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 Has Israel been harvesting organs from Palestinians it kills?


Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, have been fulminating against Sweden after a newspaper there published revelations alleging that Israeli occupation authorities had been harvesting organs from Palestinian victims. Khalid Amayreh in occupied Jerusalem looks closer at the explosive revelations.


The mass-circulation Aftonbladet last week quoted relatives of Palestinian victims accusing the Israeli authorities. The report featured a picture of one victim, with a large scar running from chin to abdomen.

“Our sons were plundered for their organs,” said one Palestinian quoted in the report. The report linked the revelations with the recent human organ trafficking scandal in New Jersey involving Israeli and American rabbis.


Donald Bostrom, author of the report, spoke of strong suspicions among Palestinians that Israeli authorities were taking organs from dead Palestinians. He didn’t give an opinion on the matter, but said that the seriousness of the suspicions warranted an international investigation.

He quotes one Palestinian witness as describing a case in which the organs of a victim, identified as Bilal Ahmed Ghniyan, were harvested by the Israelis. “He (Ghniyan) was taken away by a military helicopter and brought back by the army five days later, dead. As his family members buried him, they saw a large scar running from his stomach to his chin.”


Adopting a dismissive attitude, Israeli officials accused the Swedish newspaper of committing a “blood libel” and making a “canard” against Israel. Israeli leaders demanded a “clear and immediate apology” from Sweden.


Netanyahu urged the Swedish government to condemn the “incendiary article”. Other Israeli leaders threatened to take unspecified punitive measures against Sweden, including cancelling an upcoming visit to Israel by Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, denying Swedish journalists posted in Israel government accreditation, and even boycotting Swedish products and interests.


Netanyahu spoke to Bildt earlier this week, urging him to issue a “public condemnation” of the article. However, the Swedish government has so far refused to budge to Israeli pressure, arguing that the government of Sweden was in no position to condemn articles or materials published in the Swedish press, regardless of whether the government agreed or disagreed with the contents.

“No one can demand that the Swedish government violate its own constitution. Freedom of speech is an indispensable part of Swedish society,” Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt reportedly told the Swedish news agency TT.


Earlier, Bildt rejected Israeli accusations that Sweden was harbouring anti-Semitic feelings, saying that his country had established laws against anti-Semitism. The adamant Swedish refusal to meet Israeli demands infuriated Israeli leaders and media.


Israel is not accustomed to seeing another state — especially a Western one — stand up to its moral pressure. Hence, Israel is worried that the Swedish “precedent” might auger ill for the future, emboldening others to refuse Israeli demands. The Israeli panic is heightened by the mood in Washington under the Obama administration, which appears, unlike previous administrations, to be taking relative distance from egregious Israeli actions.


Israel is well known for its harsh and cruel treatment of Palestinians. Hence, the notion of Israeli authorities extricating organs from the bodies of Palestinians for transplant or sale is credible. Indeed, in January 2002 an Israeli cabinet minister tacitly admitted that certain organs from the bodies of Palestinians might have been used for Jewish transplant patients without the knowledge of the victims’ families. The minister, Nessim Dahan, said he couldn’t confirm or deny that organs taken from Palestinian victims were used for transplant or in scientific research.


During an interview with Al-Jazeera in 2002, late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat accused Israel of murdering Palestinian children and harvesting their organs for transplant operations. “They murder our kids and use their organs as spare parts. Why is the whole world silent? Israel takes advantage of this silence to escalate its oppression and terror against our people,” said an angry Arafat.

During that interview, which took place on 14 January 2002, Arafat held up pictures of the bodies of some children killed and badly mutilated by the Israeli army.


No genuine investigation into the Palestinian allegations was carried out. According to a report by Saira Soufan, the illegal harvesting of the organs of Palestinians, especially guerrillas and freedom fighters, has been documented before the 1990s. “Upon return of the (Palestinian) soldiers’ bodies to their mourning families, the pillage of body parts is discovered during the burial process. The empty cavities have been filled with garbage such as cotton wool, garden hoses, and broom sticks, then sewn up as a result of the so-called autopsy.”


In 1998, Israeli medical authorities stole body organs from a Scottish tourist, Alistair Sinclair, who died under mysterious circumstances inside Ben Gurion Airport. Sinclair’s family sued Israeli authorities upon finding that their son’s heart and other organs were missing. According to one report, a replacement heart and organs were sent to his mother, who didn’t believe that these were her son’s.

Ahmed Teibi, a prominent Arab Knesset member, criticised the media’s latent focus on the alleged harvesting of Palestinian victims’ organs by Israel. “Well, harvesting the organs of victims is appalling and disgusting… but the actual killing of these helpless victims was a greater crime, and Israel has killed thousands of Palestinians, knowingly and deliberately. This is the real crime that much of the world pays very little attention to. This is the real crime for which Israel ought to be exposed and condemned.”


  1. August 30, 2009 at 10:31

    I have been doing a LOT of posting on this subject for the past week. Studying and learning a lot. From what I gather is that internationally Israel has the best organization. Currently they are doing a lot of work out of China. There is so much to take in, all ghastly beyond belief. I am posting old articles I found years ago and saved.

    To be honest, however, on must consider China who considers its prisoners to be dispensable and has it down to a very fine art.

    Dr. Nancy Scheper-Hughes is an excellent source of materials.

  2. Joe Gall said,

    August 30, 2009 at 21:57

    What else but organ-stealing would the world expect from the filthy zionist scumbags?

    Liberate the Holy Land, the people of the Jewish religion, and people of the Semitic language group from the zionist tyranny.

  3. wendywasp said,

    August 30, 2009 at 23:56

    regarding Israel and the Aftonbladet article…..”methinks they doth protest too much”.

  4. August 31, 2009 at 00:11

    […] ISRAEL ORGAN HARVESTING ~~ HORRID BEYOND WORDS « Desertpeace. August 30th, 2009 | Category: Uncategorized | Leave a comment | […]

  5. August 31, 2009 at 00:16


  6. Boris said,

    August 31, 2009 at 01:24

    Any way of making money! Drugs! Pornography!White slavery!
    Body organs trafficking! Pedophilia! Homosexual pedophilia!
    Snuff porno movies!! They are there!! The “LIGHT” upon nations!!

  7. elysethegoose said,

    August 31, 2009 at 03:40

    professor at uc berkeley investigated israeli organ trafficking. her investigation lead to arrests in a number of countries. she alerted the FBI in 2002, but charges were not brought in the USA until 2009.

    one man who worked with ring leader Rosenbaum in new jersey told her that they literally cut the organs out of people imported from the 3rd world at gun point, as they cried and pleaded to just be allowed to go home.

    naturally the true horror of the new jersey organ trafficking ring has been suppressed by western media. to read the reports from major western news stories, one would think the organ trafficking only involved illegally paying a willing donor. far from the truth. these were not donors at all, the organs were cut from crying victims begging to be allowed to go home.

  8. michael mazur said,

    August 31, 2009 at 13:34

    “The adamant Swedish refusal to meet Israeli demands infuriated Israeli leaders and media” – article.

    For as long as people are jailed in Germany and, just recently, in Australia for writing and speaking irrefutable material on the Holocaust – but in Australia masked as `contempt of court`, then Israeli leaders and media will continue to feign outrage whenever their claimed unique victimhood is impugned.

    But what if i demand that a law be passed to the effect that i can bring state supported legal action against anyone who insults my intelligence ?

    We all know who would vigorously oppose the drafting of such a bill, let alone the tabling of it, for we all know what would happen should forensics be allowed to meet mythology.

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