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Obama after Cairo

By Ayman Quader

“It is the time to change” a statement that was spontaneously delivered when I followed Obama’s speech in Cairo University the last June. It was a speech full of encouraging words especially to the Palestinian people towards regaining part of their deprived rights. I strongly argued with my friends that the upcoming future will be partly bright to solve the Palestine-Israel conflict as Obama had raised the slogan Change We Need in his campaign. When it comes closer for the Palestinians, they were cautiously watching TVs during his speech in Cairo. We had amazingly been moved with the gentle and strong speech of Obama in Cairo. The supporters of Obama in his election campaign were massively raising Change We need flash cards sending massages to the whole world that justice and freedom will finally prevail. As for me, I directly uploaded Obama’s word and the audio and started listening to his speech once, twice..

Time has changed people even President Obama. My mind gets confused as to how people would dramatically change. Nothing has been implemented from Obama’s speech. Therefore we determined that it was just a speech with no action. We were considerably manipulated with Obama’s speech in Cairo thinking that the new American administration will be completely different from the previous one and actual actions will noticeably be taken.

In Gaza, everything was targeted, homes, schools and human beings. More than a thousand Gazans were savagely killed and thousands more were seriously wounded. Young children  still feel unsafe and are suffering from severe psychological problems. The scenes of death means of Israelis will never leave from our minds.

Mohammed Abbas, the present of Palestine and Palestinian Authority and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu were invested by Obama to a summit with an obscure goal. Obama distanced himself from the injustice and the change he aspires to achieve in the middle east. Palestinians are being violated daily with a world that looks on in silence. Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem has  also violated by Israelis and this is really black and dangerous indications for the future of Al-Aqsa.

People of Gaza haave been obfuscated from the promised change of President Obama’s position in the recent meeting in Washington.

All we need is our freedom and justice that must and will prevail one day.


  1. Ron said,

    September 28, 2009 at 21:01

    Yea, very sad … don’t count on anything from Obama, he’s just a puppet to the Israeli lobby, he like all others can’t do a thing.

  2. Mary J Griffin said,

    September 28, 2009 at 21:46

    Hi Mr. Quadar:
    I sympathize with the problems of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that you are facing today in your homeland. I too heard his speech in Cairo, but I must disagree on the issue that Yes, President Obama did promise noticeable changes in his speech for in trying to resolve conflict between the Israeli and the Palestinians but he never stated when. My friend, you must realize that such a conflict has been extraordinary longstanding. In other words, this conflict did not start overnight. The changes necessary to end this conflict will not come overnight. It is not fair to claim that his speech is just words.

    Secondly, you must also consider what our President inherited when he took office: a great big deficit (created by our former president); recession (with the threat of depression); job loss; a health-care system that needs reform; and two wars. Do you expect him to solve all of our nation’s problems that he inherited, graciously I might add, in less than one year? He has not been in office a year yet.

    Thirdly, Mr. Quadar, would it not be wise for a President to try to direct most of his attention to issue that concern his or her own state first and foremost before he or she gives full and utmost attention to world affairs.

    Fourth, and finally, as our President stated at the UN recently. It is not a fair that the United States is expected to do all of the work. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is a global issue that needs joint effort to be resolved. You cannot look for our country to do all of the work.

    What I find most unfair in you post is that our President has not been in even a year; with grave issue that he inherited from the president (of eight years) before him with the expectation that he is to solve the Palenstinian-Israeli problem miraculouly overnight. With all of the problems we are facing domestically here in the United States?

    My dear Mr. Quadar, change, real change doesn’t not come overnight nor in huge steps. Change, real change comes in small steps-taking only one step at a time within each day.
    I have no doubt that you need freedom and justice but before you judge what President Obama said in Cairo consider, only consider taking time out to think about our domestic issues and other global issues our President inherited and is now challenged with.

    Mary J Griffin

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