At Yad Vashem, in Jerusalem, there is an entire area dedicated to the memory of Righteous Gentiles. ‘The Righteous honored by Yad Vashem come from 44 countries; they are Christians from all denominations as well as Muslims, religious and agnostic, men and women, people from all walks of life, of all ages, educated professionals and illiterate peasants, rich and poor. The only common denominator is the humanity and the courage they displayed by standing up for their moral principles.’

Today, we see a new phenomenon, Righteous Jews, standing up and displaying THEIR moral principles against the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza by the so-called ‘Jewish State’…… Jews that proudly and bravely say to the world, to Israel in particular,

Below are photos of some of the 500 who demonstrated in New York City last night…. may they all be blessed!

Photos © by Bud Korotzer


  1. tom welschen said,

    January 13, 2009 at 08:22

    encouraging to see so many jewish people at the right side…of the oppressed

  2. January 13, 2009 at 12:32

    […] THE RIGHTEOUS JEWS OF TODAY January 13, 2009 Posted by verteta in Israel, PALESTINE. trackback Full Link : HERE […]

  3. fourthreichisrael said,

    January 13, 2009 at 12:48

    My blood boils when I hear the words “Righteous Gentles”, and “Righteous Jews”, no one but Jews makes these distinctions. We never hear “Chinese against the occupation” or, any other people separate themselves, they simply do things as people, no ethnicity, just because they are people.
    Why can’t Jews do things without having to make an issue out of being Jewish?
    I don’t go around saying “Gentile against the invasion”!!!
    Judaism is based on racism by its separation of Jew from Gentile.
    Call me an anti-Semite for pointing it out if you like – but this Gentile wants Jews to give it up already!
    Be part of the HUMAN race not the Jewish race!
    For God’s sake can’t Jews do anything without declaring their ‘Jewishness’??
    I know many, many Jews, and one thing that they tell me is that they are terrified that israel’s actions are going to come back onto all Jews who will collectively be blamed like the all Japanese were blamed for Pearl Harbor.
    So I am not so sure how much these Jews are protesting the carnage and how much they are doing it to save their own ass!
    Where were all these voice before the massacre in Gaza that has the world boiling with righteous rage at the audacity and impunity israel is acting with.
    Get off the ‘I am Jewish’ ‘shit!
    No more class/race/religion/tribe separations!!!!
    Ever since israel invaded Gaza I have been working about twenty hours a day, eating at my computer, having water at my computer, only sleeping for a couple of hours a day, and it NEVER occurs to me that I am a “Gentile” doing this!!!!
    Another thing, when you do good, it is best to do it selflessly, BECAUSE GOD IS SUFFERING! We are all part of God! An injury to one is an injury to ALL!!!
    Not to get recognition, or peddle ‘Jewishness’.
    NOT “Jewishness – SELFLESSNESS!!!!!!!!
    No one knows who I am, I have many identities on the net and more than one site, I belong to groups that make a major difference on the net and I never use my real name, why? Because it is always best to be a discreet, loyal servant who does things to help the noble cause of Peace on Earth. With no compensation, even recognition, peace is free. Like air. Many people come to my sites and ask me if they can use my work and give the credit to, my answer always is: spread it around as much as you can to get the message out, it is irrelevant to me to get any recognition, it is freely done for the sake of the widows, orphans, poor, homeless, war torn, hungry, abused, battered, massacred, etc..
    Why should I get egoic recognition from their suffering?
    It is called: “Selfless Service.”
    Jews ought to try it sometime, maybe they would become assimilated and stop with this “I am Jewish” shit!
    Pardon my English!

  4. Fiona said,

    January 13, 2009 at 19:21


    I understand what you are saying, but I also understand the desire of Jews to draw the line between themselves and those who are waging war in their name. I applaud your efforts and take nothing away from them, but some of us choose another way to make our voices heard and fight for the rights of all humanity. By making our differences public knowledge, we therefore show that in our hearts we know we are all the same, and that no one committing atrocities against our brothers and sisters has the right to assume they speak for us.

  5. mal lee said,

    January 13, 2009 at 21:21

    And another POV…

    “The RACIST component of the devaluation of Palestinian life so evident in Gaza since Dec. 27 is barely mentioned because it tends to show that the “Jewish” state is sick at its core and any such admission would tend toward an investigation into the spiritual and religious roots of the Zionist pathology which, patently, are in the religion of Orthodox Judaism, which institutionalizes the enshrinement of the humanity of the souls of Judaics while derogating the humanity of non-Judaic souls.

    To counter any serious investigation of Zionism’s Orthodox rabbinic patrimony, in the last stage of hasbara surrounding any massacre by Judaics in the Middle East, we witness the phenomenon of “Jews Against Zionism” and “Rabbis for Peace,” intended to deflect attention away from the Mishnah, Gemara, Mishneh Torah, Shulchan Aruch and other sacred rabbinic texts which teach that when necessary, non-Judaics may be killed with impunity because they are not fully human.


    The masters at this sort of disinformation are the Neturei Karta sect of Hasidic Judaism who were received by the Iranian President at the revisionist conference in Tehran and who parade around the US and Europe condemning Zionism as being against “the Torah” (that’s the “Torah Shebeal Peh,” the traditions of the rabbis, not the Torah of Yahweh, which the rabbis nullify).

    Neturei Karta and the larger Satmar body of Hasidim, who are also anti-Zionist, are a function of the Cryptocracy at one of its highest levels of operation. The many befuddled and ignorant goyim who cooperate with these groups in disseminating the propaganda that the rabbinic Torah (Talmud) is a document of peace and love inimical to Zionism and the Israeli state, serve to rescue the religion of Judaism from the odium it so richly deserves as the ideological engine that drives the Israeli war machine.


    The Neturei Karta rabbis are perpetrating a hoax. Zionism is just as authentically Talmudic as Neturei Karta Judaism, with the exception being that whereas Neturei Karta Judaism prefers camouflage and deceit, the religious Zionism of the Israeli state favors camouflage, deceit AND
    Judaic military power.”

    Michael A Hoffman –

  6. Robert said,

    January 13, 2009 at 23:41

    Fourthreichisrael has a point of sorts but in a ‘perefect world’ his argument would make sense in the universality of humanity. Unfortunately the MSM and their cohorts in Congress have villified Muslims into a stereotypical ‘bad guys’ as witnessed by the plethora of Hollywood movies dealing with the Holocaust once again to gain sympathy and ‘justification’ for their never again stance. It must also fall to media moguls such as Murdoch and GE to stop stotylines that portray the bad guys in ’24’ and the right to torture in order to save US ‘innocents’. Look at the history of Israel and its so called ‘special relationship’ with the US and see that this entails murder of US citizens with the USS Liberty, multiple deaths of US spies and associates with the Pollard spy scandal for Israel who then provided the USSR with strategic US plans that affected the security of the USA and then with total arrogance expect the US to fund their slaughter of Gazans, US citizens (Rachel Corrie et al) and the dancing Israeli art students arrested on 9/11 and who stated on Israeli national tv that they had been sent to the US to document ‘events’ With friends like Isreal who needs enemies?

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