Israel Absolves Itself of Responsibility for Brain-Damaged American Peace Activist

Richard Silverstein tristan

If it weren’t so tragic, it would actually be entertaining to watch Israel work every possible legal and political angle to get its way in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The IDF, intelligence agencies, and military lawyers would put those of Kafka’s The Trial to shame. And they’ve worked their magic once again in the case of Tristan Anderson, American peace activist who was shot in the head at an anti-Separation Wall demonstration several months ago, suffering serious brain injury for which he is still hospitalized. It simply would not do for Israel to accept any responsibility for assaulting and nearly killing an unarmed, non-violent protestor who posed no threat to Israeli personnel. As a matter of principle, Israel believes it must refuse comfort to its enemies, even if Israel itself has inflicted the suffering. Thus we learn that the government has informed Anderson’s Israeli lawyers that he was shot under an “act of war.” This seems to be the equivalent in insurance lingo of an “act of God.” In other words, in the midst of war all sins are excused and no one is responsible no matter how heinous the act. Just witness the IDF’s approach to the Gaza war. Plenty of incidents verging on war crimes but somehow the army comes out smelling like a rose: it was an act of war, don’t you know.

The idea that an Israeli army facing a melange of Palestinian and international demonstrators armed with nothing more than the shirts on their backs and the sounds of their own voice constitutes an act of war is an insult to the world’s intelligence. Yes, some demonstrators at Bilin do throw rocks at heavily armed IDF soldiers who have rarely endured so much as a scratch. But Tristan Anderson was not one of these and there was absolutely no violence in the area when he was attacked.

Further, after B’Tselem admonished the IDF and insisted it direct its forces NOT to fire high velocity tear gas canisters at demonstrators’ bodies (heads, actually) as is its custom, no action has been taken. This would be the equivalent in a civil action where a defendant not only causes injury to the plaintiff but refuses to correct the dangerous condition that caused the injury. Any lawyer fresh out of law school could tell you that’s a recipe for a major financial penalty.

Israel has already agreed to pay the filmmaker James Miller’s family a $2.2-million settlement after the British attorney general threatened legal action against the government if it didn’t take heed. I expect the same thing will happen in this case, especially if the U.S. government acts as boldly as the Brits did (and they should). And I say more power to the Anderson family. If Israel can’t be made to see reason through moral suasion then stick it to them in the pocketbook. Enough of these settlements and maybe a few Israelis will begin to wonder why maintaining the Occupation is so costly. Whatever it takes.

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  1. ahimsa09 said,

    August 20, 2009 at 17:47

    Remembering the fallen and the injured:

  2. Drnassh said,

    August 20, 2009 at 20:41

    I have said before, and I’ll say it again. Israel is like a rabid dog. And what do you do with a rabid dog? that’s right, you PUT IT DOWN.

  3. Llyn 24 said,

    August 20, 2009 at 22:15

    Every day with Israel it seems things just get a bit worse. The acts against the Palestinian People become more inhumane and they are so bad now that I cannot imagine how much worse they can get before the collective citizens of the world literally have to gather on the border and do a Ghandi-type walk into Israel from all sides (except the Med, of course). How can we allow things to get any worse? Who is going to take the lead. I am a 66yr old grandmother but I am ready to walk alongside anyone who feels it is time to take the high road and do something humane about this horrific tragedy unfolding agonizingly slowly before us while our governments care only about getting elected again and their personal wealth. It is the Palestinians today, tomorrow it will be someone else but if we do let this continue, quite soon it will be like Nazi Germany in the USA and elsewhere but with Zionists running the show (many did by the way during the last Shoah). in America while Americans are forced labourers and our weak and disabled are euthanized. Rahm Emmanuel’s brother already has been holding meeting with other scientists about how much money America could save if they assessed every new patient that entered a hospital to see if he/she would be of use to the country in future or not. If not, well they feel they should not save them, thereby saving medical expenses for the person concerned but not just that. They, the Government will also get to keep their pensions and in many cases where people have left no will, be able to keep much of their money also. Bush/Cheney already built the detention camps for “dissidents.” (People who are intelligent enough to think about what is happening and speaking out). People who will refuse to give up their arms – these will be dissidents. Yes, you and me. Unless we stop Israel now, we are all in deep trouble.

    How many Americans realize that the IDF is on American soil teaching Jewish men and women how to fight? Why are the rest of Americans not being taught how to fight or defend themselves? Why only the Jews? Why can we not discuss Israel without being insulted and sometimes having our lives destroyed in America? Why are 40 per cent of Americans without healthcare while America pays for Israeli Jews to have total health care, live at a level that ordinary Americans cannot imagine all paid for by America.

    Why is it that in Jerusalem it is difficult to find many historical Christian Biblical Sites, because after 2000 years of the Palestinian Christian and then Christian and Muslim Palestinians caring for these Holy Sites up until 1967, when they were all cared for whether Jewish, Christian or Muslim, since the Jews invaded Jerusalem it is barely recognizable as the Jerusalem of my childhood. Many Christian Sites are now parking lots or toilets for Jews visiting the Western Wall, which in itself is debatable since not one iota of proof has been found at that site to show that a temple ever existed there. Nor anywhere else in “ancient Israel.”.

    The walls are closing in on Israel quickly. The stories that were told in the Torah have proven to be just that – stories, myths. Just like any other group of people who tell stories and retell them they keep expounding and expanding them but now there really is no proof. DNA shows that Ashkenazis have no connection to the ancient Hebrews or the region. The belong to a group of people who were particularly bloodthirsty and who became Jews by conversian as a punishment by their leader. The scientific proof of the Shoah – it is not there. That needs also a complete investigation. Unfortunately, it is not all Jews at all to blame but those Ashkenazis who decided to come to Israel when they could just have gone to the Jewish Homeland that already existed called Biribijian where the official languages are Yiddish and Hebrew.

    The Jews who are not of European or Kazar origin fit in well and I believe can live alongside Palestinians – we have the same DNA almost and so many other things in common but the Kazar/Haredi/Zionist all are the problem.

    Maybe because when Israel declared its independence Jews who lived in Arab countries who had to leave, mostly because of Israeli spying and trouble making in Arab countries, did not want to live in Israel and the educated Jews went to France, Britain, Canada, etc. Israel was stuck with the terrorists who had commited murder and ethnic cleansing etc., as their leaders and none of them had a decent education to speak of and all were so full of ego it was shameful and the leaders have just gone steadily downhill since.

    So, it is time for it all to end. The Jews have played the Shoah card and made trillions and trillions of dollars over the last six decades while denying the Palestinians their basic human rights. It seems that the Jews in Israel thrive on humiliating Palestinian People. The have crossed the line of no return as far as inhumanity is concerned. They will not accept responsibility for their crimes and the Palestinians, Lebanese and Iraqis have suffered terribly as have the Egyptians for 61yrs. Now Israel wants another country; another entire people annihilated because of their irrational paranoia and it is up to the rest of us to say NO!! even if our governments do not have the courage to do so.

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