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Following in the footsteps of his ‘Peace Partner’, Ehud Olmert, the former President of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, has finally decided to do something.
Olmert thinks the Occupied Lands of Palestine, including East Jerusalem should be handed over to the Palestinians…. a thought he came up with after stepping down as Prime Minister….

Abbas ordered the planting of 7 million olive trees in response to settler attacks. Those settler attacks have been going on for over 40 years!!!!
Where has he been?

Same for the occupied lands… over 40 years of occupation!!!!
Where has Olmert been??

When Abbas first raised the issue of planting the trees he said he was willing to pay for them himself…. interesting that he has that much money to spare while ‘his’ people are literally starving to death.

Brings to mind a little blue and white box that my grandmother had, on it was written Palestinian National Fund.. she was always putting her spare change into that box. She explained to me that it was to go to the new ‘Jewish Homeland’, to be used to plant trees….

Today we see decendents of my grandmother’s generation in Israel destroying the very trees that were there, in some cases for centuries. Aside from that, they make it virtually impossible for the Palestinian farmers to harvest the crops from those trees that remain. These acts are most upsetting as many of these same ‘people’ are decendents of holocaust survivors committing the same crimes today that the nazis committed 60 years ago.

Somehow, I don’t think the grandmothers of yesteryear would be too happy with the situation today…. many came to America from war torn areas in Europe… it was not in their wildest dreams for those horrors to continue in their name. All I can say is that THEY ARE NOT BEING DONE IN MY NAME!

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