You may have noticed that my Associate, Khalid Amayreh, has not posted on this Blog for the last few days. The following report will tell you why.
In collaboration with the occupational forces operating in the Palestinian territories, he has been arrested. His crime? Speaking out against injustice and corruption.
The following was just sent to me by one of my readers in Palestine….. I will report updates on this situation as they become available.
I am very disturbed by this news. We need an open, unequivocal condemnation of this Zio-imperial vomit called the PA. I cannot express enough the rage I feel. This truly courageous Palestinian journalist/ patriotic voice is being abused and tortured in an attempt to silence him no doubt by the US-paid, US-armed, US-Arab stooge-trained Palestinian Security Apparatus/goons/ ‘Contras’ , under President Falafel/Abbas his Mafia crew and the unelected Fayyad-led Junta of collaborators, thieves and scum that have established a brutal police state with all that this means, without even the need of a state, not even a  Falafel State/Bantustan/ ethnic people’s reserve or “warehouse for excess Arabs”. The PA is a Palestinian Judenrat in the service of Empire and the Zionist occupation of Palestine. It is composed of quisling, stooge Palestinians, implementing anti-Palestinian policy on behalf of the Zio-Nazi occupation and this occupation’s Master and regional partners. Palestinians
are made to disappear wholesale but in practice, it is done, one at a time. This is a Palestinian that Palestine cannot afford to lose. Please advise as to what can be done to secure the release of this noble voice.

Demand the immediate freedom of the Palestinian Journalist, Khalid Amayreh!

Aljazeera Television has just reported that journalist Khaled Al-Amayreh was arrested by Abbas’s Preventive Security forces in Hebron two days ago. Visits to Amayreh in his prison cell have been denied.

We Palestinian exiled journalists and peace activists are very disturbed by this news. We need an open, unequivocal condemnation of the PA actions against our colleagues. I cannot express enough the rage I feel. This truly courageous Palestinian journalist/ patriotic voice is being abused and tortured in an attempt to silence him.

We demand the immediate freedom of the Palestinian Journalist, Khalid Amayreh!, its about time that we recieve an explanation from Mr Naeem Toubasi theChair of the Palestinian Journalist Union, I have written to him many times requesting explanations regarding the detention of Palestinian journalists by the PA but I recieved no comment, I even wrote open letters online, I am sure he has been reading them, but unfortunately he has done nothing about it. Its about time that some organized body will handle such issues if the chair can’t defend his members or can’t offer them support. I call upon NUJ and IFJ to do something about this continued harassment of journalists.

The following report (in French) is from the International Solidarity Movement…

Khaled Amayreh a été arrêté à Hébron par les contras d’Abbas

La chaîne de télévision Al-Jazeera vient d’annoncer que le journaliste palestinien Khaled Al-Amayreh a été arrêté par les forces de la sécurité préventive d’Abbas, à Hébron, il y a deux jours. Les visites d’Amayreh en prison sont interdites.

Ce que nous redoutions est arrivé. Khaled Amayreh, qui dénonce avec vigueur la collaboration de l’Autorité Palestinienne avec l’ennemi sioniste et ses rafles parmi les partisans du Hamas, a été arrêté par les milices d’Abbas.

Khaled Amayreh est une voix libre qu’on veut étouffer. Elle est la voix de tous les Palestiniens qu’on veut museler et contraindre. Nous ne pouvons la perdre.

Nous vous tiendrons informés des actions qui s’organiseront pour sa libération, ainsi que celle des 11.000 Palestiniens incarcérés dans les geôles sionistes.


Good news received minutes ago.  A call back from outstanding NY CPJ rep who took my request for help on behalf of Prof Khalid Amayreh who was held in detention.  Minutes ago Muhamed called to inform us that Khalid had been released.

All details pending. Khalid  may release a report on this latest experience with PA “security/justice” system.

Apparently journalists continue being arrested, detained, and tortured for speaking about ‘forbidden’ issues by PA goon squad who work indirectly for the occupiers.

Welcome back Khalid!


  1. Ted said,

    January 21, 2009 at 06:50

    Democracy in Israel? NOT!

    Democracy means everyone is represented int he country. Israel doesn’t allow Palestinians representation.

    Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties
    as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4847

  2. Mary Rizzo said,

    January 21, 2009 at 07:25

    when i got this news i was plummeted into new grief. Let us hope first of all that they did not hurt him in any way, take away his material or insert any kind of monitoring device to his home. Believe it or not, I tried to send him an email and for the first time in years, it bounced back. This is getting me worried as well.

    Khalid is a great man, noble, honest, brilliant, committed and in so many ways illuminated.

    Let us hope that no harm comes to him or his loved ones now or ever, but let us also extend a network to protect him if we can. How? I don’t know… but we have to protect this man who risks life and liberty for his people.

  3. January 21, 2009 at 16:51

    I will echo Mary’s sentiments and wishes. I got to interact with him a bit over email based on his outstanding reporting and analysis. He is the first journalist, Palestinian or otherwise, among the Muslims to have had the guts and the chutzpah to make the following insightful observation in one of his columns:

    Begin excerpt
    In comparison to the madman in the White House, Europe may look less bellicose, less confrontational and less unreasonable in its overall approach to contentious international issues. However, when the issue is the Palestinian plight, the US and Europe look very much like tweedledee and tweedledum.

    In recent months and years, European leaders from Germany’s Merkel, to France’s Sarkozy, to Britain’s Brown and Italy’s Berlusconi were shamelessly pandering to Israeli savagery to the extent of embracing relentless Israeli criminality against the Palestinian people , including the ongoing genocidal ethnic cleansing in the occupied Palestinian territories, particularly in the Gaza Strip.

    True, the European tone of speech often sounds less odious especially when compared with the unmitigated saber-rattling coming from Washington. But, in the final analysis, the outcome in both cases is similar. In fact, the US and Europe collaborate and even collude to effect the same unethical goals often by playing the old game of Mutt and Jeff (good cop and bad cop), with their persecuted victims, whether in Palestine, Sudan or Iran.

    end excerpt

    And I quoted Khalid in my letter to the Palestinian Intellectuals holding him up as an example:

    Khalid Amayreh is a rare journalist, intellectual, and truth-teller among the Palestinians. This is why he is also the brunt of ‘hemlock’.

    I won’t repeat Mary Rizzo’s eloquent wishes – they are also mine. One thinker and genuine patriot can change the affairs of any peoples!

    Zahir Ebrahim

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