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The wall of Apartheid in Israel has made it virtually impossible for many Palestinian workers to cross over to the Israeli side for work purposes. This has resulted in a mass influx of foreign workers, especially those that work as caregivers for the old and sick of the nation. Hundreds of thousands of these people are in Israel today, most with valid visas, many who are here illegally.

The tales they tell are unbelievably shameful and expose yet another aspect of the racism inherent in zionism…. I’ll deal with just one of these stories in this post, but keep in mind that this is just one of a thousand of such examples…

A disabled man was approached not long ago by a man who asked if he had or needed a caregiver. The disabled person was wheelchair bound which made him an ‘easy target’ for the scam in the making….

He was informed that he could get a worker in his home for ten hours a week and it would not cost him a thing…. that’s a hard offer to refuse.

Papers were filled out, documents were signed, interviews with government agencies, etc., etc….
Finally, all was approved and a foreign worker from Sri Lanka was on his way to what he hoped would be a possible way to make a few bucks to help his destitute family back home…. BOY, was he in for a surprise!

Upon arrival in Israel the ‘agency’ that brought him here demanded $1,500 up front to start the process of obtaining the proper documents for his employment. At the Minister of Interior’s office he had to shell out another $40 to get the work permit stamped in his passport…

He was then ready to go to work….. but where?
His visa was obtained in the name of the disabled man mentioned at the beginning of this post…. but he won’t actually be working for him full time… just for 10 hours a week… at no cost to him. What happens the rest of the week??, and who pays this worker for the 10 ‘free hours’ of labour???

The ‘agency’ arranges for this worker to perform his duties as caregiver in someone else’s home…. someone that was not able to obtain a visa in their own name. The wage is way below the minimum, the hours are long, and the person must be available during his ‘free time’.

Accommodation is often provided at a fee…. usually higher than one would normally pay. At the end of the month, his salary is barely enough for him to survive, let alone send money to his family as was planned….

The ten ‘free hours’ are ‘payment’ to the original person for obtaining the visa.. NO ONE PAYS FOR IT…. the worker is a virtual slave to this person.

This entire procedure is considered the ‘norm’ in Israel…. as it was in the southern American States after slavery was officially ended. It is a demonstration of the non value of life placed upon those ‘not of the tribe’ by the Israeli government.

What happens if this worker refuses to do his ‘obligated’ free hours? Simple, his visa is revoked and he darts off to unknown territory and becomes a soldier in the army of illegal immigrants… eventually caught and deported…. AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE….

The ‘agency’ then arranges to bring over a new worker from abroad and the entire process is repeated as well as more money going into the coffers of these scam masters.

In this particular case, the worker had a lucky streak…. he told the original person involved what was going on…. the man was shocked beyond belief. He told the worker that he would not have to work for him, that he would not report this and his visa would not be canceled. He was then free to work wherever he wanted, legally.

The ‘agency’ got wind of the situation and visited the disabled person at home, wanting to know why the worker was not doing his ‘time’ for him. The man explained that he did not need his services as he had a regular worker come in once a week to clean the house, that was all he required… simple explanation…. but not so simple reaction…

The agency contacted the foreign worker, told him that he would have to give them an additional $150 a month to cover the cost of the man’s cleaning help… or they would cancel his visa. Can we call this blackmail??

The worker then visited the man and wanted to know if he intended to cancel his visa… he was told that he was promised otherwise and not to worry and NOT TO GIVE THE ‘AGENCY’ THE $150…. the ‘agency’ could NOT cancel the visa without the man’s approval.

In this case, the worker continues to function legally with no fear of deportation…. the ‘agency’ lost out on their scam… and all ended well. This is not the case for thousands of others who are virtually slaves to this inhumane system… a system known about and allowed to continue by the zionist regime…

Israel does not discriminate in who they discriminate against… racism, exploitation, occupation, and now slavery are an integral part of their system… I wonder what Abe Foxman would say about all of this…. I’m sure one of his cronies will direct him to this post.

The above is a post from my archives…..

Below is an article from today’s HaAretz….. the nightmare continues…..

MKs warn of ‘terrible injustice’ to children in roundup of migrants
By Yuval Azoulay, Haaretz Correspondent

Lawmakers yesterday called for a halt to the “manhunt” for foreign workers, warning their deportation of foreign workers and that of their children would constitute a “terrible injustice” and infringe on the children’s basic rights.

The Knesset’s Committee on the Rights of the Child yesterday discussed the state’s treatment of foreign workers and asylum seekers’ children, following the police’s extensive drive to round up and expel foreign workers.

MK Nitzan Horowitz (Meretz), who called the discussion, said the roundup and deportation would have harmful implications on the workers’ children, who had been born and raised here and have no other country but Israel.

“This is a terrible injustice. They’re deporting people while bringing new workers into the country,” Horowitz said. “If the policy was to deport foreign workers in view of rising unemployment, so be it. But bringing in new workers casts doubt over the motives for the deportation scheduled for August.”

“These children were born here, Hebrew is their language and Israel is the only country they know. They’re not Jewish, but they’re Israelis. The immigrants from Russia also have numerous non-Jews among them but receive a legal status here nonetheless,” he said.

Tziki Sela, commander of the “Oz” task force, which replaced the former Immigration Police, told the committee that some 300,000 foreign workers reside in Israel illegally.

Some 2,800 children of migrant workers and asylum seekers live in Israel, according to the Knesset Research and Information Center.

MK Ilan Gilon (Meretz) called on the authorities to “stop the manhunt on foreign workers immediately.”

Dr. Yitzhak Kadman, director of the National Council for the Child, said “thousands of children in Israel have no legal status. They are not entitled to health services and are forced to receive treatment from unauthorized persons. Israel turns its back on those who have no status,” he told the committee.

Committee chairman Danny Danon (Likud) compared the foreign workers’ children to the children of the settlers who were evacuated four years ago in the disengagement from the Gaza Strip. “I see the evacuated children and the traumas they sustained since then. We must treat these children with sensitivity,” he said.

The immigration task force rounded up 60 migrants earlier this week and sent them to a detention center in Holon. The force detained 300 migrants last week.

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  1. Ban Sidhe said,

    July 9, 2009 at 14:13

    Aside from the cyber warriors like ourselves, sadly most people are not outraged because they are not paying attention. This is, and has been, much of the problem.

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