on Iran, has  more to do with his efforts to  impress  American Jewish voters, especially American Zionist leaders, than  with showing solidarity with “Sderot” or underscoring his commitment to peace in the Middle East.

But this is only partially true. There are far more Hispanic voters in the US than Jewish voters, but Obama has made no pilgrimage to Mexico as he has to Israel.

Similarly, there are probably at least as many American  Muslim voters as there are Jewish voters, who unlike the Jews are expected to overwhelmingly vote for Obama, given their conspicuously nightmarish experience with the  Bush administration, especially its witch-hunting campaign against American Muslims.

Yet we have seen Obama display a virtually phobic reaction toward  everything and anything Islamic, from refusing to be photographed with two hejab-wearing supporters recently to him completely disavowing his childhood Islamic heritage as  if the religion of  Islam,  which gave the world so much in terms of  civilization and culture,  were something to be ashamed of.

This probably explains why Obama  has carefully avoided visiting the Haram al Sharif esplanade in East Jerusalem, one of the world’s most splendid sites, lest he be caught inadvertently showing signs of respect to the holy place or shaking hands with a Muslim scholar.

Then his  political opponents back home would rather enthusiastically   seize “the golden opportunity” of having finally found   the ultimate  “proof” that Obama is in fact  a “crypto-follower of Osama bin Laden.”  After all,  Obama’s last name and Osama’s first have 80% similarity.!!!

Well, anything could work in a country that can be so easily   mesmerized by spin doctors and misled to the abyss  by organized mendacity.

Yes, it is the spin doctors, the professional liars, that Obama is worried about, I would say much more than he is about Jewish voters. This is why he probably doesn’t want to give them any chances, even at the expense of whatever moral credentials he might have.

I know that the hardcore Jewish leadership in America doesn’t really  like or trust Obama, mainly because in the tone of his voice they detect a propensity to refuse total submission to Jewish power. This is the reason that their support of the black candidate is shrouded with more than a thin façade of hypocrisy and disingenuousness.

But why would  the “omnipotent lobby” not  unmask its doubts and lack of certitude about Obama and switch support to Senator McCain, who is with Israel, heart and soul?

Well, because they are worried  that in case Obama won the race,  they lobby would probably fall out of favor  with the  next master of the White House. And that would be very bad for Israel. Hence, their uttered slogan is “we must not allow this Negro to outsmart or outmaneuver us.”

Surely, American Zionism and its powerful lobby, which  effectively controls American politics and policies,  is fond of  Obama’s tongue. But they are not so sure about Obama’s mind and heart.

So, far Obama has done a remarkable job hiding whatever discrepancy there might be  between his tongue and his conscience. This is what irks Israel’s firsters  most.

Well, let us hope that Obama will be the  next President of the United States. At least if he can’t stand up to Israel , whose former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was rumored to have said “We, the Jews, control America and the Americans know it,” he, at the very least, would  be the lesser of the two evils, since a McCain’s presidency would mean another four years of George W. Bush’s policies.


  1. July 25, 2008 at 09:06

    I think Obama COULD stand up to Israel given that he is anti-zionist but he will still need all the political power to do it- the Palestine lobby community to counter AIPAC needs to be out there now with the loud speakers.

    They certainly can be defeated and we must defeat them!!!

    The sad thing is its not the soldiers fault either, they’re just acting out with those raging hormones. The real problem is the racist rabbis who indoctrinate these soldiers, these people of the IDF from a very young age to believe they are the biblical chosen people and have “MORAL” authority, to treat everyone else lesser!

    Or treat them like THIS! My god the things in the Babylon bible sound just like they came from Satan. No just God could EVER demand a chosen race which treats everyone else out there like lesser animals. These people following the racist teachings of that book, of osiris and the pharisees, they are truly the most poisoned of the mind & soul to give all the soldiers this teaching and make them believe in it like they believe in santa claus.

    Same principle applies!!!!

  2. lara said,

    July 25, 2008 at 09:46

    “…he ( Obama), at the very least, would be the lesser of the two evils, since a McCain’s presidency would mean another four years of George Bush’s policies”

    Let us look at the “lesser evil”:
    1. Obama is A Manchurian Candidate of Zbignev Brzezinsky.
    Is Brzezinsky is “lesser evil” than Kissinger, an open Zionist, an old time “friend of Israel”, the Mastermind of McCain? Let see …
    There is a few things Zbignev Brzezinsky hates the most: first , Russia; second Jews; as to Palestinians – ZB does not care : they may die with or without his participation. The Obama’s few “productive” days , he spent with the Israel’s Masters, demonstrated his services to his own Master on the huge, world wide, screen, stained with the blood of Palestinian children. Very scary.
    2. Obama is the very smart diplomatic invention of the shattered and shaken Disaster Capitalism. Himself, Obama has no value. That has shown that the Brzezinsky’s mind works sharper than the Kissindger’s: it will prolong the agony of the system, mostly by the continuation of the wars around the planet.
    That makes Obama even the “greater evil” than McCain: the primitiveness of the latter is familiar, and therefore easy to denounce and to shot down.
    3. Obama is primitive as well and it is terribly depressing to see the primitivism of “young American voters” , running behind his “hope/change” demagoguery,
    in a… “hope” they even can not formulate.
    4. Obama, a selected (it goes without saying) occupant for the Lincoln’s bed in the White House. He is young and, no doubts, charming. So, he might sleep there for next 8 years. All, what Brzezinsky should do , it’s to change George and Laura’s dirty sheets. Tat is a hope.
    5. BEWARE OF OBAMA as you are beware of Clintons and McCain.
    To look in depth maybe even is not nevessery:Obama’s surface is getting more and more stained with evety and each day he is coming closer to spot.
    6. National-wide boycott of the November’s upcoming elections could give the birth to A Hope. But this is also a pipe dream: we are long overdue illiteral , ignorant and therefore can not encourage our “young voters” to think in depth .

    “The lesser evil” or “the greatest evil” does not matter when Titanik is sinking.

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