Friday is the Holy Day for Muslims. Friday is also the day most Muslims are on a day off and can participate in demonstrations against the growing wall of apartheid being built on Occupied Palestinian Lands. 


Friday is also the day the Israeli army participates in these demonstrations by shooting at the participants. A month ago an American Solidarity Worker, Tristan Anderson, was seriously wounded by these terrorists. Last Friday, A Palestinian named Bassem Abu Rahama was murdered by these bastards. Today, 11 others were wounded, some seriously, by rubber bullets and tear gas. 


All this while the world looks on and DOES NOTHING.

11 anti-fence protesters wounded in West Bank demonstrations

By Anshel Pfeffer, Haaretz Correspondent
At least 11 people were injured by tear gas and rubber bullets fired by IDF soldiers in anti-fence demonstrations in the West Bank on Friday, according to the protesters.

Some 1,000 Palestinians and leftist demonstrators protested the route of the security fence in the towns of Bil’in and Na’alin in the West Bank. The events were suffused with added tensions following the death of a Palestinian protester, Bassem Abu Rahama, who was killed during a similar demonstration last week.


Protesters say 10 people were injured by rubber bullets, among them three Israelis. All of the wounded suffered light injuries to their feet.

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