From news reports, one would think that the Jews of Israel are behind the evictions and illegal settlements in East Jerusalem. Despite the lack of a public outcry against these crimes, this is not the truth. Israeli citizens, like citizens anywhere else are totally divorced from the evil realities that go on around them…. if it doesn’t affect them directly, they just don’t seem to care.
In reality, the forces behind these horrors are not all Jewish… the so-called ‘Christian’-zionist movement is there in full force. Mike Huckabee is here at present to give his fellow zionists a moral boost, as well as a probable economic one from the coffers of the Anti People Fund of America. His local followers are here to support him…. click HERE to see who they are.
So, please be assured, these crimes are not being committed by the Jewish people…. most have not yet said “NOT IN MY NAME’, but I am sure they will in time. It’s also time for the American people to say the same thing.
The photo below shows exactly what America is supporting until those words are said….. “NOT IN MY NAME”!

fascism behind the settlements 

Right-wing activist Baruch Marzel holds a placard depicting US President Barack Obama in an Arab headdress, during a protest next to east Jerusalem’s Shepherd Hotel, where US Republican Mike Huckabee held a reception.

Photo: AP

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  1. Zon Moy said,

    August 19, 2009 at 23:26

    And of course the divine malevolence is running the whole show to create the greatest evil possible.

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