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By: Dr. Akram Habeeb

Assistant Professor in American Lit based in Gaza

As an Americanist and a Palestinian  intellectual who is not
affiliated to any political party in Palestine, I feel that I have to
stand up and speak out. I have to speak about the faulty policy which
feeds the spirit of hatred and resentment. Almost every man, woman and child in the world knows that the American policy in the Middle East during  the two terms of Bush’s Administration is distinguished by being biased and double standard.  Very few, however, are easily deceived by the glittering rhetoric made by some American politicians,
particularly,  the  most articulate outgoing Secretary of States Dr.
Condaliza Rice! Dr. Condi was very smart when she declared at the
outset of the  most brutal Israeli war on Gaza that it was the
Palestinian side which is held responsible for violating the six
-month  truce. She was even smarter when she concluded her career by
signing an MOU, which is completely in favor of the Israelis. It is an
MOU which further tightens the siege on Gaza and allows Israel to
posses more American WMD’s to kill more Palestinians.

The  most disturbing statement about the situation in Gaza was made by Dr. Rice was when she declared that it was the Palestinian side who
violated the truce and subsequently is responsible for what is
happening in Gaza. Such a statement is easy to be made by Ms. Condi
whose accomplishments in America’s foreign policy were spectacular!
She promised that by 2008  the presidents vision of two states would
be concretized. It seems though that she succeeded in having two
Palestinian cantons, one in Gaza, and the other in the West Bank ! So
we can easily say that Ms. Rice succeeded in fulfilling her
President’s  vicious vision of having two viable Palestinian states.

Perhaps Dr. Rice was the most frequent visitor to the Middle East when
compared with her predecessors.  The normal expectation has been that Ms. Rice would have a deeper understanding of  the  Middle East crisis in general, and the Palestinian side in particular.  As Palestinians living in Gaza, we expected Ms. Rice to have done some research about the demography of Gaza. We also expected here to have done some
investigations about the psyche of the true victims living in Gaza. We
are not sure if Dr. Rice knows that more than seventy percent of the
Palestinians living in Gaza are Palestinian refugees who had been
kicked out of their towns and villages in Palestine . We are not
certain if Dr. Rice knows that most of the Israelis who replaced  the
displaced Palestinians had come from far off land, from diverse
countries to establish a state on the land of other people. It seems
that Ms. Rice is very happy to see the Palestinians suffer under siege
; she wants them to sing for peace in a big cage called Gaza, and if
they protest by sending home made or ineffective Chinese rockets, she
will hold them responsible for the mess!

The most recent  MOU signed by Dr. Condi and Ms. Livne, one of the
most notorious Israeli war criminals, stipulates that the American
government helps in preventing weapons smuggling into Gaza. According to Ms. Condi, the signing of this MOU is only a step in the process towards a permanent seize fire. Of course she speaks about a process which gives the Israeli more time for human cleansing in Gaza; she wants to give the Israeli army more time to kill more Palestinian
children and women. However,  unfortunately this MOU does not
stipulate that the American government stops sending weapons of mass destruction to Israel. The MOU does not speak about the most sophisticated weapons, the American government is giving for free to Israel to kill Palestinian children and women in Gaza. The MOU does not talk about any practical procedure to ban Israel from using DIM
and White Phosphorus bombs that kill Palestinian children by burning
their little and tender bodies. The MOU has ignored the fact that the
Palestinian living in Gaza are occupied ; they are not terrorist as
promulgated by the colonial rhetoric; they are freedom fighters who
want their legitimate rights, they are people who want to live in
dignity like all the peoples of the world. The MOU has never included
anything related to lifting the siege imposed in Gaza by opening
crossings for humanitarian purposes. The Palestinians in Gaza do not
bank much on the American government but rather on the good American people, the good people who do not want to see the tax they pay  used in building the Israeli arsenal of mass destruction which is used to threaten the Arab people, in general, and the Palestinian people in particular.

Indeed Bush’s administration has left the soon coming Obama’s
administration with a heavy legacy; a legacy of anger and resentment
against the biased American government which does not represent the
American voice which calls for freedom, independence and dignity. It
is a heavy burden Obama’s administration should waive. We hope, though that Obama’s administration follows a different policy , a policy
which is based on objectivity and transparency . We hope that Ms.
Clinton, Condi’s successor would be the one who would improve the
image of America in the Middle East and the Islamic world. We are sure
that Ms. Clinton would be more objective and realistic when she deals
with the Palestinian Issue. We hope that the Administration would
follow policy which balances between the nationalistic aspirations of
the Palestinians and the divine dream of the Jews, those who totally
disagree with the  massacres committed by the Israeli army against the
innocent Palestinian in Gaza.

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  1. porpalestina said,

    January 21, 2009 at 02:51

    Organizations – Philanthropic Organizations

    I am very disturbed by this news. We need an open, unequivocal condemnation of this Zio-imperial vomit called the PA. I cannot express enough the rage I feel. This trully courageous Palestinian journalist/ patriotic voice is being abused and tortured in an attempt to silence him no doubt by the US-paid, US-armed, US-Arab stooge-trained Palestinian Security Apparatus/goons/ ‘Contras’ , under President Falafel/Abbas his Mafia crew and the unelected Fayyad-led Junta of collaborators, thieves and scum that have established a brutal police state with all that this means, without even the need of a state, not even a fucking Falafel State/Bantustan/ ethnic people’s reserve or “warehouse for excess Arabs”. The PA is a Palestinian Judenrat in the service of Empire and the Zionist occupation of Palestine. It is composed of quisling, stooge Palestinians, implementing anti-Palestinian policy on behalf of the Zio-Nazi occupation and this occupation’s Master and regional partners. Palestinians are made to disappear wholesale but in practice, it is done, one at a time. This is a Palestinian that Palestine cannot afford to lose. Please advise as to what can be done to secure the release of this noble voice.

    Demand the immediate freedom of the Palestinian Journalist, Khalid Amayreh! ~SN


    Hebron, Palestine

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