Spain: don’t succumb to Israeli pressure

By Khalid Amayreh in Occupied Jerusalem

The Israeli government has been quietly pressing (and pressuring) Spain to reconsider issuing warrants for the arrest of high-ranking Israeli army officers accused of committing war crimes in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Earlier this year, a lawsuit was filed at the National court of Spain with the aim of issuing an arrest warrant against seven Israeli military officials.

The seven included former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, former Defense Minister Benyamin Benalizer, former Shin Beth Chief Avi Dichter, former Chief of Staff Moshe Ya’alon, former Air Force Commander Dan Halutz, Operation Branch Commander Giora Eiland and Southern Command Chief Doron Almog.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR), which filed the lawsuit, urged the Spanish Judicial authorities to issue an international arrest warrant against the seven in connection with their role in the bombing of an apartment building in Gaza on 22 July, 2002, in which a Hamas chief was killed along with his family and 15 other civilians, including 11 children.

The National Court of Spain has accepted the case for further examination, the first step towards launching a formal prosecution.

If the case is successful, those charged would be arrested upon entering Spanish territory and stripped of the diplomatic immunity some of them currently enjoy.

According to Israeli media sources, Tzipi Livni, now acting Foreign Minister who is also slated to become Prime Minister, has asked Spain’s Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos to use his influence to deactivate legal considerations that would enable the Spanish Justice system to “hound” visiting Israeli officials accused of committing war crimes.

Well, Spain is well-advised to refuse to succumb to Israeli pressure in this regard. The reasons for that are many:

First, this is not a political issue; it is first and foremost a legal and moral issue involving the premeditated murder of innocent people. We are talking about hundreds, even thousands, of innocent men, women and children killed knowingly and deliberately by the Israeli army which acted on direct instructions and orders from the likes of Ya’alon, Halutz and Benalizer. Comprehensive records containing full details of these crimes are readily available as they have been meticulously documented by human rights groups operating in Palestine.

The helpless, unwept victims owe it to the conscience of humanity to make the accused stand trial for their crimes. If they are found not guilty, they will be set free; but if they are found guilty, they should be made to pay for their crimes.

Hence, Spain must uphold the moral authority of its justice system and see to it that alleged Israeli war criminals setting foot on Spanish soil are treated no better and no worse than any other criminals.

Criminals are criminals regardless of their ethnic background or religious affiliation. And it shouldn’t matter if the suspects are citizens of a powerful or a powerless state.

Second, there is a large mass of evidence that would indict these alleged war criminals.

Ariel Sharon is undoubtedly a certified war criminal. He lived all his life as a war criminal. He was a war criminal as a soldier, as Platoon commander, as a Defense Minister and as a Prime Minister. Sharon had ordered the mass murder of hundreds of Egyptian Prisoners of War. However, his role in the genocidal massacres of Sabra and Shatilla near Beirut in September, 1982, accorded him the status of a war criminal par excellance. But he doesn’t have to stand trial now, if only because he, now in a vegetative stage for the third consecutive year, is being punished sufficiently by God.

As to Benalizer, this man too is a war criminal for ordering murderous operations that caused the death of numerous innocent people including children. In 2001, Benalizer boasted about killing so many Palestinians without drawing negative reactions from the world community.

“The world is now preoccupied with the events in America (9/11). This means that we can behave as we see fit with the Palestinians,” he said gleefully.

In addition, Benalizer okayed the bombing of an apartment building at Hay-al-Daraj in downtown Gaza more than six years ago. Then an Israeli warplane dropped a 2000 ib. bomb on the house of Sheikh Salah Shehadeh, a commander of Hamas military wing. The bombing killed fifteen civilians, along with Shehadeh, the majority of them young children.

Israeli officials involved in that monstrous crime also included Ya’alon, then chief of staff of the Israeli army, who knew that Shehadeh’s wife and daughters were close to him during the bombing.”

This is the same Ya’alon who several months later called Israel’s Palestinian victims “ a cancer,” saying that “now I will be content with chemotherapy” and implying that “if the chemotherapy didn’t work,” then He would have to adopt the Hitlerian therapy.

As to Halutz, the Israeli air-force commander in 2002, he too boasted about the Hay-al-Daraj carnage. A reporter asked him what he felt when he dropped the bomb, Halutz retorted that he felt a small movement under his seat when the bomb fell. In a separate interview, he said he had no compunctions or guilty feelings knowing that innocent children were killed.

“I sleep well at night, I have a clear conscience.”

In their hearts, Israeli officials and Israelis in general realize that most of their actions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and also in Lebanon can be classified as war crimes.

Some Israeli spokespersons try to prevaricate and create confusion by claiming that Israeli soldiers kill innocent Palestinians knowingly but not deliberately. Well, what is the difference between killing knowingly and killing deliberately. Even the Nazis didn’t have the Chutzpah to make such a claim.

Besides, when the number of innocent victims is so vast, as in Gaza, even intent becomes irrelevant.

It is for these reasons that the Spanish authorities must not allow the integrity of the Spanish justice system to be compromised by diplomatic pressure exerted by Israel’s supremacist leaders who harbor the racist belief that what applies to the rest of humanity doesn’t apply to Jews.

To be sure, no one is suggesting that Spain play the role of world judge or world policeman.

However, Spain is a sovereign state and has the right to bar suspected war criminals from entering its territory.

This is the least civilized countries can do to discourage and prevent the recurrence of more war crimes and crimes against humanity.


  1. Cadavre said,

    October 5, 2008 at 02:14

    Will Spain succumb?

    Well it depends on how much Spain’s War and Security Industries profit from that pathetic pretense of a Jewish State little corruptions and provocations. As example of a diametric extremes, the US,UK, House of Saud, Kuwait, Bahrain (and others for sure) who pay the the Jewish portrait of Dorian Grey, Israel, to commit those little corruptions and provocations for the benefit of their fascist military, security and energy industries (aka the government) need to find another country filled with empty headed racist dominion heretics to carry out their dirty little deeds.

    Israel has performed this duty way beyond the expected shelf life of such a service.

    So it depends. Aside from stake holders in countries where the governments contract for Israeli criminality, the only other people getting the short end of the stick are Israeli citizens.

    An Argentinian once joked to me that American’s put their shorts on backwards for Israel. As I slugged down a gulp of cold generic South American beer, I responded, “It ain’t so – Israelis put their shorts on backwards for US War and Oil Exchanges”.

    The first item for staging an enduring and profitable crime is to set up a fall guy – and that’s all Israel ever has been – or ever will be – it will come to an an end – very soon – you can almost hear the grocery clerks for the American Oligarchy, our very esteemed houses of representation, whining now, as they plead with their legal counsel to avoid the Hague – or worse yet – the pitch forks of the American proletariat, crying in shame, “The Jew made me do it – the Jew made me do it!

    And ain’t that the way it always is?

    Set up a pretentious religion whose followers seem to enjoy self inflicting cycles of tribulation and a bunch of inbred rich fat cats to take advantage of that little vanity of inadequacy, and you get the old “what goes around comes around”.

    Spain, if there are any ethical centers left in developed nations, should avoid any contribution to the fall of Israel and the backlash against Judea that approaches like a cloud of locusts after a late summer rain, and do what it can to bring the doctrine of legal principal to bare, and enforce their laws. If it means a few Israeli War criminals, who were contracted by the US and UK to execute their little corruptions have to stand before the bar, then so be it.

    The truth and rule of law, will set us all free – and it might even save Israel – but that is doubtful.

  2. gmathol said,

    October 5, 2008 at 05:18

    A few Russian warships in Syria already changed the picture.

  3. suraci said,

    October 5, 2008 at 06:16

    As above. The Zionists have lost control in Russia which will from now on effectively block their disgusting worldwide initiatives. Russians know they have everything to lose if they don’t. They won’t be suckered a second time

    Israel (actually occupied Palestine) had better tread carefully from now on! Personally I hope they don’t though and get a kicking some day, like they did in Lebanon in 2006 when they made the mistake of shooting at people who could shoot back.

  4. philiptravers said,

    October 5, 2008 at 09:04

    The inflated smell of war dead,hasn’t stopped any country using a currency to both declare money inflation,and legal deflation,that is these Israelis are as ,and therefore guilty.Someone pays lawyers for the representation,in a currency that will be representative.If mined metals and their denial as the real value and currency has continually caused many wars directly and indirectly,then surely also, monies must be taken off these people or relatives for all their working life,and returned to all honest citizens in Israel,and those who will poke out their chin,and accept a rolling on banking system rather than themselves is still killing today.

  5. profnasty said,

    October 5, 2008 at 12:58

    Phillip Travers for President!

  6. October 5, 2008 at 23:26

    […] The National Court of Spain has accepted the case for further examination, the first step towards launching a formal prosecution.  >>>>> […]

  7. Cadavre said,

    October 6, 2008 at 01:48

    5-Pillar Column

    Now that’s hopeful – at least more hopeful than than a skinny vegetarian “hope for change” sound bite promiser that voted for ATT immunity for braking the law and voted to give a “get out of jail free card” to investment bankers, like Warren Buffet, who probably giggles at his “ya-sir masser” apptoach to politics. A well educated Ivy League Zionist Madrassa graduate lantern jockey for rich white folk has finally moved into the “massas” butler accommodations – a dark skinned George Bush McCain, if I do say so my-self!

    Thanks for the update.

  8. October 11, 2008 at 10:29

    Hoorah Spain!
    One of the very few remaining countries with its integrity, honour and courage still intact. ‘Stick to your guns’ and don’t let the zionists corrupt you. Like rain on a parched earth you restore hope. Now I know why I live in Australia but play flamenco. Here in this country the politicians cringe and piss themselves in obedience like mongrel pups whenever ‘master bush’ hollers ‘here boy’.

  9. January 29, 2009 at 18:28

    […] Update, 18:22 GMT. El Pais is suggesting that the Israeli government is going to do ‘all that it can’ to stop the investigation from going forward. Readers may wish to click the link to the excellent post published by, titled ‘Spain: Don’t succumb to Israeli pressure‘ […]

  10. John Turner said,

    February 22, 2009 at 16:28

    If the lawsuit crosses international borders then it is a political issue. Be careful of what you wish for, you just might get it. Then the same “law” can be used against you.

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