It didn’t take long at all for the ‘truth’ to come out regarding the criminal rabbis in the United States. It’s obviously just another case of FBI inspired anti-Semitism! That ‘charge’ does not even come from Foxman… it comes directly from the so-called ultra orthodox community in Israel…. the ones that are actually benefiting from the criminal activities involving organ sales and money laundering.

Methinks they whine too much πŸ™‚

The following quote says it all….. “After Madoff, now there is this. I’m frankly concerned about the rise of anti-Semitism in the US“.

Read the rest of the nonsense below…..

‘FBI sting was a case of anti-Semitism’

By Matthew Wagner

Anti-Semitism was behind the highly publicized arrests last week of rabbis, including three from the Aleppo-Syrian Jewish community in New York and New Jersey, according to Yitzhak Kakun, editor-in-chief of the Shas weekly Yom Le’Yom.

Shas MK Nissim Ze'ev.

Shas MK Nissim Ze’ev. Photo: The Knesset

“There is a feeling here that the FBI purposely attempted to arrest as many rabbis as possible at once in an attempt to humiliate them,” Kakun said in a telephone interview Sunday.

“Regardless of the details of the case – I am not familiar with the precise charges and the evidence – you would never see the FBI and police behaving that way with Muslim sheikhs or Christian priests. It is so obvious that the whole thing is motivated by anti-Semitism,” he said.

Kakun added that he planned on devoting the editorial of his paper to an attack on the Obama administration for attempting to whip up anti-Semitic feelings against the Orthodox Jewish community in the US.

Meanwhile, Shas MK Nissim Ze’ev said US police authorities had deliberately created the false impression that members of the Aleppo community were somehow connected with organ trafficking and extortion, when in reality their only crime was money-laundering.

“There is absolutely no connection between the rabbis from the Aleppo community and those others,” said Ze’ev, who was once a rabbi for the Aleppo community in Brooklyn and continues to pray with the community on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.

“The US police are trying to make it seem as though there is some kind of Jewish mafia,” he said.

Ze’ev was referring to impression some media outlets had given by calling the group of rabbis involved the “Kosher Nostra,” a play on the words “Cosa Nostra.”

He also rejected any special connections between Shas and the Aleppo Jewish community in the US.

“Saul Kassin [one of the suspects in the money-laundering scheme] is a man who contributes to many different causes, many of them very Zionistic,” said Ze’ev.

“He helps various charitable institutions in Israel and he has also helped fund IDF projects,” added Ze’ev. “We are not talking about a community that is particularly supportive of Shas. They are much more Zionist and nationalist.”

Members of the Aleppo Jewish community who were arrested on suspicion of money laundering are Eliyahu Ben-Haim, rabbi of Congregation Ohel Yaacob in Deal, New Jersey; Edmond Nahum of the Deal Synagogue; and Saul Kassin of Shaarei Zion Synagogue in Brooklyn.

Ben-Haim is known to have ties to Yehaveh Da’at, a Torah institution headed by Rabbi David Yosef, the son of Shas mentor Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. Members of the Aleppo community contributed to the construction of its large building, located near the elder Yosef’s home in Jerusalem’s Har Nof neighborhood.

Two other Orthodox Jews – Mordechai Fish of Congregation Sheves Achim, and Label Schwartz – were also charged with money-laundering.

Another man, Levy Izhak Rosenbaum of Brooklyn, was charged with allegedly acquiring and trading in human organs.

Ze’ev claimed there was no connection between the members of the Aleppo community and the others, besides their mutual connections with Solomon Duek, an Aleppo Jew charged with bank fraud in 2006 who apparently turned FBI informant.

Revelations regarding the money-laundering came after the haredi community in Israel had been the subject of several negative media reports.

In recent weeks, a haredi woman from Beit Shemesh known as the “Taliban mother,” due to her custom of wearing multiple layers of clothing and covering all parts of her body, including her face and hands, was convicted of child abuse.

Meanwhile, another haredi woman from Jerusalem’s Mea She’arim neighborhood was accused recently of starving her three-year-old son. Her arrest sparked a string of violent street demonstrations and clashes between groups of haredim and police in the capital.

Moshe Grylak, editor-in-chief of the haredi weekly Mishpacha, said the recent spate of bad publicity had put the haredi community in Israel on the defensive.

“The secular population is convinced we are a bunch of Talibans who starve their children and money-launder,” said Grylak, who argued that the local media had broken the rules of journalistic ethics by labeling the perpetrators as haredi.

“And on top of it all, we are also a bunch of parasites who don’t work,” he said. “It’s been a tough time for us. And Tisha Be’av is just around the corner.”

Grylak added that the FBI had purposely created a media fanfare around the US incident in an attempt to cover up the bureau’s failures in uncovering the Madoff scam.

“It was obvious they were trying to prove something, trying to show they were capable,” he said.

Both Grylak and Ze’ev were concerned about possible anti-Semitic repercussions from the incident.

“After Madoff, now there is this. I’m frankly concerned about the rise of anti-Semitism in the US,” said Grylak.


This all brings back memories of the following video…. do you ‘need a Jew’ to teach you how to whine? (from Family Guy)


  1. July 29, 2009 at 14:14

    Yes, Bernie Madoff must be a tremendous burden – especially since he had no defense for how his company had robbed so many of so much. You have to be a conspiracy theorist extraordinaire to find anything antisemitic about what happened to Madoff, especially since his crime is classified as an ‘affinity’ crime (one in which the majority of the victims are members of the ethnic group as the criminal). While not all of Madoff’s clients were Jewish a great many were, including a number of Jewish organizations who had invested their pension funds in the Ponzi scheme. Madoff took advantage of his membership in this group to garner trust.

    Conspiracies had nothing to do with it, nor did antisemitism.

    As for the recent case, get a life: there is far more evidence than necessary to demonstrate that something more than money laundering was taking place. Me thinks they doth protest too much.

    There is a scripture that takes care of all of this: ‘The LOVE of money is the root of ALL evil.’ Short, sweet and, quite frankly, to the point. Need I say more?

  2. Frank Fredenburg said,

    July 29, 2009 at 22:22

    One word, VAMPIRES! Hide your women and kids!

  3. Frank Fredenburg said,

    July 29, 2009 at 22:31

    I forgot to mention, it’s becoming an honor to be labeled ANTI-Semitic, by these people! It is like being awarded a medal. In fact I think you should be ashamed if you haven’t been accused at least once. Come on people stop being afraid of their name calling. Now they want the right to sell your body parts, and if you dare resist, your ANTI-Semitic!

  4. Ho's & The Chosen said,

    July 30, 2009 at 02:09

    Theyre all concerned about deserved blowback. Not a word of remorse over having earned it. Unreal. The world has created and nurtured a monster, not w/ bombs but with fear of accusations of antisemitism.

    So pay world, for your cowardice, as all of this is going to get far worse soon.

  5. maasanova said,

    August 3, 2009 at 20:41

    Wow! More anti-Semitism? What other group can commit such vile acts against humanity and claim they are being persecuted?

  6. Thomas said,

    August 4, 2009 at 00:23

    I can’t believe this.. this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read! – So what Police are not allowed to do their jobs anymore? If someone Jewish robs a bank are the Police also being anti-semitic for arresting them?

    I mean Jesus christ – yes we have racists in every society and racism is an awful thing but let’s not get this stupid with it.

    Cause this is just a whole new level of stupid.

    “Sure we were laundering money.. sure we were breaking the law but the FBI only came at us because we were Jewish!” …

    I can’t believe this… it’s so … like unreal.

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