By Khalid Amayreh in occupied Palestine khalid0eb80567

There is no doubt that any form of Arab normalization with Israel, especially under current circumstances, constitutes a brazen betrayal of the Palestinian people and their enduring just cause for justice and freedom from the cruel Israeli occupation.  

In recent weeks, there have been consistent reports indicating that a number of Arab regimes are voicing a willingness to normalize relations with the extremist Israeli government of Benyamin Netanyahu.  

According to these reports, some unspecified Arab regimes signaled to the Obama administration that they would be willing to take a number of “gestures” and “overtures” toward Israel, including allowing Israeli planes to fly over their territories, land and refuel at their airports as well as issue entry visas for Israeli officials, business people and ordinary citizens. 

The “gestures” and “overtures” are supposedly meant to encourage the apartheid state to walk in the path of peace and give American-led efforts a chance to succeed.  

The latest development  in this unethical morass has been a secret visit by Netanyahu  to an unspecified Arab state, probably in the Gulf region. Some of these former British protectorates, now American satellite princedoms, have informed the Obama administration of their readiness to take daring steps toward normalizing with the Jewish state. 

However, it has been amply clear that all Arab “goodwill efforts” are having the opposite effect on Israeli government behaviors, especially with regard to Jewish settlement expansion and land theft in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. 

Indeed, in the past few days, the Israeli government has issued tenders for building hundreds of settler units all over the occupied territories, further corroding any chances for the creation of a viable Palestinian state. 

The decision is viewed not only as a flagrant defiance of the Obama administration but also as a naked contempt for Arab normalization “gestures and overtures.” 

Well, the normalizing Arabs seem to deserve all the scorn they are getting from Israel. After all, people who don’t respect themselves and their peoples don’t deserve to be respected. 

None the less, it seems that the slave-minded Arab regimes wouldn’t alter their scandalously disgraceful behavior vis-à-vis Zionist insolence no matter how much scorn and indignity is smacked onto their shameless faces. 

This is because these decadent self-worshipers relate to the US government, irrespective of the political color of the incumbent administration, as the ultimate pimp whose instructions and directions must be heeded without the slightest deviation. 

What else can be said of Arab leaders who claim to be followers of the Prophet Muhammed but rewards  Israel generously every time the Nazi-like entity steps up its oppression and persecution of the Palestinian people. 

Even whores are mindful of their interests, which shows that those  Arab despots harrowing to normalize with the Judeo-Nazi state don’t even have the morality of a whore. 

I don’t have the slightest doubt that these Kings, princes and presidents-for-life realize well that whatever they do to appease and please Israel will not make the criminal entity opt for peace and therefore put an end to decades of its Nazi-like occupation of Palestine.  

But, if so, why do they still blindly heed American orders to cheapen themselves and their respective countries and peoples when they know quite well that Israel will ignore them with utter contempt. 

The answer is clear. These ignorant Arab tyrants are unelected by their people, don’t  feel answerable or even responsible  to the masses and, therefore, feel they can  behave according to their wild whims without having to worry about the consequences of their misrule and  abuse of power, even including treason. 

Besides,  we all know that “normalization with Israel,” which itself is skewed term lacking logical consistency, had been thoroughly tried during the Clinton administration’s reign  when Arab states from the Maghreb to Sheikdoms of the Gulf were herded like meek sheep to normalize with Israel. And what was the outcome of this silly game? 

Did Israel stop killing the Palestinians? Did Israel stop building colonies on stolen Arab land? Did Israel stop demolishing Arab homes? Did Israel stop narrowing Palestinian horizons? 

We know too well  the answers to these questions. Israel actually stepped up its oppression and repression of the Palestinian people, which culminated in the genocidal blitz in Gaza earlier this year, destroying the coastal enclave and mercilessly slaughtering, incinerating and maiming thousands of innocent people whose only crime was their “helplessness” and the non-existence of a powerful state that would shield them from the savagery of the Nazis of our time. 

Another point. We all know that Israel views the entire issue of normalization  with the Arab world as a diversionary tactic to divert attention from and have ample time for effecting more settlement expansion. 

Hence, it is just pointless that Arabs must always harrow aimlessly after Zionist illusions. 

Indeed, one wouldn’t exaggerate much by stating that even if the 300 million Arabs were to become willing weavers of skullcaps for religious Jews, Israel would continue to reject peace and look down on them as scum, vermin and dirty animals that ought to be exterminated.  

We, who have been living under the Israeli occupation rule for decades, know Israel like no other people do. Hence it would be a futile exercise in stupidity and vacuity for these late-day descendants of Omar Ibn al Khattab and Salahuddin to try that which has been tried ad nauseam, but to no avail.

Israel is a combination of Nazi brutality and Zionist racism and, as such, respects only power and force. Hence, it is imperative that these so-called leaders realize that their stupid “gestures” and “overtures” won’t take them anywhere and that they will continue to be viewed by Israel as stupid imbeciles who have no will of their own and who are bereft of human dignity.  

Well, I don’t blame Israel for viewing you this way. 

When we went to elementary school, we learned that a  wolf shouldn’t be blamed for attacking the sheep if the shepherd is the flock’s enemy.

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  1. petr vojta said,

    September 13, 2009 at 08:38

    There was and probably continues to be mass protests in US over the way ZIONIST hijacked gowernment destroys AMERICA. To hear that some arab countries accept Israels dictate is Betrayal of people in whole Middle East. Now is the time for protests all over in Middle East….Movement against Zionism should be seen as movement against Slavery.
    Us in turmoil should encourige people in M.E. to stand together against CANCER , against ZIONISM!!!

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