“Cruel, but Necessary” explores attitudes in Jerusalem on the treatment of Palestinians, Obama’s moves toward peace, and settlements. Featuring Jslam’s own Joseph Dana and Aussie journalist Antony Lowenestein, this litany of deadpan chauvinism drops as a collaborative project with David Jacobus of the thedailynuisance.com , (set to launch in August) spinning the reels and flipping the clips.

Thanks TO for finding this.

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  1. July 26, 2009 at 16:14

    The level of racism that is expressed by these people is, in a word, nauseating. It is also disappointing to hear, especially when it comes from such young people who have no idea about the historical ramifications of hatred and how much it has cost the Jewish people in the past. This is a type of thinking that should be treated as a form of mental illness for the simple reason that it stems from totally irrational thought, leads to irrational action, and can only end in the perpetration of ongoing suffering for all involved.

    Some of the comments were especially interesting – the man in the red shirt and straw had said that Israel should not take any money from the United States – this should be replayed (often) for American politicians. End all aid to Israel, especially while their citizens are espousing such racist, xenophobic ideas about their own neighbours, let alone the president of the United States.

    As the saying goes, Money talks.

    I’m glad that I’ve never lived near a large ‘Jewish Community’ and have never been involved with the type of mishigas that ends of ‘making aliya’ (moving back to the ‘promised land’) – I can’t imagine that my anti-Zionist opinions would have been all that welcome … aside from my having become a Christian twenty years ago. Too bad … would probably have enjoyed watching some old Zionist choke on their Gefilte fish.

    Hopefully this video will serve as a wake-up call for those whose eyes are open to what is happening in the world. ‘Do you think the IDF is the most moral army in the world?’ to the former soldier … ‘I don’t understand …’ good answer. He doesn’t understand morality. A former IDF soldier doesn’t understand the concept of a moral army. Enough said.

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