By Sameh Habeeb
Day 21 of Israeli War On Gaza
Daily Feed About Gaza War:
1-Israeli air strike bombed a wedding hall in Rafah City.
2-Air strike hit the Khan Yonis Police station, no people wounded!
3-Israeli tanks invading Tal Al Hawa, western Gaza City, retreated to
the mid areas.
4-Child Esa Ermilat, 14, killed and 6 children wounded in Rafah due to
an Isaeli artillery shells.
5-Four Palestinian children wounded in Dair Al Balah City.
6-A child killed in artillery shelling near Jablaia town, northern Gaza Strip.
7-Bombs destroyed al Qouqa’ mosque eastern Gaza City.
8-Three Palestinian fighters killed in Israeli air raid northern Gaza Strip.
9-Two Palestinian figjters killed western sourthern Gaza, Tal Al Hawa,
in Israeli air raid.
10-Israeli army destroyed many houses in Farta area, Bait Hanon, northern Gaza.
11-Two Palestinians killed mid of Gaza city.
12-Spardoic artillery shells eastern Gaza City.
13- A press conference for Arab and International doctors in Gaza
confirmed that Israeli is using prohibited weapons in Gaza.
14-Massive devastation in Tal Al hawa area western southern Gaza City.
Hospitals, offices and charities beside houses destroyed yesterday.
15-Israeli tanks opened its heavy gunmachine fire into the houses of
people eastern Gaza City.
16-Israeli shelling targeted the northern areas of Gaza and no wounded reported.
17-A mother from al Batran family and five from her children killed,
several wounded in Israeli strike central Gaza Strip.
18-Fire still ongoing in the UN stores in Gaza.
19-Severe shortages in medical stuff at Al Shifa’ hospital.
20-Around 300 wounded still in critical condtions.
21-Israeli air raids on Rafah, tunnels area.
22-Heavy bombings echoed in the first evening hours in Gaza.
23-Water still hardly accessible for Gaza residents.
24-Humantarian needs still unaviable and monitors said that Gaza needs
thousands of food trucks and permanent opened crossings to bridge the
recent Gap.
25-Artillary shells rained down in southern Gaza Strip.
26-Medical sources: Around 25 Palestinian bodies were found dead in
Tal al Hawa by Israeli fire yesterday.
27-Residents of Tal Al Hawa flee their houses despite Israeli tanks
dropped out for 2 kilo meters.
28-Many anbulances were found destroyed today in Tal Al Hawa area.
29-Clashes arise again in east and north of Gaza.
30-Bombings from the gunboats targeted mid and western areas of Gaza.
31-Drones still hover excessively over Gaza.
32-Palestinian fighters launched some projectiles in Israeli leaving 5
people wounded and in Trauma.


A Palestine boy used as a human shield by Israeli Occupation Soldiers, click the image to enlarge it.

By Abu al-Sous (Salah Mansour)*

During the Israeli war on Gaza, Western media propagated Israeli propaganda that the Palestinian resistance have been using their family members as human shields. Sadly, Israeli propaganda is often presented in Western media as facts, and the Israeli version has been accepted with little verification. The goal is simple: dehumanise the Palestinian by showing that he does not care about his family members, and once that is done it becomes much easier to accept him as a legitimist target.

This dehumanizing campaign is as old as the Zionist movement; it was articulated by Golda Meir (a former Israeli Prime Minister) when she said: Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us. This racist and derogatory comment is often propagated in Western media without a second thought to its dehumanizing consequences. It paints the Arab as a sub-human creature, who has neither affection nor love towards his or her children. When I first heard this racist comment from an American, I felt as if he was telling me: you are not much of a human as I”!

To this date, the Israel Occupation Army (IOF) still refuses to comply with orders from the Israeli Supreme Court to stop using Palestinian civilians as human shields (click here for a BBC article about this subject). If the IOF is a “professional army” as it claims and it treats Palestinians according to International Law, then:

  • I wonder why Israel’s highest court would issue such an order?
  • I wonder why IOF refuses to stop using Palestinians as human shields?

It has been an Israeli strategy from the start to use civilian target as a strategic weapon. Israeli leaders assume this would cause the civilian population to pressure Arab leaders to submit to Israeli dictates. Sadly, this Israeli tactic has been historically effective with the corrupt and unpopular Arab leaders who are more interested in protecting their corrupt regimes than defending their countries. The reader should be reminded of the “Grape of Wrath” agreement between Hizbullah and Israel 1996 which restricted both sides from hitting civilian targets. This agreement signaled the end of the Israeli occupation in southern Lebanon, and as a result a new era in the Arab-Israeli conflict have begun where Israel’s deterrence power suffered a major setback. It should be noted that Israel has been determined not to fall into this trap again; that would explain why Israel rejected signing similar agreements with Hamas.

A Palestinian killed by Israeli Occupation Soldiers used as a trophy.

The allegation that Palestinian resistance use their own family members as human shield has been concocted by Zionists to delegitimise any Palestinian resistance, and to deflect from the war crimes that are being perpetrated on the people of Gaza. Palestinians are no different than other colonized people; they’re simply defending their homeland from foreign aggressions. The following list of pictures, articles, movies, and Israeli quotations will conclusively prove that the Israeli Occupation Army is the one who use civilians as human shields.

* Salah Mansour is the founder and editor of, the largest Palestinian online community.

الدروع البشرية الإسرائيلية
بقلم أبو السوس (صلاح منصور)

صورة لطفل فلسطيني مقيد لدورية إسرائيلية يُستخدم كدرع بشري لحماية الجنود الإسرائيليين من عناصر المقاومة.

تقوم وسائل الإعلام هنا في العالم الغربي بترويج الدعاية الإسرائيلية بأن عناصر المقاومة تستخدم أفراد أسرهم كدروع بشرية، وللأسف الشديد تروج هذه الدعاية العنصرية كأنها حقيقة وقلما يتم التحقق منها قبل نشرها. الهدف من تلك الدعاية العنصرية بسيط وهو تجريد الفلسطيني من إنسانيته، وبذلك يصبح الفلسطيني هدف مشروع ولا يتم التعامل معه كمظلوم أو كضحية.

الحملة لتجريد العربي من إنسانيته حملة قديمة بدأت منذ نشوء الحركة الصهيونية وعبرت عنها غولدا مائير(ورئيس وزراء إسرائيلية سابقة) بوضوح عندما قالت: السلام بيننا وبين العرب سيتحقق عندما يُحب العرب أطفالهم أكثر من كراهيتهم لنا. عادةً تردد هذه المقولة العنصرية في الإعلام الغربي تلقائياً بغض النظر عن العواقب العنصرية لها. فهذه المقولة ترسم في ذهن الغربي صورة غير إنسانية عن العربي لأنها تجرده من العطف والحنان تجاه أطفاله؛ فمن لا يملك مشاعر العطف والحنان لا يمكن أن يكون إنسان. في يوم من الأيام قام أمريكي بترديد هذه المقولة أمامي مما جعلني أشتاط غضباً، فشعرت بأنه يقول لي بأني لست إنسان مثله.

هنا تجدر الإشارة بأن قوات الإحتلال الإسرائيلية لا تزال ترفض الإمتثال لأوامر محكمة العدل العليا الإسرائيلية بالتوقف عن إستخدام المدنيين الفلسطينيين كدروع بشرية (أنقر هنا لمقال من ال ب ب سي عن الموضوع). فإذا كان جيش الإحتلال كما يدعي بأنه “جيش حضاري” يلتزم بالقوانين الدولية:

  • لماذا تصدر محكمة العدل العليا الإسرائيلية أوامر لقوات الإحتلال بالكف عن إستخدام المدنيين كدروع بشرية؟
  • لماذا لا تزال قوات الإحتلال ترفض الإنصياع لتلك الأوامر؟

منذ البداية قامت الحركة الصهيونية بإستهداف المرافق المدنية والمدنيين كسلاح إستراتيجي لتحقيق أهدافها السياسية والعسكرية، وللأسف الشديد سياسة إستهداف المرافق المدنية والمدنيين كانت فعّالة ضد الأنظمة العربية التي يهمها المحافظة على سُلطتها أكثر من حمايتها للوطن من العدوان الصهيوني. هنا يجب التنوية لإتفاقية عناقيد الغضب بين حزب الله وإسرائيل (إتفاقية مضمونه ومراقبة دولياً) التي وُقعت بعد العدوان الإسرائيلي على جنوب لبنان عام 1996. فهذه الإتفاقية نصت على عدم إستهداف المرافق المدنية من كلى الطرفين. فهذا كان الفخ الذي وقع فيه الإحتلال من قبل المقاومة، ومنذ توقيع المعاهدة في 27 نيسان 1996، بدأ العد التنازلي لللإحتلال الإسرائيلي في جنوب لبنان، وذلك يُفسر رفض قبول الإسرائيليون توقيع معاهدة مماثلة مع قوات المقاومة في غزة الصمود.

جنود الإحتلال يأخذون صورة جماعية بعد قتلهم فلسطينياً في خليل الرحمن.

لقد قمنا بجمع العديد من المقالات والصور والأفلام عسى أن يجدها القارئ مفيدة لدحض هذه الدعاية العنصرية:

الرجاء مشاركة هذا المقال مع كل صديق وقريب، ولكم منا جزيل الشكر، والله الموفق.

أنقر هنا إذا ترغب بإضافة تعليقك لهذا المقال

روابط ذات صلة

فرحتنا فقط بعودتنا إن شاء الله
صلاح منصور / أبو السوس
شيكاغو – الولايات المتحدة


Someone must stop Israel’s rampant madness in Gaza

By Gideon Levy
Someone has to stop this rampant madness. Right now. It may seem as though the cabinet hasn’t decided on the “third stage” of the war yet, Amos Gilad is discussing a cease fire in Cairo, the end of the fighting seems close – but all this is misleading.

The streets of Gaza Thursday looked like killing fields in the midst of the “third stage” and worse. Israel is arrogantly ignoring the Security Council’s resolution calling for a cease-fire and is shelling the UN compound in Gaza, as if to show its real feeling toward that institution. Emergency supplies intended for Gaza residents are going up in flames in the burning warehouses. Thick black smoke is rising from the burning flour sacks and the fuel reserves near them, covering the streets.

In the streets, people are running back and forth in panic, holding children and suitcases in their hands, helpless as the shells fall around them. Nobody in the diplomatic corridors is in any hurry to help those unfortunates who have nowhere to run.

The handful of journalists trying to cover the events, despite the outrageous media closure Israel has imposed, are also in danger. The Israel Defense Forces Thursday shelled the media building they were in and now they are all crowded in one office, as fearful and horrified as the rest of the scorched city’s residents.

The BBC’s Arabic correspondent, furious and alarmed, swears hoarsely that nobody fired from the building or around it. Meanwhile, in our television studios, there is rejoicing.

Is this war a “corrective experience,” asks Rafi Reshef, who seems diabolically delighted by the fighting. Infrastructure Minister Benjamin Ben Eliezer tells him that the IDF and Israel Air Force have made great achievements. Nobody of course asks what is so great about these achievements except the killing, destruction and thousands of casualties in Gaza and the rockets that continue falling on Be’er Sheva – undermining every “achievement.”

In the lobby of a luxury hotel, against the background of the horror show from Gaza, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni explains, with intolerable arrogance, that the fire will stop “whenever Israel decides” on the basis of “daily situation evaluations.”

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, standing beside her, breaks protocol and denounces Israel with uncharacteristic vigor for its attack on the UN compound.

This is how Israel now looks to the outside world – its tanks in the burning streets of Gaza; more and more people being killed for nothing; tens of thousands of new refugees; an appallingly haughty foreign minister, and a growing clamor of condemnation and disgust from all over the globe.

Whether or not we have accomplished anything in the war, now only the thirst for blood and lust for revenge speak out, together with the desperate longing for the “victory shot” on the backs of hundreds and thousands of miserable civilians – a picture that will never be achieved, even with another 100 assassinations of Hamas leaders, like Thursday.

All those who supported this war and all those who objected to it should unite in the cry, Enough.


Image ‘Copyleft’ by Carlos Latuff

By Khalid Amayreh, Occupied Palestine

With the holocaust-like Israeli onslaught in Gaza entering its fourth week, and with thousands of Palestinian civilians mercilessly killed and maimed by the Israeli war machine while hundreds others still buried under rubble, Israel is planning a public relations campaign aimed at “making the world forget the bad images” from Gaza very soon.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry this week contacted an American PR firm requesting a “detailed PR plan” that would enhance Israel’s image following the Gaza blitz .

Some military experts have compared the rampant havoc wreaked on Gaza with conditions in the German City of Dresden following the devastating aerial bombings by the Royal Air Force (RAF) in the closing weeks of the Second World War.

According to the Israeli press, the Israeli Foreign Ministry Hasbara (propaganda) department has created a special task force to prepare for the aftermath of the Israeli blitz in Gaza.

The Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz said the task force would be charged with repairing damage to Israel’s image.

“The working assumption is that Israel has suffered a blow to its image in the West in the wake of heavy civilian casualties in the Strip.”

Palestinian activists and human rights organizations operating in occupied Palestine have released gruesome images of hundreds of badly mutilated children killed or maimed by the continuing Israeli aerial bombing and artillery bombardment of residential areas.

Palestinian officials have described the ongoing Israeli offensive as a real holocaust.

“What Israel is doing to the Palestinians in Gaza is a real holocaust. Israel is murdering civilians en mass, destroying homes, mosques and public institutions,” said Ismael Haniya, the Prime Minister of the Hamas government during a speech on Tuesday.

On Thursday, Palestinian hospital sources of more than 1100 Palestinians, mostly children and other innocent civilians, killed and over 5000 people injured, many critically, as a result of the wanton bombings by Israeli F-16 fighters.

Israel has been using excessively disproportionate fire power, including Bunker buster bombs and White Phosphor shells, against a totally defenseless civilian population.

The Israeli paper said Israeli officials were worried that “negative sentiment” toward Israel would grow the moment the full picture of the Israeli blitz emerged.

Israeli hasbara officials have recommended several steps aimed at enhancing Israel’s image, including the intensive involvement of the Israeli army in facilitating the transfer of food and medicine to the bombed-out inhabitants of Gaza.

One Israeli press officer reportedly recommended the employment of the so-called ” candy tactic” as an “image booster.” The “candy tactic” takes the form of filming Israeli soldiers while giving candies to Palestinian kids, especially after the perpetration of an especially-terrible massacre.

Non the less, Israeli sources admit that no matter how effective Israeli hasbara efforts could be, the shocking reality on the ground in Gaza will be proven indelible.

This is why the Israeli foreign ministry is suggesting that the Jewish state embark on a reactivated peace process with the Palestinian Authority


Join this cause to protect me and my family!

Dear Editors, Journalists and Friends,

“Main actions: Israel targets hospitals, United Nations premises,
Press offices, theaters and densely populated buildings in west of
Gaza. Additionally, people are being used as human shields”

This is a new report for the 20th day of Gaza War and the outcomes of
Israeli invasion.

Day 20 of Israeli War On Gaza
Daily Feed About Gaza War:
1-Heavy artillery shelling on the eastern part of Gaza City.
2-Israeli artillery and air force destroyed Al Bashir Mosque in east of Gaza.
3- Israeli artillery and air force bombed Al arqam school in east of Gaza.
4-Artillary shells hit and burned Al Sa’d building in Tal Hawa area.
5-Israeli forces for the first time since 17 years invaded Tal Al
Hawa area and made full scale of destruction and killing.
6-Fifteen Palestinians wounded as Israeli strike bombed a mosque in Rafah City.
7-Two Palestinians killed in an air raid targeted Hamas leader,
Mah,moud al Zahar in Tal Al Hawa.
8- Israeli air force hit a house in Jabalia Refugee Camp.
9-Artillary shelling destroyed house of Mashraw and Safadi family east
of Al Shijaya area. Many people wounded in the place.
10-Israeli army bombarded a computer shop in Rafah market and a nearby
Mosque called Al Abrar.
11-Heavy shelling from the artillery machine in Tal Al hawa near
Barcelona playground.
12-Al Wafa’ hospital east of Gaza, partially destroyed due to 8
Israeli heavy artillery shells.
13-Three Palestinians killed in Sheikh Zayed city northern Gaza Strip.
14-A flat in a big building hit and a firer set in mid of Gaza city,
Falasteen building.
15-Tens of phosphorus bombs rained down mid of Gaza City.
16-Fire set in many flats in Gaza Tal Haw southern western Gaza.
17-Israeli troops captured many tens of people in Tal al Hawa.
18-Israeli tanks and troops invaded Tal Al Hawa and destroyed many
houses leaving many wounded and killed people.
19-Another flagrant violation, Israelis bombarded the UNRWA compound
in Gaza despite their promise not to do it last week.
20-Two Journalists wounded in an Israeli air strike targeted Al Shoroq
building mid of Gaza. The building includes Reuters, AP and tens of
media outlets.
21-People living Al Amani building left their flats in one floor only.
22-Israeli tanks hit “Red Crescent Society” and fire ignited in the building.
23- Al Quds hospital is being bombed after hundreds of people took it
as a shelter.
24-Israli army destroyed a theatre in Tal Al hawa area.
25-Rockets hit house of journalist Eyad el Zaem and fire set in the place.
26-House of Abu Ala khalaf hit in Tal Al Hawa, many injured in the
place and paramedics unable to save them.
27-Fire set in many ambulances and stockpiles of medical equipments.
28-Israeli snipers spread through Tal al Hawa area and open fire on people.
29-Bombings targeted house of Om Sabri Saidam in Tal Al Hawa.
30- A rocket hit house of Muqat family, fire set in and many wounded!
31-A rocket hit a workshop for sponge.
32-Fire set in house of al Alol family due to Israeli rockets western
Gaza, near house of President Abbas.
33-Two Palestinians killed in Al Toffah quarter east of Gaza.
34-Five houses burned by Israeli phosphorous east of Gaza.
35-Around 40 people killed today.
36-Five Palestinian women killed northern Gaza Strip in heavy bombings.
37-Israeli army and troops captured tens of Palestinians in Al Amoor
area eastern Rafah City.
38-Artillary shells fall down in some farms eastern shijaya area.
39-Four people killed, 12 wounded as Israeli rockets targeted house
of Al Naoq family northern Gaza, Jabalia town. The victims are, Sameeh
Al Naoq, Mahmoud Al Noq, Muhammad Saleh and Abd Al latif.
40- Israeli soldiers use Palestinian citizens as humans shields in Tal
Al Hawa area, in one of the populated buildings.
41-Israeli Radio: 11 soldiers wounded in Tal Al Hawa invasion.
42-Heavy bombings in Rafah City where Al Abrar mosque was hit!
43-Israeli F16s raided on al sheikh zayed City northern Gaza strip.
44-F16s hit house of Saday family Al yarmok area which is a very
densely populated area.
45-Rockets hit house of Dr. Abd Al Mn’am Qasem in northern Gaza Strip.
46-Heavy fire is being opened on civilians houses east of Gaza City.
47-Israel says: 7 Israelis lightly wounded in a Palestinian projectile
hit Bir Saba’ area.
48-Many houses burned and Islamic society building burned by Israeli
rockets in northern Gaza, Bait lahia town.
49-Israeli air force bombarded house for Syam family resulted in
killing and injuring many.
50- White and Black smoke Billowing all over the Gaza Strip.
51-Medical sources: War victims 1100, wounded 5100. Child victims:
300, women 110, elderly men and women are 118.
52-A house is being destroyed in Tal Al Hawa and many people under the
rubbles including a child and his grandfather.


Ismail Haniyeh: My message to the West – Israel must stop the slaughter

Ismail Haniyeh, Prime Minister of Gaza


Ismail Haniyeh, the Palestinian Prime Minister, speaking on Al-Aqsa TV in Gaza earlier this week

I write this article to Western readers across the social and political spectrum as the Israeli war machine continues to massacre my people in Gaza. To date, almost 1,000 have been killed, nearly half of whom are women and children. Last week’s bombing of the UNRWA (UN Relief Works Agency) school in the Jabalya refugee camp was one of the most despicable crimes imaginable, as hundreds of civilians had abandoned their homes and sought refuge with the international agency only to be mercilessly shelled and bombed by Israel. Forty-six children and women were killed in that heinous attack while scores were injured.

Evidently, Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in 2005 did not end its occupation nor, as a result, its international obligations as an occupying power. It continued to control and dominate our borders by land, sea and air. Indeed the UN has confirmed that between 2005 and 2008, the Israeli army killed nearly 1,250 Palestinians in Gaza, including 222 children. For most of that period the border crossings have remained effectively closed, with only limited quantities of food, industrial fuel, animal feed and a few other essential items, allowed in.

Despite its frantic efforts to conceal it, the root cause of Israel’s criminal war on Gaza is the elections of January 2006, which saw Hamas win by a substantial majority. What occurred next was that Israel alongside the United States and the European Union joined forces in an attempt to quash the democratic will of the Palestinian people. They set about reversing the decision first by obstructing the formation of a national unity government and then by making a living hell for the Palestinian people through economic strangulation. The abject failure of all these machinations finally led to this vicious war. Israel’s objective is to silence all voices that express the will of the Palestinian; thereafter it would impose its own terms for a final settlement depriving us of our land, our right to Jerusalem as the rightful capital of our future state and the Palestinian refugees’ right to return to their homes.

Ultimately, the comprehensive siege on Gaza, which manifestly violated the Fourth Geneva Convention, prohibited the most basic medical supplies to our hospitals. It disallowed the delivery of fuel and supply of electricity to our population. And on top of all of this inhumanity, it denied them food and the freedom of movement, even to seek treatment. This led to the avoidable death of hundreds of patients and the spiralling rise of malnutrition among our children.

Palestinians are appalled that the members of the European Union do not view this obscene siege as a form of aggression. Despite the overwhelming evidence, they shamelessly assert that Hamas brought this catastrophe upon the Palestinian people because it did not renew the truce. Yet we ask, did Israel honour the terms of the ceasefire mediated by Egypt in June? It did not. The agreement stipulated a lifting of the siege and an end to attacks in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Despite our full compliance, the Israelis persisted in murdering Palestinians in Gaza as well as the West Bank during what became known as the year of the Annapolis peace.

None of the atrocities committed against our schools, universities, mosques, ministries and civil infra-structure would deter us in the pursuit of our national rights. Undoubtedly, Israel could demolish every building in the Gaza Strip but it would never shatter our determination or steadfastness to live in dignity on our land. Surely, if the gathering of civilians in a building only to then bomb it or the use of phosphorous bombs and missiles are not war crimes, then what is? How many more international treaties and conventions must Zionist Israel breach before it is held accountable? There is not a capital in the world today where free and decent people are not outraged by this brutal oppression. Neither Palestine nor the world would be the same after these crimes.

There is only one way forward and no other. Our condition for a new ceasefire is clear and simple. Israel must end its criminal war and slaughter of our people, lift completely and unconditionally its illegal siege of the Gaza Strip, open all our border crossings and completely withdraw from Gaza. After this we would consider future options. Ultimately, the Palestinians are a people struggling for freedom from occupation and the establishment of an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital and the return of refugees to their villages from which they were expelled. Whatever the cost, the continuation of Israel’s massacres will neither break our will nor our aspiration for freedom and independence.



Military Telephony

By Alessandro Robecchi
(Translated by Diego Traversa)


Good morning, shalom. I’m a phone operator of the Israeli army, on duty 8a.m. to 9p.m. Boring job. I’ve been given a list of Gaza’s numbers, I call them and say: folks, we’re going to fire a missile on you in the next 5 min. The lads from the air force will see to all the rest. 


It’s a new job, much talked about by the media around the world. At the beginning, there was some confusion about whether I was working on behalf of the IAF or the Propaganda Bureau, and I had to do without luncheon vouchers for three days. How nasty. 


According to our propaganda, we can kill a bearded man in his house, without waking up the children sleeping in the adjoining room. Sometimes they won’t wake up at all. Thus, no humanitarian trouble, the only problem is that the house walls collapse. I know we’re not the ones who invented the “intelligent” missiles, but the nonsense comes handy when you fire them. 


Well, I call these Palestinians, but the thing is much more difficult than it looks. Sometimes the line is busy; sometimes they don’t hear the ring as we’re bombing another house nearby. Sometimes I don’t even call them, or else I start either doing phone pranks or willfully dialing wrong numbers. After all, calling or not calling makes no difference, what’s important is the media talking about it. 


Suddenly my superiors made up their mind: I was working for the Propaganda Bureau and immediately got the meal tickets. At any rate, it’s not a hard job, and I even risk becoming famous: I’m setting aside all the articles speaking about how good we are at warning people before killing them. This stuff is quite rewarding. 


Sorry, too much talk; time to get back to work. 


Hello? Who am I speaking to? Tell your mom to come to the phone……is dad in? What room is he in? Ok, tell mom you have 6 min. to leave the house. Actually, four……maybe only one……hello? hello? 


This article appeared on Tlaxcala


The world is slowly waking up to the horrors in Gaza….. and the commercial press, for the most part, is ignoring that. Hence the BLOG…. 


My Dear Friend Matt sent THIS to me….. photos of the demo held in Brooklyn.


Image ‘Copyleft’ by Carlos Latuff

HERE is a collection of Latuff’s cartoons dealing with the situation in Palestine.
You are free to download all the collection, reproducing and
sharing with people.


Image by Abonoon

The passengers aboard this ship are truly brave. After the incident of a few weeks ago, they knew they were literally taking their lives in their hands by participating in this mercy mission.

Obviously, a country that is capable of massacring over a thousand people, including children, is capable of murdering a handful of people at sea.

Kudos to all of them, and to the FreeGaza Movement for their valuable updates.


Israel Threatens to Shoot Unarmed Civilians aboard Mercy Ship

For more information, please contact:

(Cyprus) Lubna Masarwa, +357 97 625 828

(Cyprus) Mary Hughes, +357 99 081 767

(Gaza) Ewa Jasiewicz, +972 598 700 497

(Mediterranean Sea, 15 January 2009) – The Israeli navy today threatened to kill unarmed civilians aboard a mercy ship on its way to deliver medical supplies and doctors to besieged Gaza.

The Free Gaza Movement ship, SPIRIT OF HUMANITY, left Cyprus Wednesday morning carrying doctors, journalists, human rights workers, and parliamentarians. The ship also carried over a ton of desperately needed medicines donated by the European Campaign to Break the Siege, and intended for overwhelmed hospitals in the Gaza Strip. At the request of the ship’s organizers the passenger list and manifest were publicly released, and Cypriot authorities searched the boat prior to its departure in order to certify that it only carried humanitarian items. The organizers also sent an official notification to the Israeli government of their intent to break through the blockade of Gaza.

At roughly 3am UST (1am GMT), in international waters 100 miles off the coast of Gaza, at least five Israeli gunboats surrounded the SPIRIT OF HUMANITY and began recklessly cutting in front of the slow-moving civilian craft. The Israeli warships radioed the SPIRIT, demanding that the ship turn around or they would open fire and “shoot.” When asked if the Israeli navy was acknowledging that they intended to commit a war crime by deliberately firing on unarmed civilians, the warships replied that they were prepared to use “any means” to stop the ship.

An earlier attempt by Free Gaza to deliver doctors and medical supplies ended on 30 December when Israeli gunboats deliberately and repeatedly rammed the DIGNITY, almost sinking that ship. Rather than endanger the lives of its passengers, the SPIRIT is now returning to Cyprus.

Israel’s reckless and shocking threats against an unarmed ship on a mission of mercy are a violation of both international maritime law and the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, which states that “the high seas should be reserved for peaceful purposes.”

The Free Gaza Movement, a human rights group, sent two boats to Gaza in August 2008. These were the first international boats to land in the port in 41 years. Since August, four more voyages were successful, taking Parliamentarians, human rights workers, and other dignitaries to witness the effects of Israel’s draconian policies on the civilians of Gaza.


Thanks to the government and people of Bolivia

Bolivian Embassy in London, United Kingdom
Embassy of Bolivia in London, Great Britain
106 Eaton Square
Dear sir: I would like to salute the government and people of Bolivia for severing ties with the Nazi-like state of Israel for committing a real genocide in Gaza.

Needless to say, the Israeli army has been carrying out a horrible carnage in Gaza, targeting mosques, private homes, public buildings, college buildings, student dorms, drug stores, police stations, ministry buildings, factories, businesses, shops, grocery stores as well as charities and orphanages.

As a result, thousands of innocent people have been either killed or maimed while hundreds are still buried under rubbles. The sheer magnitude of this colossal crime is yet to be fully assessed in light of the continuation of the massacres and aerial bombings.

In short, Israel has been committing and is committing crimes against humanity by employing the state-of-the-art of the American technology of death against an imprisoned and nearly totally defenseless people.

Hence, your gesture of severing ties with this criminal state, which claims to be Jewish while behaving very much like the Third Reich did, is greatly appreciated by the Palestinian people and all other peace and freedom-loving peoples all over the globe.

May God bless you and your country.
Together we shall uphold the values of humanity.

Khalid Amayreh
Israeli-Occupied Jerusalem
14 January, 2009


Day 19 of Israeli War On Gaza
Informative Report on Gaza War: Death toll 1015, wounded 4800

Israeli military operation is still increasingly killing more
Palestinians mostly civilians. The victims are in contrary of the
announced aim of targeting militants. Around 490 of the victims are
children while 160 are women. Israeli Artillery intensified the
shelling scale leaving more victims and destruction.
This is a new report for the 19th day of Gaza War and the outcomes of
Israeli invasion.
Day 19 of Israeli War On Gaza
Daily Feed About Gaza War:
1-Heavy artillery shelling on the central part of Gaza Strip. The area
was showered by tens of shells and a big cloud of strange smoke
covered the area.
2-Heavy fighting between Palestinian fighters and Israeli soldiers.
3-Israeli F16s bombarded the tunnels area in Rafah, many house
partially demolished and fire came into many others.
4-Rockets destroyed the old City Council of Gaza which is a historic
one built in 1910 in the Turkish period.
5-Bombings in east of Gaza and news that many killed near Hasanin clan.
6-Heavy shelling targeted Al Shikh Ijlin area.
7-Medical staff and Paramadics seek to evacuate tens of dead bodies
through the occupied strip, so far 4 dead bodied were found in Atatra
area northern Gaza.
8-Three bodies of dead people still in Johr El Dik area and paramedics
unable to bring them out. Between them an old man and young woman.
9-Bombings from the naval forces into Al Nusairat area leaving many
wounded persons.
10-Naval forces and gunboats shelled many targets in Gaza City.
11-Seven Palestinians killed in the northern area of Bait Lahia as
Israeli drones hit a car and shells rained into houses. Fire set in
many house and several people wounded. Two children were among
victims,Hanan AL Najar and Shefa’ Al Mutwaq.
12-Around 10 homemade projectiles fired into Israel leaving no loss nor damage.
13-Palestinian snipers shot at 2 Israeli soldiers in Bait Lahia and
fire RBG shell into Israeli troops.
14-Israeli Apache helicopters open its fire on the eastern part of
Gaza City and the northern areas as well.
15-Three Palestinians killed at Al Shati’ Refugee Camp as Israeli
army fired some rockets in the area.
16-Three rockets fired into Israel from Lebanon.
17-People fled their houses in Bir Al Naja area norther Gaza as
Israeli shells rain down.
18-Two Palestinians killed in Israeli bombings for Al Shoka area south
of Gaza Strip city of Rafah.
19-Israeli tanks advanced into the outskirts of Rafah, Abu Muamar area
with heavy fire from the air force.
20-Shells fired at Rafah city from the occupied air port.
21-A shell hit house of Dr. Abed Al Ad, a Hamas member in Toffah area
east of Gaza. Many people wounded in the area.
22-A fire set in fuel station northern Gaza town of Thwam.
23-Tanks shelled Al Zayoun area.
24-Around 10 people wounded as Israeli army shelled a house in
northern Gaza Strip. One of the wounded lets all his 4 limps and he is
in critical situation.
25-A rocket hit an open space near Al Omari mosque in Jablia and no
one wounded.
26-Two people wounded as Israeli army shelled Al Sultan buildings northern Gaza.
27-Two civilians killed, 10 wounded from the residents of Al Shaima’
area due to heavy shelling from Israeli tanks northern Gaza strip.
28-Tens of Phosphorous bombs hit the houses of civilians in north of Gaza.
29-More than 5 people wounded in Israeli strike hit Al Nidr street in
Jabalia town.
30-Two children wounded in the head, a young man and three women
injured in Israeli bombing for the house of Salem Al Naor.
31-A shell hit house of Bashir Abd Rabu mid of Jabalia.
32-One killed and three others wounded as Israeli shells hit house
of Nahed abu Kmail in central areas of Gaza.
33-One Palestinian killed and several wounded bombings Saftawi street north of Gaza.
34-Phosporous bombs burned to death Saed Abu Halima and his three
sons! They were only burnt skeletons.
35-Heavy clashes between Palestinian fihters in east and north of Gaza Strip.
36-Three Palestinians killed as Israeli army shelled them at Al
Zaytoun quarter. Several other wounded and they are all civilians.
37-Israeli air force launched air strike on a car western Gaza City
and no news about victims.
38-Phosphrous bombs burned the house of Ashor family. One of the
family members was killed while having his launch.
39-Israeli air force targets a cemetery of dead people destroying
tombs. Many corps and bones threw out in the place.
40-A group of Arab and French doctors arrived to Gaza to help in
saving lives of many wounded people.
41-Rockets hit many fields and empty space in Rafah City.
42-Phospoerous bombs hit many houses in Zaytoun quarter.
43-Medical staff finds a body for Samir Rashi who was executed by
Israeli soldiers 10 days ago.
44-Hamas Radio: Our fighters are seizing five Israeli soldiers in one
house and firing at them!
45-Another car hit by Israeli bombs and 3 wounded in Al Zaytoun quarter.
46-Air strike destroyed a house in Al Nafaq street and many people
wounded mid of Gaza City.
47-Air strike on al Maqousi buildings left 2 people killed and several
wounded. Fire set in many flats and people are trapped in the house.


Would they/Could they remain silent today?
Image by Mr. Fish


What’s next?

Whatever lies ahead after Abbas’s notification of not seeking the Palestinian presidency again, the status quo ante is over for good, writes Khalid Amayreh in Ramallah

Hundreds of Palestinians gather in the West Bank city of Ramallah to express support for President Mahmoud Abbas

The recent decision by Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas not to seek a second term in office has already thrown into question the continued survival of the Oslo peace process as well as the future of the PA itself.

Most Palestinians have interpreted Abbas’s decision as a frank — though belated — admission of the failure of the peace process with Israel.

In his speech on Thursday, 5 November, Abbas didn’t mourn that process much. But he did suggest that it was pointless to walk any further along the current path given Israel’s adamant refusal to stop settlement expansion and the Obama administration’s refusal to force Israel to give up the spoils of the 1967 war.

Abbas did ask the Palestinian people to continue to believe in the eventuality of peace. However, he also gave the impression that true and just peace with Israel was a distant dream if not unrealistic.

It is still uncertain if Abbas will reconsider his decision under the influence of incessant calls to that effect by his supporters, especially within the Fatah organisation.

However, most Palestinian pundits seem to unanimously agree that the Palestinian leader won’t do so unless he receives real “concessions” from Israel with regards to the settlements issue. Otherwise, Abbas would lose face and give Israel and the US an additional reason not to take him seriously the next time he triggers a crisis over the peace process.

Abbas’s decision has raised many questions as to how the PA will survive his absence and the virtual death of the peace process. After all, that process, which provided a certain promise that the Palestinians would eventually rid themselves of Israel’s military occupation, has always been the main raison d’être of the PA. Hence, the PA would be effectively reduced to a mere subcontractor of the Israeli occupation if that promise vanished as most Palestinians seem to believe it has.

But the problem goes beyond the ostensible failure and imminent collapse of the peace process. Abbas is probably the most moderate Palestinian leader from the Israeli and Western viewpoint. It is inconceivable, at least at this juncture, that any other Fatah substitute who would replace Abbas would be willing to accommodate Israeli whims, especially on matters related to Jerusalem and the settlements.

Hence one Fatah leader in Ramallah questioned the “wisdom” of appointing a successor to Abbas under the current political conditions. “What would any potential successor to Abbas be able to do? Abbas has given the Americans and Israelis all they want. He went to the greatest extent possible in order to demonstrate Palestinian desire for peace. But look how they have treated him.”

The source added, on condition of anonymity: “They [America and Israel] wanted Abbas to be a full-fledged collaborator working against the interests of his own people. They were not willing to accept a dignified Palestinian partner. They didn’t want partners, they only wanted to see collaborators, such as the current rulers of Afghanistan and Iraq.”

So far, the Obama administration has been reticent about these latest developments in the occupied West Bank. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whom Abbas specifically blamed for convincing President Obama not to pressure Israel on the settlements issue, said she would continue to work with the Palestinian leader in whatever new capacity he might choose. The allusion here is to the possibility that Abbas might retain his more important post as head of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, which is uncertain to say the least.

Spokespersons at the State Department and White House called on Abbas to reconsider and to give the peace process another chance.

It is uncertain what steps the Obama administration would take if Abbas made good on his undertaking not to run in the Palestinian general elections, scheduled for 24 January. Indeed, the elections themselves have been thrown into question by Abbas’s speech. After all, many Palestinians, including many Fatah leaders, question the rationality of holding elections when all political horizons have been completely closed and no successor to Abbas is known.

Some pundits suggest that the Obama administration might seek “another” Palestinian Karzai — a strongman like Mohamed Dahlan. However, it is near certain that any meddling from Washington would cause Fatah to implode from within with such a new leader being viewed by the majority of Palestinians as an American agent. Another possibility is that the US would further boost the status of Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, enabling him to function as de facto Palestinian leader in lieu of Abbas. But this prospect, too, is fraught with uncertainty because Fayyad is bereft of a popular base despite attempts to build one.

Earlier this week, Fayyad and his ministers threatened to collectively resign their posts if Abbas left the Palestinian political scene. It is not clear though if this was a stunt, or a real threat. The resignation of the Fayyad government, coupled with Abbas’s resignation, would deal a serious blow to the PA and might bring about its complete collapse.

Such a collapse would force Israel to re-assume all the tasks and responsibilities of an occupying power. In this case, Israel would be faced with two undesirable scenarios: the likely resumption of violence and resistance by all Palestinian factions, including Fatah; or rising Palestinian demands for a one-state solution whereby Israel would have to grant Palestinians equal rights as citizens in a unitary and democratic state extending from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean.

This last option is anathema to Israel and many Jews since it would herald the end of classical Zionism and auger the ultimate prospect of Israel losing its Jewish majority.

There have been reports that the Obama administration might opt to overcome the present crisis by declaring its recognition of a prospective Palestinian state based on 1967 borders. Israel is already jittery about this prospect and has been seeking “clarifications” from Washington in this regard.

However, while such an acknowledgment on Washington’s part would be a remarkable event for increasingly frustrated Palestinians, it would do little to change reality on the ground, as Israel has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to overrule and disregard American decisions, especially if these decisions are not coordinated with Israel beforehand.

Israel’s recent defiance of the Obama administration on the settlements issue is clear evidence to that effect.


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And, now, who will accept responsibility for the failure?

By Khalid Amayreh


Cartoon by Omayya Joha, the Oslo process depicted as an egg which after 10 years hatched an egg.

Finally, the Palestinian Authority (PA) has admitted, belatedly, of course, that 18 years of talks and negotiations with Israel have availed to nothing.

In an interview with the pro-Fatah news agency, Maan, on Wednesday, 11 November, the prominent PA negotiator Sa’eb Ureikat was quoted as saying that all negotiations with Israel since the Madrid Peace Conference in 1991 produced a zero result.

“We have reached the decisive moment, we have to be frank with our people, we have failed to reach the two-state solution.

“We have reached a conviction that Israel doesn’t want to see an independent Palestinian state on the territories occupied in 1967.”

Well, Mr. Ureikat, great that you’ve waken up after 18 years of deep dormancy. This is probably the longest duration of hibernation one can imagine.

But someone must be called to account for 18 years of failure, deception and lies.

True, Israel is ultimately responsible for this failure, but you and your colleagues are also responsible for this monumental fiasco.

Indeed, even if we were dealing with minor management failure at a small business, conclusions would have to made and those responsible would have to draw consequences.

But we are talking about our national cause, about Palestine, the patrimony and future of our people, which means that failure at the leadership level amounts to criminal negligence bordering on treason.

Can you Mr. Ureikat imagine the amount of suffering and losses we have incurred and are still incurring under the rubric of this hateful and barren process in which you personally were involved from the very inception?

Can you imagine how much pain and tears we could have saved our people if you and your colleagues had not made these scandalous miscalculations?

Someone somewhere has to show us the accountability sheet. After all, thousands of Palestinians lost their lives due to this huge illusion euphemistically and mendaciously called “peace process.”

Moreover, Israel, the deceitful peace partner, exploited every minute and every hour of these 18 years to kill more Palestinian children, destroy more Palestinian homes, steal more Palestinian land and build more Jewish settlements while you and your bosses- Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas- kept fretting and babbling about a peace process that had actually more to do with political whoredom than with true efforts to achieve genuine peace.

For the sake of this “peace process” Palestinians had to kill each other, our human rights had to be crushed, our civil liberties had to be violated and a police-state apparatus had to be imposed on our people.

You and your colleagues thought, out of stupidity, ignorance and arrogance, that if you tormented our people on Israel’s behalf, which you have done extremely efficiently, Israel would give you our usurped legitimate rights on a silver platter and allow you to build a viable and independent state in the West Bank, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Instead, Israel has treated you as worthless collaborators whose main job is to repress and pacify the Palestinians for Israel’s sake.

Frankly, you deserve the humiliating treatment you have been receiving from the Zio-Nazis. You deserve it because you could have reached the same conclusion about Zionist mendacity from the first year or the second year of the hapless Oslo era.

However, instead of “smelling it from afar,” you allowed yourselves to be bamboozled and duped for 18 long years, and whenever an honest-minded Palestinian advised you against further beguilement , you used all the bad epithets in the dictionary to describe these sincere people who sensed the falsehood and deception from day-1.

We, the people of Palestine, need to know why it took you and your colleagues, people like Abbas, Yasser Abed Rabbo and ilk, 18 long years to discover that Israel is not sincere about peace.

Were you intoxicated? Were you stupid? Were you gullible? Were you blind?

And now after all this shameful legacy, do you still expect the Palestinian people to grant you another 18 years to further experiment with the national cause?

Well, the least you should do now is really to quit with whatever semblance of dignity you may still have. Not doing so would be a scandalous expression of national irresponsibility.

Yes, this is the logical conclusion that you must reach, otherwise you and your friends would be flying in the face of the Palestinian people.

We cannot afford to see another 18 years of miscalculation, lies and failure?

But in order to ensure that this won’t happen again, all the faces of failure would have to leave the scene, perhaps to retire and write their memoirs.

Mr. Ureikat, you wrote a book recently entitled “Life is negotiation.” Perhaps this time you might have to write another book entitled “life is honor.”


There are two sides to every conflict…..

Image ‘Copyleft’ by Carlos Latuff


‘Father forgive me for I have sinned….. I killed over 1,000 people including innocent women and children……’

An IDF soldier recites morning prayers next to his armored vehicle on the Gaza border.
Photo: AP



Palestinian doctor killed by IDF while treating Gaza wounded

By Amira Hass

A 28-year-old Palestinian doctor in the Gaza refugee camp of Jabalya was killed by Israel Defense Forces fire this week while on his way to remove casualties from a building being targeted by Israeli missiles, according to the Mizan human rights group in Gaza.

His death raises the death toll of medical personnel killed by the IDF to seven since December 27, human rights groups said.


In addition, three hospitals and four health clinics were damaged by gunfire in the last few days, Palestinian sources said.

Dr. Issa Salah, a member of the Palestinian civil defense services, and his team reached the building where the casualties were located around 4:30 P.M. Monday, a few minutes after it was hit by a missile fired by an Israeli helicopter.



The residents ran out, having learned that the first such missile is a warning to residents to evacuate the building, before additional missiles demolish it.



But not everyone made it in time; an 18-year-old girl was killed and four residents, including two children, were wounded in the second missile strike.



Salah was killed, and one of his colleagues wounded, in the third missile strike, while on their way to remove the woman and the four residents from the site and get them medical treatment.



Meanwhile, the dead woman’s 23-year-old sister and another woman, 20, were killed in continued Israeli shelling of the building.



Five others were wounded.



Salah’s death underscores the difficulty Palestinians face in removing casualties from the scene.



As of last night, Palestinian sources said, Palestinian rescue forces have so far been unable to coordinate the evacuation of casualties with the IDF in at least four locations, where the IDF has encountered resistance: Jabalya and the Gaza City neighborhoods of Sajaiyeh, Tufah and Zeitun.



Dear Editors, Journalists and Friends,

” Israeli MP and Leader: Afghdor Liberman says that “Gaza has to be
erased from the Map by Nuclear bombs like what Americans used in
Heroshima and Nagazaki.”

Israeli military operation is still increasingly killing more
Palestinians mostly civilians. The victims are in contrary of the
announced aim of targeting militants. Around 370 of the victims are
children while 160 are women. Israeli Artillery intensified the
shelling scale leaving more victims and destruction.
This is a new report for the 18th day of Gaza War and the outcomes of
Israeli invasion.

Day 18 of Israeli War On Gaza
By Sameh A. Habeeb, A Photojournalist, Humanitarian & Peace Activist
in Gaza Strip.

Daily Feed About Gaza War:

1. Israeli war ships bombard two weeding halls, Al Jazeera and Shab
palace on Gaza beach.

2. Heavy shelling in East of Gaza City resulted in the killing of many
people and injuring several others.

3. Continued artillery attacks on Bait Lahi town.

4. The Israelis destroyed many houses in Khoza’a south north of
Kanyounis where 24 citizens were injured by the white phosphorous
bombs, most of them are suffering from third degree burns.

5. Expanding bulldozering houses and farms in Khoza’a and Najar
neighborhood south north Khanyounis.

6. Killing a woman and injuring a girl in her arm and leg as well as
wounding several citizens for their rejection to evacuate their

7. Continual clashes between resistance men and the Israel army on Al
Rayyes and Al Sorni hills.

8. Shelling a house belonging to Al Barawi family in Twam, north west
of Gaza, four people injured by white phosphorous bombs. Injured
people waited for long time until the ambulance men managed to reach
them .

9. One Palestinian citizen killed and ten injured on Khnyounis Highway.

10. Targeting Al Ahli Sports Club in west to Nusseirat Camp.

11. Targeting by war planes missiles a house belonging to Al Shanti
Family in Nusseirat .

12. Targeting a group of citizens in Nusseirat, four casualties.
Ambulance personnel were prevented to reach them.

13. Targeting a house belonging Al Zwaidi Family south of Beit Hanoun
14. Bombardment by two F16 rockets on farms in Abbassan south of Khnyounis

15. Artillery shelling in an open area near Jabalia refugee camp;
three people were injured.

16. Warning rockets at residential areas in Beer Al Na’a Ja west of Jabalia.

17. Detonating an evacuated house in Al Attatra area where Israeli
special Forces were inside the house. Al Qassam Brigades claimed one
Israeli officer was killed and other soldiers were injured , while the
Israeli sources have not referred to that incident.

18. A Palestinian citizen is killed and four other were injured, one
of them is serious in Al Falouja while they were trying to get bread
for their kids.

19. Alaqsa brigades calim killing 12 Israel soldiers in an ambush
south of Baitlahi. Israeil sources kept silent.

20. Al aqsa Brigades shells by home- made artillery Soufa Crossing.

21. Five Palestinian citizens were killed and 10 people were seriously
injured near Al Sekka area in Jabalia.

22. Destroying a villa belonging to Mohammed Madi in Raffah..

23. Targeting a group of citizens in Baitlahia, one was killed.

24. Bombardment on a house belonging to Mr. Amin Al Zwaidi for the
third time, adjacent houses were affected.

25. Bombardment on Fatouh street close to Mosab Bin Omair mosque ,
three citizens were killed and several people were injured.

26. Air raids on Jabalia refugee camp where forty citizens were injured.

27. Bombarding a house belonging to Al Najar clan in Khanyounis where
Mr. Khalil Ahmad Alnajar age 75 was killed and seven of his family
members were injured.

28. Bombarding Raffah border area by 100 F16 to destroy tunnels; 25
houses were destroyed.

29. Thirteen resistance men were killed in clashes with Israeli
soldiers south west of Jabalia.

30. Recovering of the dead body of Mikbel Abed Aljarbeeh,an old
Palestinian who was killed on the second day of the ground attack. The
corpse was found rotten.

31. Eight resistance men are killed in clashes with Israeli soldiers
in Tal Al Hawa neighborhood south east of Gaza.

32. The Israeli solders shot dead two Palestinian civilians from Ayyad
family in Al Zaitoun Neighborhood and one resistance man was killed by
a rocket in the southern area of the same neighborhood.

33. Two Palestinian civilians, Hassan Shtaiwi age 68 and Mamdouh
Shaiber age 18 were injured and later died in Al Zaitoun

34. Mr. Jaji Ramzi who was injured on Jan. 6th and then transferred to
an Egyptian hospital died.

35. The total toll of the Palestinians victims have been 980 killed
and more than 4400 wounded in the War.

36. Naval forces open heavy fire on Gaza shore and many houses were destroyed.

37. A Palestinian Killed in Shikh Ridwan area as a rocket his car and
5 other wounded.

38. Israeli allows some few vans of aids to get into the Gaza Strip.
Hoever, Gaza needs thousands of food trucks a day.

39. Israeli Leader: Afghdor Liberman says that Gaza has to be erased
from the Map by Nuclear bombs like what Americans used in Heroshima
and Nagazaki.

40. Palestinian figthters fired 15 rockets into Israeli settlements.


Letters from Gaza

By Dr.Kenneth Ring**

I’ve prefaced this article with a short author’s note. When I’m writing to my friend, I indent. When I quote my Gazan friends, I leave their paragraphs flush left. In writing to my friend, I sometimes inserted brief explanatory comments, which placed in a blue front. I added one brief but important footnote at the end, which I asterisked in the text.


[Author’s note: This article is based on a letter sent to a friend who had written me toward the end of the first week in January to wish me a happy new year as well as to express her concern for the friends she knew I was worried about in Gaza following the Israeli invasion. I replied largely by quoting from various documents from them in order to convey to my correspondent as vividly as I could what my friends – and by implication, most Gazans – had been experiencing ever since coming under attack. What follows, then, are mainly some firsthand accounts of life in the killing zone of Gaza.]

First, here are some excerpts from Hanan’s last note to me, a week ago — obviously, I have had no word from her since. Of course, there is often no electricity, no water, no cell phone service; it is winter there, but people have to leave their windows open lest they shatter if there are explosions nearby; families huddle together just to keep as warm as they can. Under such conditions, how can I expect Hanan to write? And how can I know what her silence means? Anyway, here are her last — but I hope not her final — words to me:

Dear friend Ken,

Thank you so much for your concern and your noble feelings, I really appreciate them. You can say that I am fine but my people are not, you can never even imagine the destruction and the horror we’re living in, circumstances are the worstest, we haven’t had electricity for two days, and we just got some. It’s actually 4 o’clock after midnight, and it is an awful night. F-16 planes are joining our children with their dreams or what have become, nightmares. Sorry, I have no words to describe the situation here. I am not sure whether you got my story [for a book I’m writing] translated or not but believe me, it’s nothing. nothing at all compared to this.

Concerning professor Haidar [another friend of mine], I haven’t heard from him for days either and am concerned because he lives in the middle of Gaza city, very near to the attacks. It came to my knowledge that he had lived through a bad experience [he narrowly missed death — I read about it later — and there was worse to come….].

Dear Ken, again, thank you so much for your concerning feeling. There is one thing I want you to know. In case something happened and I didn’t make it or haven’t the chance to say so, I would like you to know that you are one of my best friends ever, and that it was a great pleasure for me to know you and to communicate with you. I’ve really learned a lot from you and your forgiveness personality was a source of inspiration and admiration.

Take care of yourself, dear friend, and excuse me for this long message but it might be the last,

your little friend,


And my friend Haidar? After already having come close to death or serious injury when a police building very near his house was blown up, even worse times lay ahead for him. Here is the last I heard of him, taken from an interview conducted on December 30th by a Canadian journalist, Eva Bartlett, based in Gaza [published in The Palestinian Chronicle and reprinted here by permission]. I have had no word from or of him since.

I was lying in my bedroom when the first strike happened, around 1:30 am. You know a strike isn’t just one explosion, it’s a series of explosions. Boom, boom, boom, boom. The whole building shook. I woke up and went to the bathroom first, and within 30 seconds the second strike hit. F-16s were bombing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building, about 500 meters away. I could hear glass shattering everywhere. I went back into the bedroom and saw glass everywhere, all over the bed which is right up against the window. If I had been lying there still, it would have shattered all over me, would have seriously injured me, or worse, I don’t know. It was a very strong blast, and the glass must have hit the bed with great force.

I brought a mattress into the living room, which faces the sea, and lay down trying to sleep there. Moments later, I heard a huge explosion, the third strike, this time from an area closer to the sea. The front, sea-facing window exploded into the room, landing on the desk and the floor, thankfully too far from where I was lying.

I tried to call a friend who lives two buildings away from the Ministries. He’s got five children, ages 5 to 15. He said they were okay, but the children were terrified, screaming.

I went into the third room, a spare bedroom, and saw that the windows were already broken. I looked through the shards of glass and saw that 4 ambulances had come, as well as 2 fire trucks. There were huge, black clouds. I was looking at the ambulances and the people below when another strike against the compound happened, the third series of explosions. Again, my building shook from the impact. I heard people screaming, there was more smoke, fire, and a terrible smell. I don’t know what… the smell of death, I guess.

The radio reported that my friend, Dr. Fawaz abu Setta, whose house is just in front of the ministry compound, was buried under the rubble of his home. I was stunned, it really affected me badly. He’s such a kind man, and I couldn’t believe it. I called friends, I was so worried, and 15 minutes later finally learned that another friend had spoken to him: he and his wife were okay, in the basement of their house, locked in because something had fallen against the door.

The compound has 3 or 4 ministries, and each building has 8-10 floors. So I’d imagine you need 3 missiles for each building. So far there’d been 3 sets of hits against the buildings, as well as on-going strikes around Gaza City and the Strip.

I could hear some of the explosions in Gaza’s neighborhood, and the radio kept reporting the latest explosions. They were everywhere: Sheik Radwan (a district of Gaza City, where my brother and his family live. I started calling him, but he didn’t answer), Zaytoun (another district of Gaza), Jabaliya, Beit Hanoun…

All the time the building was shaking, like an earthquake. These were the loudest explosions I’ve ever heard. It was terrible, frightening, confusing. And you know, you don’t know where to run, what to do. I looked outside, but it was too dark, too filled with black smoke… I don’t know what kind of bombs Israel is using, something that creates fire, and very dark smoke. I could hear children screaming in my own building, screeching from fear. My landlord is in his 80s, and his wife had a stroke last year and cannot walk. They live on the 12th floor. I couldn’t imagine how they were feeling then, completely helpless, the power out, no way of escaping if our building was hit, or even if it wasn’t hit, but just to escape the terror.

I took my mattress and went to the corridor this time, the last place I could try. I lay down, and listened to the radio reporting the latest. And I continued to hear blasts all over.

45 minutes after the 3rd strike, they came back, to finish the job against the ministerial compound. With the 4th strike, more glass shattered, what was left of it. I rushed to the window closest to the attacks, already shattered, and again tried to see through dark smoke. But I couldn’t see anything, but could hear ambulances below, more screaming.

The electricity was off, the landlines down. No phone lines, no internet, no cell phone connection. I had no way of speaking to anyone. It was very isolating, terrifying.

It seems ridiculous to go back to bed after all of this, to try to sleep. But there is really nowhere I felt safe, so I went back to the mattress in the corridor. It started raining, and I could see rain coming in the sea-view window, and my bedroom window. I got up, tried to cover things… my laptop, my stereo… I was just trying to save my things. And there was glass all over the floor, I was stepping on it.

This morning, my nieces came over, and when they saw my bedroom with the broken windows and thick shards of glass where my head and body would have been, they were horrified, started crying.

We still have glass everywhere. We tried to clean… it’s everywhere. [Dr. Eid picks glass off the couch, the floor, apologizing to me — this is the interviewer, commenting]

I heard later that they used more than 40 shells, which when you add up all the strikes is entirely possible.

After the attacks, the drones were all over, flying low, buzzing like huge mosquitoes. The sound they make, it’s loud, grating, and you know it means they’re considering what to do next. They were up there the rest of the night, flying circles, coming lower, going back up, the pitch of their whine rising, going away, coming back…They want to make there presence felt. They are really saying to us, ‘we can do whatever we want, with impunity.’

There’s only so much one can bear, you know. You can’t think clearly, you know, I don’t know what to do.

People are afraid they might strike the Ministry of Justice and next to it the Ministry of Education, just up the street, about 400-500 meters.

Update: 8 am, 31 December. The Council of Ministers, hosting the Prime Minister’s Office, was targeted Tuesday night at around 8:50 pm, along with the Ministry of Interior in Tel al Hawa (just 500 meters from Dr. Eid’s home), which was targeted for the 3rd time. Both were completely destroyed.

After that, nothing but silence — again.*

These are just two of my friends. There are about 1.5 million Gazans, all of whom have friends and family, mostly there, some elsewhere, and they all have similar stories to tell. You can see why Gaza is so much on my mind. And there is no end in sight. At least 55 more civilians died today, and more than 600 have perished now. At least 800 children have either been killed or wounded, and of course the hospitals, completely under-supplied and understaffed for years because of the Israeli siege, can’t cope. One Norwegian doctor, who has been working there now for eight days, with almost no sleep and little to eat himself, broke down in tears last night because of the children he can’t help and can only see die. And then he has to tell their parents — when they are alive to tell.

Yeah, not exactly a happy new year, but at least I’m not living in Gaza. Yet I am.

[After sending this letter off to my friend, I added a postscript.]

I’ve just heard from another friend of mine there who, despite the shortage of electricity and all the other hardships of life in Gaza now, somehow finds the time to send me brief personal notes of reassurance that she and her family are still all right – at least physically. But here I will quote some excerpts from a longer commentary she wrote for general distribution on New Year’s Day that provides a sense of the way people can adapt to – and even laugh during – the most dreadful conditions of life and death surrounding them. My friend Safa also expresses her rage that so many people in the world continue to cling to the most distorted and demeaning stereotypes of the Palestinian people, which only adds to the emotional burden she has to carry in the midst of being surrounded by carnage on all sides and having to live with the threat that in the next moment she and her family could be obliterated in an instant. Laughter and rage by turns in the shell-shocked charnel house of Gaza.

It’s interesting how, at the most terrifying and horrific of times, we still manage to make light of the events, and even enjoy a dark sense of humor that surprisingly comes out not inappropriate and even the more amusing given the constant state of tenseness and apprehension.

My 10-year-old cousin was eating a sandwich when my younger brother, 12, looked at him and, quoting a line from one of his favorite video games in his dead-on imitation of the character’s voice, while being extremely amused by the fear in the younger boy’s eyes, said “enjoy it, it could be your last!” I looked at him for a second and began laughing almost hysterically.

On another occasion, we looked around for my 12-year-old and 14-year-old brothers during an intense bout of air strikes and realized that they had snuck back to the living room, the room directly in front of the area being bombed, and were watching a sports channel. “But we had to see the scores,” they retorted after being severely reproached. They’re becoming desensitized, I thought. I went through this before while living in Ramallah in 2002. I laughed so hard, they had become totally oblivious!

I’ve had a lot of time to contemplate, the last few days, and looking at my siblings, I wonder how the rest of the world envisions the people who occupy the most despondent and unruly military zones in the world.

My younger brothers spend their free time out with their friends, or playing basketball and soccer at youth clubs. They are passionate about sports, play station, and music. They play the guitar and are exceptional students. My brother who’s in collage is obsessed with computers and gadgets, he’s an engineering student who comes up with the most ingenious projects for his classes. He listens to music and plays the guitar and prays regularly. He’s an honor student who has big goals and big dreams.

So please understand why I am infuriated when I see how we are portrayed on television. Hordes of bearded, teeth-gnashing, stone- throwing blood-thirsty savages in rags and tatters. And please don’t blame me for feeling utter rage against the state of Israel that has been intentionally targeting the unwary, guiltless, promising children and youth of the Gaza Strip in its vicious attacks over the past 5 days. Already, between 40 and 50 children are dead while hundreds lie in the hospitals, seriously injured or disabled for life.

The people of Gaza have been suffering for decades under systematic and tyrannical oppression by Israel, the latest of its measures has been the siege and closures imposed on the strip that have completely devastated the livelihoods of Gaza residents and caused the economy to fall into an unprecedented and crippling depression. The people of Gaza have long been denied the means that have been afforded to the residents of countries with the same, possibly less, resources. And yet the amount of resourcefulness and zeal we demonstrate is a testimony to the potential of progress and advancement that lies within us….

So while being cooped up in the house, watching local news stations when we have electricity, still in a state of disbelief, I wonder if the rest of the world would be so harsh in its judgments if they had the opportunity to understand. I wonder if people would as easily accept the unsubstantiated claims that the engineering faculty building of the Islamic university, which has been flattened during the attacks, was a workshop that produced qassams, if they had seen my brother’s reaction. When he came back from a walk to the university building the next day, his face was white as a sheet and he had tears in his eyes. “It’s all gone,” he said, “even the project (electric car) we’ve been working on all semester.” We’d seen pictures, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Did he seriously have any hope that the car had survived?

A few hours ago, the home of one of Hamas’ senior leaders, Nizar Rayan, was struck by 4 missiles. Not only was the entire building flattened, killing all who were in it, but several other buildings surrounding it looked like they were about ready to collapse. It is said that there were over 19 deaths, most of them women and children, and scores of injuries. The entire street was littered with debris and rubble. We saw the images on TV, children being lifted from beneath the rubble, headless corpses loaded into plastic body bags, the whole works. We sent a taxi to pick up my aunt, whose home lies 100 meters away from the Rayan building, and had caved in due to the attack. She and her children arrived, shaken, but all in one piece.

Today the temporary halt of rocket fire coincided with the restoration of power to our home, at least for a few hours, at about 5pm. My brothers went to their rooms and played their videogames, I sat on the couch and read, and my sister went to take a nap. We tried to busy ourselves with regular daily activities in a situation that is anything but commonplace.

These are some letters from Gaza, written in the midst of war by those who are on the receiving end of the violence and who, because they are sealed into one of the most densely-packed regions of the world, have nowhere to flee. Inside their prison they can only wait – and hope. And we, who remain on the outside, can only do the same, hoping that our friends and their families will survive and waiting for the world to act to bring this inhuman and criminal onslaught to an end before more lives are lost and Gaza becomes one continuous heap of rubble and shattered dreams.

* I have learned just today – January 11 – from Eva Bartlett that my friend Haidar is in fact still alive.

** Kenneth Ring, Ph.D., is Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Connecticut, and currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. His e-mail is:


Starbucks’ newest logo…


Boycott the supporters of Zionist war criminals and racism


McDonald’s and Starbucks have yesterday announced that they will be donating all profits from now until Sunday to Israeli war. Also, the producers of Adam Sandler’s new movie Bed Time Stories will be donating their profits to THE Zionist entity of Israel.
Be informed, and let others know not to contribute and refuse to support these monsters that believe in killing innocent civilians.
Boycott McDonald’s and Starbucks. Also don’t take your kids to see a movie that promotes violence by association.
Together we can make a difference!


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