A Dairy form Gaza

Ayman Quader

Gazans aspire peace & stability, Israel aspires killing & instability

Photo by Sameh H. Habeeb

6 missiles hit save area of Al Buraij camp, Middle of the Gaza Strip today noon (terrifying voice) Recalling the scene of the WAR on Gaza….. unhumanity.

Today, at 3 pm in Gaza time, horrendous sounds heard in Jouher Al deek, east of Al Buraj Refugee of the middle area of the Gaza Strip. There were about 6 missiles fired form the Israeli side toward the people of Al Deek district causing dreadful feeling for all the people of the middle area as the voices were extremely high and audible and took them back 6 months ago.

The 23 nights of war haven’t been forgotten form the Children memory, specially the children of camps. Consequently, I saw some children started running to get a save place in their home recalling back the same sound of missiles during the while of war (27 Dec. 2008). Ghdeer is a young girl (10 years old) living in Al Buraj Refugee Camp couldn’t control herself when she heard the sound of missiles, I found her dramatically confused. I directly pointed out the reason but I wanted to ask her WHY???!!!! . she immediately replied it was the GAZA WAR coming back again. I took her aside and started talking to her as I always like to here from children. She told me her own experience in the day and in the nights of the war. She narrated her experience as if it is a play and needed to be dramatized. acutely I am younger than her but I have become assured that those days will never be forgotten from the children memory. IT WILL NEVER!!!!!!!!

“All we aspire is the prevail of peace and security not killing and fear” Ghadder ended her speech with me and she has left me thinking of the great sin that those young kids committed to merit the way they treated. What they needed was to grow up safely and in happiness.

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