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There has been talk in the Western Press the past week of President Obama’s intention to keep the embargo on Cuba. There has been no talk of the continuing embargo on the Gaza Strip. America is as much responsible for that embargo as the one on Cuba.

But, needless to say, it’s ‘only’ Palestinians that are suffering as a result of this. A non existent people living in a non existent land. Next month Palestine will have literally ceased to exist for 61 years. Israeli Independence Day will mark 61 years of the ‘Nakba. Israel could not have done this alone, the United States has stood by her since that fateful day in 1948…. the day that Liberty died..

Is this how the people of America want to see themselves? Is the above image the way its citizens want to view their precious Miss Liberty? Somehow I think not…..

What I do think is that they are unaware of the situations, both in Cuba and in Palestine. We are no longer living in the dark ages, there are ways and means of getting the truth out to the people of the world. The Western Press has chosen not to do this….. but there are other medias that do, the Blogesphere included.

Seek out the facts, open your eyes and minds. Demand of your government, wherever it may be, that the embargo on Cuba be lifted. Allow the Cuban people to live the life they chose under a system that they choose. Demand the same for the people of Palestine. The West helped to take Palestine off the map, it is their responsibility to put it back.

Only then will Miss Liberty return to the beautiful image she was meant to be.


  1. skulz fontaine said,

    March 30, 2009 at 14:44

    Liberty? Amerika? Surely you jest. Let’s ask the “original” Americans about “liberty.” You know, the Native Nations that OWNED the North American continent in the first place. Why, that nifty operation Manifest Destiny is where Amerika cut it’s genocidal chops to begin with. Liberty? Amerika? How about slavery? How about the Chinese that built Amerika’s railroads? Yeah, I know all about the Irish contribution and the Norse contribution. There’s no “actual” liberty in Amerika and NEVER has been. Amerika likes that ‘mercantile democracy’ which is just a kinder gentler definition for corporate fascism. Liberty? Amerika? Can you say “robber barons?” Can you say Leonard Peltier? Can you say history is written by the victors and the rest is discarded on the ash heap called reality? Liberty would mean “access” and just regular Americans gots none ‘o’ that!

  2. Fred54 said,

    March 30, 2009 at 21:19

    To understand the different policies on the the 2 embargo’s you have to understand the reasons for them in the first place. As you might expect neither embargo has anything whatsoever to do with national security, or the welfare of it’s indigenous population, either for the US regarding Cuba or the Zionist enterprise with Gaza. When Castro removed Batista and freed the Cuban people from US imperialism he shut US corporations out of the Cuban economy and access to it’s natural resources. Castro, Che Guevera and others were chaffing at the bit in the 50’s and 60’s to free south and central America from the US’s imperial yoke. Cuba was and has been embargoed as an example to those countries that defying US corporations and their enforcers in Washington will not be tolerated. We will put our jack boot on your neck until you either submit or die. Castro did neither, that’s why the jack boot is still there. They will not let up now, especially because the empire is now crumbling. Gaza is a different matter. The goal of the Zionist cabal has always been and will always be complete ethnic cleansing of all Eratz Israel. Land from Eilat to the Litani river and from the sea to the Jordan river. Gaza has been turned into a prison camp so it’s people can be systematically exterminated. As soon as that is done extermination will begin in the West Bank. That job will be much easier since it’s been turned into a number of ghettos that can be scrubbed one at a time. The embargo is targeted at food, medicine, water purification equipment, anything that when denied will increase mortality. When that slows down Zionist agents launch a few flying pipe bombs into an farmers field and launch an invasion to speed things up a little. Time is money and that beach front land in Gaza is valuable. So the Cuban embargo will end when a corrupt US puppet is back
    in power and privatizes (translation, steals and gives to US corporations) Cubas natural resources and economy. Just like they do here BTW. The embargo of Gaza will end when all the Non-Jews are either dead or refugees somewhere else.

    Fred in Boston

  3. DavidG. said,

    March 31, 2009 at 07:17

    Two astute comments. I’m afraid the beauty of the Statue of Liberty was never matched by the American reality.

    The Palestinians, as far as America is concerned, don’t exist. The Palestinians, as far as Israel is concerned, do exist but Israelis wish they didn’t!

    Both countries have a proven record of getting rid of unwanted people by force. Draw your own conclusion.

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