Innocent children are being targeted and killed in Gaza by Israel forces…. but Israel officially denies these actions.
The following report and video shows it all…. including the denial.
The Israeli military is facing fresh accusations from a Palestinian human rights group that it is responsible for civilian deaths.
And for deliberately targeting children in Gaza.

Ayman Mohyeldin reports.

From AlJazeera via Uruknet

Also read THIS report…..


  1. Annie Besant UK said,

    October 23, 2008 at 15:25

    Who is thia person? He has an English accent – is he English? I have to say it was just the usual hectoring, stonewalling, belligerency that we have come to expect from these ‘people’ Just shout people down. Also interviewer just let him rant on. I wish I cd i’nterview’ the bugger.

  2. October 24, 2008 at 02:32

    Wars are not meant for children nor, for that matter, are they meant for adults; wars are truly meant for those who are so weak of will and slack of spirit that they believe their problems can only be solved by resorting to violence. For the children of these people – the warmongers and those who sit behind the curtains, pulling the strings – there is relatively little danger as the likelihood of any one of them being directly harmed in a conflict is very slim.

    Those who are in real danger are the children of the perceived “enemy”, the children who have the least to begin with and even less with which to defend themselves. These children – these innocent lambs – become perfect targets; their deaths ultimately rationalized with such obscene excuses as “a future enemy has been taken care of”.

    We live in a time when war and all that it is supposed to be “achieved” through the use of war is totally obsolete; the very idea that there is a “war on terrorism”, for example, flies in the face of logic as the principal behind effective terrorism lies in the anonymous nature of the acts being perpetrated. While the world may know names of organizations such as “Al Qaeda” and the “Taliban”, for example, who can say that “there” is the enemy when you are talking about seeing into the heart of an individual.

    This is the same as the situation between the Israelis and the Palestinians: two peoples who seem to be unable to share the same land. One of the two seems to want all of the land for themselves, though there seem to be many of their kind that would be willing to share, while the same can be said for the other side. So, what is to be done? Calmly discuss the situation? Of course not … that might result in a situation that people could LIVE with in PEACE. Instead, get the most reactionary representatives from either side to be your spokesperson and try to hammer out an agreement … when it fails, blame the other side … they are being obstructionist and never really wanted a deal in the first place.

    What needs to happen is for people to get a few things OUT of their heads: first and foremost, we must ALL forget the idea of “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” as a way of life. Yes, it is in the Bible – the Old Testament, how much more fitting to become part of the narishkite that is much of a problem. This is the thing, every time somebody declares that they must avenge the killing of someone else, it inevitably leads to someone else declaring the tooth for a tooth for having their own loved one killed. In the end everyone suffers.

    We must stop giving news “analysts” the sort of stage that this guy from the “Israel Project” (or whatever it is called) had, allowing him to spout his garbage without check. There is no mitigation for the killing of so many children. What about the 2000 Palestinians killed by Palestinians? Well, it means that they (the Palestinians) are (not surprisingly) just about as screwed up as the Americans in their penchant for self-destructiveness. I rather think, however, that the number of killings has more to do with the political instability (much in part to Israeli influence) and the wholesale use of economic pressures to influence their political process. This has lead to assassinations, machinations and indignations, leaving countless dead and wounded, not to mention the number it has left without homes, jobs, medical care, access to clean water and electricity, and other of the things we would call “essential.

    Aw, you know it has to be said …
    War is Hell … unless you live in Gaza.


  3. Marlene Newesri said,

    October 24, 2008 at 06:18

    I really don’t understand why Al Jazeerah would give air time to the person who is the Director of the Israel Project, an organization which engages in disinformation to the media around the world. His reply was certainly not a surprise. Would it not have been better at least to have a spokesperson from Btselem be interviewed because their statistics,investigations and reports are probably no different as PCHR.

    In fact, it was Btselem who first published a report on the The killing of Palestinian Children back in 1993, fifteen years ago, when they reported that since the start of the intifada (which of course was the first being 1987), 232 Palestinian children had been killed by Israel’s “security” forces. In its introduction, it stated that 38 Palestinian children alone wereas killed within a six-month period between Dec 9, 1992 and June 8, 1993.

    “This is more than double the number of children who were killed in the entire previous year, and of a magnitude unprecedented since the Intifada began in December 1987. Eighteen of the children killed in this half-year period were below the age of 14.”

    Since that time, it has been open season on Palestinians with no regard to gender or age. To give this person a chance to spout off the usual Zionist propaganda is outrageous in my opinion because there is already too much of it. We need to educate the world with reality, not mythology.

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