Following is an update on the Convoy’s situation….. received late last night from.


Here is the latest update after tonight’s meeting. The Egyptians have now officially confirmed that they will allow the aid convoy into Gaza.

The boat from Libya had a minor delay due to some cargo that had to be removed before it left for Egypt from Libya. The Libyan company confirmed that a crane had broken down whilst unloading that cargo, and that is what caused the minor delay in leaving Libya for Egypt.

The company has confirmed the Libyan boat will now arrive shortly in Alexandria, and is then expected to be in Port Said with the convoy supplies on Friday. At this point the convoy, escorted by the Egyptians, will then leave Port Said by road for Al Arish and then to the Rafah border to enter Palestine. So, the crossing into Gaza should take place at the VERY earliest late Friday, but more realistically on Saturday I think. Convoy members who enter Gaza will remain inside for 4 days.

The following update was received Thursday evening…..
only one change to report with other news, the Libyan boat did not arrive at 4PM as thought and will now arrive around 3AM Egyptian time. Confirmation was made from the boat’s owner that this information is correct and at this time there is no evidence of Egyptian interference.

However, should the boat not have arrived in Alexandria by morning a statement may be issued.

In other news, a Dutch woman, Gretta Duisenberg from Foundation Stop the Occupation, who left the convoy and traveled on to the Rafah border a few days ago has been allowed entry into Gaza today. So, this bodes well for the convoy when it arrives hopefully by Saturday.

more updates tomorrow as news comes through.

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  1. robertsgt40 said,

    May 21, 2009 at 21:36

    Welcome to Gaza…the largest open air prison on earth

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