Watching CNN News last night report on the passing of Senator Edward Kennedy gave me the impression that a very great man has left the stage….
Looking back on his life’s work, one might get the impression that the man will soon be nominated for Sainthood. CNN even bothered to find the former, disgraced, wife of Nelson Mandela who spoke of Kennedy’s support of the anti-apartheid movement of South Africa.
kennedy apartheid


On January 9, 1985 Senator Edward Kennedy made an emotional visit to banned Winnie Mandela, the wife of Africa National Congress (ANC) leader, Nelson Mandela in Brandfort. At that time, Nelson Mandela had been in prison for more than twenty-years. Kennedy praised Winnie Mandela as courageous and concerned for her country. (Greg English/Reuters)

Cindy Sheehan reminds us of Kennedy’s opposition to the war in Iraq with the following quote of his… “My vote against this misbegotten war (Iraq) is the best vote I have cast in the United States Senate since I was elected in 1962.”
You can read Cindy’s comments about her visit to him HERE.
OK….. what’s the real purpose of this post?
I come to bury Ted Kennedy, not to praise him;
The evil that men do lives after them,
The good is oft interred with their bones.
Let’s look at who Ted Kennedy really was….. as seen by his friends….
Peres on Kennedy death: Terrible loss for US


In response to the death of US Senator Edward Kennedy, Israeli President Shimon Peres said, “Kennedy was a true friend of Israel all the way, and he helped any chance he could.

“I know this is a terrible loss for the American people, and I share in their sorrow, but this is also a great loss for every sensitive person in the world.”
AND….. from AIPAC themselves in their own words….

Senator Edward Kennedy, A Great Friend of Israel

Sen. Kennedy was a longstanding supporter of the U.S.-Israel relationship.


AIPAC joins all Americans in mourning the loss of Senator Edward M. Kennedy, a staunch supporter of the U.S.-Israel relationship and a true and longstanding friend of America’s pro-Israel community.


During his more than four decades in the U.S. Senate, Sen. Kennedy consistently supported American assistance to Israel, particularly during the Jewish state’s most trying times, in the wake of the Six-Day War and the Yom Kippur War. He led the fight against U.S. arms sales to Israel’s enemies, spoke out forcefully against the Arab League boycott of Israel and was a fierce critic of the United Nations’ isolation of the Jewish state; he urged his colleagues to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s undivided capital, and warned of the dangers of global terrorism.


Sen. Kennedy became the leading champion for persecuted Soviet Jewry, advocating on behalf of refuseniks and those Jews wishing to leave the Soviet Union, personally raising their issues with Soviet leaders at every possible opportunity, and demanding that the United States provide loan guarantees to Israel to absorb Jewish refugees.


Senator Kennedy’s legacy of leadership on these issues and his lifelong support for one of America’s closest allies are hallmarks of his historic career devoted to serving the best interests of the American people and our values. He will be sorely missed.











As the title of this post states, I came here to bury Ted Kennedy, not to praise him.





  1. Ban Sidhe said,

    August 27, 2009 at 13:36

    Well DP, Kennedy was not too good at helping the irish peace process no metter what ole has been John hume said. truth is that they tried here what they are trying in Palestine, to exclude one party form the deal. |Kennedy was attempting to make deals elft and right with the SDLP and excluding sinn fein from the process. It was Clinton that actually created the situation on the ground here where we could all move forward, not kennedy. Indeed, if |Kennedy had not taken the road he did we’d have had a peace process much earlier, and many lives would have been not lost to this conflict.

    Alas, America does not learn from history and will be doomed to repeat this scenario over and over in the middle east until they finally wake up. Any deals israel and the us make with fatah excluding hamas, are doomed to failure, just like in |Ireland.

    so yeah, i have to agree on the kennedy post

  2. Banks said,

    August 27, 2009 at 18:33

    I wonder how many people around you and your family members would these assassins have to kill before you got the message to fall in line? Would it be two brothers and a secretary? One brother? How about a parent or a child? How many would you sacrifice? Who would protect you from this carnage? And after their press trashed you until you didn’t know yourself, how many patriots would stand up for you? The answer sir is none. Ted Kennedy was neither the strongest nor the smartest brother. After two were publically executed without an uprising from the American people, he made his peace with the devil.

  3. Rampaging Manatee said,

    August 27, 2009 at 19:22

    Wow Banks, well said! Let’s not forget about the murder and posthumous smearing of John John.

  4. TacG said,

    August 27, 2009 at 19:24

    OMG Banks said:

    “I wonder how many people around you and your family members would these assassins have to kill before you got the message to fall in line? Would it be two brothers and a secretary? One brother? How about a parent or a child? How many would you sacrifice? Who would protect you from this carnage? And after their press trashed you until you didn’t know yourself, how many patriots would stand up for you? The answer sir is none. Ted Kennedy was neither the strongest nor the smartest brother. After two were publically executed without an uprising from the American people, he made his peace with the devil.”

    seems to be truth… preach on brotha

  5. Sam Benar said,

    August 27, 2009 at 20:11

    After the Chappaquiddick incident in which Mary Jo Kopechne died Ted Kennedy has been a walking dead. Now he is not walking any longer.

    Politics was the only trade he know so who can blame him for his political career, which was the career of a survivor, not an idealist like his two murdered brothers.

  6. DavidS said,

    August 27, 2009 at 20:11

    Rest in Peace, Mary Jo. Burn in Hell, Kennedy, you miserable excuse for a human being.

  7. Doug said,

    August 27, 2009 at 20:19

    All I know is that, for the first time in my life, we have a US Federal Government without a member of the Kennedy clan in power, and for that, I am very happy and grateful. I can’t wait until we can say the same thing about the Clintons…

  8. robertsgt40 said,

    August 27, 2009 at 20:48

    Another useful idiot dead. Thrown out of Harvard twice for cheating, drowns a girl he could get across a bridge while drunk. Yeah, class act. I can see why Israel admired him.

  9. harry canary said,

    August 27, 2009 at 21:50

    Ted Kennedy was human, with a mix of good and bad. He will not be deified like his brothers. It is sad we lose a man with at least some good. We are left behind with the bush clan of nastiness and stupid criminality. And unfortunately left with the incarnation of Evil which has taken the form of the draft dodging, lying patch of slime, dick cheney.

  10. August 27, 2009 at 22:18

    I found this piece very compelling. It saddens me when someone is seen as a champion of justice but turns a blind eye to the abuses suffered by the Palestinians.

  11. tony said,

    August 28, 2009 at 00:35

    I will remember Ted as a pioneer in underwater driving and nothing more

  12. BOB said,

    August 28, 2009 at 01:28


    26 August 2009

    Ted Kennedy has died. The liberal “Lion of the Senate” sleeps tonight. And the lion is being lionized on all the media outlets in the U.S. and probably to some degree around the world.

    Shakespeare would have us believe, through the words of Mark Antony, that “The evil men do lives after them. The good is oft interred with their bones.” But in the fantasy world of the United States the opposite occurs. We deal with group scorn and individual adulation. Early this year Congress actually climbed back UP to an approval rating of 14% (Rasmussen), and only 37% of people were SOMEWHAT confident that their political leaders know what they are doing.

    Most people are in favor of throwing all of the bums out…until it comes to their own congressman who has arranged to take money away from people in other parts of the country to build something or bring jobs the the local district. No one ever gets around to throwing the bums out. Besides, there are other bums waiting to take their places.

    People know that Kennedy was kicked out of Harvard for cheating, that he should have been indicted for the death of Mary Jo Kopeckne, that he went out drinking with his nephews and the drunkenness of one of them resulted in a rape. They also know that he was involved in trying to pass over 2,500 bills and succeeded with over 400. If they do not know, they should know that a substantial portion of those bills involve matters congress has no jurisdiction over according to the Constitution. Unconstitutional laws may be on the way to outnumbering the constitutional ones. But Kennedy was elected to the Senate nine times and was there nearly 47 years.

    The United States is in a huge mess. It has nearly $12 trillion in national debt and about $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities. There is no way that the debt can be paid short of maybe an 80% income tax for the next few decades. There is no way that the unfunded liabilities can be funded. Medicare and Social Security are broke. The national infrastructure needs a lot of work. The economy is in shambles. It is said to be recovering, but it will not really recover for a long time. Who is responsible for this mess? The 535 members of the Senate and the House of Representatives are. No laws exist and no funds are appropriated without their action. Whenever they run for office as individuals, they speak of balanced budgets and honesty and ethics. Collectively they are wastrels and crooks (but not Ron Paul). They are in the business of spending other people’s money. Most members of congress are wealthy when they retire. They make their money from sweetheart deals, inside information and doing favors. In most cases the money they make comes ultimately from the pockets of ordinary people. But re-election rates of incumbent congressmen are generally above 90%. The American people are stupid or masochists, or both.

    Ted Kennedy was an exception. He was rich when he became a senator. His daddy was a bootlegger. No doubt Teddy was righteously opposed to bootlegging, drug smuggling and such things. That is known as the “I’ve got mine, now we can outlaw it” principle. The government of the United States operates on the same principle on a much larger scale and is still involved in drug smuggling and several other nefarious activities. I’ll bet Kennedy knew that and a lot more things that he didn’t bother to talk about while he campaigned and legislated to improve the lot of the poor and downtrodden with your money. He is praised as a good family man and as the patriarch of his clan. I think similar things were said of the Godfather and Bing Crosby.

    So now a school-cheating, falling-down drunk womanizer, who left a dead girl under a bridge and also lowered himself to become a legislator and cheat, steal and misappropriate wholesale while being a hail fellow well met, has assumed room temperature and become a great national icon. He won’t be around to help push health care reform onto a citizenry that does not want it and can’t afford it. But, mark my words, someone in Congress will speak flowery words saying that we owe it to the memory of the Lion of the Senate to pass that health care reform and make it as expensive as possible.

    There may be some who think I am being a bit cynical, but I’m not. I’m being a LOT cynical.


  13. Ellipser said,

    August 28, 2009 at 01:52

    Whenever the US Media plasters the same subject all day, every day , then you know for sure the guy was probably a messed up asshole. Especially politicians who live in gated communities and are used to playing it up for the camera’s in controlled and very well guarded world’s (ask shit kicker Bolton. The guy shits himself at the very thought of ever having to go face to face with “Joe Public” and prefers to play the nasty ‘ol tough guy with 20 body gaurds at every door) . And since Kennedy was a politician, he probably at this very moment dancing with all alot of skeletons.

  14. su said,

    August 28, 2009 at 06:39

    Okay so he died as a saint in the eyes of the misguided and ignorant.
    But he has left the eathly plain and if there is life after death I would not want to be that soul right now.

  15. ORION said,

    August 28, 2009 at 10:55

    good posts but the speech by mark anthony as I think I remember started out not praising ceaser
    but in the end he turned it around and made ceaser a hero so the qoute is not approiate however the sentiment is

    . so i might be wrong check out how that ruthless politician mark anthony used that speach to gain power I will chek it out I urge u to do the same

    If I’m right about I come to Bury Ceaser… then the writer needs to do some home work before quoating Shakespear or any body else and his opinions will be suspect to dismissal by people who know .

    Foxx news is a good example I don’t watch it because their all idiots nor do I watch cnn and abc and cbs I use to listen to bbc which iv’e decided against I now listen to democracy now ps some of you who hated kennedy for good reasons talk about how bad health care whould be, it could’t get much worse most forclosures are based on healthcare costs and most bankrupcies By the way did u know that when you declared bankrupcy they could’t get your house NOW THEY CAN GET UR HOUSE
    .I’m for single Payer like the rest of the industrial countries have . So we might agree on keneddy plastine iraq we may not agree on health care and abortion let’s agree to disagree and unite against the real enemy like the kenedeys and sugar coated bullets of obama. Thansk for making the world a more Peaceful and joyful Place orion****

  16. coolcuke said,

    August 28, 2009 at 12:04

    Ya know, there is something I have never understood about these people. Take Mr. Kennedy for example, God only knows how many secrets and skeletons he knew of and yet dying of cancer he didn’t leave us with one expose’ . Why do they always take all of the secrets with them? Wouldn’t it be the perfect opportunity to do some good and reveal the crooks and liars and thieves and name names in the process doing your country the greatest favor of your 47 year career? Yet none of them do, why?

  17. Gillian Freeman said,

    August 28, 2009 at 12:39

    The Kennedy clan was part of my youth like the Vietnam War I never felt Ted was as strong as his brothers and like all dynasties they have a lot of darkness in them as if they sell their soul for the power and fame. I never thought they were good looking and John and Jackie were not the golden couple he married her to get votes from the Boston Brahms of which she was one other wise the Catholic/ Irish American could not get in it was all for Joseph , who was not a good or nice man who wanted what Jack got. They were not a happy family to many bodies buried the sins of the fathers visited on their sons

  18. Miguel Grande said,

    August 28, 2009 at 13:10

    “If I’m right about I come to Bury Ceaser… then the writer needs to do some home work before quoating Shakespear or any body else and his opinions will be suspect to dismissal by people who know .”

    Dear Orion, you need to learn to spell check before you criticize anybody. You come off sounding like a moron and your opinion is subject to dismissal

    Ted Kennedy is a poster boy for all that is wrong in Amerika. He raped and pillaged with the best of them. The reason that Congress is held in such low esteem, yet we continue to re-elect these assholes is ELECTION FRAUD. You can keep the electronic machines, just have them print out a paper receipt. Put scoreboards up for all to see and film. Your receipt should have the tally before you vote, who you voted for, and the tally after you voted. You can double check the tallies against the scoreboard. The final tally should be publicly be posted at each precinct. The tallies for every precinct should be published the next day for all observers to scrutinize. Any cases of election fraud should be prosecuted as sedition. Imagine trading stock without being able to see what they are really trading for. Imagine the riots at ballgames, if the score was kept a secret. Let’s grow up Amerika!

  19. Aufzuleiden said,

    August 28, 2009 at 17:01

    If you cannot find it in your heart to forgive the living, and cannot bring yourself to forgive the dead, who then will you be able to bring yourself in the end to forgive? Will any politician satisfy anyone all the time? Doubtful. It is highly improbably that this is possible, nor likely. Senator Kennedy made mistakes, just as we all do – his position and family wealth afforded him the opportunity to make bigger mistakes and get out of the situation without dealing with the full ramifications of those mistakes. Then he grew up, matured and realized that he could accomplish more as a legislator.

    Some of the comments in this forum have denigrated the work that Senator Kennedy did during his tenure without commenting on the fact that the people of Massachusetts chose to send him as their representative for forty-two years, the third-longest serving senator in history. Democracy in America may not be perfect, but when the people decide they want to be represented by a particular person – whether they be Democrat or Republican – it is the choice of the people. One would hope that a better informed populous would pick more enlightened representatives over the more reactionary, right-wing choices, but that isn’t always an option. On the other hand, in the case of Senator Kennedy, perhaps he was the best that was available at the time; he was a man who desired to have better health care for all Americans. Kennedy wanted Americans to have access to something that elected officials had access to, something that he saw as a right rather than a privilege.

    As for the support that Kennedy espoused for foreign policy, the best way to sum this up is: who cares anymore. The American citizen does not, by and large, give a squat about foreign policy – especially between the time before Dubya decided to unilaterally redefine the concept of Pax Americana by flexing their muscles through the destruction of perceived enemies where there are none.

    I cannot support Kennedy’s positions on Israel, but that would not make me hate the man, just as I would not hate someone simply because they lived in Israel, though that would seem to be enough of a reason, after all, if one lives there the taxes you pay go to support the regime that actively oppress the Palestinians, paying for the bullets that kill the innocent children and the diesel fuel that runs the tractors that destroys the homes of Palestinians to make way for Jewish settlements. Someone living in Israel contributes to this with every thing that they purchase – with sales tax and everything else that they spend – but does that mean I should hate someone just because they live in Israel? It certainly is an interesting proposition.

    If we are to be judges of individuals for everything that they do, including the political actions that are most likely taken out of expediency rather than conviction, we will be forever pointing fingers at others while three others point back at us. Judgment is a great way of poisoning the stream of humanity with something that is both pernicious and self-destructive.

    Why don’t we do something more constructive with our time and work on dispelling the lies that are being perpetuated by the ‘right’ about the result of health care reforms. Sure, Kennedy may not have been perfect – point out one politician alive (or dead) that was … wrong – they weren’t perfect either. If they were human, they had more than enough failings of their own.

    As the saying goes, ‘he who is without sin, cast the first stone.’

    Wie viel ist aufzuleiden!

  20. orion said,

    August 30, 2009 at 19:11

    Hi Miguel you saying I’m a moran objectivley doe’st mean i’m a moran the very fact that my post was posted means it’s not moranic it was constructive criticism to help desert peace .You sound like u understand a bit about the ruling class imperialism capitalism . by the way I did read the shakesperes quote from Julius ceaser it’s available on line .It also sounds like ur hatred is well founded but Iv’e decided along with many other’s to hate the class that is oppressing us not the individuals and love the Working class. ps for readers of this post two great books to read are black water by Joyce carol oates the mirrors by gaelano the former about Mary joe Kopechne and the later about almost everyone thanks for making the world a more peaceful and joyful place yours in struggle orion

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