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A new Palestinian patient dies due to siege

Sameh A. Habeeb

Siege on the Gaza Strip is still chasing Palestinians to death. A Palestinian man in his mid fifties died an hour ago due to inability of getting the needed medication and treatment.

Nai’m El Ejla, 58, turned severely sick directly after the war on Gaza. Doctors in Gaza failed to diagnose his case which was vague until the death.

He was stuck on the border with Egypt many times. He tried to travel to Israel for treatment but failed too.
Ebrahim, 24, journalist from Gaza and son of Mr. Nai’m reported for the Palestine Telegraph of his father’s death.

“We tried to give him treatment but we failed. He is Shaid (Martyr) of siege. Doctors in Gaza were not able to help him. We tried to send him to Egypt but we failed until his health conditions deteriorated.

Finally, we managed to get him a medical referral from Gaza hospitals but this didn’t rescue him. Egyptian authorities didn’t allow him even to get into the hospital. He died on the door of the hospital as doctors and Egyptian authorities denied to treat him. ” Ebrahim said while crying.

The El ejla family is waiting for the corpse of the victim to arrive into Gaza which is still in the Egyptian territories. The number of siege victims therefore increased to 323 people.

Lack of access to medical treatment threatens Palestinian lives daily. All hospitals and clinics in Gaza report severe shortages of medicines and equipment. Stocks of basic medications are 50% low.

Medicines to treat diabetes, heart disease, asthma and other chronic diseases are not available. Access to Oncologists or dialysis is non-existent. A poignant problem given high cancer rates resulting from the Israeli army use of depleted uranium coated munitions. Sterilized supplies are short by 30%.

Diagnostic testing supplies are down by 40%, directly affecting patients health. Even children’s incubators are affected by the shortages.

Hospital equipment desperately needs spare parts and maintenance. The siege prevents supplies from being replenished. Shipments are frequently blocked or delayed at border crossings.
Continued power cuts and blackouts have damaged hospital equipment and information systems.


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Campaign to Hold Coca-Cola Accountable

Coca-Cola Crisis in India

Communities across India are under assault from Coca-Cola practices in the country. A pattern has emerged as a result of Coca-Cola’s bottling operations in India.

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People stand outside their cars as a siren marking the annual Holocaust remembrance day sounds in Tel Aviv.
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It is difficult to not remember the holocaust if you live in Israel…. it is not something that occurred in history, it is something that is unfolding right here, right now. We read of the horrors in our history books…. we continue reading about them in our daily newspaper reports…


Those are two of the most famous quotes associated with the holocaust. Two quotes that have completely lost their meaning. They are literally shoved down our throats every day by the ADL and other groups associated with AIPAC…. not in the context of what they mean…. but as justification of the crimes committed by the zionists today.

The second quote ‘Never Again’ has also lost meaning…. never again to whom? If we look at the suffering of the holocaust victims in the death camps of Eastern Europe… we see the same suffering in the death camp known as the Gaza Strip today. The quote does not go … Never again, EXCEPT…. it’s Never Again! Yet it is happening again…. by the very people that coined the phrase in the first place.

To even associate what happened in the past to what is happening now is immediately labeled as anti Semitic. Is trying to salvage the one time good name of the Jewish people anti Semitic? Is trying to prevent the horrors of yesteryear from becoming a reality once again anti Semitic?? What would groups like the ADL do if we were all silent and allowed this to continue? Who would they prey on with their cancerous venom of hatred?
The very name of that group is deceiving… Anti Defamation League… the word defamation is the communication of a statement that makes a false claim, expressively stated or implied to be factual, that may harm the reputation of an individual, business, product, group, government or nation. Most jurisdictions allow legal actions, civil and/or criminal, to deter various kinds of defamation and retaliate against groundless criticism. Perhaps the group should be called the Defamation League, as that is what they do best….
In ending, I want to stress that I am not saying not to remember the holocaust, but rather let us learn from it…. learn that it must NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN…. anytime or anywhere.
The above is a repost….. The lesson has still NOT been learned.


What about Palestine?

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Last week the Jerusalem Post published a rather inflamitory article about Desert Peace and What Really Happened. I don’t think it was their intention, but all that resulted was a huge increase in my readership as well as that of Michael Rivero’s.

The writer of the piece was too gutless to actually name the two sites that he attacked, so I did it for him, resulting in an increase of readership to his column as well….
Comments such as the following prove my point;
comments are funny
It seems that the only readers you have, Dave, are the ones that whatreallyhappened and desert peace have sent to you. NOW THAT IS FUNNY!!

I don’t find the above funny at all, I think it’s pretty pathetic that the writer in question actually gets a salary for writing such dribble.

If you want to see the rest of the comments at the Post, click HERE. You may wish to comment yourself telling them that Desert Peace referred you 😉

So, on behalf of myself and What Really Happened, Thank you Jerusalem Post. Your smears will be welcome always.


Jews ought to deal with it, not deny it

By Khalid Amayreh



Zionist supremacists from California to Occupied Jerusalem to Sydney are quite nervous these days as they watch many people around world getting themselves freed, slowly but definitely, from the shackles of Zionist propaganda.

For over sixty years, classical Zionist lies about the crime against humanity, otherwise called Israel, prevailed to a large extent. The black was turned into white, the white into black, the big lie was transformed into a “truth” glorified by millions. The impoverished and thoroughly tormented Palestinian victims were portrayed as “terrorists and murderers, even anti-Semites who were trying to finish what Hitler had started.”

As to the real Nazis, the Zionist Jews who committed one of the biggest crimes in the history of humanity, namely the virtual destruction and obliteration of the Palestinian community, they were often depicted as progressive pioneers who turned the desert into bloom, a light upon the nations, and the only democracy in the Middle East.

Now it seems, the Zionist magic has outlived its usefulness and been rendered stale and ineffective. The world is finding out that it has been deceived, duped and cheated all these years. And it is time to wake up to see things as they are.

The Durban conference, which is taking place in Geneva, is meant to foster peace, equality and justice around the world. Needless to say, doing so requires that the peoples and governments of the world fight and try to eradicate oppression, racism and aggression.

This is exactly what is infuriating the Zionist leadership everywhere, and not without a strong justification. We all know that fighting racism and oppression means challenging Israel, a country that is based on ethnic cleansing, land theft, oppression and lies.

Indeed, even espousing the most elementary principles of equality and justice puts Israel on an inevitable collision course with the rest of humanity.

In short, you can’t be truly human, let only humane, without opposing Zionism. This is what many people around the world are discovering. This is also what Israel and her supporters are dreading, since Zionism and humaneness are an eternal oxymoron.

This is why the shipyard dogs of Zionism from Commentary, to the New Republic, the New York Post, the Jerusalem Post, to Dershowitz, Wiesel, Netanyahu, Lieberman, and Peres and the numerous other paragons of mendacity and racism, are panicking these days. Just look at their faces and you will see how anxious, how insecure they look.

This is also how most criminals and thieves react when they sense that their crimes are about to be discovered and they are about to be apprehended.

But like all criminals and thieves, Israel and her often tribal supporters will not just raise the white flag and surrender to truth, however clear, however overwhelming.

Zionists often claim that they have the highest IQs of any people on the face of earth. Well, it is said that many criminals are extremely intelligent and this is why the police are often unable to get their hands on them.

But is this real intelligence? Is this real smartness? Indeed, if a criminal or a thief was truly intelligent, he or she wouldn’t be indulging in criminal behavior in the first place. An intelligence that eventually gets you to the gallows or the electric chair is the ultimate stupidity.

The same logic undoubtedly applies to Israel, an evil state that has transformed many Jews into either practitioners of evil or supporters of evil.

Let us take for example a person such as Elie Wiesel, a holocaust survivor, who has filled the world’s ether with all sorts of hypocritical and sanctimonious proclamations about the uniqueness Jewish suffering, as if non-Jewish suffering were any less genuine.

This is the same man who has been saying for decades that Israel has the right to commit crimes against the Palestinians and that the entire world is in no position to criticize Israel’s Nazi-like behavior.

Wiesel’s “Night” had ended and his people were able stood on their feet again, but he is hell-bent, even to the point of death, to utilize even the last breath of his life and the last vestige of the holocaust memory to justify, prolong and perpetuate the Palestinian “Night” in order to satisfy his depravity and whims of ethnic superiority and self-absorbedness.

This is the same Wiesel who is now harrowing to Geneva to defend the extermination by Israel of innocent and helpless children in Gaza on no other account than the helpless victims being weak and not belonging to the “holy tribe.”

You see how Zionism has metamorphosed and is metamorphosing the victims of the Nazi beast into satanic liars, immoral thugs and nefarious murderous, thoroughly embracing a state that thinks like the Nazis, behaves like the Nazis and acts like the Nazis.

But the depravity seems to have no limits. This is the nature of a demonic sickness that has come to grip a whole group of people who think the world ought to allow them to do whatever others are not allowed to do.

This is a people who argue that they have to kill other people’s children to make sure that their children won’t be killed, a people who think they have to kill other people’s mothers in order to make sure that their mothers won’t be killed. A people, sick to the bone, who think they have to commit a holocaust to prevent the recurrence of another holocaust.

In other words, the world has to allow them to exterminate the Palestinian people, the Lebanese people and probably the Iranian people as well in order to give them a sense of security.

And the moment anyone criticizes their murderous behavior, such as starving the people of Gaza or incinerating civilians with White Phosphorus or confining millions of tormented Palestinians to modern-day concentration camps, the Zionists will shout vociferously and uncontrollably Auschwitz! Gestapo! Kristallnacht! Hamas! Suicide bombers!, utterly ignoring the brutal ugliness of their mindsets and murderous evilness of their actions.

This is what makes racist animals like Avigdor Lieberman, who combines the ruthlessness of Joseph Stalin and hatefulness of Adolph Hitler, criticize the Durban conference for not protesting human rights violations in countries other than Israel.

It is like a despicable whore preaching on morality and chastity.

But the pornographic hypocrisy is by no means confined to the former Moldovan thug. Well, is Shimon Peres any less hypocritical, any less criminal? Or Netanyahu? Or Barak? Or even Ovadia Yosef? We are speaking after all of an entire breed of pathological criminals whose criminality and lies know no limits.

My friend Gideon Levy, who I immensely respect for his moral courage and rectitude, has written that it is wrong to compare the Palestinian plight with the holocaust. However, he admitted that Israel today looks very much like Germany in 1933.

Well, then do the Palestinians have to wait a few more years until Lieberman and his Judeo-Nazi cohorts act on their evil doctrines as Hitler and Eichman and their Aryan-Nazi cohorts acted on theirs a few years later?

It is a positive sign that the Durban conference is taking place. This is in itself a step in the right direction because holding the conference against the will of demonic Zionism shows that the world, or at least most of the peoples of the world, are willing to look Israel in the eye and say “you are racist, you are criminal, you are evil; and we are not going to be intimidated by your incitement and hate-mongering.” This is what is scaring Zionists and making them lose their composure.

As to other peoples in Europe and North America, whose governments are still languishing under the Zionist stranglehold, there will come a day when they too will wake up and free themselves from the shackles of Zionist lobbies and Zionist lies.

That day will not be far off.


Is this the ‘change’ we were promised?

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The Obama administration quietly announced this weekend that it would
boycott United Nations international conference about racism and
discrimination because of concerns that the conference unfairly
singles out Israel for criticism…


Based on the Thomas Nast cartoon, “Worse than Slavery”, published in
Harper’s Weekly, October 24, 1874:

Worse than Slavery – Nast Cartoon

 Worse than Slavery - Nast CartoonAs shown in this Thomas Nast cartoon, Worse than Slavery, white groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and the White League used every form of terror, violence, and intimidation to restore a “white man’s government” and redeem the noble “lost cause.” (Harper’s Weekly, October 24, 1874)


Preventive Security carries out assassination attempt on Sheikh Beitawi

From Khalid Amayreh in the West Bank

Palestinian lawmaker Sheikh Hamed al Beitawi on Sunday miraculously escaped an assassination attempt carried out by a member of the Palestinian Authority Security Force (PSF).

A bullet reportedly hit the 66-year-old Sheikh in his thigh but his wound was described as “not life-threatening.”

Al Beitawi is diabetic and had some of his toes amputated as a result of diabetic complications.

He spent more than 24 months of incarceration at an Israeli detention center, apparently in connection to his association with the Palestinian Islamic movement and membership in the Palestinian Legislative Council.

“My father was walking in the street with his escort in downtown Nablus when a person from the Preventive Security Force opened fire. One bullet hit my father in his thigh, I hope and pray he will be alright,” said his son.

He identified the perpetrator as Nu’aman Amer, a member of the Preventive Security Force.

The Sheikh was rushed to hospital and an operation to extract the bullet was underway.

Hospital sources described his condition as “moderate” and “not in a life threatening situation.”

PA Interior Minister Abdul Razzaq al Yahya refused to answer questions pertaining to the assassination attempt.

“I won’t answer any questions in this regard,” he told this reporter.

Al-Beitawi was one of the 400 Palestinian Islamic activists deported by the former Israeli Prime Minister Isaac Rabin to southern Lebanon in 1991.

Al-Beitawi has been making successful efforts toward healing the enduring rift between Fatah and Hamas especially in the Nablus region.

His efforts were met with wide satisfaction from the region’s populace.


By Sam Bahour

Though hawkish Benjamin Netanyahu came in second in Israel’s last elections, he was tapped by Israel’s president to form a new government. With his coalition now in place, he is off and running. But where is he running to? Netanyahu is no newcomer to Israeli politics. He has even been prime minister before, at a rather pivotal point in history. He led the government from 1996 to 1999 when a Jewish extremist assassinated Yitzhak Rabin for signing a peace agreement with the Palestinians.

Many see Netanyahu as culpable in the collapse of the Oslo Peace Accords, since he had rejected them from the outset. Some even found Netanyahu culpable in Rabin’s death by inciting public fears that the peace process left Israel at risk. This time around, post-Oslo, he is making history again by joining forces with another Israeli party leader who did well in Israel’s latest elections, Moldova-born Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s David Duke.

Lieberman has many problems with the Palestinians of the occupied territory, but is most conspicuously known for his desire to offload the Palestinians still residing inside Israel (one- fifth of Israel’s citizenry, albeit third-or fourth-class). In the pure Jewish state of Lieberman’s fantasy, these people contribute no added value whatever.

This is the man who will be the lynchpin of Netanyahu’s coalition.

For anyone yearning for an Israeli government with the courage and the will to end Israel’s 41-year military occupation of Palestinians, the long-anticipated appointment of Lieberman to Minister of Foreign Affairs leaves much to be desired. The former nightclub bouncer is referred to, only half in jest, by an Israeli friend of mine as “Doberman.”

For western onlookers, it was undoubtedly odd that the top vote-getter, Tzipi Livni, was marginalized in favor of the runner-up, said to be in a stronger position to form a governing coalition.

Livni rather quickly conceded, opting to join the opposition. She made a smart move as much of the world repudiates Israel’s dangerous drift to the right. Livni, at best, would have been a mere fig leaf for an extremist government. For Palestinians, meantime, none of the political acrobatics means much. Livni’s entire political history is just as violent toward Palestinians as Netanyahu’s, despite her peace-lexicon façade.

Palestinians find themselves in a familiar posture, waiting—or more like Waiting for Godot. I daresay even Beckett would have balked at this one. Palestinians have been dispossessed, occupied and brutalized year in, year out since 1948 by an Israel that continues to talk peace while waging war. The roster of political players changes, but Israeli intransigence remains.

One thing Palestinians are not waiting for is some enlightened Israeli prime minister who will step forward and end their misery; they’ve already seen all kinds: from Israel’s first prime minister, Polish-born David Ben-Gurion, who candidly said “We must expel the Arabs and take their places”; to Israel’s first woman prime minister, Ukrainian-born Golda Meir, acclaimed for her infamous remark that “There is no such thing as Palestinians”; to Israel’s first native-born prime minister Yitzhak Rabin who, during the first intifada, ordered his military to “break the [Palestinian demonstrators’] bones” and then went on several years later to sign the historic Oslo peace agreement—which was inordinately date-driven—only to announce a few days after signing it that there are no sacred dates. Palestinians have also been around the track once before with Netanyahu’s overly-sleek, propaganda-driven personality.

Now Netanyahu seems to have a new gambit: diverting our attention from the ever-more- entrenched military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip with an “economy first” approach to peace.

The message, today, is clearer than ever before: Israel’s new government will let the occupied Palestinians live, but just barely, and in a political headlock. Netanyahu and Lieberman evidently forget one revealing chapter in their own history, a lesson accidentally taught, and at great cost to all, by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon: There cannot be peace and security until Israel ends its occupation.

For true negotiations to begin, the Israelis must remove the boot of military occupation from the necks of Palestinians. Then and only then can these two Semitic cousins sit down and carve out a model for peaceful co-existence. If international law was respected, the framework for a final resolution to this pestering conflict is already on the books by way of dozens of UN resolutions dating back to 1947; however, today, the final number of states to emerge from peace negotiations is less important than making sure the Palestinian people survive to enjoy a post-conflict reality.

We are left with the central axiom Israeli prime ministers love to deny: There is no military solution to this conflict. Israel has proved beyond a reasonable doubt that it cannot win by relentless military force, and the Palestinians—against all odds—refuse to lose the quest for their freedom and equal rights. One more campaign to cover up Israel’s continuing occupation and the attendant war crimes only sets the stage for more death, more destruction, and more fruitless waiting. The world must act rationally today to salvage what remains to be salvaged. President Obama has better roles to play than a 21st century Godot.

Sam Bahour is a Palestinian-American businessman from Youngstown, Ohio who lives in the occupied West Bank and is co-editor of “Homeland: Oral History of Palestine and Palestinians.

Copyright 2009 Sam Bahour. Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire article is permitted in any medium without royalty provided this notice is preserved.


It is often said that Israel is the ‘only Democracy in the Middle East’. Apparently this is true….. if you are an Israeli soldier on a mission to kill.

Yesterday, at the ongoing weekly demonstration against the wall of apartheid in the occupied Palestinian town of Bil’in, a Palestinian protester was killed while speaking to a group of Israeli soldiers. The man was unarmed, the man was not a terrorist…. but he WAS a Palestinian. THIS ALONE is a crime in this Democratic wonderland.

See for yourself the murder as filmed by a news team from Reuters. See for yourself where U S taxpayers dollars are going…. See it HERE

Is this the ‘Change’ President Obama speaks of? Is this the solution his representative George Mitchell speaks of when he calls for the creation of a Palestinian State? Does he envision a Palestine without Palestinians as the Israeli government obviously does?

On Monday in Durban, apartheid will be both discussed and condemned by the righteous leaders of the world. It will be interesting to see who will NOT be there….. Just how long will this be allowed to continue?



Anyone that has ever visited New York City surely saw the subway car graffiti. As you can see by the image at the left, books were written about these images. Some are quite amusing, some are political, and of course you find the rude ones from mindless ‘artists’….

Graffiti has long been used as a political weapon…. and it has been used as a means of protest for years. It will soon become a protest of mass proportion in Palestine…. as can be seen from the following article.

Kudos to the artists involved…. be assured that we will spread your message and works to the entire world!

The video below shows Bansky, a well known artist/activist against apartheid, at work in Palestine.

Palestinian activists plan massive graffiti protest on West Bank fence

By Cnaan Liphshiz
The separation barrier will receive its largest piece of graffiti yet when Dutch and Palestinian activists scrawl on it a 2,000-word letter by a South African scholar arguing that “Israeli apartheid” is “far more brutal” than Pretoria’s was.

The letter by Farid Esack will be put on the eastern face of the wall this week by activists belonging to Sendamessage – a Dutch group that collects money over the Internet for painting messages to protest against the barrier Israel is building along the West Bank.

According to Israel, the barrier is designed to keep Palestinian suicide bombers out, but Palestinians say it juts into their land. The letter, to be sprayed in a single line against a white-paint background, is expected to take up over 2,500 meters of concrete beginning near Ramallah.

“Have our Jewish sisters and brothers forgotten their humiliation?” Esack writes to Palestinian readers. “In your land, we are seeing something far more brutal, relentless and inhuman than what we have ever seen under apartheid.”

In another segment, he writes: “The apartheid police never used kids as shields … nor did the apartheid army ever use gunships and bombs against largely civilian targets.”

Esack is a Muslim writer and political activist appointed by Nelson Mandela to preside as gender equity commissioner. His text, which deplores Israel’s “targeted killings of those who dare to resist,” does not mention Hamas’ anti-Semitic ideology, the Palestinians’ firing of rockets on Israeli civilians or suicide bombings.

“We chose this letter because it holds no provocation, but is a balanced and academic text, not cheap propaganda,” the Dutch site’s operator and concept designer, Justus van Oel, told Haaretz.

“We do not contest that the wall is protecting Israelis from attacks. But it’s a short-term solution. Apartheid can never be a long-term solution,” said van Oel, who works in part as a communications consultant.

He added that the cost of the letter project is estimated at 12,500 euros and that advertisers and private individuals sponsor 1.5-meter segments. The sponsors’ signatures will be sprayed at the bottom of Esack’s text.

The spraying, which begins Thursday, will be the work of Sendamessage’s three Palestinian partners, led by Faris Arouri. “We think that we can get it done within eight full days,” van Oel said. “It’s impossible, but it’s no reason not to do it.” A documentary on the project will be filmed by Federico Campanale and Iona Hoogendoorn.

The open letter will be sprayed along with Sendamessage’s other works, in which the spraying team puts up messages they receive from clients through the Internet for 30 euros. Since the group came into being in December 2007, it has put some 850 messages on the wall for around $33,500, according to van Oel.

Part of the money Sendamessage receives stays in Holland “to cover the minimal costs,” van Oel says, with the bulk of the profits going to Palestinian non-governmental charities. “All recipients are linked to the network of ICCO, a large Dutch-Christian nonprofit, which only accepts legal organizations,” he said.

Asked whether the money could go to educational projects that could be seen as hateful to Israelis and Jews, van Oel said: “I don’t have an intelligence service there. It’s about trust, and I do trust the people involved in this project.”


Submitted by Sameh Habeeb

Organizations and Reputable figures join the Convoy in Holland

Brussels, April 16th, 2009-(ECESG) – Days after the announcement of launching Hope for Gaza Convoy, many organizations and supporters joined the convoy in European countries. Hundreds of people and charitable organizations have expressed their readiness to leave with the convoy.

Humanitarian and Relief Coordinator, Amin Abu Rashed, said that many important organizations decided to participate in the “Hope for Gaza Convoy”

“We have secured a number of trucks loaded by many aids and medical kits for Gaza children. We expect to have more people and Organizations with us in few days.”

In the Netherlands, Gretta Budesberg, one of the grassroots of supporters for Palestine also expressed her willingness to take part in the convoy leaving for Gaza early in May.

Budesberg is a grassroots supporter of Palestine and has been against Israeli occupation for a long time. She was even criticized for holding a flag of Palestine on her house.

Gretta tried many times to send hearing aid kits to Gaza through her charity but has failed. At the moment, she is trying to send some kits for the children through Jordan. Some of these will be delivered by her directly, as she plans to join the convoy.

The convoy is expected top leave Milan directly after the end of the 7th conference of Palestinians living in Europe. A considerable number of activists, officials from Europe and MPs would take part.

A number vans and trucks to leave Milan on the 3rd of May and sail from Genoa towards Alexandria in Egypt. Drivers will leave for Alexandria directly to drive their vans towards Gaza within 3 days of ships departure.


Image by Ismael Shammout (Under Occupation)

By Khalid Amayreh, writing from Ramallah, Occupied Palestine

A Palestinian women freed this week after six years in detention on charges of resisting the Israeli military occupation is speaking out against “horrific mistreatment” and “hair-raising episodes” in Israeli jails.

“They beat us, they kicked us, they humiliated us. They treated us as if we were animals,” Sherine Sheikh Khalil, 24, told in an exclusive interview.

“It is really difficult to communicate to you the bestiality and savagery of their behavior,” added the young activist from the central Gaza Strip town of Khan Younis.

In 2003, then only 17, Sherine was convicted by an Israeli military court of taking part in an attempted abduction of a Jewish settler in the West Bank.

She was freed on Sunday after the end of her jail term.

Though Sherine’s father, brothers and sisters live in Ramallah, the capital of the occupied West Bank, the Israeli occupation regime decided to expel her to the Gaza Strip, apparently as an act of further punishment.

“I’m happy that I’m free, but I wish I could see my family in Ramallah.”

According to Human rights groups in Gaza, Israel has deported around 30 West Bankers to the coastal enclave since the beginning of Al-Aqsa Intifada in late September 2000.

Sherine describes the Israeli courts as “a system of retribution and reprisal” rather than a “system of justice.”

“You can’t really speak about a genuine justice system in Israel,” she insists.

“We are talking about a country that sanctions murder of non-Jews, theft of their property and demolition of their homes. It is a state that uses every conceivable extenuating circumstances to exonerate Jewish murderers of Palestinians while concocting all sorts of pretexts to condemn and incriminate Palestinians.”

Sherine said the courts were no more than a tool in the hands of the Israeli regime to inflict harm on the Palestinian people and give false legitimacy to the military occupation.

There are more than 11,000 Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails.

Many of them are political activists, local politicians and community leaders held for years without charge or trials.

Human rights groups operating in the Occupied territories often call these detainees “hostages” or “bargaining chips” used by Israel to wrest political concessions from resistance groups and the West-backed Palestinian Authority (PA).


Sherine, who left behind dozens of other Palestinian women detainees, spoke of an entire regime of “provocations and punishments” that is constantly haunting Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails and dungeons.

Some of the women detainees, she said, were forced to give birth in jail with their hands cuffed and feet fettered with shackles.

The Palestinian activist said the latest reprisal was transferring many of Palestinian detainees into wards with Israeli hardcore criminals.

“We are talking about people who are the lowest of the low,” Sherine complained.

“So, imagine yourself spending your days and nights with murderers, drug addicts, prostitutes, and all types of deviant people.”

She suspects that Israeli prison officials were conniving with the criminals to harm or at least harass Palestinian detainees, something she said happened on numerous occasions.

Abdul Nasser Farwana, the head of the Statistics Department of the Prisoners’ Ministry in Ramallah, told IOL persecution of detainees included tightening of headscarves to the point of strangulation.

He said Israel has lately been introducing “draconian” measures against the detainees for the sole purpose of “exacting revenge.”

Some of these measures are directed specifically at Hamas supporters, but other detainees, including those affiliated with Fatah and the Islamic Jihad, are being affected.

A few years ago, Israel created the “Nachshon force” whose main task is to suppress and savage Palestinian detainees.

The new Israeli government, led by hawkish Benyamin Netanyahu, has admitted that harsher measures are being introduced, mainly to force Hamas to relax its conditions for the release of an Israeli soldier captured nearly three years ago.

This includes decreased food in both quality and quantity, confiscation of transistor radios, no books, less family visits, and deliberate medical negligence, which has already led to the death of at least two detainees.

Asked what she thought was the most difficult period during her six-year incarceration, Sherine said there were “ups and downs” in the level of mistreatment.

“It depends on the prison officials’ mood, sometimes they would storm our ward after midnight in order to frisk us. And this could be especially humiliating as this is done in full view of a male officer accompanying female wardens,” she said.

“You see the real motive behind this provocative act is just to humiliate us and torment us emotionally. They wanted to break our will and destroy our dignity. But, of course, we are stronger than all their virulent tactics.”


Ayman T. Quader

The old man sat in the light of a kerosene lamp and looked bleakly ahead. His wife sat in the opposite corner, crying loudly “They soiled our sheets, haram, haram, they broke our bed, fired guns in our bed’ ‘and’, the old man said ‘they took all our money. The day after we left we found a 100shekel note in the garden, that’s all’

He was talking about the Israeli occupation of his house to a foreign photographer who had come to film the destruction in North of the Gaza Strip. Sa’ad Al Atar lived in a line of houses along a high ridge overlooking Gaza city in Atatra district. It was the part of Gaza nearest the Israeli border, and it also commanded long views of Gaza city, so it was bombed repeatedly in the first few days, and most of the houses were destroyed. Then the Apaches fired rockets at what was left and machine gunned anything that moved. Mr Al Atar stayed home with his family, even when machine gun fire came through the window and sprayed the wall behind them. The foreign Journalist put his fingers in the big holes in the plaster, but to him they were just dents in the wall; to Mr Al Atar they represented fear and salvation at the same time. But there was an even closer miss in the next dark room, where there were no lights. A row of smaller bullet holes at a lower level.
“We were eating our meal on the floor when these came. If we were sitting on a chair they would have gone through our heads. I am lucky that I cannot afford to put chairs in both my rooms” said Mr Al Atar.
What happened next? “The Israelis came and pointed their guns at us. they told us to get into the back room, where the shots had been fired, and to stay there, and they went on to the roof. They told us that if we moved, they would shoot us. They went upstairs, they stole my money, soiled the beds, left condoms everywhere. They fired holes in the bed – for what?’ While people were dying they were making love with each other in our bed, and then they destroyed it. All our money was in the mattress, everything for the whole family, and they took it all. then after 3 days, they left. Just left”
His family of seven children and his wife listened in the gloomy light. “There is no glass in the windows, and we cannot afford even to buy plastic sheets’ said Mrs Al Atar. “The UN gave us some blankets, but we have no money to repair anything and no one helps us. No one. And it is cold, even our clothes they cut up and soiled – look, look at these cuts, why, why they do this, why?”
They drank their tea in silence, the foreign photographer left, and the light went out.

Mrs. Al Atar

The Israelis have left us nothing, destroying our housed, stole our money and killed our young kids

We were all in one room when the bullets stated targeted us randomly

In an innocent softly voice, They have stolen my dreams and flee

This originally appeared AT

pictures taken: Rod Cox


Yesterday THIS post was published on my Blog… Reader response has been very supportive of both this site and What Really Happened. I wish to thank all who commented.

The following are selected comments from regular readers of this Blog….

attendingtheworld said,

April 14, 2009 at 4:10 pm Bravo! You’ve achieved success since the moron David Shamah is upset: as evident in the quote below.

I continue to be amazed about such idiots who claim to be “objective” yet support the ITF (Israeli Terrorist Forces) or settlers terrorism, barbarism, apartheid and ethnic cleansing!

“I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is to try to please everyone.” – Bill Cosby


April 14, 2009 at 4:48 pm

Wow Steve, where to begin. Firstly you must be doing something right as they are annoyed, so keep up the good work! I found two other passages to be quite comical and for me much more telling. For instance:

1. “Then there’s the blogger who, apparently operating from an apartment in French Hill, Jerusalem, supplies his readers with up to the minute news – from Gaza! Of course, all the “news” is about how evil the IDF is, how Gazans suffer, etc. Again, I am not making a political call here; Israeli policy in Gaza is certainly something that should – must – be discussed and analyzed. But not here, not by this guy, who purports to promote “peace in the desert.” He’s just the wrong man for the job!”

Ah, so this is a subject that “should” be discussed, just not by anyone who is Jewish and against Israel’s actions. Any Jew who dares to go against the state of Israel is the “Wrong man for the job” Hence he is even angrier that you are a Jew, a double whammy:)

2. “But even more – the writer of this blog is himself apparently Jewish, an immigrant from New York, and a resident of the State of Israel for over two decades! “

See what a racist state Israel truly is here? Perhaps Israel should create a clause for Jews who move there, making them sign a form stating that if you live here you have to be in lock step with the Government at all times. Otherwise you are not the “right” kind of Jew. Additionally, the vast majority of Jews in Israel are all immigrants. But maybe we should take him up on his ideas and all the immigrants leave Israel, after that there would be only a handful and vastly outnumbered, perhaps they’d make peace then out of necessity.

Lastly, Have you ever come upon a huge ant hill or mound? What happens when you kick it? All the little ants start running around in all directions in a blind panic. You see, all these blogs he refers to, along with yourself and Michael had the audacity to kick the ant hill. I say Keep kicking:)

BiblioHistoria said,

April 14, 2009 at 6:09 pm “And while we would defend the right of any member of any ethnic group or religion to take any side he or she wishes in a political dispute, it again seems a bit much for a total outsider to portray a culture and lifestyle that he has no part in. ”

So despite being there for 20 years you, Steve, are still an outsider. You still apparently have NO PART in the culture in which you live. Did this fellow interview you, come and see you to actually PROVE that statement? if not then he lied. But that’s no surprise, Jews seem to think nothing of telling lies.

So does this mean that according to this journalist fellow, EVERY SINGLE newly returned Jew over the last 20 years will always be considered an outsider to the Jewish population for the rest of their lives?

And so does this mean that Israel actually considers the REAL Jews to be the Sabras? (sabra – Israeli born Jew). If you are not a Sabra then you are NOT a Jew. That seems to be what this fellow is saying.

If that is true then Mark Regev need to be expelled from Israel as he was NOT born in Israel and he is NOT a Sabra.

Seems to me that it is ONLY returned Jews (born outside of Israel) who insist on showing up Israel’s mistakes to the entire world that are considered outsiders.

Mark Regev (although born outside of Israel) has never shown Israels mistakes to the world – he covers them up or makes excuses for them instead. Thats why he is an insider.

April 14, 2009 at 6:51 pm Bravo to both you and Michael
Both have kept me sane in the past number of years in knowing that my concerns are shared
And have also kept me busy lecturing my government
Kathleen Bridel




April 14, 2009 at 6:53 pm

What really amazes me is that the original article appeared in the first place: the quality of writing is of such a pathetic level that the Jerusalem Post must be desperate to fill its pages. The writer – and I use that word while choking back the bile that has burned my throat at the thought – has made the sophomoric mistake of failing to justify his arguments with anything less than personal attacks against his chosen targets.

The worst thing that he could say against Michael Rivera was that Michael is NOT Hawaiian or of Polynesian descent, and this makes it hypocritical to focus on the events taking place right now in Israel. At the same time, for living in a predominantly Arab neighbourhood (French Hill) Steve Amsel becomes disqualified to discuss the affairs of the Gazans? One might think that this would actually qualify him for the reason that he has lived in that neighbourhood for over twenty years and has earned the love and respect of his neighbours – he has become part of the community and has opened his home to people regardless of their race.

So, according to Mr Shamah, what would qualify someone to be critical of the policies of the State of Israel? Apparently he is offended when Jews speak up and I’m sure he would see criticism coming from the ‘goyim’ as outright anti-Semitism. This is the problem with Zionism and Zionists – they have to realize that there is a distinct difference between criticism and someone aiming hatred at you. They should realize that if we hated Jews – truly hated them – we would not bother complaining about their actions as the State of Israel – we (as in the world) would simply muster the military wherewithal to wipe them off the face of the earth … but that is NOT the nature of what is happening. I do not want to see that part of the world destroyed or have it erupt into a war – I want to see all of the people living there live in peace – without the criminal actions that are currently being carried out by the zealot Zionists in pursuit of their fanatical agenda.

If the criticisms against Zionism are too much for them to take, that’s is just too bad: the shoe fits (and it is one really ugly, blood-encrusted, filthy, hideous thing) – now they have to wear it until they change their ways.

Oh – the other thing that Mr Shamah did which demonstrates his cowardice as a writer is to use his position (ie. newspaper columnist) to take on private citizens but not actually have the courage to name them. It is a childish ploy, somewhat akin to ‘you can’t guess who I’m talking about’. Of course, some will say that the paper was afraid of libel or slander – then, I say, the article should have never been published. Why? for this simple reason: charges of libel and slander have one (ONE – 1 -) defense that is absolute, for which there is absolutely nothing that anyone can do in protestation: tell the truth. Had Mr Shamah reported the truth he could have named Michael and Steve as much as he wanted, but – he knew that the actions of Israel in Gaza – as covered by Whatreallyhappened and Desertpeace are the TRUTH.

There is no defense against the truth.

Wie viel ist aufzuleiden!

Barbara said,

April 14, 2009 at 7:31 pm

Well Steve, these guys sound about as dangerous as those critters I wrote to you about the other day. Bombast and blather but no beef or barley!

Interesting, I go to a LOT of websites that are very very anti Israel, and they don’t get nearly as much attention. You must have a very skilled publicity manager? Or is it, they think they can with you?

When they banned Galloway from Canada awhile back, the result was he got SO MUCH publicity that he ended up speaking to thousands and then his broadcast was eagerly swallowed up by umpteen more viewers. AND, the government made an ass of itself internationally! AND they let us all know, in the final analysis just how frightened they were off what he had to say!

They still don’t “get” that bump up the publicity angle. Let’s not tell them that bit hmmm?

“Of course, the authors of these sites take great pains to point out that they’re merely “anti-Zionist,” or that “it’s a minority of the Jews who are responsible.”

Er, does this person not understand the concept of individual human beings or is he totally into the hive mindset?

Humanists are not prone to such sweeping generalizations.

Daoud said,

April 14, 2009 at 7:33 pm

“…But reading his site, I’ve never seen this fellow address his own sins of occupation – the one where he is part of the horde of mainland Americans who have occupied Hawaii, breaking treaties signed with the sovereign Kingdom of Hawaii (…

Actually, Mike Rivero has several times addressed this matter, and has a permanent link to an article he wrote about it.

If this is the extent of his familiarity with What Really, then it’s likely that he is equally ignorant about Desert Peace.

And, regrettably, such people actually get paid to produce this nonsense.



Maurice said,

April 14, 2009 at 11:58 pm So, according to this stand-up comedian, “Israeli policy in Gaza is certainly something that should – must – be discussed and analyzed” . Great! Let’s discuss and analyse the killing and maiming of hundreds of Palestinian children! You know Steve, he could be right. You may “the wrong man” for that particular job. Your job after all is helping the voiceless have a voice. You’re doing a great job. Keep it up




Susan Zahedi said,

April 15, 2009 at 12:23 am

Israeli Zionist Jews are shameless people and fortunately there are less and less people around the world who believe their lies .
Mike Rivero and Steve you are stars and more people read your websites than the crap that is produced daily in the shitty J. Post.
Keep up the good work and f… the Zionist worldwide, their day will come.

Fiona said,

April 15, 2009 at 4:56 am

Well done Steve and Mike. The man sounds upset.

Lasse Wilhelmson said,

April 15, 2009 at 10:39 am

We are for sure more than just 2 :)




And the following are from What Really Happened’s crosspost of my post….

I am here for…

I am here for the links to legitimate news sources and Mike’s commentary. And yours.


Well you cannot say they do not know who you are now!

This is a classic piece of evidence of the Propaganda Machine that has been Cranked up in Israel!

What was that that Truman said when a reporter yelled “Give them Hell Harry”?

I didn’t give them HELL I told them the TRUTH and they thought it was HELL!

Funny how there was no mention of White Phosphorous in that article either!

Stay out of small planes for a while Mike.


OH, that ASSHAT needs to get a membership so he will know What Really Happened


JP article

Mike….good job….you slam dunked that asshole with your historical facts on Hawaii. This dumb ass couldn’t even check his facts?!?

So Mike…

…when you gonna start building that separation wall to keep all those pesky natives in their place and the best land for you settlers? ;o)

Seriously, you must be getting to them, well done and keep it up. They seem to be getting so desperate these days, contradicting even the words of their own Israeli citizens and troops, in their eagerness to play the victim card. Unfortunately I do not see the Israeli leadership going down quietly, and all their nukes are a worry. I often wonder if they have any of those forward deployed as a bargaining chip….or just plain blackmail? That would at least explain the allegiances they are shown by so many western governments.

read this you ziotard

hey you ziotard at the stolen-land post:

we got nothing against jews or palestineans or syrians (all of them SEMITES btw)

BUT WE DO HAVE SOMETHING AGAINST THE ZIONISTS who have declared themselves above god, and think that goyims are lower than rats and deserve to die.

so, you better do some rephrasing, you je[s]usalem-punk, hatemonger , deathlover, coward-remote-bomber !



This zionist rat is obviously very aware that the Israeli ship is sinking and is desperate to get to the edge of delusion.
Have no fear! We know what is REALLY HAPPENING and what the truth is.
Bravo Mike and Steve!
“We will NOT go down in Gaza tonight”.
F… the political zionists!





And here you can see what Jerusalem Post readers had to say in the ‘Talkback’ section…




David Shamah creeps under the rocks!

Obviously the author creeps under the rocks considering the blatant one sided hit piece of a joke this article turned out to be. Mike Rivero is great and tells it like it is just as Steve Amsel does. Thanks David, you just proved Mike and Steve’s point!

Tarawera Ahi Kaa – Aotearoa (04/15/2009 10:42) 


My two cents worth

Yes, why is Norman F. denied entry? I see this question hasn’t been answered yet. Perhaps there just isn’t an answer that wouldn’t seem hateful.

Fiona – (04/15/2009 08:08)

What a despicable, dishonest, transparently biased article. I’ve never ready anything worse at You should check it out.

David – (04/14/2009 23:07)
Poor Research

You have obviously never read Mr. Riveros site You write “But reading his site, I’ve never seen this fellow address his own sins of occupation – the one where he is part of the horde of mainland Americans who have occupied Hawaii, breaking treaties signed with the sovereign Kingdom of Hawaii (” IF you had even perused his site occasionally, you would know that he has written extensively about the Hawaii freedom movement! The only reason you wrote this hit piece, is because thousands of people visit both Riveros, and, too bad!

Bill – U.S.A. (04/14/2009 22:37)
we all know and love

as he says “the truth does not fear investigation”

nick – (04/14/2009 22:20) 


bwahahaha.. what an article..

Don’t worry they got it covered on their website, so you will receive some viewers.. finally..

name – country (04/14/2009 20:50) 


So, as you can see, Desert Peace and What Really Happened obviously have more supporters and friends than this David Shamah guy has….
I guess if you speak the truth as we do, it pays off!


By Khalid Amayreh


Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, whose term in office officially expired in January but remained at the helm of the Ramallah regime in order to spite off Hamas, reportedly has phoned Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu to wish him a happy holiday. The courtesy call, as described by Abbas’s office, has been interpreted by observers in occupied Palestine as a preliminary sign of flirting between the fascist-minded Netanyahu and the beleaguered PLO leader.

If true, Abbas would be embarking on yet another odyssey of self-depreciation and national betrayal, one that would further undermine the Palestinian national cause.

Abbas had wasted precious years conducting failed peace talks with Israel. He was repeatedly advised and exhorted to be vigilant and cautious as to Zionist tactics, but to no avail. And, as expected, the inevitable outcome of these high-pitched encounters found expression in the continued expansion of Jewish colonies in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. This happened while everyone, including Abbas and the rest of the PA chorus, was babbling about the “peace process,” the greatest act of deception whose sole victim has been the Palestinian cause and sole beneficiary is Israel’s territorial aggrandizement.

However, instead of drawing the right conclusion and learning the right lessons from the colossal failure of the so-called peace negotiations with Israel, the PA leadership continued to repeat the same futile rituals and the same pointless platitudes about peace.

Now, it is most likely that the PA will be duped again, probably willingly, to reproduce and regurgitate the same deception, same lies, and same disaster.

Indeed, PA officials, including Abbas himself, declared on many occasions that Israel was not serious about peace and that Israeli leaders, irrespective of their political and ideological orientation, were only interested in prolonging peace talks for as long as possible in order to give Israel the needed time to build still more settlements and judaize the remainder of Jerusalem.

In light one might ask the PA leadership the following questions: Aren’t you supposed to have learned from the experience of the past three years? Haven’t you discovered by now that Israel is more interested in liquidating the Palestinian cause than in reaching a dignified and genuine peace settlement with the Palestinians? And how many more years would it take you to realize that it is futile to hold peace talks with Israel, a perpetually bellicose state whose very essence is incompatible with antithetical to the most elementary concept of true peace?

True, we are very weak military and politically vis-à-vis Israel, a virtual superpower which also controls the American government to a very large extent.

But we don’t have to be naïve and gullible and outright stupid when it comes to presenting our case before the international community.

Indeed, the political behavior of the PA has so far given the impression that the Palestinians are confused, unsure of what they want, fastidious, complaining too much, etc.

We just can’t exchange warm kisses with Israeli officials and leaders in the evening and then complain bitterly the next morning that Israel doesn’t want peace and is using peace talks as a cover to expand Jewish colonies on occupied territory. We simply haven’t been consistent in our public behavior vis-à-vis Israel, and that seriously undermines our public discourse and especially our credibility.

In short, there must be a complete and absolute consistency between Palestinian behavior and statements, even mood on the one hand, and the level of credibility of negotiations with Israel. In fact, the moment Palestinian negotiators felt, as they did on numerous occasions, that Israel was only trying to gain time and give the false impression that progress was being made, mainly for propagandistic purposes, then the Palestinian negotiators should have left no stones unturned in order to expose Israel.

Unfortunately, this is not how PA negotiators have been behaving. In fact the opposite is true, for instead of exposing Israel and instigating the international and especially Arab -Muslim world against the criminal entity, many PA officials, including (former PA) Chairman Abbas, were busy seeking “certificates of good conducts” from the Zionist entity.

Abbas himself managed to introduce the Iraqi President to Ehud Barak at an international conference in Europe last year. Is this how we gain the respect of the world? How can we look ourselves in the mirror when we treat the mass killers of our children who exterminated the people of Gaza with White Phosphorus with such cordiality and friendship?

It is really sad that the Palestinian people might have to suffer another depressive episode of false hopes and false promises while Israel’s sly and criminal leaders continue to utilize the scandalously stupid Palestinian leadership to deflect and evade international scrutiny.

To be sure, none is asking Abbas and his men to join the ranks of the resistance. This would be an honor these people don’t deserve.

However, ordinary Palestinians have every right to expect the Ramallah leadership to act and behave with dignity and not be bamboozled by the verbal juggling of pathological liars and sadistic fascists such as Netanyahu, a man in whose lexicons words such as honesty and good absolutely have no meaning.

The PA has been more or less negotiating with successive Israeli governments since 1991. This long period should be more than enough to know the Israeli intentions. Well, even the imbeciles can by now understand that a state that keeps frantically building huge settlements on stolen land is not really sincere about peace.

I recently asked PA Chief negotiator Sa’eb Ureikat if he thought that any Israeli government would ever agree to return to the borders of the 1967. Ureikat said he didn’t think so but added that “we have to keep the negotiation going because life itself is negotiation.” (Ureikat has actually written a book bearing the title “Life Is Negotiation”).

Well, if indeed life is negotiation, then the PA, including Ureikat himself, has been doing an extremely dismal job negotiating with Israel in the last 20 years.

Reality on the ground speaks for itself and doesn’t require any further elucidation.

There is no doubt that the vicious trio of Netanyahu, Barak and Lieberman will warmly welcome a cordial “working relationship” with Abbas as this would greatly serve their interests and goals if only by enhancing the currently ugly image of the Israeli government.

Netanyahu will speak in great eloquence about “peace” between Israel and the Arab world when what he actually has in mind is the liquidation of the Palestinian cause.

It is for these and other reasons that the Palestinian people and their lively civic forces must constantly hector Abbas to refrain from crossing the red lines. The red lines are red lines and every Palestinian, including Abbas, must realize the dire ramifications of crossing these lines.


Image by Bendib

Important Announcement
Due to the economy, recent budget cuts and the rising cost of electricity, gas and oil, as well as current stock market conditions, the Light at the End of the Tunnel has been turned off.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

This was an article from a recent St. Petersburg Times Newspaper.
The Business Section asked readers for ideas on “How Would You Fix the
?” I thought this was the BEST idea….I think this guy nailed it!
Dear Mr. President;

There are about 40 million people over 50 in the work force – Pay them
$1 million each in severance with the following stipulations:
1. They retire immediately. Forty million job openings – Unemployment
2. They buy NEW American cars. Forty million cars ordered – Auto
Industry fixed.
3. They either buy a house or pay off their mortgage – Housing Crisis
It can’t get any easier than that!

P.S. If more money is needed, have all members in Congress and their
constituents pay their taxes…


I have always maintained that if we do not upset, or better yet anger, the zionists, we are not doing something right. They seem mighty upset today…. as indicated in THIS Jerusalem Post article. It seems to be straight out of Mad Magazine. Although names are not mentioned, it is obvious that the writer is talking about Michael Rivero of What Really Happened and yours truly, Steve Amsel of DesertPeace. There! I named us!!

One of the things that upsets him about me is…..

While he may have e-mail contacts in Gaza, it would seem to me to be a bit condescending for him to be speaking for native Gazans, who are probably capable of portraying their own situation at least as effectively as he does, from dozens of kilometers away. What, he’s got some special insight they don’t?

Does this idiot not know that the people living in Gaza have no voice? Does he not know that the press is barred from the area?? When is the last time a Jerusalem Post reporter interviewed the ‘man in the street’ in the Gaza Strip???

And yes….. I do have some special insight! It’s called an open mind and a commitment to spread the truth about the situation in Gaza and the Occupied West Bank.

If the writer of the piece cannot see that, it is he that is the condescending one.

As for my accomplice in crime’, Michael Rivero, I am proud to share centre stage with him on this issue.

The article follows…..

Digital World: What creeps under the Internet rocks

You know how during the spring, when you start working in your garden again, you have to get rid of the detritus – the leaves, rocks, etc. – that have piled up in the winter? And you know how sometimes when you move a rock or a pile of old leaves, you uncover a community of very strange and icky looking bugs? And you know how gross you feel when you see those bugs?

That’s how I felt when I prepared this column. I’ve been turning over rocks around the Internet, trying to dig up dirt on some of the most prolific anti-Israel and anti-Jewish writers out there.

You may not be aware of it, but there’s a burgeoning mini-industry on the Internet, consisting of blogs that truck in the most despicable anti-Jewish lies out there.

Of course, the authors of these sites take great pains to point out that they’re merely “anti-Zionist,” or that “it’s a minority of the Jews who are responsible.” But their writings are straight out of the Dark Ages, with references to Jewish mass murder, well-poisoning (“Jews poison wells in the West Bank with the condoning of the Israeli government,” says one blog written by a well-known American anti-Semite), and worse – with even the medieval blood libel charge being revived.

Well-meaning, rational people – both Jewish and otherwise – sometimes attempt to argue back or present facts in the talkback forums on these blogs, only to be shot down or censored, so the only point of view permitted on the site is the one that confirms the sick views of the blog author.

The best way to fight them, I believe, is to discredit them – to show them up for the liars and hypocrites they really are. So, what I’ve done is gather information – freely available on the Internet – on several of the more prominent Internet anti-Semitic “personalities.” I’ve brought as many examples as space allows, and I have many others. But in the vast majority of cases, these Internet Jew-haters are living hypocritical lifestyles, often guilty of exactly the same thing they accuse “the Zionists” of doing!

For example, one of the premier internet anti-Semites runs his site (and home business) from the suburbs of Honolulu, Hawaii. This blogger, who claims to know “what really is happening” in the world, is a radical leftist/liberal type, whose site gets a fair amount of traffic, and seems to be a source of material for many other anti-Semitic blogs. Most of his content consists of links to “legitimate” news sites, with his commentary.

Of course, one of his favorite targets is “the Occupation” by Israel of Judea and Samaria/the West Bank (I put both terms in to ensure that the focus is on the subject, not the politics). “The settlers” are this, the settlers are that, the settlers are worse than Nazis – anyone whose perused any of these sites will get the idea.

But reading his site, I’ve never seen this fellow address his own sins of occupation – the one where he is part of the horde of mainland Americans who have occupied Hawaii, breaking treaties signed with the sovereign Kingdom of Hawaii ( Now, that may sound a bit far-fetched, especially to those of us who grew up in the US – but apparently, there are a fair number of Hawaiians who don’t think so. The main point, however, is that it would appear that someone who is guilty of occupying someone else’s land (both the blogger and his wife are definitely not of Polynesian or other South Pacific stock) is the last person who should be wagging his finger at Israelis!

Note, incidentally, that I haven’t mentioned this person’s name, or site; the reason is that Wikipedia recently banned a biography page on this guy, because he’s famous only among conspiracy theory nuts. He hasn’t been mentioned in the real media enough, and I don’t intend to help him (if you want details, drop me an e-mail).

Then there’s the blogger who, apparently operating from an apartment in French Hill, Jerusalem, supplies his readers with up to the minute news – from Gaza! Of course, all the “news” is about how evil the IDF is, how Gazans suffer, etc. Again, I am not making a political call here; Israeli policy in Gaza is certainly something that should – must – be discussed and analyzed. But not here, not by this guy, who purports to promote “peace in the desert.” He’s just the wrong man for the job!

While he may have e-mail contacts in Gaza, it would seem to me to be a bit condescending for him to be speaking for native Gazans, who are probably capable of portraying their own situation at least as effectively as he does, from dozens of kilometers away. What, he’s got some special insight they don’t?

But even more – the writer of this blog is himself apparently Jewish, an immigrant from New York, and a resident of the State of Israel for over two decades! And while we would defend the right of any member of any ethnic group or religion to take any side he or she wishes in a political dispute, it again seems a bit much for a total outsider to portray a culture and lifestyle that he has no part in. And the fact that he, too, “occupies” an apartment on land (in Jerusalem) that the Palestinians see as their own – while he purports to be helping them out – is mind-boggling, to say the least.


Image by Frieda 100

Every year, Jews throughout the world celebrate Passover, known as the Festival of Freedom. It commemorates the freeing of the Hebrew slaves in Egypt and their deliverance to the ‘Promised Land’.

BUT….. are they free? Are they enjoying a life in a democratic society? Are they not inflicting suffering on other peoples? What is even worse is that we see those that suffered themselves defending these policies, instead of being in the forefront of those opposing them. Why would a Sharansky, a man that supposedly suffered because he is a Jew, be willing to inflict suffering on another people? Why would a Wiesel, a man that has made millions of dollars writing about his suffering, also be a spokesman for the evildoers?

Are any of us free while freedom is denied to millions? Are any of us free when freedom is denied even to ourselves??

Let’s take a look at the Israeli government…..
A Prime Minister whose last interest is the establishment of a just and permanent peace in the region… one that is more interested in eroding every human right that exists today…
A Foreign Minister that is a nazi…
A President, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, that is a warmonger.
A Defense Minister that sold his so-called Socialist ideals to sit in a government with the likes of the above….

And what did they replace?

A Prime Minister who is presently facing criminal charges for illegal property deals…
A President that is a convicted rapist…

Is this the Israel that Diaspora Jews dreamt of ‘returning’ to for centuries??
Is this what is considered ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’???

That’s one side of the wall of apartheid…..

On the other side we see an entire nation denied the basic right to even exist. We see a systematic elimination of the people.

At the Passover Seder, the story of the Exodus from Egypt is read. The purpose is to remember the suffering and to teach about it to our children and their children. All one has to do is go beyond the wall…. see the suffering first hand. Go to Gaza…. see the genocide in action. Is this the freedom we speak of? Is this what the Sharanskys and Wiesels want to see continued??

But wait….. Israelis cannot go to the other side of the wall… nor can they go to Gaza. Why do you think that is? Is it to protect them from the ‘caged up enemy’ or is it to hide the truth?? Are most Israelis even aware of what is happening on the ‘other side’? The media is slanted, the news is censored…. is the truth getting out? The Blogesphere is probably the greatest source of real information these days.

Let us spread the word…. let us spread the truth…. let us work to the day when the Festival of Freedom can be celebrated by all of us…. FOR REAL!


By Khalid Amayreh


BETHLEHEM — Palestine, the birthplace of Jesus Christ, is losing many of its young Christians who, reeling under the yoke of the Israeli occupation and economic hardships, are seeking a better life abroad.

“They can’t easily adapt to the hardships associated with the stressful situation stemming from the Israeli occupation,” Dr. Jamal Khadr, a priest at the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, told

In recent decades, thousands of Christians left the occupied West Bank for a new life abroad, especially in North and South America, Australia, Scandinavia and even Africa.

No precise statistics are available as to the exact number, though it is widely believed to be significantly high.

According to figures compiled by the UN, about one-tenth of the Christian population in Bethlehem and the adjacent towns of Beit Jalla and and Beit Sahour has moved in recent years.

Dr. Khadr, also a professor of Dogmatic Theology at the Latin Seminary, says most of the emigrants are young Christians who are distressed by occupation and crises.

They largely travelled to North America and Sweden, where usually some family members had previously settled.

Nabil Kukali, a professor of education and public opinion pollster, agrees that the stressful conditions under the Israeli occupation are forcing many young Christians to migrate.

“These young people want to build a future for themselves and this is very hard to do here,” explains Kukali, a Christian himself.

About 50,000 Christians live in the West Bank, Al-Quds (occupied East Jerusalem) and Gaza Strip, according to MP Bernard Sabella, a former Professor of Sociology at Bethlehem University.

Christians make up less than 1.5 percent of the total population inside the occupied Palestinian territories, 10 percent of Israeli Arabs and slightly more than 6 percent of the world’s Palestinian population of more than 9 million.

Economy Factor

The tough economic conditions in the occupied territories, aggravated by the strangling occupation, are a major factor in making migration decisions.

“Palestinian Christians are economically better off than most other Palestinians,” notes Khadr.

“They are generally accustomed to a certain pattern of bourgeoisie life.”

He insists that emigration is not confined to Christians and that Muslims, too, are moving out.

Khadr explains, however, that emigration within the Christian community is more conspicuous due to the small size of the community.

Mazen Qumsiyeh, an American-Palestinian professor of genetics and former academic at Yale University, says pressures on Muslims are just as daunting but Christians are more economically able to find a way out.

“Both are subject to the same pressures,” he told IOL.

“Christian are usually more economically and in other ways, language, church and other connections, able to leave than their fellow compatriots who are Muslim.”


Unsettled by the phenomenal shrinkage of their community, Christian leaders are trying to find ways and means to encourage mainly young Christian males to resist the temptation of emigration.

“The only way to prevent a further deterioration is by discouraging emigration and encouraging people to stay through lasting incentives,” a Greek Orthodox clergyman told IOL.

He added that the exodus has created a serious social imbalance.

“Today in Bethlehem there are two or three young [Christian] females for every young [Christian] male within the marriage age, and that is a real problem.”

Christian organizations in the West Bank, subsidized by Christian groups abroad, have been making strenuous efforts to encourage potential emigrants to stay home.

They are offering young Christians financial assistance in housing, education and in maintaining businesses.

Christian or mainly Christian institutions of higher education, such as the Catholic University of Bethlehem, also try to help in resisting the phenomenon of emigration.

“There is a real problem, and it won’t go away just by talking about it,” says Kukali, the education professor.

“I believe that the Palestinian Authority should create work opportunities here and enhance the overall psychological atmosphere.”

He notes that for some Christians, fleeing is just not an option.

“I was born here, my father is buried here, and my grandfather is also buried here. So I am staying here. I have no other homeland.

“I am Palestinian and will always be Palestinian.”

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