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Long time passing….. May Day has become nothing more than the 1st of May in many countries, Israel included. It was once the day the workers of the world took to the streets and demanded their rights…

Has that been achieved? Has the Working Class finally gotten its fair share? Somehow, I think not…. yet the red flags are not as visible as they once were.
Where did May Day start? Americans were under the assumption that it was a Soviet holiday…. it is as American as apple pie itself, born in Chicago in 1886.
More importantly, where has May Day gone? Where have all the red flags gone?
Below is a slightly updated version of a post I did in honour of May Day last year.

Poster by Hugo Gellert

Today, May 1st is the 123rd anniversary of the first May Day. A Holiday born in the United States of America, but officially celebrated in most countries EXCEPT the United States.

A Holiday born out of the struggles of the American Working Class… a day set aside for workers to demonstrate and put forth their demands to the government.

A day where the most progressive of the Union’s leadership would address the mass rallies of the workers. Pictured here is Henry Foner, addressing a May Day Rally in New York’s Union Square in 1952.

A Day that the government saw fit to ignore and to establish a different day for the Workers… a day in September called Labor Day. But, nothing can take away from the glorious history of May Day. It will continue to be celebrated throughout the world, including the U.S.of A.

It will be recognised by all who work for their wages… by all who want peace and justice in our world. In every nation by every race. No one can stop that.

So on that special day, remember those that struggled and gave their lives to make this a better place for all of us. In their memory continue that struggle till victory is won.

HAPPY HOLIDAY! and enjoy the following…


  1. 33 Degrees of Reparation said,

    May 1, 2009 at 17:02

    Actually, Marx was a frontman for the Illuminati and May Day was declared significant because it was Beltane- thats the pagan fertility celebration. The Hegelian technique of espousing worker’s rights was nothing but a divide and conquer tactic (vs Monarchies and capitalism) to further their ends toward a socialist one world government. The propaganda has fooled literally billions.

    As they are now right on the edge of meeting that goal, they no longer need to pretend w/ gestures on behalf of the ‘useless eater’ masses. Now they can bare all and depopulate us.

  2. Warren said,

    May 1, 2009 at 19:39

    Lives of millions are more important than politicizing problem and labeling it this or that way. Food on tables of millions are today less important than the so called “freedom” in Iraq. People wake up and start to revolt.

  3. May 1, 2009 at 19:49

    Oops, I used my other e-mail address, my flavicon didn’t show up, another try.
    Please remove duplicate above, this is the e-mail address that is a associated with Peace For Palestine, if the flavicon still does not show, simply remove the first response, thanks, sorry for the mistake, I have a couple of e-mail addresses.

    Get up, stand up for Palestinian Rights on May Day and Every Day:

  4. michael mazur said,

    May 2, 2009 at 13:06

    33 Degrees of Reparation said: As they are now right on the edge of meeting that goal, they no longer need to pretend w/ gestures on behalf of the ‘useless eater’ masses. Now they can bare all and depopulate us.~

    He is absolutely correct, to which i’ll add that Israel will be the centre of operations, and they need the several hundred nukes to mop up pockets of superpower resistance, eg; nuke armed subs lurking, once those remnants realise that their now destroyed nations had been tricked into nuking one another.

    What will foil all this pathetic infantile nonsense – mass murder because it is fun – is a sudden growing awareness of what Israel is and where it is going since the Gaza mass murder of Dec/Jan. Why was Gaza done ? Oh, just for the whimsy of swinging the February 10 vote in the vain hope of retaining power, which really is murder for fun.

    Where have all the red flags gone ? Gone to become red shirts in Bangkok, everyone.

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