A message to the whole world from the children of Gaza…..

A true narrative and photos , By Ayman Quader

Since the establishment of the Palestinian refugee camps in 1949 as part of the aftermath of the Palestine-Israel conflict, the Palestinian refugees have been gravely suffering and are considered the longest suffering from this injustice.They are denied the basic access to life itself. It is worth mentioning that the refugee camps were established as a temporary-living solution for the refugees after they fled or were expelled from their original homes. The living condition of the Palestinian refugee is seriously miserable and lacks the basic daily necessities of life which are needed for a healthy development. The Palestinian refugee problem is totally complex regarding the living conditions as the people live under the line of poverty and are struggling for survival as the number of refugees have been dramatically increasing. The homes of the refugees are so close to each other with only narrow passages for movement.

The family of Al Aqra’a is a fatherless family living in Dair Al Balah Refugee camp in the centre of the Gaza Strip. The long suffering of this particular family is representative of all living in these wretched camps. The situation of this family worsened a few years ago during a siege of Gaza as they lost their sole breadwinner and have been without any means of support since.

Ail Aqran, aged 9 , describes his living conditions as a living burial for him and his family. “We have been living under very harsh living conditions. As for me a 9 year old child what did I do wrong to be treated so cruelly”? The family of Ali consists of 5 people including the mother who struggling to get her siblings a decent life. They live in a structure that is not meant to be a home. The ‘house’ was built of different materials but does not include cement. The only concrete-roofed room was totally destroyed in the recent war on Gaza as this room was hit by a missile during one of the attacks. This room has become a room for the children’s pet cats, not suitable for humans. The rest of the ‘house’ is made of wood that is reinforced with broken asbestos sheets. It is unbearably hot during the summer months. The visitor’s room is sparsely furnished with makeshift furniture of very poor quality.

Most families that lost the main breadwinner of the family lost the emotional support as well. The responsibility of sustaining the family and the increasing demands, in these cases, falls on the shoulders of the mother. They mainly depend of on the charities and the assistance from others.

Ali and his other two brothers usually sleep out of the room, under the sky as the only available hut is only for the mother and the sister. They do not have enough space to sleep inside so the available the space is reserved for the mother and the sister.

I asked Ali about his own personal childhood experiences during the recent war on Gaza. “we were passing through very critical conditions during the time of war as we did not have any safe place any more.” He continued, “look! Look! Look! there is not strong roof that could protect us from the nearby Israeli fire and we were randomly targeted by the Israeli warships as we live near the sea”. Ali added that “we did not evacuate our house during the time day of the war as the UNRWA school shelters were faraway from our house so we kept close to each other. One day in the morning, dozens of shrapnel directly hit our house as well our neighbors and critically injured my friend Mohammed.”

When I asked Ali how he usually spends his spare time, he took a deep breath and replied “I do have spare time to play, but I do not have a space to play. As we are fatherless children, I always try hard to help my mother in taking care of my young siblings and our house. I regularly go to the nearby sea and spend time there with my friends playing on the beach and walking. Sometimes, when we hear a voice from the Israeli warship firing its leads toward the fishermen, we run back to our homes” added Ali.

“I hope we could have spare time like any other young children in the world. I aspire as a Palestinian child to get my rights to play and to have fun like the rest of the world’s children. I hope that conflict, war, violence comes to an end and people live in a peaceful society. The nature of people should be the nature of freedom and security not the nature of killing, hatred, attack and destruction”

More photos from this narrative can be seen HERE


  1. petr vojta said,

    June 21, 2009 at 18:13

    on planet Earth. They control World media, World banks and gold, US Capitol Hill as most importent Zionist occupaid territory.
    Zionist bankers succesfully create unrest / they bancropted whole world /, because it serves their agenda for total WORLD CONTROL.
    Their plan is to destroy last countries refusing their dictate / Lebanon. Syria and Iran. Korea/, so US can enter wars to come.
    Zionism is not part of Judaism, their goal is to create wide conflicts, so even NATO countries will get involved on the side of US -for NOW – in fight against ISLAM.
    Yes, the horror of wars will continue as this SATANIC ZIONIST OCTOPUS will be able and will continue sponsor terror among nations and people.
    „Zionist satanic octopus“ will became CANCER of the Whole World and if Humanity does not destroy this evil ideology now, then FREEDOM people enjoy, will be gone…..

    REMOVING THIS CANCER from whole Middle East is the only way to guarante live for all childern .
    World must not forget innocent CHILDERN OF GAZA – Newer!!!
    Petr Vojta Czech Republic

  2. skulz fontaine said,

    June 21, 2009 at 21:20

    But see, there’s more important stuffs going on in Iran so ignore Gaza’s plight. Wait, the world ALWAYS ignores Gaza’s plight. Ummm, never mind?

  3. Nicolae said,

    June 22, 2009 at 07:33

    New Jersey Democrat senator Frank R. Lautenberg plans to introduce legislation designed to cancel the Second Amend rights of well over a million U.S. citizens this coming week, according to the New York Times. “Mr. Lautenberg plans to introduce legislation on Monday that would give the attorney general the discretion to block gun sales to people on terror watch lists,” the newspaper reports.
    featured stories Proposed Law Allows AG Holder to Block Gun Sales to Over a Million Americans
    Emanuel featured stories Proposed Law Allows AG Holder to Block Gun Sales to Over a Million Americans

    Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel has promised to deny Americans their Second Amendment right if they end up on the government’s error-prone terrorist watch list.

    Lautenberg is a notorious gun-grabber. He introduced a similar measure in 2007.

    Lautenberg’s action comes in the wake of statistics compiled by the Government Accountability Office drawing attention to an “odd divergence” in federal law that allows erroneously designated terrorists to exercise their Second Amendment right to bear arms but prevents them from getting on a plane or getting a visa.

    The Inspector General of the Justice Department reported that the Terrorist Screening Center — the FBI-administered organization that consolidates terrorist watch list information in the United States — had over 700,000 names in its database as of April 2007 and that the list was growing by an average of over 20,000 records per month, according to the ACLU. In March of this year the list hit the one million mark, a 32% increase from 2007.

    The actual number may far exceed one million entries. The FBI says the number of names on its terrorist watch list is classified. In addition to the National Counterterrorism Center watch list, the FBI keeps a list of persons said to be domestic terrorists, according to ABC News.

    Lautenberg said he was frustrated by an FBI refusal to disclose to investigators details and specific cases of gun purchases beyond the aggregate data included in the GAO report, the Times notes.
    featured stories Proposed Law Allows AG Holder to Block Gun Sales to Over a Million Americans

    Inside Story asks just how effective the watchlist system is and what risks it poses to personal freedoms.

    Earlier this year, a Department of Homeland Security report on “rightwing extremism” designated advocates of the Second Amendment, pro-life and anti-illegal immigration activists, and returning veterans as “terrorists.” It is not known if members of these groups are on the so-called terrorist watch list, although it is a fair assumption to conclude they are.

    On May 15, 2007, then Illinois representative Rahm Emanuel, speaking at the annual Stand Up For a Safe America event sponsored by the gun-grabbing Brady Center, said that if your name appears on the bloated and error-ridden terror watch list your Second Amendment right should be denied (Emanuel’s comments are included in the Alex Jones clip below).

    Obama chief of staff Emanuel’s promise may soon carry the force of law if Lautenberg’s proposed law makes it through Congress. According to the New York Times, however, the Justice Department is “noncommittal” about whether it would develop guidelines if Congress moved to give the attorney general discretion to block gun sales.

    Lautenberg’s proposed bill is one of several now working their way through the labyrinth of Congress. On April 29, with little fanfare or corporate media coverage, H.R. 2159 was introduced and referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary. The bill would “increase public safety by permitting the Attorney General to deny the transfer of a firearm or the issuance of firearms or explosives licenses to a known or suspected dangerous terrorist.” Another bill, H.R. 1022, sponsored by New York Democrat Carolyn McCarthy and 67 co-sponsors, would provide AG Holder with the ability to ban guns at will.

    Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, told WorldNetDaily that H.R. 2159 will be used in conjunction with the DHS “Rightwing Extremism” report. “By those standards, I’m one of [DHS Secretary] Janet Napolitano’s terrorists,” Pratt said. “This bill would enable the attorney general to put all of the people who voted against Obama on no-gun lists, because according to the DHS, they’re all potential terrorists.”

    Lautenberg’s proposed bill would go one step further and allow Holder to deny the Second Amendment to officially designated enemies of the state.

  4. June 22, 2009 at 18:12

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  5. lawless38 said,

    June 22, 2009 at 18:12

    Thank you for sharing, Ayman

  6. Michal said,

    June 24, 2009 at 21:25

    Shame on all US actual foreign affairs/politics/self called patriots (did you notice how nicely I avoided to call those people idiots??? ). All that is hidden corruption in order to get the profit on others account (meant worldwide). People – do not believe the politician elites, US and EU official media, it´s all brainwashing propaganda!!! This is no way to prosperity and tolerance. Vote the alternative – make your own opinion, refuse the offic media massage! Start with yourself and spread this to all people around. At the beginning they´re gonna think about you are an idiot/paranoic but after some time they will find it true… Hello, peace and tolerance from Michal/Czech Republic (for US people especially a small explanation of the geographic term- CZ as a part of European Union in the heart of Europe //cross the ocean 🙂 ).

  7. Michal said,

    June 24, 2009 at 21:29

    oh, how I hate all the injustice spread by the biggest exporter of democracy worldwide… Iran, nor other islamic country understand what is the basic of democracy, why do you enforce those nations to accept your sick regime/way of rule? The US democracy has never been fair enough (only 2 political parties in congress …. how pathetic!!!) and will never be becouse US and all the people living there (slaves with no own opinion) serve to sionists from Israel… those Israeli people rule your country and use your potential only for their needs! Wake up, take a look in the mirror and do something Bill, Steve, John…uncle Sam… // Michal from Czech Republic

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