Sketches of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg presented to their sons by the artist Pablo Picasso
The Cold War/ McCarthy Era of the 50’s has got to have been one the darkest and ugliest periods of modern American history. A decade of fear perpetuated by the government…. not much different than the fear that exists today.

As the years go by, much evidence has come to light proving that many of the fears were unjustified, based only on the lies put forth by various government bodies. The Rosenberg case is one of those in question. A case that has literally been hidden from the public eye for over fifty years. New evidence from that particular case might actually shed light on the truth…. in this case a truth that can no longer free Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, but might free many others.

Local Philanthropist Reacts to Judges Ruling in Rosenberg Spying Case
By Elizabeth Corridan

EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (abc40) — A local philanthropist is reacting to news that a U.S. District Judge in New York is allowing the release of testimony from witnesses who were part of one of the most controversial cases of the Cold War era.

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were Americans, who were convicted of giving secrets of the atomic bomb to the Soviets and executed in the electric chair in 1953. The Rosebergs brother and sister-in-law, David and Ruth Greenglass were two key witnesses in the case. Ruth Greenglass recently passed away. Her testimony is one that will be made public. The ruling judge said he would not authorize the release of David Greenglass’ testimony at this time.

Both of Rosenbergs’ sons live in Western Massachusetts. Younger son, Robert Meeropol runs the Rosenberg Fund for Children. The agency helps the children of political prisoners. Upon hearing the news that Ruth Greenglass’ testimony is being released, Robert Meeropol said he was pleased to learn more information about his parents’ case is being made public. He anticipates being able to read the testimony by the fall. Meeropol says he hopes one day David Greenglass’ testimony will also be released. The Meeropol brothers believe their parents’ trial was grossly unfair and hope to one day sift through decades of history to get to the truth.

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  1. Fanakapan said,

    July 26, 2008 at 21:32

    Re writing of History ?????

    The Backround to the first Soviet Atom Bomb should not be overlooked, that is to say, the Soviet device was pretty much Identical to the US Plutonium bomb ‘Fat Man’ probably down to the last millimetre

    Clearly the Soviets had a lot of well placed people sending Quality information, and this attempt to make out, that the Rosenbergs were inconsequential dupes, must if wants to bear fruit, demonstrate how the Russians were able to achieve such a remarkable act of replication.

    This whole think is reminiscent of the Pollard deal, inasmuch as when ever we hear of Pollard these days, we hear only the ‘He spyed for an Ally’ spin. It is conveniantly left out of the picture how the information Pollard stole, went straight to Moscow via this US ally, and that he was the spy who caused the most damage EVER to US inteligence networks, which no doubt resulted in the death of many of those involved in said networks.

  2. Lucifer's Taxi said,

    July 27, 2008 at 01:32

    I thought that ‘Fat Man’ was the U235 bomb, and ‘Little Boy’ was the Plutonium bomb?

  3. Ricky Diabo said,

    July 27, 2008 at 02:07

    The american war machine gave those secrets to the russians so they could the cold war

  4. Giordan Smith said,

    July 27, 2008 at 03:29

    Notice how everyone talks about the abuses of the 50s, but not about those of the 30s, when American National Socialists and American Bund members were harrassed and trivial excuses found to imprison them or destroy their livelihoods. Apparently, we’re only supposed to care about the victims of American persecution when the victims are leftwingers (IWW, socialists, anarchists, communists). Yet what happened to the so-called American Nazis was as bad as what happened to the typical communist in the US in the McCarthy era. Indeed, the machinery set up to harrass them seems to have been the same basic structure used to go after communists in the McCarthyist period,

  5. Art Kane said,

    July 27, 2008 at 09:21

    Hey Giordan,

    Gee, I wonder why we haven’t been force fed that information by the MSM?

    America first, second, and third!!!

  6. Beelzeboob Bob said,

    July 27, 2008 at 16:57

    I agree with Ricky Diablo, “The american war machine gave those secrets to the russians so they (promote, foster, start, profit from) [could] the cold war. However, they had to have a scapegoat, actually two scapegoats. Further, they had to set an example about how serious dealing with the “Soviets, Comminists, Bolsheviks,” would be dealt with. BE AFRAID, BE REALLY AFRAID, RAT OUT YOUR BROTHER, RAT OUT YOUR SISTER, or to use the phrase from the eighties, “Narc on your neighbors!” So, what else has changed with the NEW & IMPROVED Homeland Security Admenstruation.

  7. Beelzeboob Bob said,

    July 27, 2008 at 16:59

    I screwed up the first sentence. Should read:…the russians so they could (promote, foster, start, profit from) the cold war. Sorry, folks!

  8. RU4Freedom said,

    July 29, 2008 at 00:33

    I was going to launch into a rant, but upon further review, I see that Fanakapan has said it better than I could. I will add this send-off:
    Yes, the Russians had well placed informants in high places, yes, the Rosenbergs were used as a scape-goat by our Gov’t and yes, the Rosenbergs were guilty. They could have copped a plea and saved themselves, but chose to “take one for the Communist Cause”.

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