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Now this is humorous… Google, the zionist controlled and operated search engine has opened a domain for Palestinians.
Google, the same outfit that censors pro Palestinian news sites on their engine, that shuts down pro Palestinian Blogs has opened a domain for Palestinians.
Will this domain pick and chose what Palestinians will be able to find on this domain? Will Google only allow pro Israeli views to be downloaded on this new site?
There is an old saying….’Beware of zionists bearing gifts’…. originally known as ‘Beware of Greeks bearing gifts’.
 Palestinians get Google domain 

Jerusalem — The Internet search engine Google has opened up a domain for Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza, Palestinian media said.

The new domain provides Arabic speaking Internet users with Palestinian service providers, access to Google Arabic, the Palestinian Maan news agency quoted the company as saying.

Until now Palestinian Internet users had to rely on Egyptian or Jordanian domains when searching for Arabic sites.

The new Google domain allows users to access more locally relevant content, Maan said.

The new service started Thursday and automatically redirects Palestinian users to the new domain.

Google has more than 160 domains worldwide, the news agency said.



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  1. skulz fontaine said,

    August 15, 2009 at 16:41

    Wow, that’s pretty darn sporty of Gaggle. Yup that sure is.

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