Unlike any other nation, Palestine has nothing positive to celebrate at this point in time. There are two ‘major holidays’ on the Palestinian calendar, the first being The Nakba, a commemoration of the day Palestine was literally wiped off the map by the zionists….

The second is a day simply known as Land Day, which is ‘celebrated’ this weekend.
There are poets, writers, statesmen,religious figures whose birthdays are waiting to be celebrated along with the Independence Day of Palestine….. a nation waiting to be born again…. and IT WILL!

Internationally, no opportunity must be missed that can bring attention to the plight and suffering of the Palestinian people… they must not be forgotten. They deserve to celebrate life itself, not only death.

Also see the following brilliant essay at the

Palestinian Think Tank


  1. pam said,

    March 30, 2009 at 03:56

    Palestinians will get their freedom- start planning now for how to handle it. That may be even harder than getting it.

  2. Expatriate said,

    March 30, 2009 at 20:23

    The original is written in French

    English Version
    “Your History is your Witness”

    Oh! People of Palestine,
    You are condemned to suffer
    The Zionists would like to see you perish
    So-called the victims of Nazism
    They rejoice of your suffering with pleasure
    The goal of “Israel” is to annihilate you
    And to reduce to zero your Palestinian spirit
    The Enemy has done everything to put out
    By breaking every link with the outside world
    The Sons of Abraham did not leave you any choice
    The continuation of the struggle is your only recourse,
    And the only path
    The Arab regimes are allies of the Zionists
    But your loyal friend is your internationalist spirit…

    A non-Palestinian, but Palestinian by heart and spirit

  3. Expatriate said,

    March 30, 2009 at 20:26

    The Observation

    We observe from far,
    We are burning from near,
    The voice is yearning for the relief.
    Conscience of the occupant
    Is non-existent,
    Ethic is immoral,
    The life is infernal.
    The desert, the sand dunes,
    The beaches, the plants…
    Complain about the suffering,
    Nature is thirsty for peace,
    Wary of the plot,
    Of the individual
    And of the scheme

    “Gaza: Testimony of a Palestinian child”

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